did he lose that calm

A Little Mistake Messenger

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Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: M (language and adult themes)

Tags: Mystic Messenger, Jumin x MC, Zen x MC

Authors Note: I’ve been working on a 707 series while also working at this story as well. So that’s exciting! I hope my Jumin fanatics like myself reallllly enjoy this chapter. I’ve been listening to a Firefly music festival playlist for a lot of inspiration to get my butt in gear. 

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you like or what I can improve upon. Keep liking and sharing to spread the love <3 

Lazy weekends were the best weekends especially after Jumin got home from his business trip. Jumin was napping soundly on the couch Elizabeth the third purring on his chest with his hand on her body. I smiled to myself as I watched the two of them snoozing the afternoons away. I grabbed a blanket and gently laid it across his legs and on lower part of his chest. His top shirt buttons casually unbuttoned. Elizabeth moved in his arms at the startle of the blanket but settled back into her position once she realized I had helped her out.

I sat back down on the lounge chair and scrolled through my phone.

MC has logged into the Chatroom—

Jaehee: I’m relaxing at the beach getting some sun.

707: I burn to a crisp in the sun

Oh MC is here!

MC: Jaehee how is vacation going?

Jaehee: You can keep my job forever if you would like. 

Has Jumin ran you up a wall yet?

MC: hahaha hardly. 

Everything is good on our end, however business end is a different story.

Jaehee: What happened was it his father again?

MC: not quite Mr. Han per say more like Jumin’s fiance.

707: wait hes engaged that damn bastard

MC: no don’t misunderstand this is not his choosing.

Jaehee: and what happened?

MC: they may or may not believe that Jumin and I are-

Jaehee: He did what?

MC: Its just a misunderstanding, until Jumin can collect enough information to refuse this marriage proposal.

707: Oh thank God! 

I was worried that I would have to come save you from Jumins clutches. 

Defender of Justice to save the innocent MC from the gate keeper Jumin.

MC: all good on this end here! 

Seven don’t worry I’ll know who to call to save me next time.

707: All is well then.





-707 has logged out-

Jaehee: I have to go too I need another drink.

MC: Don’t have too much fun you have to come back soon!

Jaehee: No promises here.

–Jaehee has logged out—

 It was inevitable that I would run into Zen news on my Facebook page. South Korean Musical Actor Trending in the United States of America. I quickly scrolled past the news page my friends shared on Facebook. Hyun Ryu and Amelia Corina officially an item? I turned my phone over trying to ignore the burning feeling in my heart. 

I could not tear my eyes away at his calm and collected mannerism. Did he even lose any sleep over me? He looked as if he didn’t spend too much time letting a breakup hinder his acting and public appearance. Hyun was somebody now, and I was just holding him back. It took me a week and RFA taking turns keeping my mind occupied before I was finally composed enough to be alone.

Why was I craving to see him, was it because he was happy and doesn’t seem to be too worried about a cheating scandal? I still cared for Zen. I will always love him in some way or the other. I cant forget the man that he was before things started to go downhill. Still, I can admire him from afar. Maybe one day Jaehee and I can fangirl over him and we can bring the baby to watch Zen on the TV.

There were thousands of pictures mostly of Zen, and selfies on date nights. Late nights under the stars, his motorcycle, backstage at his musicals. Was he happy? Was he finally accomplishing his dreams? Did the woman in the new pictures know how he likes his DVD collection at home? How he snores lightly when he’s exhausted from a long night of drinking?

I looked at my camera roll on my phone hesitant to look at the beginning. If I wanted a clean slate I needed to delete photos off of my phone. It was going to be now or never. I selected every photo, video, selfie, and saved screen shots I had saved since I met him. I quickly hit the delete button before my heavy fingers would change their mind. Clearing out all the memories, and moments that I treasured the most with Zen. I took a deep breath as I emptied my trash bin on my phone.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could start looking forward to cute baby pictures. I finally opened my text messages and deleted any and every message with Zen involved in it. It would be better to rid myself of the temptation to look back and feel sorry about myself. I smiled to myself that I was finally released from a large amount of temptation to look at those photos that brought me so much happiness.

I was startled by Elizabeth crawling in my lap. I looked over at Jumin who was lazily stretching out on the couch with a loud groan. I pet her soft white fur as she sat down between my legs encouraging me to pet her.

“Have you decided to sit with the ladies?” I said to Elizabeth who was enjoying extra attention from another person.

She cozied herself up on my knee and sprawling out. “She just wants more attention” Jumin said groggily and I laughed at her cute little face and tail.

“Jumin, Elizabeth the Third needs a womanly figure in her life to keep her straight. Sometimes it’s good to take a short reprieve from her favorite and only man in her life.”

He laughed and sat up on the couch, blanket wrapped around his shoulders and hair disheveled in all directions. I smiled to myself at his rare and slightly appearance. Jumin would hate to look like a mess in front of anyone.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked looking at me seated on the edge of the couch arms resting on his legs.

“Nothing!” I told him scratching behind Elizabeth’s ears averting his stare and blush on my cheeks. I took out my phone and took a quick picture of Elly. I knew who to send this picture to, Seven. Seven immediately responded with heart emojis: “Elly my love! She is so adorable! Jumin however looks like he just woke up with the bad case of bed head.”

“Wait was I in that picture that you just took?” He asked sitting upright on the couch. “Maybe. A lady never divulges her secrets Jumin.” I teased and he smirked. “Can I see it?” He asked softly.
I got up and sat next to him on the couch and showed him the picture.

“God is that what my hair looks like?” He ran a hand through it in an attempt to fix it only making it stick further out. I laughed uncontrollably at his hair and his expression when he asked me if it looked any better. He got up and went to his room. “Can you help me since my efforts have been to no avail.”

“Yes Jumin.” I sat on the top of the couch and had him between my legs. “Let me know if I pull your hair.”

I carefully brushed his hair back towards my body. “Have you ever worn it any other way or has it always looked like this?”

“Its been the same for as long as I can remember.”

“Jumin have you ever been in relationships with other women before?”


“I didn’t mean for it to sound like that, I just never have seen you show interest in many women our age. Nothing is wrong with that I was just wondering.”

“Women are out for my fathers money and influence not so much myself. The way to my fathers heart seems to be through winning me over. None of them actually cared for me or was around long enough for one anyways. Most women only see me as money and future CEO.”

“I understand your difficulty then finding someone you can actually trust and talk too aside from V and Rika.”

“Yes it was only them for a while but now that V is absent and Rika passed I only have Elizabeth.”

“You have me too Jumin.”

“I know and I’m thankful for some sanity in the madness.” He sighed deeply. “How does it look?”

“It doesn’t look half bad pulled back.” I said and he got up to look at himself.

“If I didn’t look old before this makes me look much older now.”

“I think you look mature, well you already looked mature. More mature.” I said shuffling down to the couch.

“You think I would scare Jaehee if I wore it like this?” He asked smiling as he ruffled his hair out with a shake of his head and hair returned to its normal position on his head.

“I think she would think something was wrong.” He smiled shaking his head.

“What were you doing earlier on your phone? You looked upset?” He asked concerned tone in his voice.

“Hmm oh I was just deleting photos.”

“Of him?”

“Yes of him.” Silence deafened between the two of us before he spoke again.

“You still love him?”

“I don’t love him now but I think I always will hold a place for him. There is a baby that will probably remind me of Zen every day soon.”

“Is love a strange and powerful emotion?” He asked sitting back down on the couch his arms reclined back on the couch behind him. I looked at his face searching himself for some grasp on his tone and curiosity.

“Love?” How do I describe love?

“Well love is different for everyone,” I tried to explain. “Theres the love you have for your family or your father. The love you have for your friends V, Seven, Yoosung, and Jaehee. Finally there is romantic love that you feel towards another person.”

“I love Elizabeth the Third, is that more a familial love?”

“Yes exactly shes a part of your family.”

“Familial love is similar to when Yoosung and Seven talk about chocolate milk and cat jokes?” I nodded my head smiling. Jumin trying to make mental connections to the emotions he was feeling and putting a name to the emotion and it was written on a furrowed line on his forehead. The wrinkle he gets when he is deep in concentration and deep thought. He was silent again before he spoke up once more. 

“What about romantic love?” His asked softly in my direction. 

I took my time trying to find the right words in which to describe romantic love to him that would make the most sense. Your heart starts racing uncontrollably out of your chest around them. Your face gets red when they say anything remotely similar to flirting.” He nodded his head. “Do you find it hard to eat when you think about them?” he asked genuinely. “I think so depending on the situation.”

He met my eyes in an instant, “I think I know what it is.” His hand rested on top of my hand his eyes locked with mine. His fingers grasping onto the sides of my hand and making small circular motions with his pointer finger. I took a deep intake of air before speaking “Romantic or passionate love for another person I think is when you put the other person before yourself, and you worry not just for your needs but for theirs and in a more intimate way. Physically and mentally.” 

His dark eyes stared into my own and I was memorized at the deep color of them as our eyes locked onto one another. “I think I know what it is,” he said moving closer to me on the couch. My face felt warm under his intense stare. Jumin closed the space that was between his lips within inches of my own. I closed my eyes in anticipation of his warm lips to meet mine. His hand sliding to the back of my head. 

There was a loud knock on the door. I immediately sat back and lowered my eyes to avert his own. He cleared his throat and buttoned his shirt to check the door. 

“Jumi! I came to-“ a loud and shrilling high pitched voice pierced through the air and could only belong to the voice of a red-haired, overly perfumed woman in a purple dress.

“This is not a good time Sarah.” Jumin said and she barged into his home. Sarah threw open the door that Jumin was guarding. He palmed his head in frustration. .

“Oh shes here.” I shifted in my seat making sure my little baby bump was hidden from her watchful eye. Shit. The ultrasound was on his fridge. This could implicate Jumin already more than he already was.

“shes my lover of course she would be here.” Jumin said coming to sit by me leaning on the sofa arm casually.

“I brought something for Liz!”

“Elizabeth the third?” Jumin corrected

“yes the cat,” Sarah snared back at him.

I slowly got up to make my way over to the fridge. “Shall I let you two discuss?”

“No I want you to stay.” Jumin said grabbing my hand from my side. I turned to look at him and his expression pleading for help. His slim fingers intertwined into my own.

“So how did you two officially meet?”Sarah asked trying to latch herself onto Jumin. Her breasts spilling out of her top as she attempted to press herself to his arm. Jumin immediately shook her off in disgust and need for personal space. I gave him some space as he tried to push her off of him. 

“Well-“ I started when Jumin chimed in. 

“She is the coordinator for RFA parties for a while, and-“

“I have no interest in Jumin’s businesses, he’s a genuinely kind man with a huge heart.” I added as i looked at Sarah who looked like she bit into something sour and bitter. 

 “Romantic love will never last.”

Her comment struck a nerve deep within me. 

“I know that, more than anyone.” She started going through my papers i had laying on the dining room table. I stepped in front of her putting the papers back to their location.

“You have a limited amount of time with the people you love than you spend that time doing just that.”

“I have a right to see what those documents are since I am his fiance.”

“No you don’t. and No you are not. You can leave the gift for Elizabeth on the table and then escort yourself out.” I was fuming with annoyance. Jumin was smirking behind me at how little patience I had for this woman.

“Jumin are you going to let her speak to me in such ways? I know you are faking this relationship with your secretary. Wont you let me comfort you?”

“I find no issue with her tone.Is that so? We are faking it?” He said questionably at her comment. His arms folded against his chest in annoyance.

“MC.” Jumin said grabbing my arm and pulling myself towards him closely. He felt like he was on fire from the heat he was exuding.

“I want to be honest with my feelings for you. I had intentions on letting our relationship grow however I ant deny that there is a strong attraction to you. I cannot hold myself back any longer.”


I felt his hand on my chin and he pressed his lips firmly against mine. My mind went blank at his tender kiss. I wanted more. I needed more. But I also needed to breathe before I was consumed in his heat. I looked into Jumins eyes that were tenderly looking into my own. I don’t know how long we stood there just looking at each other. 

“You would kiss her in front of your own fiance!” Sarah screamed and loudly screaming at us both. Sarah must have let herself out on her own because I was too busy letting Jumin consume me with his tender kisses. Jumins hand placed behind my head. My hands holding tightly onto his shirt. I let my guard down and allowed myself to initiate the kiss again and pressed myself into his warm and soft lips. His tongue tracing around my lip as if asking for permission from my lips to enter.

He was the first to pull away his head resting on mine. “I have been wanting to kiss you for a long time now.” He smiled kissing my head as if I were a child. 

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“All of it.” He just held me tightly against his chest. 

“I have never felt this much before I met you.” He whispered into my ear and I smiled knowing that he was becoming more open with himself and allowing himself to feel. He pressed his lips against mine as if he was trying to consume the air in my lungs. My lips brushing against his over and over again.

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Come Home

Teen Wolf

Come home 

This story took me forever to finish. I’m glad to be done with it, honestly. I hope it turned out okay. I don’t normally listen to music while I write, it distracts me too much, but this time I listened to a couple songs, and they honestly gave me the feels so bad. Please, do me a favor and before, after, or during this story, listen to OneRepublic’s All This Time and imagine it in Theo’s point of view and then listen to OneRepublic’s Come Home and imagine it in Liam’s point of view. You can thank me later ;).

Theo laid in the backseat of his truck. It was not exactly comfy, but it was the only thing he had. While the crickets chirped outside, Theo pondered his life. He was alone. He did not have anyone left. After the Wild Hunt was over, he thought things would be different. He thought he could have finally earned a place in Scott’s pack. However, after all the craziness had settled down, he seemed to have been forgotten by the pack. Even Liam, who he thought he had bonded with over the events of a few months ago, had moved on with his life, and left Theo behind. Theo truly had no one. That was the last thought he had in his head before falling asleep.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write me a carlisle imagine where him and his mate work as doctors in the same hospital and she (his mate) has a habit of running herself ragged and working too hard so he takes her early morning shifts without her knowing and he turns off her alarms and lets her sleep in? Fluffy fluff :D

Originally posted by carlislecullentrash

Carlisle Noticed lately that his mate would often look tired and slow down during her morning shifts, this would make him a little  worried for her and he did appreciate her hard work but he would still want her to be in the best condition.

After a few days of this continuing he decided to talk to you about it. “Sweetheart, are you feeling well?” and when you insisted you was indeed fine he wouldn’t believe you, so he would take it upon himself to make sure you got enough rest.

That same day while they were at work he snuck to the bosses office and explain he was simply worried for his ‘Co-workers health’. Eventually the boss agreed and let him have your morning shifts.

The following day before you woke up he took your  alarm clock and simply turned it off. As he looked down at his mate he kissed your cheek and left.

It was in the late afternoon before you finally woke up, only to check the phone and see that it was way passed  morning shift hours! practically jumping out of their bed you sprinted to the bathroom to get ready.

“Why are you in a rush sweetie? Carlisle walked in to were his mate  was and stood behind you and wrapped his arms around you while his face was in the crook of  your neck. “Carlisle! I told you I was ticklish there stop!” laughter filled the room as you tried to escape his embrace

A few minutes had passed and  you two were in bed cuddling, tangled with each other. “Did you sleep well?” Carlisle asked looking at you. “actually I did, I just hope I’m not in huge trouble when I get back to work” a small chuckle came out as he responded “I don’t think you will be. Don’t fret about it now, I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk with me?” “I would love to”.

Hand in hand they strolled through the dim lit forest and made small talk. “I swear I set my alarm to the right time! I guess maybe it’s broken?"  Carlisle tried to keep in a laugh that was threatening to release. "I could look at it for you, if you would like?”

Needless to say he did look at it and broke it.

“Alright honey, it should be fine now” humbled, you smiled. “Thank you Carlisle, Now I don’t have to worry about missing another morning shift” You both laid on the couch watching a sad romance movie, you were almost in tears “Haha, are you okay honey?” you just shushed him saying that one of the good parts were coming up.

You awoke still on the couch but Carlisle was missing, and the clock beside the TV said 2:00pm. “PM?! I missed it again? I thought he fixed that blasted alarm clock! Why wouldn’t he wake me up for work anyways?”

You still had 30 minutes until he arrived home and you were determined to find out what was wrong with the clock. Getting up and putting your everyday clothes on you walked toward the alarm clock and picked it up and observed it.

“Everything looks normal on the outside.” Opening the back of it you realized it was gutted! “That stone! He did this on purpose!” rushing over to your phone you dialed the bosses number, after a few rings he picked up “Hello Forks hospital, how may help?” You rolled your eyes, “This is y/n, I wanted to call and apologize for missing my shifts for the past two days I will take more shifts to make it up” he chuckled “That won’t be necessary y/n, Someone offered to take your shifts for a couple of days. They were worried about you”

It all came together, Your alarm not working and Carlisle being gone longer, he was the one to take your shifts! “Oh very well sir, Thank you” “Have a nice day y/n, Get enough rest  during your break”

When the phone hung up you decided to wait outside for Carlisle to arrive, shortly after he did and you crossed your arms. “Y/n? What’s wrong?” losing the calm expression he grew a worried one your arms dropped to your sides and then you spoke “You sabotaged my alarm clock and took my shifts right under my nose!” Carlisle was still standing outside his car and sped to you stopping inches from your face “You were working too hard, I tried asking you to slow down but you didn’t listen so I did what I had to” Now with his hands on bot of your cheeks he leaned in and gave you a small kiss.

“I suppose you are right, guess I should thank you” if he could blush he would be as red as a tomato. “No I was just doing my job sweetie, You know what? Let’s go see that new movie in town, and I'm sorry for not telling you before, I just knew you would be stubborn”   

Hours later you two was walking down the main street in forks with the stars above, “y/n I’m glad I have you with me, Edward and everyone else is happy you are with us.” flustered you couldn’t really find words but a few “Thank you, again.” When you two reached his car he opened the passenger door open for you and kissed your cheek before you got in.

The entire drive home he was praising your hard work and the passion you had for the job and how that was one of the many things he admired about you, but he also told you to slow things down a bit.

 I liked writing this one! I love Carlisle! Hope you enjoyed :)

I tried to write fluff for you too, I hope that was good <3

BNHA characters do Challenges Part 3: Try not to Sing or Dance

[Admin Angie here! So I decided I will stop the challenges series… for now. The reason is that the character’s reactions are very similar to most of the reaction challenges so I find myself writing less and less headcanons every time. Maybe I will continue some other time. For now though, here is Part 3 of the series! Enjoy~]

Izuku Midoriya:
-He is most likely to lose because he sang after the song in the transition from one song to another.
-He’d be a big fanboy and keep mumbling the memories the song brings etc.
-When he knows the song, he goes “nooooo!”. He knows this is going to be a hard round.
-After a song that almost got him to lose, he would feel a heavy weight in his heart because he did not sing.
-He’d lose to calm songs, that get him to relax and drop his guard.

Katsuki Bakugo:
-He is going to call names at the people who chose all the hard songs.
-He’d also curse when he struggles not to sing.
-He wouldn’t sing but he would unconsciously tap his foot or nod his head to the beat. When people point it out that he lost he’d yell at them again.
-He’d lose to rock songs.

Shouto Todoroki:
-He really didn’t get the rules of the challenge.
-He would lose because he tapped his finger to the beat.
-When he lost he didn’t realize, he wasn’t sure if he lost or not. He would say something like: “Wait… I lost?”
-He would lose to some top hit pop song of the month.

Tenya Iida:
-He would lose because their number one most favorite idol’s song played.
-At first he would be clenching his fists and trying not to move at all.
-Then he would start making small robotic moves, dancing unconsciously. He tried to stop himself but it was like his body had taken control. So he ended up standing up and dancing through the rest of the song and when it was done he was all red and embarrassed.

Ochako Uraraka:
-She lost pretty fast, these challenges are hard for her because just knowing that it is a challenge makes it hard for her.
-She lost to a disney song or the opening song of some cartoon.
-She said it was impossible for her to win this challenge because she loves singing.

Eijirou Kirishima:
-He would tell the people who chose the songs they are being unfair for choosing such hard songs.
-He would lose at the chorus of some all time classic song, one of these songs that never gets old and everybody knows.

Working Title: Leaning

Pairing: Sans/Grillby

Rating: T

Summary: It’s nice getting a chance to grow older, but there are consequences to that, too.  Sickfic.

A/N: Ok, some explanation:  I’ve had this sick fic idea in my head for weeks, but I wasn’t going to work on it until I was done with the parenting fic, since it takes place a full decade after that one.  But writing the end of that one was taking a while, so I was kind of like “screw it” so here’s the sick fic.

C/N: Lots of talk about diets, and poor diets.  

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Run Boy Run

[AO3 Link]


Run and be numb, Michael. Be numb to the sensation of blood pumping desperately in your chest and through your legs, to the twigs of trees that snap beneath your feet and scratch at your face as you bound breathless through the forest. Be numb to the stabbing pains of your lungs struggling to breathe in time with the speed of your stride. Be numb to everything except the weightlessness on your back; your prized diamond sword is absent, replaced instead by the lurking feeling of eyes boring into your spine.

Feel something you have not felt in many years, something that no warrior as great as you–no warrior that has served kings or been a king himself–should ever have constricting bones and muscles and mind as it does so to you now.

Feel fear.


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