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twenty three | final

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pairing: taehyung x reader

word count: 5k

genre: smut, angst, fluff

description: you were simply a distraction while he waited for the one he wanted

part one

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There are so many unanswered questions though like… 

Why did it ever rain teeth, why, whose teeth were those?

What was the significance of those stick dolls and which of the ghosts spent their time doing that? 

Who was that guy they scalped in the first episode and then roasted on a spit for stealing supplies, what supplies do ghosts need? 

If Lee hit Mason over the head with a rock to kill him, who put him up on that cross and lit him on fire?

What ever happened the first child that Lee lost, they mentioned it like it would be a plot point and then nothing?

Why did Edward help Matt and Shelby out of the house the first time and then fucked everyone over the second time by just being a creep?

Why did all of the Chen’s become freaky grudge like ghosts?

Where was everyone else’s ghost during the second half, I mean, even if they were just murdered they would still get a ghost. A ghost who could have been helpful to the other people about to be murdered?

Also, why did non of the ghosts ever attack during the daytime of the Blood Moon… did the Blood Moon have to visible… Why the fuck didn’t Shelby and Matt just leave before lunch?

Where did the witch go, like did she not care about anyone after she lost that good Matt Dick?

And speaking off, why did she want to sleep with Matt so badly, did he have a magical dick or something?

Why were all the other ghosts and The Butcher just chill with Flora and not kill her when she was out in the forest all that time, was it because she came out willingly?


There’s No Place Like Home (5)

Avengers x Reader x Bucky


Summary: What happens when a fictional world comes to life? Drama ensues.


Warnings: nada


Word Count: 700+



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Her life as an Avenger was… she didn’t even know what it was. Two months had passed and she wasn’t even close to getting home. She was attempting to remain invisible. She couldn’t–she wouldn’t mess with the timeline. She had strict rules that regarded missions. She was their last resort if anything went awry, instead, they assigned her to unsolved cases, which she obviously excelled in. She was glad that she was busy, but she felt more alone than ever. At least back home she had coworkers and family. Here, she had no one. She’s pretty sure that the team hates her, especially Bucky and Steve. They had all gotten off on the wrong foot with her and the only time Steve spoke to her was during briefings or when he was annoyed with her. With Bucky, the pair just got under each other’s skin. Everyone else just didn’t talk to her.

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Touch (Ezarel)

A/N: This is the first one-shot I make about Ezarel so I´m kinda afraid it´s not good enough…To be honest I had this idea when I was on vacation but I never thought it until the end so now I think that the end of the one-shot is stupid?! I don´t know…you all, read if you feel like it and I do not take insurance for anyone´s mental state after this, because I write weird stuff. u.u

I do hope you enjoy reading it ^^

He hated being touched by others. He didn´t like the feeling of it and that´s why everyone was always careful to not touch the elf. Everyone except guardienne. She tried to avoid it, she really did, but there were times that she touched him by instinct,just like when she hugged him a few days ago.

Since then, Ezarel passed nights without sleeping, remembering what happened between them. The heat from her body still lingered around him, making him go insane. Why did he feel so different when she touched him? She should be just like everyone else, and yet, her touch felt so welcome, to the point of making him want to touch her, feel her.

“Ezarel? Are you alright?” Guardienne asked him. “You are all red, do you have a fever? Do you feel hot?” Tip toeing, guardienne placed her hand in the elf´s forehead, making him slap her hand away.

“S-sorry! I did it again…” She said, leaving him alone.

He regretted. Why did he even slap her hand in the first place, when he was liking her touch? Why was he so afraid of it? Why did it matter if she touched him without asking first?

With questions without answers, Ezarel went to the alchemy lab to finish some potions that Purroy asked him the previous day. Trying to focus on the work in front of him he started mixing some chemicals, until thoughts of moments ago passed through his mind.

“What am I even doing?” The blue haired man asked himself.

“Doing what?” Looking at the door, he saw Alajea looking at him curiously.

“None of your business” He said colder than usual, surprising the mermaid.

“Did something happen between you and guardienne?” The curious girl tried once again.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I saw her crying and the only thing she said was your name…” The man’s eyes widened. He really messed up this time.

“Where’s she?” He asked the girl.

“She went towards the beach…”

“Alone?!” Ezarel didn´t think twice and run out of the room.

Going to the beach alone wasn’t a wise decision in these days as not that long ago a blackdog appeared not far from there. What if another one appeared? She doesn’t know to how protect herself that well yet…

Running like there was no tomorrow, the blue haired man arrived at the beach, looking around for the human girl. Ezarel spotted her under an arch of rocks. Getting closer to her, the elf tried to think on something to say but nothing was good enough. Instead, he sat besides her and took her hand in his.

“…Ez…”She didn´t finish talking, this was too good to be happening. Was this a dream? If it was how she wished for it to last forever.

“Are you stupid? Coming here all alone, when not that long ago we killed a blackdog not to far away from here?” He said, trying to show how irritated he was, however, his voice failed him, only letting guardienne noticed that he was worried about her.

“I´m sorry…” She said, only making Ezarel feel more guilty than before.

“You- I- sorry. It´s my fault…”He said with difficulty, after all, it wasn´t in his nature to apologize about this kind of matters and yet here he was.

“…Ez can I…hug you?” She asked, surprising both of them. Where did she have the courage to ask him that? She knew he would reject her…right?

“…alright…” With eyes wide open, the girl stood there just like a rock, looking dumbfounded at him.

Ezarel, getting irritated by that look decided to take action and embrace the girl with his arms. Closing his eyes he felt her scent in his nose and he must say that he liked it a lot. Her warmth creeped by his whole body and he felt shivers of excitement like never before. Only her could make him feel so good while being touched and for the first time, the elf decided to make her his, only after pranking and teasing her a lot, of course.

My Omega [6]

His jaw cracked as he yawned loudly his arms stretching above his head. He shivered as cold air blew against his exposed stomach. Pulling down the hoodie he left his room and walked to Jonathan’s room. Knocking on the door he stared down at the colorful design of the hotels carpet.

Looking up when he heard the door open he saw,

“Brock? What are doing here, weren’t you rooming with Marcel?” Pausing Ryan glanced at Brock. “And why don’t you have any clothes on?”

Brock looked down. He had a towel wrapped around his hips. “Yesterday and last night was super crazy so I just bunked with Jon.”

Ryan just nodded. “Can I come in?” Brock nodded and opened the door wider. Walking in Ryan saw Jonathan laying in bed, snoring. Smriking evilly he ran towards the bed and jumped onto it, landing on his stomach. Jon let a loud grunt, cursing loudly.

“Fatass.” Ryan heard him mumble. Ryan giggled as he sat up on his chest. Something gleaming in the light caught Ryan’s eyes.

Looking down at Jon’s chest he blurted, “Yon have your nipples pierced!? When? Why? How- okay no I now how. Did… Did it hurt?” Jon stared at yawning as Ryan rambled.

“Yes I did. Like when I was 19 or 20 because I was drunk and Luke dared me too. And no it didn’t really, mainly cause I was drunk.” Jonathan said rubbing his tierd eyes. “Why you asking so many questions?”

When Ryan didn’t say anything and a light blush painted his cheeks, a smirk grew Jon’s face. Ryan’s blush deepened, “I..uh… I might want to…” Ryan trailed off the tips of his ears burning.

“‘Might want to’ what?” Jon questioned teasingly.

“…get my nipples… pierced.” Ryan mumbled under his breath.

Jon pushed him off his chest and stood up. “Then let’s go.” Jon said walking towards the door.

“Put some clothes on!” Ryan heard Brock yell.

“Shut up!” Jon yelled walking back to his bed, face even his chest red from embarrassment. Ryan hid his burning face in his hands, laughing.



“'So’ what?”

“When are we going-” Ryan quickly slapped his hand over Jonathan’s mouth cutting him off. The others stared at them confused and amused. Ryan jerked his hand back quickly, a disgusted look on his face.

Wipping his hand on his pants leg, Ryan hissed quietly, “Shut up! We’ll talk about it later.” Jonathan nodded before leaning onto Brock. Picking up a piece of bacon Ryan looked around the small diner.

A hand on his thigh caused him to choke on his juice. The hand quickly moved to his back patting him. “I’m fine.” He breathed out, answering the consernded stares. The hand rested back on his leg.

“Did you know?” Luke asked quietly, lips brushing the shell of Ryan’s ear. His hand lightly squeezd Ryan’s thigh.

“'Did I know’ what?” Ryan glanced over at Luke, a shiver running down his spine at the look in Luke’s eyes.

“You talk in your sleep.”

“No I don’t.” Do I? Oh god, did Luke hear…

“’Ah L-Luke, please. Luke faster.’” Ryan’s face burned bright red as Luke laughed. Punching Luke in the shoulder Ryan looked away. “Aww did I embarrasse you?” Luke cooed into Ryan’s red ears.

Ryan stayed silent as he glared at Luke. Okay silent treatment, Luke thought.

“Hey Ryan come on we got to go.” Jon said walking over to him. Ryan nodded and stood up.

“Let’s go then.”

Everyone at the table watched the two leave. “Where are they going?” Tyler asked breaking the silence. Luke just shrugged. What are they doing…

alyyks  asked:

I want to know everything about your Rex-adopts-Tup subplot, and in light of the Gai Bal Manda I want to know even more of all the things. :D

WELL OKAY TWIST MY ARM THEN. …this rant looked shorter in Word… >n>

Basically my “ech” about OCs collided with a truckload of Umbara arc feels and a weird obsession with the siblings-as-parents-Nani-&-Lilo-style trope. It’s a way to nudge the Fett parents out of the picture without having to actually kill them off. They’re not actually that great at being parents, from an emotional perspective. They just know that because they ARE the parents, they must be right about everything. All the boys came out okay, but it was more thanks to each other than their parents. By the time Tup is in elementary school, he’s the only kid around the house. It’s suddenly so obvious how oblivious their parents are to the fact that they need to do more than set rules and check things off the “character building activity” list. They don’t like being questioned because they consider it “talking back” and being disrespectful, but Tup doesn’t have anyone else in the house on a day to day basis to ask. So he just stays quiet and becomes fearful of doing anything he’s not directly told to do, in case he guesses incorrectly and does the wrong thing. He becomes so aware of the fact that the word “miracle” in regards to his late birth is just a thinly-veiled euphemism for “unbelievable accident,” and that he’s a major crimp in his parent’s retirement plans.

MEANWHILE Rex is over there slowly realizing that he didn’t really have much of a break between being in-house babysitter to his first slew of brothers to being on-call babysitter to Tup, but that he ain’t even mad. He LIKES taking care of a kid, even the bad aspects, and takes pride in helping guide them. But he’s still hung up on the Duty thing. It’s just his DUTY to take care of his brothers, in service to his parents. They’re still the authority. Tup’s still THEIR kid, and Rex doesn’t have a claim to him. That would be weird and selfish, right…? If he wants kids, he should just settle with a partner already and have his own, right…?

But things start kinda spiraling out of control in a way, to the point that pretty much everyone gets that Tup is Rex’s kid and that they’re both a lot happier and more at ease while living together. Cody even confides that Obi-Wan claims he can often tell where Tup is living based on his behavior. He’s always a pretty quiet kid, but some weeks he’s much more likely to ask questions and voluntarily join class discussions.

At some point it all comes to a head, and the most convenient thing I can think of is the parents wanting to move a significant distance away and just assuming Tup will come with them. It’s not about what anyone wants, really, just about what’s “proper.” They are the Parents and he is their Child. They have to take him and he has to come. But all the other bros are like “no?? Noo??? NO? No. Rex, do something!” So he ends up waging that inner war of the Lawful Good. Listen to Authority, who I always assumed was the most wise and good, or do what feels personally wise and good? He has to come to terms with the fact that his own experience and authority doesn’t automatically get trumped just because the people he’s up against sired him. 

The 10,000 testimonials about how he’s a much better dad than their own dad was help, but the only convincing he really needed was Tup trying to lighten the mood with a joke along the lines of “You don’t have to worry about a squatter interrupting your life anymore.” It suddenly slaps him in the face that Tup thinks he’s unwanted, and is a burden to Rex in the way their parents act like he is to them. And then feels are had an offers are made and Tup is boggled that it would even be suggested that he has a choice, and it’s midnight-thirty and I’m running out of ability to sentence. But it turns into a kerfuffle just shy of an actual custody battle, mostly because the parents waited until the last second to get Rex to sign away whatever partial-custody he had already gradually accumulated by bits, because they assumed he would just do so unquestioningly. But he’s like “oh yeah well what if I exercise my right to read this brick of legalese thoroughly before signing?” They already have obligations set up in their new homestead, and don’t have time to actually take him to court. It might all get really nasty actually; they (or one of them) shows up at the police station hoping to get Rex to sign off quickly while half-distracted, which pisses him off and leads to a deceptively quiet and extremely heated argument in Mando'a. Most co-workers can only get the gist by watching Cody’s and Fives’ reactions. But the silver lining is that once the tug of war is over and the parent’s leave, they are very far away so it’s easier for everyone to get perspective and cool off.

In closing, here are two things I doodled last week but was too embarrassed to post. But now it’s super late o’clock and dude you asked, so.

(And then Rex immediately ends the call and Tup’s like “Did you just hang up on one of our parents?? O_O” and Rex is like “Holy shit I think I just did O_O”)

The Amazing Spiderman (2012 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "You know, in the future, if you're going to steal cars, don't dress like a car thief, man."
  • "Are you a cop?"
  • "You seriously think I'm a cop?"
  • "You're my hero."
  • "So, come on home, _______."
  • "And if anyone's destined for greatness, it's you."
  • "You owe the world your gifts."
  • "Don't make promises you can't keep."
  • "Yeah but those are the best kind."
  • "Tardy again?"
  • "It won't happen again! I promise."
  • "This beats all of the meat loafs."
  • "Nobody likes your meat loaf."
  • "I do not want cocoa."
  • "Honestly, I'm _____ years old."
  • "I just thought I remembered somebody saying last week that her fantasy was to live in a chocolate house."
  • "Well, that's impractical."
  • "And fattening."
  • "Did you get expelled?"
  • "I got community service."
  • "Um so, uh, you want to, uh... I don't know."
  • "Yeah, either one."
  • "We all have secrets: the ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us."
  • "I'm gonna throw you out the window now."
  • "You have to get out of there right now."
  • "He's coming to you right now."
  • "He's gonna infect the whole city!"
  • "There's eight minutes left."
  • "You Mother Hubbard."
  • "I'm gonna get everybody out."
  • "People are going to die!"
  • "That is an order, ok?"
  • "The antidote is cooking."
  • "Oh, I'm in trouble."
  • "You could have said that to me 37 years ago."
  • "How many meat loaves have I made for you?"
  • "You in the tights, don't move!"
  • "No one seems to grasp the concept of the mask."
  • "I just did 80% of your job."
  • "And that - Is that how you repay me?"
  • "There was a funeral."
  • "Everyone was there but you."
  • "I can't do this."
  • "I can't see you anymore. I can't."
  • "He made you promise, didn't he?"
  • "Easy, Bug Boy."
  • "Is that a real knife?"
  • "My weakness. Small knives. Anything but knives!"
  • "I feel kinda pukey and... just emotional."
  • "I've been bitten."
  • "You should see the other guy."
  • "The other guy, in this instance, being a giant mutant lizard."
  • "You're gonna make enemies."
  • "Leave _______ out of it."
  • "I'm just no good for her."
  • "Please, go to sleep, _______."
  • "I thought it was great what you did out there."
  • "Stupid, but great."
  • "But you would have me believe that he is running around dressed up like a giant dinosaur?"
  • "He didn't think it was his responsibility to be here to tell me this himself?"
  • "That's a fly, _______."
  • "An amateur who's assaulting civilians in the dead of night."
  • "He's clumsy, he leaves clues, but he's still dangerous."
  • "If I wanted the car thief off the street, he'd already be off the street."
  • "Not today, _______."
  • "Hey, come on man, I just want to talk."
  • "Secrets have a cost. They're not free. Not now, not ever."
  • "You think we're just sitting around eating doughnuts with our thumbs planted firmly up our asses?"
  • "Up your what, _______?"
  • "Oh. You saw a video on the Internet?"
  • "Yeah. Dude's... dude's crazy."
  • "That's a cool shirt."
  • "But chicks dig him."
  • "You're a wanted (wo)man, _______."
  • "You should LEAVE HIM ALONE!"
  • "I have to because I created him."
  • "I have to stop him."
  • "Don't... make me... have to... hurt you!"
  • "He's got you on his computer."
  • "I'm his probation officer."
  • "It's 20 stories."
  • "Your doorman's intimidating."
  • "I forgot all about that thing."
  • "I'm sure you're a very nice young man."
  • "Hey, kid, a little help."
  • "Not my policy."
  • "I'm still not taking the picture."
  • "Five, four, three, two, one... Ready or not, here I come."
  • "Put him down, _______."
  • "Ready to play God?"
  • "He's not alone."

I just read a super great meta about how the whole ‘sacrifice’ Elena made wasn’t even a sacrifice because there was no choice involved, the situation just happened, and how the eff can you consider not making your BFF get murdered to solve your problem a sacrifice? But one of the points they made was that an actual sacrifice would’ve been Kai making Bonnie and Elena choose which one of them was going to ‘sleep’ for the next century or whatever. 

And that just got me thinking about how that whole situation would play out, and oh my God, it’s so much better? Like obviously we all knew Nina was leaving, so the end result would’ve been somewhat spoiled, but this would’ve been a far more engaging way to play the situation for a number of reasons, the first of which being it’s way more of a mind-fuck. Like did Kai really think Damon would kill Bonnie? Did he really think he was putting everyone in this super tough situation where they’d actually consider killing Bonnie to cut Elena’s nap short? No way, dude. That would’ve been such character regression and made everyone horrible. 

The real way to force tension and serious conflict would’ve been for Kai to say ‘here’s a fun game: one of you has to go into a coma for however long the other lives. I don’t care who - it’s up to you guys, but you have till midnight to decide. If you don’t, you both die. Have fun!’ Because there, I could see a legitimately hard choice. There, I could see everyone kind of looking at Bonnie because Elena’s in love and just became human and Bonnie’s always been the one to sacrifice herself, but on the other hand Bonnie just got her life back and is finally recognizing the value of it and for once just really, really doesn’t fucking want to sacrifice anything anymore. Like THINK about how that would play on Bonnie’s insecurities. Think about how it would put the selfless heroic part of her with the newfound self-worth into violent conflict in her mind? Elena is in love and finally found stable happiness - she has her brother and Damon and her pre-med track and she just became human - but on the other hand, Bonnie just found herself, too. She just went to Hell and back. She’s died so many times, almost killed herself (on purpose this time), and fought the hardest she’s ever fought to live another day. And now the first thing she has to do is go into a coma. 

It’d be waaaay more high-stakes and way more evenly matched, and imagine DAMON in all of this. His girlfriend who he loves more than anything, or his best friend who deserves to live more than anyone? And everyone else is trying to give their input but really just don’t know what to say, and the clock is ticking, and finally, when Elena shows up at Bonnie’s door and Bonnie just takes a deep breath because as much as she wants to live for herself, her selfless instinct to protect is still there, Elena immediately goes, “I’m doing it.” And when Bonnie goes to protest, she just cuts her off with a, “You’ve given up so much for me. Let me do this. I need to do this. And I need you to promise me you won’t feel guilty and you’ll live an incredible life, because it’s the closest I can ever get to saying thank you.” TALK ABOUT A BELENA SCENE I COULD GET BEHIND, MAN. AND THEN THEY HAVE THE FEATHER GOODBYE JUST WRECK ME RIGHT THERE. 

And the Bamon feels there would’ve come from Bonnie and Damon having avoided each other all episode, not knowing what the other’s thinking, Damon trapped between two people he cares about, Bonnie struggling with justifying her unshakeable impulse to be the one that lives first, etc, and then once Elena makes her choice, Bonnie’s positive that Damon was going to resent her and gets prematurely angry about it. And instead, when they finally get a moment, Damon’s calm. Sad, but calm. And when Bonnie, who’s steeled and defensive and prepared to be hurt by his inevitable lash-out and what it implies about her worth to him, sees that he gives her a sad sort of half-smile instead, stare fixed out the window, her defenses buckle and she slowly walks over and sits next to him. After a beat, she asks a low, even-voiced, “Are you mad at me?” He gives a slow, distant shake of his head. “Nah.” She glances down, thinking about this for a second. Then, “Are you mad at Elena?” He doesn’t respond at first, and she glances up to read his face. It’s resigned, more than anything, and after a beat, he gives a hazy shrug. “I can’t be.” Bonnie frowns, puzzled by the answer, and he finally switches his gaze to meet hers. It’s sad, simple, but nakedly honest. “Would’ve done the same thing.”

I.E. IF IT WAS BETWEEN HIM AND BONNIE HE WOULD’VE LET BONNIE LIVE HER LIFE AND PUT HIS ON HOLD. LIKE HOW GREAT WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN? AND CANON-SEEMING? GIVEN ALL THEIR DEVELOPMENT? Because like honestly, if he literally had to pick between Elena and Bonnie, I think at this stage he’d obviously choose Elena. It’s his obsession girlfriend, you know? But were it between him getting his guaranteed fairytale with Elena or Bonnie getting to live the life she deserves more than anyone, I think he’d actually choose Bonnie. And that’s why this alternate ending would’ve slayed me. Like completely.

But maybe that’s just me.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: carrying

As the strongest man in Ikebukuro, since Heiwajima Shizuo could lift a truck if he wanted, lifting a person, any person, even Simon Brezhnev, was absolutely no problem.

Physically, that was.

In terms of verbally and cooperatively, it was a whole different story.

Some were quiet; Akane could be if Shizuo gave her some sort of warning.

Some were not; the Orihara twins would not stop squabbering about “Hanejima Yuhei” even when Shizuo tossed them in an abandoned building and blocked the entrance with a vending machine.

But no one reacted the way Orihara Izaya did.

“Sh-Shizu-chan! Put me down!”

The more difficult they were, the more Shizuo had to hold them in a way that was impossible to wiggle out of. Izaya could manage to squirm out of a piggyback ride and bridal style was far too easy, so Shizuo saw him, bowed at the waist, and slung Izaya over his shoulder to take him back to his apartment.

Everyone stared at them; Izaya had enough dignity left to stay still, but that didn’t stop him from snapping. Shizuo was used to always being gawked at and so walked along, cigarette held between his teeth and free hand in his pocket, grunting at Izaya’s demands.

“Go home, you brute!”

“I am.”

“Not my home! Yours!”

“What’s yours is mine. Or somethin’ like that.”

“I have work to do!”

“Not with a fever of a hundred and four.”

“When did you–?”

“When you were sleeping. I don’t need you awake to stick a thermometer in your mouth.”

“You can’t just–!”

“I did.”

“Leave me–!”

“It’s either me or Namie. Do you remember the last time you got sick? How your cold turned into pneumonia?”

“Clearly she’s not meant to take care of people if she manages to accidentally make them worse–!”

“That fever’s fried your brain if you think it was an accident.”

[Translated News] Kim Soo Hyun first meal in Taipei – Beef Noodles; Always visiting Boss Bae’s house.

Note: I weaved in some fan accounts that I have read as well.

Kim Soo Hyun arrived at 230pm today at the press conference location. The moment he came out he said “ Hello everyone, I am Kim Soo Hyun, I love you!” in Taiwan dialect. Very sincere and polite image, just like his character in the Star “Do Min Joon”. The fans who bought the tickets for the fan meeting on 22nd are very lucky. Those who did not manage to, do not be disappointed, Mwave reporter reports here and will be sharing with everyone his thoughts of his first visit in Taiwan.

Host: Did you sleep well last night? Did you go play bowling?

KSH: Feeling very excited and nervous. If I had the time I would love to go bowling but cos I had to film a commercial, after filming I immediately went home to prepare to leave the country. (OOOH NOT THE SAMSUNG ADS RIGHT? COS IF THAT IS THE CASE, 2 OF YOU WILL BE TOGETHER FILMING, THEN HEADING HOME THEN MEETING AT THE AIRPORT!).

Host: What is your impression of Taiwan?

KSH: Talking about Taiwan, I will think of the super star, Jay Chou. Also when I was filming the Star, Jeon Ji Hyun (NOTE NO NOONA) brought pineapple tarts for me to try and this time around I want to buy more back. I also will like to have mango saved ice (I WILL BRING YOU I WILL BRING YOU CALL ME) this apparently was also a recommendation by Jeon Ji Hyun.

Host: Did you have the beef noodles that the hotel prepared for you?

KSH: Yes am so full! I had the beef noodles and Ding Tai Fung’s soup dumplings. (apparently when he was eating in the hotel room, he thought that the beef noodles was so good that he shouted out very loudly VERY GOOD!!)

Host: What is your next project? Next role?

KSH: I would like to attempt a role that is more explosive and offensive like a villain. I don’t know if I can do it well but it might be that I have to mature a bit more before being able to do well in that role.

Host: Left hander to act as a right hander, was it tough?

KSH:Honestly, I wished that Do Min Joon is a left hander. But the director felt that the character had lived for 400 years on earth, he should be a right hander. So when filming the eating scenes, it was particularly tough for me.

Host: When filming the saguk there will be a lot of Joseon dialogue, was it difficult?

KSH: I spent a lot of time trying to find out what should Do Min Joon be like, I feel that I did interpreted every era of Do Min Joon well. When acting as the professor, there were a lot more dialogue which was very long, but I had tried to put ,myself in his shoes and try to blend into the character.

Host: To be called the Asia Male Star, What do you think your charm is?

KSH: I think my eyes is the most charming part, I hope that I can express myself better with my eyes over time.

Host: Do you have any problems going out?

KSH: Because going out I will get noticed, So I will be very conscious of my every movement.

Host: Have you met a crazy fan before?

KSH: In 2012, we went to China to film Thieves and I met a Taiwanese fan. That fan left me a very deep impression. Her expression in her eyes and her actions were very incredulous, feels like she is my girlfriend. So I remember her name.

Host: The public calls you a warm guy. Which aspect do you think is your warmest nature?

KSH: It is hard for me to comment on it myself, but I think it should be because of my role as Do Min Joon that everyone feels this way. Host created some benefit for the female reporters. He risked being asked to leave by the bodyguards, asked KSH, Do you want to use the ET sign with this reporter to send her some warmth?

KSH pretended he didn’t understand, used Chinese to say “Nothing nothing!” HAHAH cute boy, escaped being touched by the reporter!

Host: How is the relationship with your boss?

KSH: When I am free, I will go over to his place to play. He has a lot of varying interests, like coffee, pottery, so I am able to be inspired by all his interests. Feels like Boss is like a real professor. I learn a lot from him.

Host: From The Moon and the Star, it was so popular, how do you choose your script?

Ksh: I will first consider whether I am able to understand the role and then work hard to try to interpret it.

Host: Will you feel any pressure being with Bae?

KSH: Being with Bae, I am very happy. After the show became popular, I feel that I should do even better.

Host: You cried at the fan meeting in Seoul. Is that because of the pressure that was too great?

KSH: I was standing on the stage and to see so many people supporting me, I was so touched that I cried. Very thankful and a mixed of emotions. But it was not because of any negative feelings. I always liked to cry anyway.

Pork Noodles and a Shotgun: Part Ten (Final)

Yes, you read right, that said final. There may be more Aiko and Takuto in my writing future, but this is it for this story. Thanks for coming along for the ride- enjoy the last chapter!

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I was doing my very best to stay composed after realizing I was going into labor, but Takuto was not helping. “B-but we have three weeks left! You said it was just false labor!”

“Well it looks like I was wrong,” I replied through gritted teeth. “Damn it, I haven’t even gotten to pack my hospital bag yet. Help me to the bedroom so I can do that.”

“We don’t have time for that,” he tried to protest. Ignoring him, I hauled myself up from the couch and waddled toward our room, determined that I was not going to leave this house empty-handed. I could hear cursing, but Takuto made no immediate move to follow me, and I reached the bedroom uninterrupted. As I tossed toiletries and clothes into an overnight bag, I heard the bedroom door open behind me.

Gently, but insistently, Takuto removed the shirt from my hands and replaced it with his smart phone. The screen was open to a contraction tracking app- I cracked a smile, because of course he had found one of those. “Sit,” he demanded, guiding me to the bed. “I’ll pack, you rest. But if they come five minutes apart, we leave right away.”

“Deal,” I agreed readily. “Start packing your own bag next, okay?” He nodded and, with a bit of guidance, hurriedly put together everything we needed.


“Stop arguing with the doctor, Takuto!” I shouted as I came down from another tough contraction. “This baby is coming whether you like it or not!”

“But-” The look on my face must have been something to behold, because one look at me shut my stubborn husband up in an instant.

“Please,” I begged, reaching for his hand and squeezing tight when I felt his long fingers wrap around mine. “I’m scared too. But getting angry isn’t going to fix anything.”

At 37 weeks, I was far enough along that the doctor would not try to stop my labor, but there were still risks involved in delivering this early. We had been informed of the facts ahead of time to prepare us for the worst- we might have a perfectly healthy, if somewhat small baby, or we might not. The medical staff was on high alert and our baby would be whisked away almost immediately for an extra thorough exam. I had listened through a haze as my husband ran the doctor through the wringer, as if he could argue this problem away. It was all happening so fast now, and yet so slow too- there was so much pain and fear instead of the happy anticipation I thought I would have in the delivery room. I needed Takuto by my side right now, and he finally saw it in my eyes.

“Have you told everyone we’re at the hospital?” I asked, trying to keep my mind off the tightening that signaled another contraction was imminent.

“I called both our parents while the nurses helped you change. Haven’t had time to call anyone else.” He brushed a strand of hair from my forehead as I clenched my teeth reflexively, then remembered to breathe through the pain instead. There was no way I could speak through these episodes anymore, but I kept trying to pick up the conversation in between.

“You should call the guys while you can,” I panted, closing my eyes and trying to rest a moment. “Just come back quick, okay?”

“No way.” I felt his soft lips on the back of my hand. “They’re going to have to put up with a text. I’m not leaving your side.”


“I still can’t believe we only got a text.” Boss was whining as he hovered over his phone, eagerly awaiting an update via text despite his complaints. “It’s so impersonal!”

“You’re so old, Boss! Everybody talks by text now, it’s no biggie!” Hiro had his phone out, too, updating Seiko who had been working too late at the hostess club to join them.

“I don’t blame Takuto, he was probably too busy to call,” Kenshi cut in. “You know he won’t leave Ooto- Aiko- alone if he doesn’t have to. Right Riki?”

“Huh?” Leader jumped a bit at the sound of his name- he’d been staring intently at the screen of the laptop he had brought along to the waiting room. “Yeah, right.”

“Whatcha doing, Rikkun?” Hiro prodded, his curiosity piqued by Riki’s reaction.

“Working,” the older man grunted, almost too quickly. “Unlike a college student, I can’t afford to sit around for hours just waiting idly.”

“He keeps reading about premature babies,” Atsumu revealed. He was sitting nearest Riki and had caught more than a few glances at the laptop screen. “Someone is worried!”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Riki scoffed and slammed the computer shut, his face red.

Hiro opened his mouth, ready to tease their leader for showing his soft side, but Kenshi clapped a hand over the youngest Black Fox’s mouth. “We’re all kinda worried,” he admitted, and the smiles faded from Atsumu and Hiro’s faces before they nodded solemnly. For all the skills their group possessed, they were as helpless as any normal civilians at a time like this.

“I told you dumbasses you didn’t have to come until morning.” Everyone jumped at the familiar voice. Takuto was doing his best to glare as usual, but he was grinning despite himself. “It’s two AM. Go home.”

“Like hell.” Riki snorted. “What’s the news?” Everyone automatically rose to their feet, eager to know how mother and baby were doing.

“She’s fine,” Takuto answered, his grin widening. “She’s tough.”

“But the baby…?” Kenshi prodded, looking worried.

“That’s what I said dummy. She’s fine. They’re checking her out to be sure, but in the delivery room the doc said she looks good.” Pride and relief shone on the new father’s face as all of his friends started to celebrate.

“A girl!” Hiro cheered, hugging Takuto in his enthusiasm. For once the hacker did not protest the affection (though he did not return it, that would be too much to ask).

“I told you so,” Atsumu laughed, clapping his hand on Takuto’s shoulder. “My predictions are never wrong!”

“You had a 50-50 shot, Boss,” Riki sighed before he got his turn to congratulate his friend. “So Aiko’s okay?”

“Yeah, she’s resting. No complications, she’s just tired. No visitors until tomorrow, so seriously, go home.” His words were blunt but Takuto’s face had never fallen from its almost permanent smile. “I want to go to sleep too.” Everyone laughed a bit at his expense and congratulated him one more time before leaving, however reluctantly.


I slept away the hours they kept our daughter under observation; it was a blessing, as it kept me from worrying. When I was woken by a nurse needing to check on me and she asked if I was ready to see my daughter, I answered so enthusiastically it woke Takuto who had been asleep on the guest cot. He was irritable about it at first, but when he heard they were bringing our baby back to the room he was wide awake. He eagerly hovered over me when the nurse placed the tiny bundle in my arms. She was small, having arrived a little early, but still perfectly formed and quite healthy looking. We could expect to go home right on time.

“We still have to name her,” I whispered as I studied her sleeping face. It was hard to say who she looked like since her all her features were rounded and soft like any baby, but the way her eyebrows furrowed a bit in her sleep did remind me of her father.

“I thought you picked a girl’s name already.” Gently Takuto stroked the little tuft of dark hair sticking out of the pink hat the nurses had put on her. He touched her as if he was afraid to break her, and it made me smile.

“Well I did have a favorite, but you never really gave your opinion. We should agree after all.” Still focused on our baby’s face, Takuto just shrugged at me and I sighed. I knew him, though; if he didn’t like the name he would have made it abundantly clear. “Do you want to hold her?”

Suddenly his hand jerked back and my husband looked nervous. “I… You should hold her. You have to bond and stuff, right?”

I suppressed a giggle at his expression. “She should bond with you too. You’re her father.” I sat up a bit straighter in the hospital bed and beckoned him over, then helped him cradle her gently so her head was properly supported. He looked tense at first, especially since she stirred a little after being moved, but as soon as she looked relaxed again so did he.

“It was Hanae, right? The name you liked?” I nodded, watching his face as he gazed adoringly at our newborn. “Yeah, that’s good. Hi, Hanae. I’m your dad.” My heart utterly melted at the sight of the two most important people in my world, face to face for the first time.

A knock came on the door, and a nurse poked her head in. “Are you accepting visitors?” She asked cheerily. “Some very handsome young men have come calling and they’re quite insistent that they should be allowed in!”

I laughed a little, knowing who she had to be referring to. “Yeah, they’re our friends. They can come in.” Looking delighted, the nurse scurried off, and soon the door opened again and the quiet room was suddenly filled with life and laughter.

“What on earth…?” My eyes went wide as they entered; no one had come empty handed. “What is all this?”

“Just saying congratulations,” Riki answered as he set a huge bouquet on the table beside my bed.

“And saving you from hospital food!” Kenshi added, holding up a lunchbox from Kikufuji.

“Ohmigosh. Hi, little fox!” Hiro had zoned in on Hanae right away and was hovering over Takuto already. “She’s so cute! And so tiny! Just like a little doll~!”

Takuto scoffed at the comparison. “She’s not a doll, don’t be weird.”

“It’s a compliment, Takkun,” Boss chuckled, then looked to me. “Have you decided on a name?”

“Yes, she’s called Hanae,” I answered, and everyone murmured their approval.

“Well, let me hold her,” Riki suddenly demanded, standing next to Takuto and holding out his arms.

“How about no,” my husband quipped back with a frown. “We only just got her back, nobody else holds her yet.”

“But I’m her godfather!” Riki insisted, still holding out his hands.

Takuto clicked his tongue and turned up the laser glare. “Nobody ever agreed to that!”

“Aiko, look what we got!” Hiro did his best to distract me from the quarrel unfolding by holding up the bag he had carried in. “Did you know they make special clothes for preemie babies? Look how tiny they are!”

I watched as he started showing off his finds- at least a dozen outfits, all in girly colors and full of ruffles. “I think you went overboard, Hiro,” I giggled, “but thanks. You guys just got us gifts at the baby shower, you didn’t have to go to the trouble again…”

“Just get used to the idea of having the most spoiled little girl around, okay?” Boss smiled indulgently, looking over our little makeshift family. “Her dad and uncles won’t ever let her want for anything.” He raised the digital camera he had brought and snapped a quick photo of all the guys gathered around our newest addition, looks of joy and wonder plastered on their faces. It would be a memory I treasured for many years.

“Everyone shut up. Aiko, here.” Tired of being the center of attention, Takuto carefully placed Hanae back in my arms, lingering a moment to stare at her one more time. “They can’t hold her yet, they’ll break her. Idiots…”

“No one is going to break her,” I laughed. “But at least decide a fair way to see who goes first? All this arguing is going to wake her up!” Right on cue, a shrill cry came out of the little bundle in my arms, and no matter how I shushed and rocked her, Hanae was awake.

“She probably needs a clean diaper,” I mused, peeking inside her blankets. I grinned as a thought occurred. “Whoever changes her gets to hold her first.”

Silence fell over the room suddenly. “Hey, we need some drinks to go with the food, I’ll go buy some!” Kenshi was gone in a flash, with Boss and Hiro hot on his heels “to help”.

I looked at Riki, the only brave soul left. “Well?”

“A godfather has to be able to change diapers,” he said with a shrug. “Give her here.”

“Tch, shut up. I’ll do it.” To my surprise Takuto swept in and scooped up Hanae again, taking her to the changing table before I could say a word. He mumbled something about nobody else doing his job, and I was left hiding a giggle behind my hand as I watched him try to figure out the swaddling blanket and then the diaper. Riki hovered over his shoulder and tried to direct everything, claiming to have read about this online.

By the time everyone else returned, Hanae was freshly changed and somewhat haphazardly swaddled, snuggled into the crook of Riki’s arm. After begrudgingly admitting that our leader had helped out a bit, Takuto had acquiesced and let his friend have a turn. Now wide awake, Hanae’s bright eyes kept focusing on any face that came near her. Since Riki had his turn, Takuto had to let everyone hold her, though he hovered near whichever uncle held his precious daughter at the moment. Since I was still confined to the hospital bed for a few more hours I was content to sit back and watch them make a fuss, and eat some of the food Kenshi had brought to share. Soon a nurse popped in to check on Hanae and mentioned that we were a bit loud even from the hall. All the boys apologized, but I quietly smiled as the nurse handed my daughter back to me after her checkup. Life with the Black Foxes was indeed a little loud and rowdy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hanae might as well get used to it from the very start.


Six weeks later

Three AM, and I was walking the halls with Hanae again. She was healthy despite her early arrival, but she had some challenges to overcome too- at the moment I was dealing with her very sensitive little digestive system. Painful gas bubbles kept her awake in the wee hours of the morning, and I could do nothing but soothe her until they passed. “She still up?” I jumped a bit at Takuto’s voice- he had been locked in his office all night, staying up late to work as usual.

“Yeah, but I think she’s almost asleep now,” I answered, though Hanae set out to prove me wrong as she squealed loudly to protest my sudden lack of movement. I tried to resume my rocking motion, but it was too little too late.

“Give her here. I’m done for the night.” Takuto reached out and took his little girl from my arms, settling her into his shoulder in a now familiar posture. I formed a protest in my mind, intending to tell my husband to go on to bed, but the thought died on my lips when I saw Hanae settle in to her father’s warmth. She already had him wrapped around her tiny fingers, but in return she was usually adamant in her own nonverbal way that Takuto was her favorite person and nowhere was better than her daddy’s arms. “Go get some sleep. I’ll rock her a while and we’ll join you soon.”

“Okay.” Smiling softly, I stood on my toes to plant a gentle kiss on the cheek opposite our sleeping daughter. “Thanks, Takuto. You’re a really great dad.”

“Yeah, well.” In the dim light I could just make out the flush of his cheeks, which could have been either from the kiss or the compliment.

Some things were never going to change, and I was fine with that.