did he even have time to register what was going on

Something in OPM I want to bring up

First, Saitama and Genos, but mostly Saitama. They have the most adorable, funny, heartwarming relationship.

But let’s just go over a few points here:

  • Saitama is light-years beyond what Genos will probably even hope to be. They both know this.
  • Saitama’s ranked at the very bottom of the Hero Association as the lowest-ranking C-class, while Genos debuted as an S-class. This alone meant that the two were treated very differently by the Association, fellow registered heroes, and the general public.
  • Saitama’s seen Genos get an instant fanclub, get welcomed by a fellow hero, and rack up a huge fan following within days of registering. What did Saitama get in the same amount of time? Three different people tried to basically haze him, he was mistaken for a villain, and the very people he saved ganged up on him and yelled at him.

What am I getting at here? Basically, everything looks like a classic villain origin story for Saitama. Between the lack of recognition, flat-out undeserved scorn and ridicule he gets from almost everyone, and someone far less powerful than himself getting far more praise and fanfare that he sees every day…he could easily just end up resenting Genos and give up being a hero.

He’d get more recognition as a villain, because how do you ignore someone who could easily kick the crap out of even the top-ranking S-class heroes? How do you not fear and respect someone who can level a city, take on several of the best heroes and several monsters without breaking a sweat? If he wanted to, he could be an unstoppable supervillain. He could easily reduce Genos to scrap metal.

And it would all start with resenting Genos.

Just imagine that instead of secretly appreciating how much Genos adores him, he just gets jealous that this little punk gets so much more credit, all the fangirls, all this praise that he should be getting.

Imagine instead if the episode ended with Saitama killing Genos.

But here’s the catch: he doesn’t. He never even thinks of it.

Because you know what? He became a hero for fun, sure, but he’s still a hero at heart. He’s a good person not just because he can send villains flying with one punch, but because he looks out for people and cares about them. People hating on him after he saved their lives? Sure, he gets angry at that, but who wouldn’t? But that doesn’t change him for the worse.

Look at this:

Instead of being the person to drive him into jealousy, Genos is the person who motivates Saitama to keep on going.
It doesn’t matter that he has more fans - what matters to Saitama is that Genos will always be his biggest fan, because he knows what he’s really about.

So in that sense, Genos is important, but this episode (sad as it was) says a lot of Saitama’s character. Most heroes in his position would’ve gone to the dark side by this point. Not him.

tl;dr Saitama is the best hero.



Just thinking about how it’s complete and utter bullshit that Han and Leia are separated, are you fucking kidding me? That’s the moment when they would have united even more to try and bring their kid back because that’s what they always did. They were always fighting and at each other’s throats, but when the shit hit the fan they would always unite and go through it together. There’s no way they wouldn’t do the same here, especially here in fact!

It’s also complete bullshit that not only are Han and Leia separated, but the 3 of them are! No! Just no!!

Han always comes back for Luke, Han always finds Luke, Luke always finds Han and Leia, Luke always goes after Han and Leia. The only thing that makes sense about the situation in this movie is that Leia is trying to find Luke, because that’s what she does, that’s what they do, every time!

When Han finds Rey and Finn he should have been out there because he was trying to find Luke, or trying to find bb-8, since Poe didn’t come back with him and he had information about Luke. And what with Han being a former smuggler and all he would know people who could get information, and so Leia would have sent him to try to do just that!

I hate how they separated the 3 like that!!!


four times kirsten’s feelings are pure residual emotion, and one time they aren’t.

disclaimer: it’s 7am in my timezone, and i have yet to go to sleep. this is unedited, so it might have dubious grammar, and is probably extremely sappy, but i just couldn’t help myself. 


The first time it happens, he barely knows her, and, as a matter of fact, he doesn’t like her all that much.

It’s the blonde hair, and the self-entitlement. Queen of Estupidos, he calls her, because the moment she walks in, he registers her as bad news. He’s not wrong, of course, he rarely is. But Maggie’s got her mind set to it, and there’s no use in fighting it.

She’s a package of blonde hair and humorless snark that will ultimately outsmart him, mess up his program, and ruin his life. In that order.

So no, Cameron Goodkin does not like Kirsten Clark all that much, not until she steps out of the fish tank, wet hair and silky catsuit, cups his face and kisses him.

Wait, what?

It’s residual emotion, of course- from the stitch, that is. “I’m so sorry, Julie” she says, because it’s Julie she’s kissing, and it’s gone the next day- that’s how residual emotion works. Especially if you’ve got temporal dysplasia.

If you don’t have temporal dysplasia, however, when someone kisses you like you’re their moon and their stars, if they fall in your arms all vulnerable and weak, and you end up looking after them through the night, well, that’s just not gone the next day.

And Cameron would punch himself in the face, because really, he should know better than to get attached, again, but mostly, he saw it coming.

Bad news, that girl. Absolutely set to mess up his program and ruin his life. In what order, it’s yet to be determined.


The second time, it’s a fucking nightmare. No, worse, it’s his fucking nightmare coming true. It’s reliving Marta, only worse, because this time-

Well, it’s not like he didn’t care about Marta. He cared a lot. She was his friend, and his subject, and he was responsible for her, it was his job to keep her safe.

He said -he promised- he’d keep her safe. And he didn’t.

But this time- screw it, really. This time he has feelings that don’t necessarily fall in the friendly category. And it’s not his fault, it’s all because of that kiss, really. The kiss and the not-so-humorless snark, the nicknames, and the hair. It’s because of the way she pushes him, and- and he’s getting off topic. The point is, this time it’s worse, which is saying something.

He watches her struggle to understand the feelings, he sees her caught in the emotion, sees the love in her eyes. Love that isn’t for him, love that isn’t even hers to begin with, but that doesn’t make it any less painful.

“She’s not Marta” Maggie tells him, and he would really like to reply “Fuck you, you bitch. She’s Kirsten, that’s more than enough.” but she’s not there to push him, and so, he listens.

When she’s herself again, and there’s no love left in her eyes, he should feel relieved. And he does, really, because she’s okay. And because he likes her the way that she is. Kirsten. Kirsten’s more than enough.

But- how does he explain this, seeing love is Kirsten Clark’s eyes? That’s all he ever wants to see for the rest of his life.

(He’s so fucked.)

When she asks him about love, he should be concerned, because if the stitch wasn’t sticking, she wouldn’t think about it.

But he’s also- he’s thorn. It keeps him up at night.

For the second time in one day, he realizes, this will not end well.


They say third time’s the charm. It’s not.

Third time is an absolute disaster, it’s like a pileup on the freeway, like the butterfly effect, and mostly, like heartbreak.

Cameron’s not getting into details again, not even in the privacy of his own mind, but it involves kissing, lots of it, with different counterparts, none of which is our favorite neuroscientist. Hence the heartbreak.

It isn’t Kirsten’s fault, of course. It’s the stitch. The residual emotion. Or, more precisely, the residual attitude- apparently that’s a thing, too.

There’s kissing, and action, a refused marriage proposal and other things Cameron would not like to think about, and it’s awkward afterwards.

But what terrifies him is, after it wears off, when she’s Kirsten again, she’s just… different. Looser. Lighter.

Which on any other day, would be a good thing. Little-miss-uptight sure needs some unwinding, but this is bad news.

This is the stitch, and it isn’t Kirsten. And he realizes a little more everyday, Kirsten doesn’t need changing, or correcting. She isn’t just enough, she’s perfect.

You need to be careful, but if you squint in the right moment, there’s just the right amount of love in her eyes, and it’s not stitch induced, it’s just Kirsten, playing along to the nickname game, lingering just for a second before taking the door, revealing just a hint of pride when he stands up for himself. It doesn’t need any improvement, it’s his perception that does.

He walks her home, after what he will recall as Disaster Day, and on the door, she grabs his arm.

“Hey, girlfriend?” (the nickname is just one of the things that’s sticking way too long) “don’t worry, you’re still my favorite kisser.”

Talk about awkward.

“Oh-kaaay, sleep it off, stretch. I’ll see you on Monday.”

She laughs. It’s very un-Kirsten-like, and he’s worried.

But mostly, he has to wonder, does she remember kissing him after all?


By the time emotional stitch #4 comes around, things have settled a bit. Residual emotion is a thing. So is residual behavior, as they end up calling it, but it always wears off. Some things stay though, like her understanding of feelings, of human emotions, of connections.

For someone so incredibly smart, she has quite a low learning curve when it comes to humanity, but the changes are still there. She lingers a little longer, she’s quiet a lot more.

He’s driving home after a stitch, and out of the blue, she says “I didn’t know this was what regret felt like.”

He furrows a brow “You mean you’ve felt it before?”

“I’ve known the sensation, however briefly. Instantly. Never gave it a name, never wallowed in it. It was gone before it even came, so there was no point.”

The red light gives him a chance to look at her.

“Is that what all emotions are like for you? Gone before they even come?”

She shrugs. “If I let them, sure. But they’re all still there, I think. I’ve been trying to understand, to make sense of it. Of the fact that I can feel.”

He has to be careful about this. She’s just been stitched. But then again, he’s been in over his head since day one, so he asks.

“Does that mean that if you wanted to, you could hold on to an emotion. Feel it like-“ someone else would say like a normal person, but not Cameron. “Feel it like it’s always there?”

“That’s yet to be determined” (like most things around here) “But I think there’s room for trying.”

If Cameron wasn’t such a chicken, he would go for it. If the light didn’t turn green, maybe he would kiss her.

He’s a scientist, after all. Trial and Error is supposed to be his thing.

These days, it’s mostly Error.


Cameron Goodkin has come to the realization that changes in his life come abruptly and violently, they don’t ask for permission or for forgiveness, and mostly, they don’t ask for his opinion.

It is on a brisk morning in L.A.’s winter that Kirsten Clark crashes into him, lips first, dry perfume and minty breath.

She doesn’t kiss him like he’s her moon and her stars, she kisses him tentatively, clumsily, barely any tongue at all, a hand gripped in his hair, and he has no choice but to kiss back.

Her hair is down, like it always is when it’s cold, and the fabric of her turtleneck sweater is itchy against his skin, but he barely registers it all, because everything is lips and noses and foreheads and everything is touching, and he doesn’t know what to think.

(How to think.)

When she finally breaks aways, she rests her hands on his neck, and says in a matter-of-factly way “This feels like something.”

Wait, what?

“I- I would hope so?”

He’s at a loss, confusion taking over his brain, but he still doesn’t let go of her tiny waist, he keeps it steady in his hands.

“I haven’t been stitched in two weeks” she starts to explain, and Cameron’s brain is starting to see where this is going.

“I haven’t been stitched in two weeks, and I don’t have residual anything. I’m just myself. I have an annoying sense of humor and I forget to say thank you when you bring me coffee.”

“I like your sense of humor” he says, automatically, and she offers what is supposed to be a smile.

“That’s because your sense of humor is terrible. Or so people say. You see where I’m going with this, mister smartest guy in the room, or do you need a flow chart?”

He chuckles. He really does like her sense of humor.

“You haven’t been stitched, and you feel things. You can feel That’s great.”

Why is she looking at him like he’s retarded?

“I feel things. I feel things for you, King of Estupidos.”

Oh. Oh.

They’re kissing again before he can get another word out, but he makes a mental note to tell her, he prefers it when she calls him girlfriend.