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Not a Child Anymore: Ch. 1

Info: OUAT | Peter Pan

She gripped the sword in her hand as if her life depended on it. She swung it confidently, forcefully, moving her feet deftly as she circled around her opponent. He simply jumped back swiftly, laughing a little, his own sword casually held in his right hand. He recovered from her attack, stepping in rhythm with her, his magnificently green eyes piercing hers, never wavering. She sucked in a breath before raising her sword to meet his, and again, and again, and again. She twisted her body as she turned into him to knock the sword out of his hand. The boy simply grabbed hold of her waist, flipping her over his shoulder. She landed on the ground, her back thudding and stinging in sudden pain. The wind was knocked right out of her, and she gasped to regain her breath.

Just as the boy began to lower himself onto her to hold her down, she lunged towards her sword and kicked herself back up. She turned back to him, glaring thunderously, a growl deep in her throat. “That’s the last time you’ll be doing that,” she snarled, leaning forward, sword pointing straight as an arrow.

The boy leisurely stepped towards her, sword hanging loosely by his side. “Oh yeah?” he raised his eyebrow. Could he be any more cocky? she thought angrily. He smirked and faked lunging towards her, but withdrew. She jumped back instinctively, annoyed that he was just trying to get her to jump in a fright and make her look foolish. She played right into his hands. Frustrated and worked up, she was slow to react when he lunged again, this time nicking her arm by flicking his sword upward. It stung, but she refused to wince. Without sparing her arm a glance, she took advantage of his overconfidence, and swung her sword with so much force and speed it knocked his right out of his hand, earning a look of surprise out of him. She twisted her sword in her hand, taking hold of the hilt with one and the tip with the other, driving it under her opponent’s chin. She forced him back into a tree, holding the sword against his neck, pushing just enough for it to hurt him, but not cut him.

“You shouldn’t let your guard down so easily, Pan” she quipped triumphantly.

“And neither should you yours,” Pan laughed, sweeping his foot against her, causing her legs to buckle and her to lose her balance. She stumbled, lowering her sword, giving him enough time to push himself off the tree, grab her shoulders, and swing her around so this time she was pinned against the tree. He looked at her with such fierce intensity, eyes blazing, but she lifted her chin stubbornly. She pointed her sword against his chest this time.

“Deadlocked,” Pan conceded.

“No. My sword is pointed at you, and…” she looked around with exaggerated mockery. “You have — hmm — you don’t even have a sword at all. You have no weapon, I win.”

Peter rolled his eyes with a mix of anger and admiration. No one had ever bested him before. He considered giving in, but he so wanted to wipe that arrogant smirk off her face. So he roughly grabbed her wrist suddenly, wresting the sword out of her grasp and into his, using his other hand to keep her firmly planted against the course bark scraping her back. He tossed the sword aside, and returned his gaze back onto her, planting each of his hands by her head.

“Peter Pan never fails. I win.” His face was dangerously close to hers, and she could feel his chest rising up and down, his breathing hot and heavy, and his voice low. She glanced away timidly, rather surprised at his close proximity and the intensity of his gaze, which was so full of victory. Before she could wrest herself free, he pushed his hands off the tree and turned away.

She took a step forward, annoyed he beat her once again. Expecting him to gloat, she clenched her teeth and braced herself. He surprised her yet again.

“How did you get to be so good at sword-fighting anyway?” Pan chuckled, turning her way.

She looked at him surprisedly, before simply shrugging. “My father is a pirate… He’s hardly at home, and it’s just me and my mum, so he taught me how to defend myself. I’ve held a sword in my hand for as long as I have quills.”

Peter raised his eyebrow again, amused. “How thoughtful of him,” he mused. She knew Pan’s history with pirates, and it wasn’t a good one.

She ran a frustrated hand through her hair. “Not really. He wasn’t doing it out of kindness,” she paused and then added, “Though I know you don’t think pirates capable of kindness anyway. But don’t think I’m defending him. He didn’t give a crap about me or my mom. He did nothing for us, nothing,” she spat bitterly, shocking herself with how much hatred she still held in her heart for him.

She suddenly began to breathe heavily, as images of her careless drunk of a father swarmed in her mind. She kept herself up by clumsily placing her hand against the tree, as her body shook and her vision blurred and her mind clouded.

She woke up shaking.


Peter Pan lurched out of bed, flinging his covers off of himself. He shot up, anxiously beginning to pace around his treehouse. “Cece?” he whispered.


Cecily shook in her bed, drawing her blankets up to her shoulders and wrapping them around her in an attempt to keep out the biting cold. She felt the wind blow mercilessly into her room, causing papers to rustle, the drawings on her wall gently swaying. Shivering, Cecily jumped out of bed in a rush to close the window — she paused. I don’t remember opening this window in the first place… she thought. She never opened the window, not unless she wanted to sit on the roof. Then, she would open the window and crawl out onto the roof; she often sat there when her mother was wailing to herself, and when she was younger, when her parents were fighting. It was on the roof she escaped… the roof and —

Suddenly, another gust of wind shook Cecily, pulling her out of her thoughts. She hugged herself and leaned forward to close the window, when a hand shot out and held the window back. At first, Cecily stubbornly pushed back on the window, oblivious to the hand holding it in place. But when she looked closely, and saw a figure standing on her roof, she yelped and jumped back in fright. She backed away, staring, transfixed, as the hand pushed the window back open and the face of a boy popped in, one elbow propped up against the window, the other resting on the sill. 

“Miss me?”

Cecily gaped.


Word Count: 1,157 // This is the first writing piece I’ve posted so far! I write a lot and try to do it quite frequently, so this definitely is not my first time writing. However, it’s my first time writing anything Peter Pan related. I’m trying to stay away from the clichés and OUAT quotes unless requested… just to keep it original and unexpected and fun. (: I’d LOVE to hear feedback. Interested in a chapter two? Let me know!


Cora finds out that she is pregnant with Stiles’ baby, she doesn’t really know how to think about it. 

She becomes really stressed and unsure of what to do about it. She didn’t think they were ready for it all. She was scared to tell him, and she isn’t scared of much of anything.

She became sick with worry and confusion, mixed with happiness,just so many emotions, she just can’t handle it alone, but she couldn’t tell Stiles yet. 

Soon Stiles started to see she was ignoring him,He becomes really worried about her, she wouldn’t talk to him, wouldn’t even look at him.

Stiles was very confused, he thought he did something to make her mad or something. 

He doesn’t know what to do either, he trys to call and text her every chance he gets, but gets no reply. He goes home and she is never there like she use to be. 

He was very worried about her, he didn’t know what to do though. He still tried to contact her but gets nothing back. 

Cora ends up at a bar, she doesn’t drink anything, she just wanted to get some fries, she gets into a fight and someone had called 911 and an ambulances, which who called Stiles. 

So, Stiles drove as fast as he could over to the bar. 

He see’s Cora sitting on the ground with a neck-brace around her neck, she see’s him and takes it off and gets up. 

He walks over to her, “Cora?” He asked, hoping she would talk to him. 

She looked away. She still didn’t know if she could do it yet. She’d ever felt this before. 

“Cora?” She heard Stiles repeat, tears appeared in her eyes. 

“Cora, please. I’m sorry for whatever it is that I did, now please just talk to me” He said, his voice was filled with sadness and worry. 

“Corrie, please talk to me" 

Cora turned around to face him, her face was a little bruised and she had some blood on her forehead. 

Stiles licked his thumb and whipped off the blood. 

"Stiles.” Cora finally said, she finally said something to him, she finally looked at him. 

“Cora, I’m so sorry for whatever I did.” He said, he grabbed her hands and held them tightly. “I love you" 

"Stiles, we need to talk.” Cora looked down at the dirty ground. 

“Is everything okay?” Stiles asked her, worry came back to him. 

Cora didn’t know how to answer, so she didn’t. They walked over to Stiles’ jeep and Stiles drove home. 

They went inside and sat down together. 

“Cora, what’s wrong?” Stiles asked, he wasn’t going to joke around right now, he knew something was really wrong.

“Stiles.” Cora paused..

Stiles started to shake from being worried, he didn’t have any idea what she was going to say well,the idea of her wanting to break up popped in his head a lot

though, but he couldn’t lose her, he didn’t want to lose her, he couldn’t. 

“I should have told you sooner but, I..” Cora paused again. 

“Cora, whatever it is. It will be okay, if you want to break up…W..W..We c..” Stiles couldn’t even say it. He didn’t want to lose her. 

“No, Stiles. I don’t want to break up, that’s the last thing I ever want.” Cora said, she had a sight smile on her face. 

“Then what’s wrong?” Stiles asked, he could breathe now that she said that. 

“Stiles…. I’m pregnant” Cora looked up at him when she said it to see how he reacted. 

At first it he had a blank look on his face, it was like it broke him for a small second, but then he got a huge smile on his face. 

“Are we ready?” He asked her as he grabbed her hands again. 

“Not at all but we have to be, unless you want to..” She started to say but Stiles caught her off. 

“I want to raise this baby with you, Cora. That’s all I want now.” He said, he had tears in his eyes. “I can’t believe it, I’m going to be a daddy, and you're going to be a mommy!” Stiles’ worry faded a little.

Cora had the biggest smile on her face, just seeing Stiles’ joy made her feel much better about it already. “I know, You are going to make a great daddy!” She spoke with tears falling down her cheeks. 

Stiles had tears falling as-well, he took his hand and whipped the tears from her cheeks and kissed her on the lips “You are going to make an amazing mommy, Cora!" 

"We are going to need a bigger house!” Stiles said looking around! 

Cora giggled, she couldn’t believe she was scared to tell him, that whole week she spent worrying about it, she wished she could change it, and have told him sooner.

She wished instead of worrying herself to sickness. 

“So this is why you wouldn’t talk to me?” Stiles asked, he didn’t care, he was just wondering. 

“Yes, I..I’m sorry, I should have told you sooner, I was just worried you’d be unhappy an..” She didn’t even get to finish her word.

“Unhappy? I’m the happiness dork in the world right now! This is crazy but wonderful!” Stiles said, he kissed her forehead. 

“I’m sorry Stiles. I just was overwhelmed, I guess.” Cora said, she was mad at herself for being selfish about it before.

“Cora, Don’t be sorry, I understand..Are you okay now?” He asked as he cuddled with her, they both still had tears in their eyes. 

“Yes, I am now, knowing you are happy about it makes me feel much better!” Cora smiled and cuddled against him, she kissed his ear.

“I don’t know if we are ready but all I know is that what ever happens we are going to be okay, cause we have love for each other and love for this baby” Stiles said, he put his hand on Cora’s stomach.

“Yes, we will be okay!” Cora laid her head on his shoulder. “I love you Stiles!" 

Stiles’ leaded his head on her’s. "I love you too Cora!" 




or that time when they had to play 7 minutes in heaven

At seventeen years old, Ellery regretted that she deemed herself “too old” to trick-or-treat and “too cool” to hand out candy to all the little kids who came to her door. She also regretted allowing Harry to pick out their costume this year, showing up to her door in red braces, cargo pants, and a fireman hat and holding a dalmatian onesie in his arms with a wicked grin on his face. 

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reporting live from space.

I wrote this at the request of @platuverataneito for a fic compilation they’re putting together. Setting is pre-Mars arrival. (For the first time.) I wrote it to be another Ares 3 crew video that they shoot for everyone back on Earth, with the hope that it’ll be easy to visualize like the first video that we all know and love

“Shit. This again?”

Mark Watney fumbled with his camera.

“I thought I figured out this bullshit last time… Oh, there we go. Hi, everyone, this is Mark Watney again. Clearly, my competency with this camera has not increased at the same speed at which my distance from Earth has.”

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