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Time~Zico Fluff/Slight Angst

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You’ve known Zico for about three years now. Zico and you met when he was promoting one of Block B’s songs with the members. You happened to be working at the television studio they were attending that day. You remember how the two of you met clear as day. Zico was pacing outside of the waiting room because of his nerves, and you were carrying a box full of props that they were suppose to use on the show when the both of you collided with each other scattering all the props everywhere. You quickly apologized to him not even realizing that it was Zico. You were to busy picking up the props to notice. As you were picking them up though your hand and his both grabbed a hat. His hand landed on top of yours. Only then did you bother to look up and see who it was that you crashed into. When you saw who it was you gasped a little.

   "Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that I crashed into you!“ You exclaimed as you quickly gathered up the rest of the props. You bowed multiple times apologizing again before you scurried down the hallway. Leaving a confused, but slightly amused Zico behind. 

  After that little incident in the hallway, you two collectively met again. Block B was finished with the show and they were heading back stage to get ready to head back to their dorm. That’s when Zico and you ran into each other once again. This time though Zico stopped you from running away, and that’s where your guys friendship had started. 

 Now fast forward to a couple years and Zico and you were still inseparable. Even though you guys weren’t dating everyone assumed you were. The two of you were always together when he had a free day, or he just needed to get away from his work for awhile. He always went to you. Not that you minded of course. You loved being around Zico. Frankly you just loved Zico period. The more you got to know him over those three years, the more you fell in love with him. He told you all of his secrets, and you told him yours. You trusted him with your whole being. Just as he trusted you with his. 

So, when he got a girlfriend it kind of shocked you. You didn’t want to toot your own horn, but you genuinely thought that Zico had feelings for you too. That the both of you were just playing hard to get, but clearly you were wrong. The more he hung out with his girlfriend the less he hung out with you, and that hurt you a lot. You were so used to being his number one, and when you started to become less and less involved in his life you got scared. Scared that he would forget you completely. You didn’t want that to happen. So you visited his studio. You walked up to the door and knocked, hoping he would be the only one in there. 

 As you were waiting, you were getting more and more anxious. "Why isn’t he answering the door? Did something happen? Is he in there with her?” All these different thoughts ran through your head as you waited for the door to open. 

When it finally did open you let out a sigh of relief, but that didn’t last long when you seen who opened the door. It was his girlfriend, and she was wearing just Zico’s t-shirt. It didn’t take a genius to know what happened between them. You stepped back slightly, surprised by her presence. 

“Uh, is Zico here by any chance?” You asked her as you looked anywhere but her. 

If you looked at her any longer, your heart would hurt even more. It took Zico about two seconds to come to the door when his girlfriend called out for him. When you seen the smile on his face falter when he saw you, your heart broken even more. 

 "S-Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if we could talk?“ You asked him softly. You didn’t know what to do with yourself. Part of you just wanted to leave, but a bigger part of you knew if you didn’t talk to him now, you would lose him forever. 

 "Uh, yeah sure. Just give me two minutes to get my coat and we can go to the coffee shop across the road.” He told you as he went back into the studio to grab his stuff. 

 He pulled his coat over his naked torso and slipped on his shoes. You waited for him patiently at the door while his girlfriend stared you down with cold eyes. You could tell she didn’t like you. As Zico left he gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek, and then one on the lips. You had to look away. Your heart couldn’t handle anymore heartache. 

  As you sat across from Zico you tried to take in all of his facial features. He really was beautiful, there was really no other word you could use to describe him. He was beautiful inside and out. Once he caught you staring at him you quickly looked away. He cleared his thought at the awkward silence.

 "So, uh you wanted to talk?“ He asked as he looked across at you. You snapped your head back towards him. 

 "Oh um yeah. I just-we haven’t been spending much time together lately, and I missed you.” You told him as you tightened your grip on the coffee mug. “Also I wanted to tell you something that I’ve been keeping secret for a long time.” Zico looked at you with confused eyes.

 "But, we promised each other we wouldn’t keep secrets between us.“ He said as he studied your face. You gave him a weak smile before taking a deep breath. 

 "Yeah. I know, but what I’m about to tell you could either make our relationship stronger, or break it completely.” You murmured as you looked up at him.

 Zico furrowed his brows. “What’s going on y/n? Your starting to scare me.” He said. You chuckled softly. “I’m scaring me too.” “Okay, look. I’m tired of keeping this a secret for almost three years.” You told him as you ran your hands through your hair. “Zico, I’m in love with you.” You told him as you looked into his eyes, for any sign of disgust, hatred any bad emotion you could think of. But all you saw was confusion. 

“You’re in love with me?” He asked you as he looked at you again. You nodded slowly. “Yeah, I have been since three months after I met you.” You whispered as you started to drink your coffee out of nervousness. Zico leaned back in his chair in thought. You didn’t know what to do. If you should run and hide, or stay and bare the consequences.

 "I-I know you have a girlfriend, and I don’t expect you to leave her. I just needed to tell you Zico. It was eating me up inside.“ Zico looked at you again and gave you a soft smile. 

 "Do you know how long I’ve wanted to here you say that?” He chuckled. “But please give me some time. I’m in love with you too y/n, but I can’t just break up with my girlfriend like this. I promise we’ll be together soon. So just give me some time.” He told you as he grabbed your hand from across the table.

 Somehow you believed every word he said. All you needed to do was give him some time. Time to sort things out. Funny how a simple thing like time can do wonders for a person. You have to take the time to get to know someone. It takes time to fall in love with someone. And it takes time to be with someone.

 All you need is time.

~There’s never enough scenarios about Zico lol. I’m glad that people liked my No More Jay Park scenario! So here’s a scenario with Zico! He’s been coming for my life lately I swear. Hope you guys enjoy this scenario as well. I might post more scenarios if you guys like them!~