did he just make a tree out of candy

Bullrush // Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic, Kirishima Ayato/Fueguchi Hinami

for ayahina week day 3! i wrote this for the family prompt. hope you’re having a good day~

~1300 words. this fic is part of this au. and contains…uh, mostly a lot of Sasaki and Hinami interaction (just so no one is disappointed). excerpt:

His handwriting is just as clean as Onii-chan’s.


“Christmas has already passed?” Hinami gasps, and Sasaki stops writing.

“Yes,” he answers, finally, completing the heading. “It has.”

Her pulse picks up. It’s been a while, then, that she’s been in here — much longer than she thought. She was supposed to spend Christmas with Ayato. They had found a scraggly little tree in a lot and were going to uproot it and put it in a nice pot and decorate it with popcorn and those pretty spirally candy hooks.

“Of course I’ll decorate it with you. It’s not like that corn shit or whatever is useful for anything else,” Ayato had scoffed.

Did he decorate it on his own? Or did he not bother at all, without her?

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The guys tease you about Calum and you get embarrassed

You were sprawled out on the sofa with Michael and Ashton on either side of you as you waited for Luke and your boyfriend Calum to return with the snacks from the kitchen. The guys were taking a break from the tour and they decided to invite you over for the day, to hang out with Calum, knowing how much you both have been missing each other for the past few days. 

“LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” Ashton shouted, hopping out of his seat immediately once Calum returned with the bowls of snacks, knowing how jealous he gets when one of the boys sit in his spot, aka anywhere next to you. 

“Ready babe?” Calum smiled excitedly as he plopped down beside you, leaning in and giving you a peck on the cheek before facing the television screen, where Home was playing. You blushed and turned your attention towards the screen as Luke and Michael sat on the floor with Ashton lying across them. 

The movie had already started causing you to jump in excitement, this was your favourite movie so far. Beside you Calum chuckled, making your heart jump as well from hearing his beautiful laugh. God, you missed this. 

You smiled at him and reached over to grab the chocolate that he was holding in his hand, but he snatched it away from you before you could grab it, causing you to pout. 

“Awww, babe, I just want to feed you,” He replied, grinning from ear to ear as he broke a block off and moved it towards your mouth. You rolled your eyes but opened you mouth anyways causing him to chuckle again. “Close your eyes.” You rolled your eyes once again but did as told, ready for the sweet taste of chocolate to enter your mouth when soft, plump lips, smashed onto yours, making you open your eyes in shock, just as Calum let go, throwing the piece of candy into your mouth. He winked at you, causing you blush even more, before turning away from him to face the screen, only to find out that the rest of the boys were staring at you two with their eyebrows raised. 

“Oohhhh Y/N and Calum sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes the wedding then comes the baby, then they become a scary old lady!” Michael and Ashton teased causing your face to glow bright red as you hid your face into Calum’s warm, buff chest as it bounced up and down from laughter. 

“Aww, she’s embarrassed!” Luke cooed, high fiving Michael who sat beside him, causing you to dig further into your boyfriend’s chest. 

“Guys.” Calum started, though you could clearly hear the smile in his voice. His arm fell protectively around your body, bringing you even closer towards him as he rested his chin on the top of your head. 

“She’s such a cutie Cal.” Luke said after you took your face out of your hiding spot. Calum looked down at you and smiled before placing a soft, tender kiss on your forehead causing you to grin widely up at him. 

“Yeah, but she’s My cutie.”