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Did you for example know that in the brains of cockroaches,there are nine different types of antibiotics molecules that are stronger than any type of penicillin we have today? […] Every little part of the universe is so complex.Imagine!The brain of a cockroach has a bigger purpose on earth.It comes down to every single little detail and I just can’t believe all that is random.

└ ◻  Jeffrey Dean Morgan gif hunt.

Under the cut are (100+) gif icons 150x80 of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan from The Walking Dead, and various other roles.. None of these gifs belong to me, all i did was cut and resize them for roleplaying purposes. please do not put these in any other gif hunt, and a simple like or reblog would be nice, but not required. will add more once i have the time to do them.

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Gif is mine

Oh! Imagine Nick fucking you 

Requested by Anon~

“I feel like you did this on purpose.” Nick’s breathy voice stated in your ear. His hips rolled against yours to get your attention, but every one of your sense was already trained on him. “Because do you have any idea how good you look…?”

“I have some idea, yeah.” You breathlessly replied, earning a chuckle from Nick. “Guess I bought the right pair, huh?”

He smirked, guiding you away from the wall he had pinned you against in favour of the bed. As Nick carefully laid you down onto the mattress, he blatantly ran his eyes up and down your body, especially on the little lacy things you were wearing. “Sweetheart, you bought the perfect pair.” His hands went up your thighs, caressing the skin all the way up and hitching his breath when his fingertips touched the bottom of your undies. “But as much as I love them, they gotta come off.”

Chemistry Nerd (Ponyboy Smut)

I pulled up to Ponyboy’s house and glanced at the clock. 3:45 p.m., perfect. I’ll have just enough time to get most of the project done then head to that party. I quickly checked myself out in the mirror then climbed out of the car. I’ve always been the sort of pretty and outgoing type in school and I had chemistry with one of the smartest, or as I like to call it -nerdiest kids in school. His name was Ponyboy Curtis, and although he was quiet, he was extremely skilled at chemistry. We’d been paired up do a project and I have to admit, I was a excited. He’s so cute and innocent, it just makes my mind wander..

 I walked up to the door and rang the bell, smiling to myself while thinking about the events that could occur tonight. I eventually heard two clicks and out popped Ponyboy.
“Hi (Y/N). Um I’ve got the stuff set up in my room if you wanna get started..” He said nervously. 

I could tell he wasn’t used to being around girls.
“Yeah sure, lead the way..”
We headed up the stairs, as soon as we got to his room I flopped onto the bed. I sighed loudly as I relaxed and turned onto my stomach, resting my head on my hands. I looked up at Pony through my eyelashes as he sat beside me. He bit his lip and I felt my thighs tighten together. He cleared his throat nervously and spoke up.
“So..I was thinking..maybe we could build a model, ya know? I’ve got all the right set up and -”
“Ponyboy” I cut him off in a seductive voice. I slowly rubbed my hand up his thigh. He sucked in a sharp breath and I felt his body tense under me.
“Y-yes (Y/N)?”
“Do you think that maybe we could start the project a little later..?” I asked, looking at him innocently.
“And do what?”
“Hmm…I don’t know..talk..”
“Oh” he said.
I sighed and rolled my eyes, he barely seemed interested in talking so I figured procrastination was no longer an option.
“Never mind” I sighed “let’s get started.”
He walked over to grab the bag of supplies off his desk. My stomach suddenly grumbled.
“Hey um do you have any chips?”
“For the project?” he laughed.
“No, I’m hungry” I giggled. 

He headed out of the room, hopefully to get the chips.
I started looking around his room and noticed all his pictures and trophies. This kid was smart, and that was something I found extremely attractive. 

“Here you are” he smiled, handing me a bag of chips. I lazily popped a few into my mouth, giggling at how sloppy I probably looked. I was about to ask if he wanted some, when I suddenly caught him staring at my cleavage.
I looked down and realized my breasts were practically spilling out of my shirt. I blushed and ran a finger up Pony’s jawline, guiding his head back up to meet my eyes.
“Up here babe” I giggled.
His face turned a deep red as he bit his lip nervously.
“Hey Pony..what are you thinking about?”
“O-oh me? Nothing really..”
“Come on, just tell me. Honestly.”
I smirked as I knew he was about to crack. He sighed, giving up the fight.
“I-I was thinking about you..and kissing you” he said, looking down nervously. I laid back next to him, biting my lip as I stared into his hazel eyes.
I took a bold move by grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling it down to my face.
“Then kiss me” I whispered, my lips ghosting over his. He hesitated at first, but after a couple seconds I suddenly felt his soft lips crash into mine. Our mouths moved in synch as the tone changed from simple to heated real fast. I was about to slip my tongue into his mouth when he pulled away suddenly.
“I-I’m sorry (Y/N)..this is all so new to me..”
“We don’t have to do anything..”
“No, no. Trust me, I want this..” he assured me. 
I laid my head back onto the pillow, gently pulling Pony with me so that he now hovered over me.
“W-what are you doing?” he asked.
“I just wanted to keep kissing you” I said confidently.
“But only if you’re okay with that..”
“O-oh yeah, I’d like that”
I then pulled his face back down to mine, giggling as our noses touched. He got the hint pretty quickly and our lips erupted into a passionate kiss once again. He was slowly becoming more dominant, which turned me on more than anything. For a guy that was new to this, he was an extremely skilled kisser.
I started to play with the hair on the nape of his neck, running my fingers through it and gently tugging. He moaned in response and started to grind his hips into me. I let out a small whimper, wrapping my legs around him. I could feel how hard he was up against me, which was only making me wetter. He smiled into the kiss and I couldn’t help but smile back. He then boldly brought his hands up and cupped my cheeks, deepening the kiss. The way his lips worked against mine was causing my stomach to flip in circles.
I gently rolled over so I was now on top of him, leaving a trail of small kisses on his neck while grinding into him.
“(Y/N)” he whimpered “Please..”
“Please what baby?” I whispered in his ear.
I looked down at him and smirked, pulling my shirt over my head. I reached behind me, unhooking my bra like a pro and teasingly throwing it across the room. Ponyboy’s eyes went wide as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down my torso.
“Oh my god..” he whispered.
I giggled at his reaction as I lifted his shirt off of his head. He surprised me by confidently flipping us back over and unzipping my shorts, practically yanking them off. He was obviously excited. I reached down to unzip his pants, palming him through his jeans.
“W-wait (Y/N)”
His reaction caught me off guard and I furrowed my brows in confusion.
“Sorry..I’ve just never done this before” he said, looking down in defeat.
“I think I’d be more comfortable if..I mean..”
“You want me to take the top?” I asked sweetly.
“You don’t like the top do you? Oh shit I’m sorry (Y/N), it’s just you’re so beautiful and I..”
I cut him off quickly by capturing my lips with his in a long passionate kiss. He was speechless as I pulled away, smiling.
“I’ll top.”
“But if you want me to stop at all, tell me, deal?”
“Deal.” He smiled.
He then laid back and pulled off his jeans. I ran my small hand up his thigh. I looked up at him seductively, touching him through his boxers.
“Ah- Fuck” he gasped.
“Can we just skip the foreplay..ugh I’m already so hard for you ..”
I giggled and pulled his boxers down painfully slow.
“You sure you want this?” I asked, looking into his eyes.
“Yes, o-oh god yes”
I then pulled my panties off, revealing how wet I was. Pony licked his lips as he stared down at me. I slid down onto him slowly, moaning instantly.
“Oh..Fuck” he whined, squinting his eyes in pleasure.

I giggled and bounced up and down slowly, letting him adjust to the feeling. Sooner or later the only sound that filled the room was our moans.

“Faster baby..p-please” he pleaded, locking fingers with me to help me keep up my balance. I bounced faster and faster until you could hear our skin slapping together. 

“Do you feel good?”

“Ugh..so damn good (Y/N)”

Suddenly Ponyboy bucked his hips up to meet my thrusts, now taking control. The feeling took me by surprise as he pounded into me, hitting my g-spot every time.
“O-oh god yes! Don’t stop” I squealed, gripping tightly onto his biceps.
I could feel my orgasm coming, I clenched my walls tightly around him.
“Fuck baby..do that again”
I clenched my walls again and again, pushing him closer to the edge.
I rolled my hips against him and met his thrusts once more.

“F-fuck Pony! Yes right there baby!” I screamed as I felt my toes curl and my legs shake, my orgasm washing over me. I rode out my high, still on top of him. 

“Ah..I’m gonna cum” he moaned, squeezing onto my hips tightly. I lowered my mouth down to his ear, running my lips along his earlobe. 

“Cum for me baby” I cooed. 

That was enough to send him over the edge, I soon felt him let go. 
I fell limp on top of him, out of breath. He rolled me over so that we were laying side by side, wrapped in each others arms.
I giggled, looking into his eyes.

“Guess that project’ll have to wait” 

lol I know, I’m going to hell..and yes I realize the narrator of this is pretty bitchy, I did it on purpose lmao. but anyways, hope you guys liked this! I’ve been writing a new fanfic that I’ll be releasing soon so it’d mean a lot if you’d go read it, I’ll keep you guys posted! also, remember to leave me any requests you’d like in my ask/inbox and I’ll get to them as soon as I can, love you guys!! :)

      below the read more lies 228 gif icons ( size 100 x 100 ) of the actual british puppy, alfred “alfie” enoch known for his roles in harry potter and how to get away with murder. i did not make any of these gifs but i did crop them and add a universal colouring on them so they should fit aesthetic purposes. there may be some repeats or very similar gifs cropped differently. please like or reblog if they’re useful!

if anyone sees their gifs here and would like me to add credit or remove them, please do not hesitate to contact me! i swear i don’t want to take credit for them at all! i just can not for the life of me remember where they’re from with having them saved on my laptop for so long.

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anonymous asked:

Excuse me I keep in my own space. Keep your S7 stuff in the S7 tags. Thanks. I have no idea why you decided to make that announcement in the captain swan tag when they're in no way affiliated with S7. A lot of people are not watching S7, a lot of people are not acknowledging S7, you trying to bring in drama into a tag that is very peaceful right now and loaded with gifs and fanfic. Please just stop, enjoy your show. Let us enjoy our ship. Thank you.

You are excused.

See, I have been enjoying my show, every week, and every week myself and others who are enjoying the show are bombarded with venom from CS trolls purposely hating on the enjoyment we’re having in our appropriately tagged little corner of the fandom.

So yes I did tag the post captain swan, because if theres any chance those trolls are up in there, they can read it, because it was made for them.

So unfortunately you’ll have to scroll past that one brief post in order to get back to your shipping. Apologies for the inconvenience.

And if the matter at hand within said post doesn’t apply to you, it shouldn’t be a problem, should it.

Thank you for your contribution. 

I’ve Waited For You

Summary: After coming back from his mandatory enlistment TOP finds himself in a predicament: being a part of We Got Married. Can this be something that leads him to what he never thought he could have?
Genre: TOP x Reader
Words: 2014

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the gifs used. They’re strictly for aesthetic purposes and belong to their rightful owners!

He didn’t know why he was doing this. Well, that was a lie. He did know why. He was just hoping he could’ve come up with an excuse that didn’t sound like one to get out of it.

Looking down at the We Got Married contract and spreadsheet before him, TOP wished the world would come and swallow him whole.

It was only a couple months since he’d gotten out of the military. While he was doing active duty he’d come up with a lot of plans and thoughts about his career. Releasing a new song accompanied by a music video was one of them. Being the face and model of a few name brands had been one. A few talk shows and game shows here and there had also been on there. But not this.

TOP felt his stomach churn as his eyes scanned the title page for what felt like the millionth time. Maybe he’d read it again for an infinite amount of time. In hopes the name would change, but he knew it would remain the same.

When President Yang slid the proposal over he thought it was something else. Maybe another try at getting him on one of his music shows that he hated. Well, he didn’t hate them. Not really. Sometimes it just reminded him too much of his younger self; green, young, and eager. Full of determination and drive that fueled innocent hope that one day he’d be where he was today. Not thinking or caring about the sacrifices he’d make or the decisions that would leave him feeling hollowed and way past empty.

At first, TOP had scoffed reading those three bold words. Yang must have been out of his mind to even think he would consider this idiotic show. But Yang had been persistent. Telling him to, “Take it home and really think about it,” before giving him his final answer.

When he got home later that night TOP threw the proposal in the trash. It was just something he wasn’t willing to consider. His stubbornness rearing its ugly head in full force. He’d already downed a whole bottle of his favorite wine; staring blankly out into the Han river.

TOP held out hope that after the first bottle it would cut off all thought. His mind free from overthinking. But it felt like the opposite happened. His eyes diverting back to the trash bin. A scoff shaking his chest as his lips upturned in a snarl.

This was playing out every few minutes and he felt exhausted. By the time he’d started on his second bottle his mother had come over for their daily chats.

That was one of the best moments of his life: seeing his mother again after almost two long years of only letters and cards. It hadn’t been the same as hearing her voice or her constant fretting on if he’d eaten enough. Cool hands running over his forehead and face as if he was still an infant just to make sure he wasn’t getting sick.

“If you can’t take care of yourself, my son, you can trust your mother will.”

There was no one else in this world TOP loved like his mother. There was no one else who could get through to him or make him feel infinitely more guilty about his life choices than her, as well.

He didn’t hear her come in. Too zoned out watching the freedom of the birds soaring into painted blue skies before disappearing. His wine glass tipping in his hand, ready to spill onto the mahogany floor when a slap on his shoulder startled him back to reality.

“Seunghyun,” she scolded, “where are you?”

She left her hand on his shoulder. A steady weight that reminded him where he was. He was home. It was okay.

TOP’s lips answered her only with a timid smile. His own hand reaching up to cover her own giving it a slight squeeze in gratitude. Before he was even given a chance to reply she threw something down on his lap. Something with weight. It jolted him in his seat and caused the liquid in his glass to slosh around. Threatening to spill out from its open mouth.

“Ya mama,” he hissed, ready to voice his displeasure when his eyes locked on the object in his lap.

It was that stupid proposal. Those three bold words glaring back at him; refusing to give him a moments peace.

“So,” she started calmly. “Are you going to do it?”

TOP looked up at her his eyes taking in how controlled and expressionless she was. He knew his mother well enough to know she was hiding what she felt. Not knowing whether her own emotion would displease him or not. Even though she held the best poker face he’d ever seen, years of living with her had taught him one thing: her eyes held everything she wished to hide.

He could see a world of hope and possibilities bubbling out inside those eyes. Playing out a life for him that they both knew he used to want, but didn’t any longer. He was content being alone. Preferred it that way.

“I already told President Yang no,” he responded coolly.

Getting up in one smooth motion from his seat, letting the papers fall in a heap at his feet. He removed the bottle of wine from the table and made his hasty retreat into the kitchen. Knowing without having to turn around his mother was hot on his heels.

“Then why did you bring it home with you?”

“Yang forced me too. He told me to think about it some more before I made my decision, but I already have. I’m not doing it.”

“And why not?”

“Because, mama. What’s the point? It’s ridiculous to pretend to be married to someone, forced into a relationship, just for the sick viewing pleasure of others. I’m not okay with it.”

Her sharp intake of breathe, the disapproval on her face at his tone, left him deflated. She appeared upset, but distraught all at once.

“Son, it is not a forced relationship. You aren’t made too seriously date them. I agree it isn’t the best of circumstances, but maybe…maybe if you do this you’ll-”

“I’ll what, mama?” He questioned, cutting her off already knowing her silent wish. “That it will make me want to date? To get married and have children?”

“Is that so bad for a mother to want for her son, Seunghyun?”

Her trembling words left his throat raw; a battle to even swallow around the thickness of his own thundering pulse. The pain of knowing he was a disappointment, would disappoint her even now, left his heart sinking like lead into the depth of his own pain driven ocean.

“I’m sorry, mama. I really am. I wish I could give you that but I can’t.”

“You mean you won’t.”

A sigh of anguish; resentment, filtered through his nose as his arms reached out to help keep him grounded. The cold granite of his charcoal counter biting into his palms.

“It’s not that I won’t. I just don’t think I can. There’s-there’s a part of me that just-” his throat closed on him before he could finish. His mother had always worried about her sons mental health. Especially a few years back when he’d been rushed to the hospital for exhaustion. She’d feared for him in a way that TOP never understood until recently.

She was starting to notice, through the small cracks that were starting to show, that he was becoming more and more depressed. His good days becoming far and few and ever since the military…he just didn't feel like himself anymore. More like a stranger looking into a life he no longer felt connected too.

“Aish,” he spit out in anger. His body pushing back from the counter as a rough hand ran through his hair.

TOP felt overwhelmed. A life he no longer felt like he had any chance of having haunted him every chance it got. Constant questioning on if he was happy being alone made him feel as if everyone saw him as foreign. More alone than he felt surrounded by family and friends at times. In the beginning, he’d wanted what his mother and father had; what his sister was able to find when he could not. But as the years continued to create distance between what was real and what was planned out for him, TOP found himself unable to connect with others because they weren’t able to connect with him. They couldn’t understand him and wouldn’t take the time to try. Misinterpreting the smallest of things and odd gestures as something undesirable, and therefore, meaning he was undesirable.

Among family, friends, and his art he’d found his complacency. A home of comfort that left him feeling a sense of purpose and, above all, happiness. Once he’d left for the military, something changed. He’d changed. Now when he looked in the mirror he wasn’t sure who was staring back at him anymore.

He jumped at the sudden touch on his shoulder. His mother’s small hand applied force as she gently pushed him around until he would look at her.

“My son, I love you. I’ve loved you before you came into existence and I will love you well beyond even after I am gone. I am your mother and I will always support you in whatever decisions you make. Just please, I ask of you, not to be so rash about this. Don’t miss out on something that may be able to help you. I know you feel lost. Allow yourself to be found.”

With both hands on his cheeks, she used it to gently pull him towards her. Her small lips connecting with his cheek in a chaste kiss that made the silent tears he’d been fighting back to spill out. Once they started, he couldn’t get them to stop. His body suddenly overcome with silent sobs that racked through his body, leaving him heaving to catch a breath.

His mother simply embraced him. Her small arms locking onto him with an amazing amount of force. Her hand ran through his hair as she shushed him quietly, rocking him in small strokes until he felt calm enough to stop.


His fingers hovered over the green button to start the call. It’d been hours since his mother left but her words played on repeat long after she had gone.

Maybe for once he needed to do something out of character. Maybe it would be enough for him to find his way back to himself or enough to start a new chapter without the overwhelming sense of fear. Or maybe this would all end in fire, but he’d been cold long enough to welcome the possibility of being burned.

Without another thought TOP pressed down on the button and placed the receiver to his ear. It took almost thirty seconds for Yang to answer his phone. The sharp sound of his curses being the first thing to greet TOP’s ear.

“Yah! Do you have any idea what time it is?” He croaked out, his voice still boiling from being woken up.

“I’ll do it,” was the only reply TOP gave in return before hanging up.

Once his thumb hit the button to end the call he flung it as far away from him as he could get it. Even though he’d made up his mind his heart felt burdened with worries he couldn’t suppress. Underneath all of that, however, was something TOP wouldn’t admit too even if his life depended on it.

Underneath all that negativity, he could feel it: the beginnings of hope blossoming in his chest. For the first time in a long time, TOP allowed himself to entertain it.
Wanted to take the time to say thanks so much for reading this! If you dig it or have any comments, I’d love to hear them!!! And a big thanks to @lostamongstthecosmos​  for requesting TOP. I think it was the right choice!! -J

Grant Gustin + Women Gif Hunt

Not going to lie I have no idea how many gifs are in this gif hunt, all I know is that it’s a lot. I am constantly searching for grant gustin kissing/action with females gifs and there is not a good gif hunt with them so I went on a search and I made one. There are gifs from A Mother’s Nightmare and The Flash. I’m sorry if you’re offended that DP is not in this, yes I did that on purpose, no I won’t add any. I’m sorry SB shippers and DP fans, but I really don’t like her for multiple reasons, I’m sorry if that offends you, but that’s how I feel about it and I’m not scrolling through something that annoys me just to please other people. Feel free to come talk to me about it if you really are that offended. None of these gifs are mine I’ve given credit to everyone who made the gifs in this gif hunt and organized them by size so that if you would like me to take them out of this gif hunt I will happily do so and know exactly which ones are yours. If you found this helpful feel free to like and reblog and have a nice day.

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Seventeen Reaction to You Accidentally Hitting Them

i hope you’re having an amazing day so far i love you [ gifs do NOT belong to me | credit to owners ]

S.Coups He’d give you a confused look. When you apologize, he’ll just continue whatever he was doing as if it didn’t happen.

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Jeonghan You’d surprise him and will think you meant to hit him on purpose. When you tell him it was an accident, he’ll tell you it’s okay.

Originally posted by gyuwoo

Joshua “D-did I do something?” He’d be worried he offended or made you mad somehow.

Jun He’d ignore it. He knows you wouldn’t hit him, or at least without any reason to. 

Originally posted by gyuwoo

Hoshi He’d pretend it really hurt and joke around to make it a big deal. “[Y/N]-ah why’d you hit me so hard?”

Originally posted by kwonhoshie

Wonwoo You’d apologize immediately, worried if you actually hit him hard. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m fine.”

Originally posted by mingyu17

Woozi “It didn’t hurt, don’t worry jagi.” He’d get startled a bit when you accidentally hit him though.

Originally posted by jeremysoules

DK “Even though it still hurts, it’s okay. I forgive you.” He wouldn’t make a fuss over it.

Originally posted by beastdw

Mingyu He’d want to get back at you even though it was an accident. He’d like to tickle you just for the fun of it.

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

The8 “It was just an accident, I’m okay.” He’d be understanding and wouldn’t take it seriously like the others.

Seungkwan This gif says it all, this would be his reaction. He’d be adorable.

Vernon You wouldn’t realize you hit him, it wouldn’t be a hard hit, and he’d stand behind behind with this expression.

Dino You’d hit him hard by accident and quickly apologize. You’d feel extremely bad for hurting him. “I’m okay, jagi! See! I’m smiling.”

External image
When Their S/O Gets Drunk on Eggnog (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

JAEBUM 재범: I think he’d get even more protective of you when you got drunk, keeping a close eye on you to make sure you don’t do anything dumb or dangerous- and keeping any other guy away at the holiday party who think they can take advantage of your drunken state

JINYOUNG 진영: He’d also be one to keep an eye on you, but if you did do something stupid, he’d make sure to take a quick video (for future insurance purposes of course) before he’d stop you and decide it’s time to go home so you don’t have too much of a hangover on christmas

YOUNGJAE 영재: I think he’d enjoy how relaxed you got, how you’d lean on him when you sat together next to the warm fire place, being at home together. And if you happened to accidentally casually lay your hand on his crotch, he wouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it

JACKSON 잭슨:  I think he would either like it when you’re drunk or really not like it. He’d love how goofy you got and how laid back you became- but he wouldn’t like it when you were too laid back. Sometimes he’d be worried about your safety, seeing you trying to walk outside without even a jacket on

MARK 마크: He’d prob get drunk with you, and when the both of you got drunk, he’d get really possessive. Basically, he wouldn’t let you out from under his arm, so there’d be no opportunity for shenanigans on your part

BAMBAM 뱀뱀: He’d have a blast with drunk you. You’d wake up the next morning with a killer hangover and about 300+ selfies on your phone of the both of you wearing santa hats and antlers and red noses and wreaths and just about any festive thing you two could get a hold of

YUGYEOM 유겸: If you were anything when drunk, you were handsy. And he’d both very much enjoy and curse this fact since it made it hard to get drunk with you in public (lol hard) but result in a wild night when you two were home

Exo Reactions To Them Trying To Tell You That They Want To Have Kids With You

Here you go~ xo

Edit: I made this at 6 in the morning. So if it’s weird or sucks, that’s why.

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *babysitting Candy, purposely stuffing the dog in your face & smiling* “Look how cute. You know what else is cute? Babies.”

Chanyeol: *smiles mischievously at you when you find a baby onsie in your sock drawer* “Oh, how did that get in there?”

Chen: *starts singing children’s songs randomly anytime you’re around him, then looks at you pointedly*

D.O.: *you catch him staring at you* “You’re so beautiful. I hope our children will take after you.”

Kai: “We should have kids. What do you think?” *blunt*

Kris: “I think I’m at that point where I’d be a good dad… Don’t you agree?” *not so subtle hint*

Lay: *nervously stammers about the subject of kids but barely manages to get a whole sentence out about it*

Luhan: *holding a friend’s baby, looks up at you & smiles* “I want one.”

Sehun: “What does this remind you of?” *hits you, trying to be childish but it just comes off as him being a brat so you end up not getting the hint*

Suho: “I think we’re going to be great parents… you know, someday.” *big smile trying to hide the fact that he’s being painfully obvious*

Tao: *just gives you little smiles because he doesn’t know how to actually say what he’s thinking*

Xiumin: *when you two are just chatting one day & you bring up kids during a  conversation, he gets all cute & squishy* “I want babies. Can we have babies? Please?”

medicblossom-archive  asked:

Narusaku, here ya go

  • Who was the one to propose: Naruto but only after Shika pointed out the hints Sakura had been dropping because Naruto is kind of oblivious
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Sakura
  • Who decorated the house: Sakura because according to her “Women have a better taste in everything”
  • Who does the cooking: Sakura She doesn’t want the kitchen set on fire, nor does she want ramen for every meal ever
  • Who is more organized: Sakura duh
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Both, but mostly Naruto because lets face it       guys are horny A LOT
  • Who suggested kids first: Naruto because Sakura wanted him to be ready so she never mentioned it
  • Who’s more dominant: Sakura. Except in bed.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Sakura
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:Sakura is the little spoon
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Going to the beach!
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Naruto, the irresponsible idiot
  • Who kills the spiders: Naruto because he doesn’t want Sakura to BREAK THEIR HOUSE while pursuing the spider
  • Who falls asleep first: Sakura Naruto hardly gets tired, besides, he likes to sleep after seeing his bae’s pretty sleepy face :D
  • A head canon:  Here
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 
  • Do they have any “rituals”? Naruto brings her handpicked flowers everyday. Sakura tries to teach him how to arrange them but he sucks at it but brings her flowers anyway which she finds really sweet. Even when he’s on missions, he pays Ino to deliver the flowers for him.
  • Who is louder? Sakura Did you know she’s a screamer? ;)
  • Who is more experimental? Naruto
  • Who takes more risks? Sakura She’s one brave kunoichi in more ways than one
  • Do they fuck or make love? A delicious mixture of both.
  • Lights on or off? Off, with minimal lighting, just enough to barely see each other
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Naruto. But he gets caught on purpose.
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Sakura, but only to piss Naruto off and make him jealous
  • Who comes first? They both come at about the same time. They’re just that coordinated :) 
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Sakura is better.Naruto would seriously do anything for it. Anything. She’s awesome.
  • Who is more submissive? Sakura but only in bed, because the blond is GOOD at being dominant
  • Who is more sensitive? Naruto
  • Who has the most patience? Naruto Sakura will destroy anything that tests her patience
  • Which kinks do they share? Marking territories via hickeys, having sex against the wall, sex in a hot shower, sex in odd locations, Sakura’s frilly lingerie, ripping (literally) each other’s clothes off



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I Want Everyone To Know How Beautiful You Are.

I Recently Had A Girl Express To Me How Much She Admires Me For Always Complementing Others And Preaching To People How They Should Always Be Confident And Love Them-self. She Told Me I Have Inspired Her To Go Natural And Love Her Skin Complexion And To Try Calling Herself Beautiful. She Went On And Told Me All The Horrible Things People Used To Tell Her To Make Her Think She Was Ugly And Shouldn’t Be Loved. As She Spoke Of All Times She Felt Nothing But Pure Reject And Neglect , I Just Stared At Her And Wanted Her Detect The Magnitude Of Her Beauty And Reflect On How Blind She’s Been To Not See What I’ve Seen. She Told Me How She Still Feels Like That And Is Really Trying To Love Her Self. I Saw Much Hurt In Her Because I Knew Her Struggle Oh Too Well. As She Began To Cry So Did I. What Hurts The Most Is So Many Others Are Too Familiar With That Same Hurt. The Same Hurt Of Feeling Unworthy, Ugly , Unloved , Unappreciated And Undesired. That They’re Too Fat Or Too Dark Or Have Whatever Is Considered Unattractive Because We Live In A Society That Has Installed This Fake Image Of What Beauty Is So We Grow Up Thinking We’re Not Good Enough, So We Can Buy These Products And Do These Procedures To “Fix” Ourselves And Fit Into That Ridiculous Definition Of The Perfect Beauty. I’m Tired Of Seeing People Suffer Of Not Loving Themselves. I Know Some People Think Why Do I Care How People View Themselves. Well Self Hate Is A Disease , And It Spreads. I’ve Seen My Family Members Not Like Certain Things About Themselves Or Be Prejudice About Specific Features And Skin Colors. I Grew Up Thinking I Was So Ugly Because I Have The Darkest Complexion In My Family And Any Beauty I Did Have Was Only Because I Had Long Hair And Was Slender And Tall. As I Became A Teen I Slowly Started To Purposely Cut My Hair To Defy My Mother’s And Grandmother’s Standards Of Beauty. Just Anything That Represented That Barbie Image I Rebelled Against. That’s Why I Have The Gif Of Two Barbie Dolls Burning As My Blog’s Header Image. I Want Everyone Who Comes Across My Blog Or Any Other Of My Social Media Pages To Know How Much I Hate That Symbol Because To Me True Beauty Is Uniqueness. Natural Originality Is The Most Profound Beauty That This World Beholds To Me. People Come In Such Lovely Varieties From Their Hair Textures , Skin Tones , Shapes , Sizes And So Much More ; And For Someone To Compare Them-self To Something Another Person Has And Say They’re Ugly Because They Don’t Have It Breaks My Heart Because I Used To Always Think Like That. Every Individual Has A Luminous Strong Light About Them , No Matter How They Look. They Should Never Allow Someone Else Whose Blind Try To Tell Them They Have No Beauty BECAUSE THAT PERSON CAN’T EVEN SEE HOW MAGNIFICENT YOUR BEAUTY TRULY IS. I’m Happy That I Was Able To Remind That Girl How Beautiful She Is , And I Want To Remind Everyone Else How Beautiful They Are And How Much I Love You And How Important It Is For You To Also Love You. Turn That Self-Loathing Into Self Loving. If You Ever Feel In Need For A Pick Me Up , Or Someone To Talk To , Or Someone Who Can Just Understand What It’s Like To Go Through This PLEASE Message Me Its Ok To Talk To Me And It Would Be My Pleasure To Remind You How Beautiful You Are. I Cannot Stress It Enough To Please Know You’re Beautiful , You’re Worth It , Your Special , You’re Intelligent , You’re Loved , You Matter , You’re Wanted And Your The Best You. Don’t Listen To ANYONE Who Says Anything Else.

Exo Reactions To Them Catching You Looking On Their Phone

My friend Karnia just did this reaction too so make sure you check hers out as well /click here/ xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *walks in on you scrolling through his pictures & he just stands there staring at you like he’s judging you so hard for stealing his phone to snoop & smirking at you*

Chanyeol: *you never have a chance to look at his phone because he’s always using it or holding it & he treats it like it’s his child, never letting it out of his sight*

Chen: *purposely left his phone on the table to see if you would try to peek & then jumps out when you do, bragging about how he always knew you were nosy*

D.O.: *has a casual conversation with you while you look through his phone, not caring at all & even leaving you with it while he goes to make the two of you tea*

Kai: *he literally doesn’t care because food, even if he wasn’t distracted by eating, he wouldn’t care at all because he doesn’t have anything to hide from you*

Kris: *acts like he’s not bothered by it & he really wants to scold you but he knows that it would make you more suspicious so he just makes faces & stays quiet*

Lay: *the only thing that upsets him about it is that he thought he’d lost his phone but when he finds out you have it, he’s totally fine with you looking at it*

Luhan: *gets pissy & snatches his phone away from you, lecturing you about privacy & telling you to mind your own business but not saying why he doesn’t want you looking*

Sehun: *sucks on his teeth quietly as he watches you snoop through his pictures, annoyed that you didn’t ask first & not liking when people touch his stuff*

Suho: *laughs at you when he walks in to the living room & sees you casually looking through his phone, amused by the fact that you were trying so hard to be sneaky*

Tao: *smiles like he doesn’t have a problem with it & then grabs it from you & scowls, then goes into a rant about not being so nosy & demanding you not touch it again*

Xiumin: *literally does not give a fuck*

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Your Love (Can Do What No One Else Can) - Chapter 2

Dedicated to: @smoakingbillionaires @dckgryson @befitandchase @olicitykisses @justanother90sbaby @skcolicity @emilybuttrickards @buttrickardsthirst @greensarrow @wittyfelicity

PAIRING: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak
GENRE: Smut, Humor, Fluff, AU
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Contains NSFW imaging

They made it a game. See who would snap first. The classes they had together were spent in the back of the lecture halls with Felicity endless scrolling through her dash – she may have accidentally on purpose started following more porn blogs – trying to entice him. It worked as well this time as it did any other.

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