did he just wait for two years behind that trashcan or

Secret Santa Gift EXCHANGE!

This is my secret santa gift for @pozolegirl 

I was so excited when I got my assignment and it was for someone whose work I already knew and admired! I hope you like your gift!! 

“So you were right.”

“Was I now?”

“Yes. Ladybug agreed that buying expensive jewelry for a girl you are not dating does, in fact, send mixed signals.” Chat sighed as he dropped down through the skylight and sprawled out against the bedding.

“I told you.” Marinette grinned smugly, not even bothering to look up at him from her desk.

“I can’t believe that you two are ganging up on me!” Chat whined, burying his face into her giant cat pillow.

“I can’t believe you talk about me to Ladybug.” Marinette laughed, her attention already back to whatever project she was currently working on.

“well, she doesn’t like it if I talk too much about my civilian life and you are my only other friend as Chat Noir.”

“I know but… never mind.” She shook her head softly, muttering something under her breath.

“So what sort of present do you want me to get you for Christmas?” Chat asked peering over the loft railing. She froze, her eyebrows furrowing. He grinned in anticipation.

“You already got me a present remember? The absurdly expensive piece of jewelry?” She finally looked up at him with an eyebrow raised challengingly.

“Yeah but you hated it.” He smirked.

“I did not hate it! I just thought a 295 Euro necklace was a little much for a just friends present.”

“Yes you made your feelings on that perfectly clear last time. The point is I need to get you a present that you actually appreciate getting.”

“I do appreciate it! I am literally wearing it right now!”

“That’s just cause you feel guilty. I will get you the perfect present. Just watch.”

Marinette groaned, pulling distractedly on her pigtails.

“Chat you are being ridiculous. You don’t need to get me another present.”

“What do you want?” he asked, grinning wider.

“I want you to not get me another present.”

“Try again. What do you want?”

“I’m not telling you,” she huffed.

“Fine. I have other ways of figuring things out. Just you wait Princess, I will get you the perfect Christmas present.” He stood up, giving her a jaunty salute as he pulled himself back up through the skylight.

“Chat!” She called after him.

He waited silently on her terrace, holding back the bubble of laughter in his chest. He could hear her shuffling around in the room, waiting to see if he would poke his head back in or if he had actually gone.

“Stupid cat,” she muttered finally.

Only then did he disappear into the night.

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The Audacity of Kim Junmyeon (6)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7

Description: Kim Junmyeon, your neighbor and ex best friend suddenly begins taking to you after nearly six years of silence. Although he may be talking to you, he’s not the most…decent person now that he’s grown up.

Warnings: vulgar language. Fuckboy-ism. Smut.

Word Count: 3,617

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader / Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by daenso

Despite what everyone said about it, you woke up and you didn’t feel different. You noticed the lack of warmth next to you. You figured that he had just gotten up to go to the bathroom or something, so you got up to get your clothes.

Panic started to set in when you noticed his clothes were gone. You shook your head, getting away from the thought that he left you. He promised he wasn’t using you. Was a promise always enough?

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Sleepy Drawings

summary: Dan is drowning is textbooks, and he can’t help it that he falls asleep in the library. Phil, an art major, can’t help it that he draws the sleeping boy, and neither of them can help the relationship that blooms.

word count: 5.1k idek i thought this would be a lot shorter oops im not sorry

tw: i think none, unless you count voyeurism as one

genre: fluff and a lot of friggin smut

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Pairing: Barry x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2026

When you walked into the room at S.T.A.R. Labs, you knew immediately something was off. Nobody was their happy-self anymore, not like it was when Barry finally managed to take Zoom down, and it bugged you to the point where you found yourself not wanting to speak. Everybody was scrambling around and you felt as if you were late to the party, watching Cisco type away, Caitlin doing her thing, Joe making phone calls left and right. Everybody was doing something, even Wally and Iris were doing their own things, but it was hard to concentrate when the person you really came here to see didn’t seem to be here.

“Where’s Barry?” Your voice seemed to echo throughout the room, bouncing off the walls. Your words stopped everybody from doing their thing, all eyes on you as if they had never seen you before, but you stood there, crossing your arms across your chest and not wavering from your question. You wanted to know where Barry was.

Before anybody could answer, Barry appeared in front of you, his Flash suit on and his mask pulled down. He placed both hands on your shoulder and assured you that everything was fine, not that you expecting everything wasn’t, but now you weren’t too sure.

“What’s going on?” you asked, Barry turning away from you to look at what Cisco had typed out on the computer.

“There’s a new speedster,” Barry answered you. “He calls himself Quicksilver.”

“We don’t have anything about him,” Cisco continued. “We’re going in blind just like with Wells and Zolomon. Plus, I think I read about a Quicksilver in a comic somewhere, so he didn’t come up with the name himself.”

You shook your head. “You’re just mad that you don’t get to pick a name for him.”

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I’ve never loved someone (as much as I love you)

aka First Platonic “I Love You”

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 1932

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 7 months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 5/20

Author’s notes: Always say I LOVE YOU to your friends. My best friend and I say it everyday :D Hope you enjoy!!!!

It had been rough since your return. You had severe flashbacks from your past mission that caused you to constantly feel on edge. Though your time with the rebellion’s psychiatrist helped you were still skittish around others. Because of this your first few weeks back were spent avoiding others. You’d camp out in your room during busy times. You’d eat in the mess hall after hours (thanks Alfi for the food). And you’d immediately turn on heel when you saw someone walking toward you.

Loud noises would startle you and you didn’t like people near you. A gentle brush against your arm would send you hurtling into a defensive position against the wall.

The only person you were okay around was Cassian. He would be a comfort next to you.

He would sit with you in your room when you didn’t feel comfortable leaving. When you walked through the hallway you would feel his warm hand on your back, anchoring you to the ground. He would consciously place himself between you and other people and glare at anyone who was coming too close. He became your shadow in more than one way.

As the weeks passed you were surprised that you didn’t get called for any missions. You were beginning to get antsy. You would ask your supervisor over and over when your next mission was; however, you were always sent away. General Draven finally informed you that you were grounded for the foreseeable future.

To say you took that badly would be an understatement. General Draven still hadn’t regained full hearing in his right ear.

It wasn’t till a week after being grounded (1 month after you had returned) that the rebellion realized they had no one like you. You had somehow become their only bounty hunter. You were one of a kind. The rebellion had never had an issue finding stranded and missing rebels, because you were always there. But now that you were grounded, they had no body. Because of this Draven decided that the new recruits that had just landed would be trained. By you

After the first day of training you were ready to give up.

“They’re incompetent, Cassian. Positively incompetent” You groaned falling back dramatically onto his bed.

“They have no idea how anything works. Marcus couldn’t even hit the target from five feet away, Liana took an hour to pick a lock, and don’t even get me started on Tibbeo, I swear that boy couldn’t replace a light bulb if I asked.”

You looked over to the silent Cassian, bent over his desk scrubbing away on his data pad.

Casssssssian. Stop ignoring me.” You whined.

Cassian snorted, “Now I know how you feel dealing with those bratty children.”

“You shit.” You gasped, taking off your shoe and lobbing it at his head. 

Without even looking he dodged it and looked back at you over his shoulder giving you a loving smirk.

After two months of torture with the thoroughly incompetent children, okay maybe some of them weren’t


bad, you were finally assigned on your next mission. Draven ordered you to take along one of your trainees. You took your top student obviously (though that didn’t mean much). She was decent at fighting and flirting. However, her skills at interrogation and stealth were pretty much non-existent. Her voice squeaked when she would try to yell and one time she knocked over four trashcans, two racks of equipment, and smashed a chair when trying to be “stealthy”.

To say that you were nervous would be an understatement. It wasn’t just that you would have to keep an eye on another living breathing person, but you were worried about getting back out there. Though you had been begging to go back on missions, now you weren’t sure you were ready. Cassian promised that you would be fine and that he would check in on you. And if anything went wrong he would be there in a heartbeat, rules be damned.

After you landed the tension flowed out of your body. You were back in your element. You had nothing to worry about.

The mission began relatively normal. It wasn’t meant to be a difficult one. You just had to locate a stranded rebellion and bring him home. He wasn’t even on an imperial occupied planet. The probability something would happen was slim to none.

What happened next was a freak occurrence. You swear that even if there had been a sign you wouldn’t have seen it.

You’re not really sure what happened, but long story short you got shot. 

It was a scratch.

“That is so not a scratch!” Mila screeched yanking you up off the ground.

After taking care of the problem (yes Mila sometimes you have to “take” care of imperial agents) and finding your rebel, who thankfully was being held by those exact imperial agents, you were able to stumble back to your ship.

After giving Mila directions to fly back to Yavin 4 and making sure your rescued rebel was alright, you went to collapse on the bed in the back of your ship.

Just as you closed your eyes, your comlink rang. Pulling it out you let out a long groan just thinking about the dreaded conversation you were about to have.

“Hey! Fierabrás, how did your mission go? Hopefully Mila is still alive. You didn’t leave her behind, right?”

You took a deep breath, “Before you freak out, just know I’m alright and it’s barely a scratch.”

What happened?”

“I may or may not have gotten myself a little bit shot? 

Cassian cursed.

“I’m fi-“ You started, but Cassian cut you off.

The next ten minutes were full of reprimands, questions, and curses.

When you were finally able to squeeze a word in there, you told him that you had to go.

He grumbled in reply telling you that you had better be in one piece when you get back.

“Hey. Listen, I really need to go check on Mila. Poor kid is probably freaking out. I’ll see you tonight, alright? Love you. See you soon.”

“Love you too,” Cassian said without missing a beat and then the call cut off.

It didn’t take long before you realized what you had said. And then you proceeded to stare at your comlink for the next hour wondering what the fuck had just happened. Little did you know, Cassian was doing the exact same thing.

Had that really just happened?

You should have assumed that this would’ve happened sooner or later. It wasn’t a rare sight to see the affection you two showed each other. From long hugs to kisses on foreheads, pet terms of affections, and lounging together on each other’s beds.  You guessed that this was just like the physical affection, but finally vocalized. However, figuring out what this meant wasn’t exactly coming easy.

You and Cassian had both grown up without family. The rebellion was all you knew for most of your life. Just because the other rebels had become a sort of family didn’t mean that you received the same love and affection you would receive from true family.

However, that had all had changed when you met Cassian. He had become your family. Truthfully, you had been saying “I love you” in many different ways for a long time.

The next few hours of your flight went by too quickly for your liking. As you were landing you were tense. Usually Cassian was waiting on the tarmac for you. But what if he wasn’t this time. What if what you had said caused a rift between you two?

But there he was. You quickly let out a sigh of relief before you hobbled down the ramp. Cassian quickly walked up to meet you, taking off his jacket and draping it around your shoulders.

As he reached up to place his arm around your waist, you flinched away and began to stagger off to the med bay. Cassian fell in step beside you and you both remained tensely quiet for the next few minutes. You weren’t sure what to say and you were still freaking out in your head.

Cassian on the other hand wasn’t as freaked out. After his initial freak-out he had realized that there was nothing wrong with saying “I love you”. He had memories of his sisters and parents saying it. It had been a normal tradition he had missed over the years. A tradition that he planned to keep going with you.

“I can hear you thoughts from over here. Listen… I love you.” Your head snapped up and you backed away from him a little. He put his hands up, “I love you. You’re my best friend. You’re my family. That’s a normal thing to say to family isn’t it?”

You nodded your head.

“Good. Then I’m going to continue saying it. If that’s alright.”

You smiled slightly, your racing thoughts finally slowing down, “I love you too.”

And thus began the tradition of saying, “I love you”.  

 Cassian was usually the one to say it first. Usually it was said in privacy, but as the weeks passed, it grew so comfortable that you would say it wherever you were.

You would say it in the packed hallways when you went your separate ways. He would leave you a note on your workshop’s door. You would scream it across the hangar as you went off on a mission. He would tell you every night before you went to bed.

Like everything else, it soon became a competition on who could outdo each other.

Cassian had a 15 foot banner printed and hung it on your ship.

You made the chef’s and rebellion jazz band sing and play him a love song in the mess hall.

Cassian convinced Draven that if went up to you and said, “Cassian loves you” that he would turn in all his future reports on time for the next four months.

That was not something Draven was going to pass up. So he did it.

Of course, like it usually did, the competition went a little bit too far when you set up 500 candles in the intelligence center. And right there in the middle, red flames spelled out  “I love you”.

It was impossible to move an inch into the room. Let’s just say that seeing the best intelligence agents play “the ground is literally lava” is way more entertaining than you would think.

You were then prohibited from huge spectacles of your love.

However, that didn’t stop the tradition and you said, “I love you” every day.

To the both of you, “I love you,” meant many different things. Stay safe. I’ll see you when I get back. I hope you sleep without nightmares tonight. I picked you up a book from this obscure bookshop on Tatooine. But most of all, it meant I love you, even if you weren’t ready to admit it yet.

I love you became something easy to say for you. However, the lingering uncertainty cowering in the back of your head grew more and more each day. Did you mean more by it? Did Cassian mean more by it? Did you love each other more than family?

Then one day all those feelings you had repressed all those months ago came flooding back. And they were stronger than ever. However, instead of pushing them back this time you let them flow throughout you. And you realized…

You loved Cassian.

Fuck. That was going to come back to bite you in the ass.

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Next up: how did I live so long (without your lips on mine) aka First Kiss


rated m for maybe a lil long
word count: 4,019
sugakookie scenario for flowerkook cause yoongi is not ur bias and good luck with finals and ur exam!! <3 

You are not good at math. Jungkook isn’t either. But maybe two brains really are better than one and well, a week before your final seems like a good time to test it out so lo and behold, you’re bowing your way into Jungkook’s house, which he tells you is empty over his shoulder, kicking his shoes off at the front door.

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Letters Home

Anon: Could you do a fix where Lance is homesick and people notice and feel bad?

A/N: This very much hurt my heart and I loved it.

The Garrison was lit with an odd orange light that cast shadows down the hallways. Lance was the only one there, walking the halls, searching for a room. He’d attended this class a million times - why did he forget where it was now?

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Raining Encounter

From this prompt I saw a long time ago: “We were both standing in the rain waiting, all I had was a piece of a paper to protect me but your umbrella was slightly tilted, pouring large amounts of water on me, destroying my only protection.”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Enjoy :D

You groan in frustration as you walk through the rain, a newspaper you picked up in the lobby of the company you worked for. The day had started shitty and it all just went to hell with the downpour that started right before your shift ended. This morning your stupid brother decided to turn off your alarm before he went to bed at your place, making you late for the first time since you started two years ago. So in your rush, you forgot to check the weather and bring an umbrella or even the most important documents you needed for the day, resulting in wasting your favor you had on your brother to bring them to you on his off day. And to add to that you couldn’t stop by your favorite coffee shop for your usual and was going to settle for the muck of coffee the office had, only to find out that the machine broke right before you got there. Starting the day still half asleep with no coffee, you press through 8 hours of managing your floor on the day that almost everything and everyone decides that you couldn’t have a day of peace. So to say that you were completely done with the universe when you see the downpour through the glass revolving doors of the company building was a major understatement.

To make the day even better, the man standing next to you at the only bus station in New York without a roof towered over you making your small 102 lb, 5’3” form feel even more miniscule. Not to mention he had the audacity to not even notice that his umbrella was tilted just enough to pour large amounts of water on the only thing that was shielding your head from the storm. The newspaper wasn’t even holding it’s form anymore. “Fuck.” You relent to your fate of drenched everything and stuff the newspaper into the trashcan next to you. Pulling your sopping wet jacket tighter around you, you grumble, hoping your laptop and phone will be saved a little bit from the wetness under your jacket and sweater.

“Would you like to share?”

“Fuck off!” You should feel bad for barking at the man next to you but honestly right now you were not in the mood for anything.

“Sorry, just thought you would like some bit of shelter.” You glare up to the object that poured buckets of water on you, rendering your only protection useless. Though the rain would have done it anyways.

“If it wasn’t for your goddamn umbrella, I would have had some kind of protection from this shitty day.” You growl as you shuffle into the space he made for you under the large umbrella. Some of your tense muscles relaxed as the beating of the rain could only be felt by the umbrella over you.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for that. I hope this makes you feel better.”

The too-fake-to-be-true innocent worry on his face was betrayed by the amusement in his eyes. The lollipop in his hand just added to the wound. “Like fuck you are.” You swipe the candy from his fingers and violently rip off the paper and shove it into your mouth. “I bet you did it on purpose.” He shrugged, a shit-eating grin on his face. “You little fucker.” You grumble as you let your frustration boil but contained.

“To be fair, if I didn’t, you probably would have stayed under that poor newspaper when I asked.”

“Damn right I would have.” Just then, like the heavens were out to get you, a car sprayed water all over you while the man didn’t even catch a drop. “Fucking Shit.” You wipe the street water off your face with your equally wet sleeve.

“You okay there?” You bite into the lollipop with a loud crack, hard enough for him to flinch at the noise.

“I should’ve walked home.” You growl back.

“Wouldn’t that be more tiring and get you even wetter?”

“At least I wouldn’t be stuck here with a conniving fucker when the world is already out to get me.” At that moment your phone vibrates against your chest. Letting your phone slid down into your waiting hands, you answer. “What do you want, you fucking asshole?!”

“Whoa, Just telling you I’m a block away from your usual bus stop. I noticed your usual bus was 30 minutes late and thought you would appreciate a lift since your umbrella was still back at your place.”

“This is all your fucking fault.” You growl, not even thankful your brother was coming to get you. “I’m drenched to the bone with this fucking rain and some asshole decided to spray me with shitty street water. Coworkers are fucking incompetent idiots; I’m not their fucking mother. All because you turned off my fucking alarm, you shitface.” You felt your phone tug out of your hand.

“Sorry for the interruption but I believe she is not fit to talk to anyone right now.” You glare at the man beside you, trying to grab your phone back.

“Give it back you, fucking thief. He deserves it.”

“Don’t worry about it. I get every day. Curtesy for sibling relations.” Your brother responds to the man that suddenly took your phone. “By the way, who are you? New boyfriend?”

“I hope so. If I didn’t mess my chance up.” He smirked down at you as you are practically leaning on him on your tiptoes trying to grab your phone back. “I currently trying to share an umbrella with her but she thinks rubbing herself all over me is a better option.”

“You piece of shit. I wouldn’t be if you would just give me back my goddamn phone back.” A beep behind you alerts you of your brother’s arrival. Turning around, you miss the man typing on your phone. Finally in reach, you snatch the phone and run away from the man and into the mini coup, only glancing behind when you were in the shelter of the car.

“You look like shit.” You ignore your brother as you look at your phone. In the recipient box of the message screen is a string of unfamiliar numbers. Looking at the text he sent himself, you blush at what it read. The really cute one from the bus station, even drenched with street water. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” You erase his words and send a text before setting it in the back seat with your laptop.

Steve’s phone vibrates just as Natasha pulls up. Sliding into the porsche, pulling up the text, he chuckles. “Everything good, old man?”

“Brilliant.” You little fucker owe me dinner. Expensive dinner. Y/n. “Absolutely brilliant.”

Jerome Valeska x Arkham Doctor/Follower!Reader- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

A/N: Words: 1,530. This was supposed to come out on Valentine’s Day, but I had so much homework I literally had no time. Enjoy!

Warnings: murder, language, guns, violence, mentions of rape

Originally posted by chloequinzel

“I know what you do at night.” A warm breath appeared on your ear. Of course it was obvious to you who it was. The white lab coat that you wore over your blue scrubs moved as you turned yourself to view the man who had whispered in your ear. “You go, and put on your little face paint hoping to catch my attention. By day, however, Doctor (L/N) you pretend that you want to fix me. You pretend to make me seem like my sanity is going back to what you folks refer to as ‘normal’, but, Sweetie, everyone knows there’s no way you can fix me. I’m not broken.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mister Valeska. I would never support such riots. Now, how are you doing today?” you replied refusing to look him in the eye.

“Now, Beautiful, I’m doing just fine. I wish I could leave out of this place, but life sucks sometimes. You know what would be great though? If you could help me to get out there! The reward that you’d get would be tremendous,” Jerome told you attempting to reach out to you, but his handcuffs preventing the motion.

“Showing signs of being a megalomaniac and a compulsive liar, is there anything else you’d like to say before I leave out of here? It’s almost time for me to go home for the day,” you reply beginning to feel frustrated at the man for somehow finding out about her nightly outings.

“If what I said was true bring me a Reese’s for our appointment tomorrow,” he mutters as you leave out the door. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you do a DK angst (ft. Hoshi) scenario where you like DK (your best friend) and when you go to confess to him he rejects you and he says things like "why would I like someone like you?!" And when he goes to confess to the girl he likes, it goes the same way which causes him to realize he actually likes you but you end up being with Hosh (other best friend) when he goes to apologize and yeahh. Thank you!

((This was a long time coming! I know that! It was a challenge for me to get into this and I don’t think I made it angsty enough, I’m sorry. I tried my hardest to stick to the request, but I may have tweaked a few things here and there, otherwise it would have had a really jilted ending. Um…yeah, sorry for the wait! That was terrible of me!)) 

Pairing: DKxReader Ft. Hoshi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 7,956 (Holy shIT!)

Summary: It’s a difficult thing, being infatuated with the sun. He shines so bright for everyone, but you’re selfish enough to want him only for yourself. You think you have a chance of having him…until you get burned. 

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Come back to me  (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: language, angst, mentions of alcohol

Word count: 1549

Request: by a lovely anon, “Hi ! Could you write a Bucky x Reader based on Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith please ? Like he broke her heart in the past because of HYDRA and a few years later, when he’s finally free and a new man, they cross path again ? That’d be lovely ! And your writing is sooo good ! Keep up the good work :)”

A/N: oops this ended up way more angsty than I originally intended. There will be a second part out soon! Feedback, as always is welcome. Requests will be open again soon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by jamiebarnes

Your POV

The day that Bucky left was the most painful you had ever endured. Just the night before he had been holding you in your shared bed. When you woke the next morning he was gone. All of his clothes were missing and your bed was cold and painfully empty.

You tore the apartment apart, searching for any hint that he had even been real. The only thing you found was a note scribbled in his handwriting on a small scrap of paper. It rested on the wooden kitchen table that you had picked out together. You lifted the paper with shaking hands.

I’m sorry. Please don’t look for me

You were so confused. How could he do this to you? Just yesterday, everything was perfect. Just yesterday he had made you breakfast and the two of you were dancing around the small kitchen that you shared. You sank to your knees with the note still clutched in your trembling hands.

You read it to yourself until your legs were numb and the paper was soaked through with your tears. You folded it twice and clutched it to your chest. It was the only proof that your Bucky was real.

You were aware that Bucky had a rough past, but he never went into too much detail. He said that you wouldn’t love him if he shared all of the messy details with you. You knew that wasn’t possible. All you knew was that he got caught up with some bad people a while back, which somehow resulted in his metal arm. Even though he had secrets, you trusted him and you thought that he loved you; until the day he left.

If he loved you, he would’ve told you what happened to him in his past. He would’ve tried to deal with whatever was bothering him, rather than leaving in the middle of the night. He also would’ve left more than a short, impersonal note for you to remember him by.

The anger bubbled up inside of you until you were sobbing yet again and pulling at your hair. You stood up abruptly and stomped over to the trashcan. You went to throw the note away but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. Even the anger you felt was not enough to overcome your love for Bucky.
You went into your room where Bucky had slept next to you just last night. There was a small jewelry box on the dresser. You tried your best the flatten out the paper and then you placed it inside for safekeeping.

For the next 2 weeks, you scoured the city, looking for any sign of Bucky. You figured that he wouldn’t have left the city. You were wrong.

As more days turned into nights and back into days again, you grew tired of sitting in the living room of your once shared apartment waiting for a man to come home, who never would. Your hope that he would come back to you had faded and you couldn’t bare living in the apartment where you had been so happy with him anymore. So you moved; not out of the city but far enough away that every street corner no longer held a memory of you and him.

After 7 months of living by yourself and wallowing in your loneliness you finally accepted the advances of your co-worker, not because you liked him, but because you missed Bucky so much. His name was Anthony and he was sweet enough, but throughout the whole date all you could think about were Bucky’s topaz eyes. After that you never went on another date.

Your heart was completely shattered by someone who seems to have not given two shits about you the whole time you were together. You were convinced all of his I love you’s were a lie. You analyzed every conversation that you could remember between the two of you, and you felt foolish for being so quick to believe whatever he told you. Even knowing all this, you still loved him with every piece of your soul. So much so that you feared it would never be fixed.

This was all a year ago and yet not a single day went by when you didn’t think about Bucky. You dreamed about him coming back to you, telling you that he was stupid for leaving, promising never to leave again. You imagined him in front of you and in your dreams you always ran towards him, to be closer. You imagined that you’d always run to him, that was until he was standing before you at the entrance to the bar where you first met.

You came here during your darkest times. The stuffy little dive bar seemed to be the only piece of Bucky that you had left, besides the small note that still sat in your jewelry box.

As soon as your eyes met his, you did what you thought you’d never do. You ran away from him.

You ran as fast as you could, shoving people to get out of your way as you went. You had no idea where you were going except for away from him. You found yourself on an unfamiliar street and decided to duck into a small cafe on the corner.

You saw Bucky jog in front of the cafe and look around. You weren’t quick enough to turn your back and he spotted you through the window.

As he opened the door you were frozen where you stood, wanting nothing more to just run away again. He slowly approached you. You almost shrunk back from his closeness. Almost. There was still that electric pull between the two of you that you had remembered so fondly.

“Y/N, I-” he began but you cut him off. The anger from all the pain he had caused you radiated from your stomach and found its way to your mouth.

“James please don't” you snapped. His eyes went wide. You had never called him James. Your body started cooperating with your mind again and you went to brush past Bucky. You had new plans of going to get so hammered that this night was long forgotten. Before you could walk past him, his fingers curled around your wrist. They were gentle and scared, just like you and you turned to look at him. His eyes held a look that you had never seen from him. It shook you to your core.

“Please I need to explain everything. I need you to understand” he begged. His eyes were glossy and his hair was a mess. He was still as handsome as the day you met him.

“Fine” you stated simply and started to walk towards the exit. You felt his presence trailing a fair distance behind you. You hailed a cab and he climbed inside after you.

On the ride to your apartment you tried to keep reminding yourself of all the wrong he has done you. You knew if your anger ran out then you would cry and you needed to actually hear what he was going to say to you, if you were ever to get the closure you so desperately craved.

You tried your best to convince yourself that you were doing this for your peace of mind, and not because you loved him. You were never good at lying, especially to yourself.

Bucky was silent and the only noise that filled the space was his nervous breathing. The cab driver stopped in front of your building, you paid him and then got out. Bucky followed you inside and into the elevator. It dinged once you arrived to the 3rd floor and you both exited. You pushed the door to your apartment open and turned on the lights.

Leading Bucky to the small kitchen table, you sat down. He sat across from you.

“Go ahead” you said and readied yourself to listen to the painful details of why he left you.

“Well okay um- I’m not sure where to start. You look good by the way” his cheeks flushed red. “Shit um I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry. But the thing is well- that I still love you. Never stopped and never will.”  

Your mouth went dry and you stared at him with wide eyes. You could feel your angry resolve fading and your heart fluttered from hearing him say the words that you were sure you’d never hear again. Tears began to well in your eyes and you were sure that he noticed. You did not let them fall. After you were silent for a few seconds he began to speak again.

“I’m going to tell you everything. Everything that I never told you before because I thought I was protecting you. I’m going to tell you why I left without so much as a goodbye, but before I start, I need you to know that you never once did anything wrong. You were and still are my angel and I did whatever it took to keep you safe” he finished and took a deep breath. You nodded your head slowly. You weren’t sure if you believed him yet. He lost most of your trust after he abandoned you, but you loved him, so you would listen.

RobRae Week Day 7 - Roommates

Richard did not scare easily, but suddenly plopping into his bed in the middle of the night was an easy way to go about it. He bolted upright, scrambling to get out from under his covers and stand so he could protect himself from the intruder. He unceremoniously kicked the covers off his foot and turned the lamp on, opened his nightstands drawer, and was reaching for the handgun he kept there before he realized who had woken him up.

“Rachel?” He asked, taking a deep breath and calming himself down. His roommate of the past three years had fallen face first into his bed, which might’ve been funny to an outside viewer, but he had work in three hours, and being woken up in a frightening manner left him annoyed instead of amused. “What are you doing?”

“Mm fmf hfmmf hhfmmf mm. Hmmh hmf fhf fhhm?”

Richard sighed. “I can’t understand you.” He said, crouching down so he was closer to her.

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Exaulted Part Four

Originally posted by cupofeternitea

Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five (Coming soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: No ‘romantic interests’ yet. But some ‘Yixing is a sweetheart and should be protected forever’ moments!

Word Count:  7.?K

A/N: People are assholes, the game I watched earlier didn’t end how I wanted it to, and my back is killing me, but fuck it! Y’all are amazing and deserve the part! So I finished it! Hours late, sorry!

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The Eve Of My Sadness - A Miraculous One-Shot

Hi everyone! So, this is my first work for this fandom, so I hope you all like it! Special thanks to @confusednonage , my friend, beta, and partner-in-crime.

Notes:  I meant to post this on Christmas Eve, but I’ve been procrastinating busy. Sorry haha! Also, my first one-shot. Ever. Please enjoy, and reblog if you enjoy!

Summary: In which Sadrien is Sad, and Marinette tries to help. Angst ensues.

                           FF                                                        AO3

Gabriel Agreste’s Christmas Eve soirée was spectacular, as usual. The food was exquisite, the decorations were ornate, and the tree was magnificent. Everyone chattered among themselves, though all were making attempts to approach Gabriel himself. Adrien would have attempted to sneak out hours ago, except his father would call him over every few minutes to “introduce” him; Adrien knew that it was mostly to prevent him from leaving.

“I hope you don’t have plans for tonight, Adrien,” Gabriel had said, “because your attendance is required. I don’t want anyone to be under the impression that I can’t control my own son.”

Yeah, imagine a world like that, Adrien had thought bitterly. “I know. I’ll be there, so don’t worry.”

So, Adrien forced a smile, and gave a warm handshake (he’d been keeping his hands in his pockets, blowing hot air on them every minute or so to keep them warm) to everyone to whom his father introduced him, and utilized every small-talk question he’d learned over his years of entertaining his father’s associates.

A thought struck him, well into the night. What was Ladybug doing tonight? Was she with her family? Did she have a lot of brothers and sisters with which she shared her holiday cheer? Did they watch Christmas movies over hot chocolate and bûche de Noël? Did they have a tradition of opening one small gift on Christmas Eve? If so, was she opening hers right now?

Was she thinking of him, too?

Adrien suppressed a lovesick sigh. He knew that his every move was being watched not only by the press, but also by his father; even still, he couldn’t help it. Ladybug made him giddy and nervous whenever she intruded his thoughts without warning.

He wondered if she was a fan of him as a model. He hoped not. If she was, then she didn’t see him as a human, just like everyone else with the exception of his friends. He was just a body, a doll that the photographers could pose any way they wanted, and they made millions because of it.

Adrien shook his head. He didn’t want to think about that now. No need to add that to his sadness. He just had to take things as they were and deal with it.

All he knew: later tonight, he had to get out of here.

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Maybe Next Time (Jin x reader)

You looked down at your phone, it just turned 10. You were tired of waiting, you gulped down your glass of wine and Jin’s then scraped his food on your empty plate. You groaned in frustration, he promised he would be back no later than 8, you understood, he was an idol, and he had very strict schedules. The least he could do was text you that he was going to come late though! As you cleaned the dishes, you set them to dry, you then tossed your shoes onto the floor and sat on your bed. Tears were beginning to well in your eyes, maybe you shouldn’t have went on that first date with him. Maybe you shouldn’t even have gotten introduced to him. You wiped your eyes furiously and grabbed a bag, you stuffed clothes into it and jotted down a note.

You will not stay here any longer, you were lovely, he left you for God knows how long! Then again.. He did say he would have a strict schedule. You tucked your hair behind your ear, what do you do? You looked around the apartment, you remember when he moved out of the dorm into your apartment, you two were much closer and more intimate, now he was barely home. You sat back onto the bed, should you leave? Your phone buzzed just then.

Jinnie: i should be home soon

You can technically leave, you weren’t really famous anymore, you can just leave the apartment key with him, pack all your stuff then go instead of just packing one flimsy backpack with an outfit. If you were having these thoughts of leaving him, would they maybe go away? You looked at the wall, showing 2 years worth of photos, you swallowed the lump in your throat.

“What do I do..” You whispered, you then heard the lock on your door turn, you quickly ran into the bathroom, shoving your backpack into the dirty laundry basket and turned on the faucet.

“__? Are you in the bathroom?” Jin asked, you stayed quiet, your eyes were a bit pink, although not red from full on crying. Maybe you can fool him? No, he’s not an idiot. You decided to take action, you dipped your head into the sink and splashed water on your face.

“__, did you already eat?” Jin asked as he attempted to open the door, “__, the door is locked, I’ll be in the kitchen ok?” As you heard his whistling go quiet, you turned off the water. He has no idea. He has no idea that this was 3 years. Did he forget? Does he not have an alarm or a date on the calendar? You looked back in the laundry basket, your bag hidden in the clothes. What do you do? You walked out of the bathroom, you found Jin sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal, watching TV.

“How was filming?” You asked as you sat on the other side of the couch, he nodded with a mouthful of cereal. Oh no.. You felt it, the feeling you felt when you first moved in. You couldn’t go through with leaving him.

“It was good, I missed you though!” He stated as he smiled at you, he then held up his finger, “I have something for you!” He said, you began to feel hopeful. Maybe he did remember the anniversary.

“Can I take a guess?” You asked, once he came from the small office, he held a bag.

“You can open it whenever, I hope you like it!” Jin smiled, you then looked at the bag. It was small and black bag, with a ribbon tying the bag from opening. You pulled one end and pulled out a box. Maybe he did remember! Maybe this is a ring? Could it be a promise ring? Jin was looking at you with excitement. As you opened the box, you felt your heart drop. It was a keychain with a monkey.

“I remembered how much you liked these when we went to Jeju Island!” Jin smiled, he didn’t remember. You then smiled at him with a chuckle.

“I can’t believe you’d remember that!” You laughed, you placed the monkey back into the box and walked to your room, you placed the bag in your nightstand and sat on your bed. Did he not see the dishes in the sink? Or smell the food in the trashcan? You then reopened your nightstand and grabbed the purple box and looked inside, which had a bracelet. Should you give this to him? Would it make him remember? It was worth a try.

“I got you something, Jin.” You smiled, he then placed his bowl on the counter and smiled as you handed him the gift.

“I wonder what it is.” He sang, once he opened the box he smiled at you, “__, you really didn’t have to.” He stated, you shook your head and smiled.

“I wanted to, don’t worry about it.” You smiled, did he remember?

“What’s the occasion for this? It’s such a nice bracelet.” He smiled as he tried it on, you swallowed.

“I just felt like spoiling you.” You lied, he didn’t remember. He then gave you that familiar smile that made your knees weak, he then kissed your forehead.

“You’re the sweetest, I’m going to bed, will you join me?” He asked, you then nodded, he placed his bowl into the sink. Maybe he’ll see the dishes! But no avail, he walked off, tugging off his shoes and placing them near the door. He didn’t remember anything. And it will probably stay like that. You couldn’t do it, you couldn’t bring yourself to leave him. You sat on the couch, your hands on your knees and your gaze straight forward. No, you’re no coward, you can bring yourself to leave him!

“Jin?” You called, you walked into your shared room, but he was in the bathroom. You looked at the note on the door, did he really not see that? Or maybe he did and he ignored it? You were hoping he was quiet from sadness, as you were listening in, you heard him whistle. When did your relationship become like this? Was it when he went famous? You always thought he didn’t have a chance, as bad as it was. Companies are so picky, you thought he had a slim chance. But here he is, going on tour, meeting many people, and going on talk shows. When people would ask about you, it was no doubt that he was very in love with you. But why don’t you feel the connection any more? What changed?

“Jin, I need to talk to you when you’re finished.” You called, you then heard an ok, things were that simple now. He didn’t question anything anymore. You decided you needed another glass of wine, how would you even bring yourself to talk to him about this? You were there for everything, can you easily just walk away? Stop! Stop with these thoughts! Yes! Yes you can! You’re unhappy aren’t you? Right?

“Am I unhappy?” You whispered to yourself as you poured yourself a hearty glass of wine, once you heard the water stop running, you chugged the glass down. Hell, you even began to drink from the bottle.

“__, where are you?” Jin asked, you then waved him over once you made eye contact from across the room, once he walked over he smiled at you, waiting for you. You looked at his face, he’s grown so much. He’s gotten taller, stronger, more handsome. You handed him your glass, and poured him some wine, you then stared at his hands, the hands you held, the ones that wiped your tears and ones that held you close. He couldn’t have been more perfect to you. You then swallowed.

You couldn’t do it.

“__?” Jin asked with concern as he held your hand, the time was now 11. You nodded, staring at him.


“You said you had something to talk to me about?” Jin chuckled, you nodded, swallowing the lump in your throat.

No, you can do it! You can do it! Just four simple words. We should break up. Not that hard, you can do it!

“We should get a dog. It gets lonely here.” You smiled, Jin then nodded and chuckled.

“I think so too! We should go looking for dogs soon then.” He smiled, he then held your hand and jerked his head towards the bedroom. “Come to bed with me?” He asked, you then nodded your head in agreement.


You couldn’t do it.

Exist to Please (final)

Originally posted by kimdos

Member: Exo D.O./Kyungsoo; Kai/Jongin; Sehun

Type: Angst/Smut 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

3 years later

Passion. He never looked at you in any other way, and you almost hated him for it. He knew you were falling back into him again, slowly but surely, and he was willing to take his time. The question was whether or not you trusted that passion, or what was behind it for that matter. His lips would always quirk up when you appeared at his front door after a rough night, and his strong arms would pull you into an embrace that you really never wanted to leave. It was warm, it was comforting, and it was so damn addicting. He loved you. You knew he loved you and all you wanted was to forget the past and love him back, but your mind was fooled once, and if he dared do it again then you’d be the fool.

Your private practice was doing a lot better than before. Not like it was doing badly or anything, but it was always nice to have the income, and a distraction.

You turned the lock to your office, hearing the click before pulling out your key and shoving it into your dark purse, not caring to organize the messy contents. You shivered as a breeze hit your skin, and you regretted wearing such a thin sweater. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you shuffled towards the café a few blocks down, not wanting to keep Jongin waiting.

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Tell Me Something That I’ll Forget.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 11.5K+

Content: Bi!Lashton, polyamory (MFM dynamic), language, graphic content, sexual situations (anal sex, multiple partners, light spanking, orgasm denial, etc.)

A/N: I have returned and it feels so good to be back. This is something that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and it is notably different from what I’ve posted before. I had an idea of Chef Ashton and I’ve always wanted to explore polyamory within the bounds of fanfiction. This is what I came up with after about two months of messing around with it. Have an open mind if this is all new to you. Enjoy. :-)

Feedback is greatly appreciated

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Anon request: Imagine Vladimir finding out you have a petty fear of spiders or something. “котенок, I have seen you kill men with bare hands, and you are afraid of little spider?”. Imagine him chasing you around the house with it, until you discover/exploit one of HIS petty fears!


Vladimir is sitting in bed, lazily scrolling through his texts when your shrieks fill the air and immediately sends him into protective mobster boyfriend mode; swiping his glock off the nightstand and jumping out of bed in one swoop.

Just as you’re backpedaling out of the bathroom – wrapped in a towel with a look of horror on your face – Vladimir rounds the corner, colliding into you and causing you both to swear profusely.

“Dammit, Vlad, that hur- THE FUCK IS THAT OUT FOR?!” you yell in bewilderment at the sight of the handgun gripped in your boyfriend’s tattooed hand.

“You were fucking screaming, Y/N!” he yells back, pushing you aside to peer into the bathroom, utterly confused and aggravated by the unperturbed environment.

“Yeah because I went to shower and found a fucking mutant spider there!”

“A spider?!” Vladimir sputters, his eyes narrowing in disbelief as he looks back at your pale countenance, the way you’re biting your lip in apprehension.

He can’t believe his eyes. His girlfriend, a woman who matches his ruthlessness blow for blow, a woman who he’s watched disarm his best lieutenants while still wearing heels, this badass woman is terrified of an insect?

“Yes, a spider, now go be my boyfriend and fucking kill that son of a bitch!”

Vladimir looks at your nervous face and wide eyes and looks slowly back at the bathroom, a wolfish grin breaking out across his face as he starts to snicker uncontrollably and tucks his glock inside the waistband of his sweats.

“What’s so funny?” you demand angrily, wrapping your arms more tightly across your chest.

Vladimir holds up a finger as he fights to control his laughter, finally taking a deep exhale and smirking broadly at you.

“котенок, I have seen you kill men with bare hands, and you are afraid of little spider?

You groan exasperatedly and he starts chuckling again, earning a hard swipe to the shoulder from you.

“Oh my god, Vlad, this is different, this fucker has eight legs, can you please, PLEASE just get rid of it so I can shower?”

Still chuckling, Vladimir kisses the top of your head, softening the irritation that reads plainly in your countenance.

“да, принцесса.”

You wait outside the door as he goes in, purposefully looking down the hall – even seeing him go after the spider will send you into full on panic mode.

“Did you get it?”


You sigh with relief and start to move into the bathroom.

“Thanks, babe, I just really fucking hate spi - “

You stop dead in your tracks as you see Vladimir standing there, an evil grin lighting up his scarred face.

“Wanna make sure pest is dead?”

“Vladimir Ranskahov, if you come near me with that, so help me God I will withhold sex.”

Vladimir scoffs and rolls his eyes. “You wouldn’t last.”

“Excuse me?! I’m not the one who has the self control of a horny 17 year old!”

There’s a pause that hangs in the air and you know from the look on Vladimir’s face that you’re in trouble.


You flee out the door with a screech as he lunges at you with the tissue in his hand, laughing as he chases you down the hall and into your bedroom.

You both end up on opposite sides of the bed, staring each other down.

You’re tired and you want to shower and goddamn you just hate spiders and you want to smack the shit-eating grin off of your boyfriend’s handsome face, but you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Alright, Vlad, baby, if you really love me, you will throw that spider in the trash.”

Vladimir huffs and juts out his lower lip, looking like an overgrown toddler whose been denied candy.

“You don’t fight fair.”

You give him a look that clearly reads “and you do?” and your boyfriend sighs, smiling.

“You are right. But I have proposition.”

You groan at the coyness in his thick accent, simultaneously exasperated and turned on. But two can play at that game.

You cock your hip to one side, biting at your lip seductively.

“What do you have in mind?”

Vladimir’s eyes pupils darken at the lilt in your voice and he motions to the spider in his hand.

“This goes if that goes.”

He motions to the towel covering your naked body and you smile brightly.

“Easy enough.”

You drop the towel, hands on your hips, relishing the way Vladimir’s eyes roam hungrily over the exposed flesh.

He doesn’t take his eyes off you as he moves to the trashcan in the corner, dropping the tissue in before making his way over to you.

You know the look he’s giving you – and despite your claims that you’d withhold sex, both of you are well aware that was an empty threat – but you want to have some fun first.

“OK, time to shower, thank youuuu!”

You grab your towel off the ground and sprint out the door, giggling as Vladimir chases after you again, this time actually catching you and bringing your lips to his in a fiery kiss.

You break the kiss only to tilt your neck to Vladimir, inhaling deeply as his teeth rake over the exposed skin, biting to leave bruises as usual – making his territory to any men who would dare hit on you.

You knot your hand in his blond hair, eyes closed as you revel in how good he feels. But you aren’t going to concede that easily.

“I’m still mad at you, Volodya,” you murmur.

“Good thing I know how to change that, mhm?”

You chuckle as Vladimir leaves one final kiss on your throat, pulling back as you move into the shower while he kicks off his sweats and boxers in one motion

You smirk at how absurdly hard he is already, wiggling your fingers invitingly toward you and he steps in, bringing you into his arms as you turn the shower’s handle, warm water cascading down both of your eager bodies.

His hands work your ass possessively, aggressively; a sharp contrast to the softness in his voice as he murmurs in your ear, “Still love me, yes?”

You sigh contentedly, turning to wrap your hands behind his neck, pulling yourself flush against him.

“Of course,” you say affectionately. Now it’s your turn to bite at his neck, murmuring in between nips, “Even if you are a shithead sometimes.”

Your joined laughter echoes around the shower, Vladimir tilting your head back up to bring your lips to his before he pushes you roughly up against the glass door; one hand squeezing your breast while his other moves downward; his triumphant smirk pronounced at the sound you make when he shoves two fingers inside you.

He was right – he always did know how to make you forget that you were mad at him.


2 weeks later

Despite the superb, cathartic sex that had resulted from the spider incident, you were still determined to find a way to get revenge on your boyfriend. But it was hard – for all the fucked up shit he had been through, had seen, had done, you really did know that he wasn’t afraid of much.

Rats were out. So were cats – he called you kitten, for Christ’s sake. He absolutely loved dogs. Wasn’t afraid of heights. You were just about to resign yourself to the idea that his hardening life experience had rid him of any “petty” or typical fears until one lazy afternoon in Central Park.

You convinced him to take a few hours to relax with you – yelling over his usual claim that he was busy with, “You didn’t break out of Utkin to rot inside a garage all day, Vladimir!

He stands there fuming silently until you go up to him, running your hands on his chest and gazing up at him earnestly, the hard expression on his scarred face softening at your touch.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I just miss spending real time with you, Volodya. Not work time, just time for us.” 

Vladimir sighs, pulling you close with one arm around your waist; his free hand cradling your head to his chest as his lips brush against your hair.

“I’m sorry too, котенок. I’ll take breaks to be with you and your pretty face more, да? Starting today?”

You pull away from his chest with a smile that grows wider as you see the crooked smile on Vladimir’s face and you run a hand through his blond spikes.

“I love you.”

Vladimir kisses you eagerly in response, taking your hand in his as he leads you toward the garage’s entrance, shouting in Russian to Sergei who nods, giving you a small smile that you return.

 So here you are now, basking in the warm glow of the sun and the feel of grass against your skin; contentedly perched between Vladimir’s legs as his strong hands work through your long tresses, humming while he puts the finishing touches on an intricate braid.

He stops for a second as he reaches for the hairband in your hand, taking a moment to kiss your knuckles and chuckling.


“Tastes sweet. You eat like child.”

You swat backwards his thigh playfully as you laugh with him.

“Hey, I don’t apologize for enjoying my frozen dairy treats; everyone in America here has gotten melted ice cream all over their hands in the summer.”

“нет, I didn’t.”

You roll your eyes but smile as Vladimir pushes your braid tenderly over your left shoulder, bringing his chin to rest on your right.

“That’s because you always inhale yours in like 30 seconds, my dear.”

Vladimir pushes away from you suddenly and you yelp as your support keeping you upright is removed; leaving you laying on your back, stunned on the grass as you look up in utter bemusement.

“What the hell was that?!”

You stand up and turn, staring incredulously at Vladimir standing a solid 10 feet away from you, his eyes wide and his expression nervous.

You see him swallow hard, working to rearrange his features in an expression of indifference and failing.

“Nothing, just, it’s just -” Vladimir points at your hair and then down to your shoulder and you look confusedly until you see a large butterfly perched harmlessly on your skin.

“Oh! Hey there, little guy,” you say happily, reaching your finger out and smiling as the insect flits onto your finger. You look up and dawning, gleeful comprehension takes hold of you as you watch your boyfriend’s jaw clench.

“Volodya,” you ask slowly. “You’re not scared of butterflies, are you?”


You don’t believe his answer for one second, though – why else would he look so freaked out?

You raise an eyebrow, starting forward unexpectedly with your finger outstretched and he recoils immediately, eyes darkening as you let out a triumphant “HA!”

“Y/N, stop it,” he says angrily in his best attempt at his usual snarl, but he can’t keep the anxious edge out and you burst out laughing. Your Volodya, your intimidating 6 something felon of a boyfriend, is afraid of butterflies.

“This is vengeance! You chased me around the house with that spider, gave me shit about it for days, and you don’t think I’ll make fun of you being afraid of butterflies?! Vlad, come on, look how pretty he is!”

Vladimir glares at the innocent butterfly, teeth gritted as he responds. “They stick to you and you don’t even know. I don’t like them.”

Still chuckling, you get one last dig in as you run toward him, but you don’t expect him to start running and not stop even after you shake the butterfly gently off and onto the ground.

“VOLODYA, it’s gone, come back; you did the same shit to me!

“Don’t care!” he yells back and you groan, muttering darkly as you slip of your flats, putting them in one hand as you sprint barefoot after your stubborn boyfriend.

Vladimir is fast, but you’re faster, and you round in front of him, eyes sparkling and breathing heavily as you face him down.

“Ok, ok, truce?”

Vladimir is breathing heavily as well, his eyes lit up with a different kind of mischief.

“Only if you find good enough way to apologize.”

You shake your head but walk swiftly toward him, relishing the way he bites at his lip as you shove him roughly onto the grass.

You straddle him and kiss him fiercely without hesitation, dragging your nails lightly across the exposed skin near his collarbone and breaking the kiss by pulling his bottom lip with your teeth.

“I think I know a few apologies that you’ll really like,” you purr, moving back down to kiss him, eyes widening in surprise but laughing as you’re flipped up onto Vladimir’s shoulder, catching a flash of his typical wolfish grin.

“You can show me how sorry you am over there, princessa,” he says gesturing to a secluded clump of trees and you smile in satisfaction at his voice; so typically Vladimir, somehow able to be utterly sexy and dark but playful.

He catches your swinging hand and brings it to his lips, kissing it sweetly once again and you can’t help but sigh contentedly – you may annoy the shit out of each other sometimes, but you also love the shit out of each other, too.