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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 5

Great team work, amigos. Here’s is part 5! 

  1. “Why is there a naked Ken Barbie doll tied up in your room?” “Goddammit, ____! I told you not to go in there!”
  2. “No Candice, I am NOT selling you my soul again.”
  3. “why is the fairy holding a gun.”
  4. “Jesus Christ on a boat made of crackers, what are you doing outside of the pod ship again?”
  5. “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT” “He said I couldn’t… and I thought it was a challenge…”
  6. “How the fuck did you dye the ocean ORANGE?!”
  7. “Why are the roses green?”
  8. “Great, you made death angry.”
  9. ”この___だ!”
  10. “That better be a press on tattoo.”
  11. “If you only listened to the nature, you could learn more than humans ever passed to us.”
  12. “So, we’re dead?” “Well, kind of… yeah.”
  13. “Remind me again why you have a centaur tied up in your truck?”
  14. “Can you stop staring into my soul every time we meet? I feel exposed.”
  15. “You do realize that he wasn’t breathing when he spoke to us, right?”
  16. “I liked you better when you where possessed by that demon friend of yours”
  17. “You’re absolutely in love with him and have been for at least 2 years if you don’t go tell him how you feel I swear to god I will”
  18. “There are worse things in life than death.” “Nobody asked you,Lucifer.” “Just saying.”
  19. “Well, it’s wonderful that you’re having a sexuality crisis, but in case you forgot, we’re kind of in the middle of STOPPING THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!”
  20. “Why is there a horse crashing on our couch?” “Oh, that’s Satan.”
  21. “Why would I hang out with you? You’re so incompetent! Your sacrifice to the faeries was so insufficient!”
  22. “Where the hell did the dragon go?! He was right here!”
  23. “Ok, the recipie calls for two cups of lemon and a cup of sugar, but all I see are cough syrup and battery acid…”
  24. “What do you mean today’s not a Tuesday?!”
  25. “So everyone on Earth had the same dream as me?”
  26. “you know what will solve that? Scotch.”
  27. “I didn’t ask for this!” “… you didn’t?”
  28. “How is it that the least likely outcome is always the outcome I receive?!” “You should go buy a lottery ticket.”
  29. “Guys, i know you’re all busy, but if any of you wants the dinner done, i will need my arm back”
  30. “Of COURSE I care about you. That’s why I sold your soul on the black market.”
  32. “What?”
  33. “I will take the concept of my rage, transform it into a physical weapon, and use it to BEAT YOU TO DEATH!”
  34. “Did you really HAD to slap the shark?!” “I mean… If you want me to kick it-”
  35. “I don’t care, your tamagotchi dying is not an excuse to wake me up before noon!”
  36. “You are telling me that the socks with hearts that I’ve been mocking since the first day you arrived are, in fact, what keep you alive?” “Yes!” “What?”
  37. “So you really want me to believe that you’re actually from the future?”
  38. “Dude. What have you done. Now we HAVE TO save those aliens!”
  39. “Can you just stop?” “God no, why would I do that?”
  40. “Hey at least I get laid doing it”
  41. “While that’s a lovely story, it doesn’t quite explain the fires.”
  42. “Dude, please tell me that you planned to deal with her guardian angel when you killed her.”
  43. “That’s such a stupid idea… let’s do it.”
  44. “What do you MEAN this just HAPPENS?!” “All the time, actually.”
  45. “I swear, one day you’ll kill us both.” “Oh please, I’ve never been that reckless.” “…” “That was ONE TIME!”
  46. “Why did you buy a nuke?!” “Why wouldn’t I? It was on sale”
  47. “I am fueled purely by rage and instant coffee.”
  48. “How are you a million years old, bit you can’t even remember who George Washington is?”
  49. “Because I gave not, a single shit.”
  50. “Is that a marijuana? In my good  Christian suburbs?!”
  52. “I don’t care if he’s a unicorn, NO ONE EATS MY MINI EGGS!”
  53. “Jesus Christ Lewis! *Again* with the Snails?” “It’s Thursday! You said Thursday’s were okay!”
  54. “Here’s a story for you. I woke up in Vegas as a makeup guru. I was REALLY drunk.”
  55. “If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you…WAIT, NO IT WAS A JOKE, STOP!”
  56. “You’re kinda like hitchhiking Ghost Busters, aren’t you?”
  57. “For gods sake, ditch the fanny pack”
  58. “Take the tomato!” “No, I don’t want the tomato” “JUST TAKE THE TOMATO”
  59. “‘That’s no moon!’ Everyone  remembered Jimmy’s words that night as he scolded his friends for half-heartedly pulling their pants down.”
  61. “Can you believe it?” “Just barely.”  "Man, I never thought he would ACTUALLY throw the chair.“
  62. "What did you THINK girl scout cookies were made of?”
  63. “Really? That’s not what I heard from Mrs. Sanchez across the hall!”   “Mom she’s literally a possessed cow, why do you listen to her?”
  64. “You got the rubber chicken, cheese whiz, and dish soap?” “Yep” “Ok, let’s do this!”
  65. “Are you building a life-sized Godzilla at 3am again?”
  66. “Don’t get pissy at me, YOU’RE the one who didn’t say what kind of tea bags to get for the clown!”
  67. "So YOU’RE the guy the math textbooks warned us about.”
  68. “Where’s our cat?” “I thought you were responsible for it?..”
  69. “What do you mean I’m half demon”
  70. “why are you duct taping a cat to the ceiling?” “aesthetic.”
  71. “Hope is a lie. So is philosophy, morality, language in general, the sky, dogs, and about a third of the population of Michigan.”
  72. “So let me get this straight. You filled a Darth Vader costume… With cats?”
  73. “How did I die this time?” “Well, it was pretty quick. I missed it, but from what I can tell, you convinced an entire school of 4000 people to throw watermelons at you all at the same time.” “…And?” “The impact of the watermelons threw you back a couple hundred kilometers and you landed in the ocean…inside the mouth of a particularly hungry shark.” “Goddamn it I wanted this death to be metal!”
  74. “Yesterday I learned that my childhood friend was a demon.”
  75. “Please tell me you said 'What bothers me most.’ "Yes? What the hell did you think I said?” Well….it kinda sounded like “His father’s meatloaf.’
  76. "Goddammit, why won’t you die?!”  "I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! “
  77. "I’d appreciate it if you fucking stopped, thanks.”
  78. “What the hell is this?” “It’s jello, you eat it”
  79. "You didn’t” “I did and I made them watch”
  80. "Why in the hell did you think this was a good idea?” “Look, YOU try saying 'No’ to not just a primordial deity, but my little sister as well.” “…Ok, you got me there.”
  81. “How do you know that it’s supposed to look like this?”
  82. “Are you making *tea*?!” “Well what else am I supposed to do?” “I don’t know maybe STOP THE MONSTER THATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!”
  83. “Why are you in a dress?” “Lucifer wanted to have a tea party. You don’t say no to Lucifer”
  84. “So you’re telling me that aliens invaded while I was on vacation?”
  85. “I appreciate the gesture but I prefer my horses fried rather than alive.”
  86. *whining* “But Mooommm, I don’t want to save the woooorrld!”
  87. “Now I know not to cry there”
  88. “What if we DIDNT kill the king every Thursday” “Good idea we’ll kill him on Fridays instead.”
  89. “So you’re a zombie now?” “I guess I am” “So what are you gonna do about it?” “*shrug* I don’t know….”
  90. “I guess you weren’t joking when you said that the world is ruled by ants”
  91. “When I die, tell everyone 'I told you so.’”
  92. “You’re not real… You’re only in those silly books!” “Correction, my dear, you’re the fictional one.”
  93. “There was no 'free pie’ you moron! You stole it!”
  94. “Okay, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my pet rock has gained sentience, just like we planned! The bad news is that it turns out he’s evil and is currently building a rock army with the intent of taking over the world. aaaand, he’s trying to get Mt. Everest on his side.”
  95. “Why is our baby on a wanted poster?”
  96. “Zombies are people too, Mom!”
  97. “… I’m gonna go for it. Hold my head for me real quick, and don’t put it on a mannequin like you did last time.”
  98. “Fascinating… I was unaware that was physically plausible.” “I know right.”
  99. “ACHOO!” “Bless you.” “No sorry, that won’t work on me.”
  100. “Bye, Felicia. Take you and your cat ears! GO!”

Prepare yourselves, because starting from tomorrow we will be making ‘100 Prompts That Will Make You Cry’ lists. Hope you enjoy this one. Which prompt do you like the most?


Attention! The Captain has arrived. Submit your weapons for inspection. 

Complete Phasma for Dragoncon 2017, which we will have running around with a medieval Kylo Ren and a team of Sith Lords. Constructed completely from leather, which we hand-tooled, baked to shape, and riveted into place. Combine this with blood, sweat, tears, and no respect for your lungs, you have a full suit of medieval Star Wars armor!

day 2 of @johnweek. i tried to grow him up but it didn’t work (but he’s transparent)


137 Winter  Writing Prompts!

1. “Come out in the snow with me!”

2. “I can’t believe it’s already snowing,”

3. “Want some cocoa?”

4. “I’m baking!”

5. "I can’t feel my legs.”

6. “Don’t open those till later!”

7. “What’d you get me?”

8. “Thanks for the.. Uh.. Gift?”

9. “I have no clue what this is supposed to be.”

10. "I’d rather stay inside.”

11. “The house is so warm.”

12. “It’s warm inside.”

13. “There’s no way I’m going out in that weather!”

14. “Is this the first time you’ve seen snow?”

15. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

16. “Happy New Year’s Eve eve eve eve eve eve eve!”

17. “It’s New Years, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

18. “I wonder where that mistletoe came from.”

19. “Do we have to kiss at midnight?”

20. “Hug me so I can Get warm.”

21. “You’re like a heater!”

22. “Bah humbug.”

23. “You’re useless with wrapping presents!”

24. “Why did you get this for me?”

25. “Merry Christmas, you dork!”

26. “You can wait another 24 hours to open presents.”

27. “I hate waiting.”

28. “Let’s listen to Christmas albums and get drunk off of eggnog.”

29. “Eggnog sucks, fight me.”

30. “Eggnog rules, bite me.”

31. “You’re as red as Rudolph!”

32. “Christmas hats are the bomb, okay?”

33. “Let this be over now.”

34. “No, you can not start listening to Christmas albums before Halloween.” - “Well I disagree.”

35. “Halloween is better.”

36. “Let’s have Hallowmas!”

37. “Isn’t the snow just amazing?”

38. “No white Christmas this year…”

39. “Let’s see who can catch the most snowflakes with their tongue!”

40. “Snow angels!”

41. “Do you wanna Build a-” - “Absolutely not.”

42. “You look cute when you’re cold.”

43. “Let’s sit by the fire.”

44. “Up to roasting marshmallows?”

45. “Come on! Can I open just one?”

46. “You have flour on you face.”

47. “Who knew making cookies was this hard?”

48. “Easier said than done.”

49. “Let’s go get some pre made dough.”

50. “We burned it all…”

51. “Ginger bread people are very serious!”

52. “Cookie frosting contest!!!”

53. “I think I’ve has enough cookies for two years… Wait is that pie?”

54. “Let’s have an all pie Christmas!”

55. “What do you mean ‘too many cookies’?”

56. “Can you reach that spot on the tree?”

57. “We have to get that tree!”

58. “Did someone spike the eggnog?”

59. “Yes I have four trees. Don’t judge me.”

70. “Where’s the topper!”

71. “The tree looks… Nice…”

72. “Oh wow.”

73. “We must win the house lights contest!”

74. “I think we need glitter.”

75. “I made too much tea. Didn’t i?”

76. “Want some tea?”

77. “Did someone eat half of the cookies?!?”

78. “Just because it’s Christmas/New Years doesn’t mean I have to dress up.”

79. “It’s New Years/ Christmas! Of course I need to dress up!”

80. “What the hell do I get them?”

81. “That’s perfect for them!”

82. “Light the candle!”

83. “Why is it so damn cold?”

84. “Happy Hanukkah!”

85. “Let’s watch stupid Christmas movies and get wasted.”

86. "It’s too cold to do anything!”

87. “thanks for the gift… I guess.”

88. “Hey, at least you tried.”

89. “Snow ball fight!!!”

90. “Our ginger bread house is just… Sad.”

91. "My cookies are far better than yours.”

92. “Oh my GOD how did you make these!?!”

93. “This is the best cookie I’ve very eaten.”

94. “This is the worst cookie I’ve ever eaten.”

95. "How could someone make food this badly?”

96. “tea is so much better than cocoa!”

97. “Cocoa is superior to tea!”

98. “Why are we fighting over beverages!?!”

99. “Sit down and eat the damn food!”

100. “We need to make food for how many people?!?”

101. "You’re cute when you’re freezing.”

102. “All I want for Christmas is you!”

103. “No way you’re going out in the snow in that!”

104. “Did you actually get a Santa suit?”

105. “Catching snowflakes with your tongue is harder than it looks…”

106. “I may die if it gets any colder.”

107. “Finally! Snow!”

108. “Happy Festivus!”

109. “So you’re telling me that you got everyone dollar store makeup for their gifts?!?””

110. “It’s Christmas! You’d think at least someone would be selling trees!”

111. “Wake me up when it’s Christmas.”

112. “Wake me up when Winter’s over.”

113. “Winter is my favorite time of the year!”

114. “Who stole all the gifts!?!”

115. “There’s so much snow in my boots.”

116. “We’re snowed in!”

117. “Are you sure you want to get me a gift?”

118. “I don’t deserve you…”

119. “So… Looks like we’re the only ones without dates, huh.”

120. “Wanna kiss?”

121. “I’m alone on valentines day. What could get worse?”

122. “Looks like we’re stuck here until all the snow blows over..”

123. “Seriously!?! The powers out?”

124. “Who sent these chocolates and flowers?”

125. “I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.”

126. “I think eating Chocolate alone on a holiday is completely normal.”

127. “Did i actually sleep through Christmas/New years/ Hanukkah?”

128.1 ‘Did you actually dye your hair red and green?”

128.2 “Seriously did you dye your hair blue for winter?”

128.3 “How is it possible to dye your hair gold for new years.”

129. “We’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. i won’t allow that!”

130. “I’m bringing the holiday party to you!”

131. “Please come over. I don’t want to be alone on Christmas.”

132. “Yes i’m out clubbing on new years. Please just pick me up!”

134. “I think i love you. Wow that sounds so cliche.”

135.  “I know that people usually kiss under mistletoe but.. I had other things planned.”

136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date.”

137. “You know i could never leave you alone on your favorite holiday.”

I’m accepting requests for this list! If you want to send some in that’s be great! 

Free use for everyone! Please just link back to my list/Give any type of credit if used. @avengersfictionxreader

Elsewhere University- Feathers

Like a whole bunch of other people, I saw @charminglyantiquated ’s Elsewhere University Comic and got SUPER INSPIRED. And since she’s so generously encouraging other people to play in her sandbox, I present ‘Feathers’.  EDIT : PART 2 HERE

You go to Elsewhere University. You’ve been going to Elsewhere University for (years and years and years and years) for three years now. You know how things are. You’re not an RA, but… Mm, you could have been.

Might still be. Aren’t yet.

This is your junior year (you think). You know how things are. You carry salt in one pocket, iron in another, trinkets to bargain away in your book bag, offerings in your purse, pearls around your neck.

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Send Me a Number and an OC and I’ll Answer

  1. What is their favourite food?
  2. Do they have a fear of an animal? If so, what animal?
  3. What do they wear to bed?
  4. Do they like cuddling?
  5. Do they have a secret handshake with anyone?
  6. What do they look like?
  7. Do they like chocolate?
  8. What are their good and bad traits?
  9. Do they have any artistic talent?
  10. What is their favourite room to be in, in the house they live in?
  11. Do they believe in luck?
  12. Can they do magic?
  13. Do they believe in dragons?
  14. What is a pet peeve of theirs?
  15. What was the last thing they cried about?
  16. What is their sexuality?
  17. Do they have a best friend? If so, who, and what makes them their best friend?
  18. Have they ever been in a romantic relationship?
  19. What does their relationship with their family look like? Are they close? Distant? Ect.
  20. Do they have a pet?
  21. Do they have a familiar?
  22. Are they a supernatural being?
  23. How do they usually wear their hair?
  24. Can they play an instrument? If so, what instrument and what can they play?
  25. What type a high schooler are/were they?
  26. Have they ever been in a physical fight before? If so, with who? Who won?
  27. What is their favourite holiday?
  28. If they could have one wish, what would they wish for?
  29. Do they wants kids? If they already have kids, do they want more?
  30. Do they have a job?
  31. Do they know how to drive?
  32. Do they get stressed out easily?
  33. Did they ever dye their hair before? If so, to what colour? Did they like it?
  34. Have they ever broken the law?
  35. Do they own a plant?
  36. Have they ever rode a horse before?
  37. What is their favorite gif?
  38. Do they get along with others easily?
  39. Do they have any tattoos?
  40. If I wanted to draw them, what would be distinct physical features that I would have to know to draw them correctly?
  41. What is their favourite breed of dog?
  42. Do they live with anyone? If so, who?
  43. Where is their dream vacation?
  44. Do they know more than one language?
  45. Are they a quick learner?
  46. Have they ever won a contest before? If so, what for? What did they win?
  47. If the world were to end in 24 hours, where would they be and who would they be with?
  48. What does their room look like?
  49. If they could have an extinct animal for a pet, what would they have?
  50. If they got called out by someone, what would they do?
  51. Have they ever shot a gun before?
  52. Have they ever been axe throwing?
  53. What is something that they want but can’t have?
  54. Do they know how to fish?
  55. What is something they always wanted to do but too scared?
  56. Do they own their own baby pictures?
  57. What makes them standout among others?
  58. Do they like to show off?
  59. What is their favourite song?
  60. What would be their dream vehicle?
  61. What is their favourite book?
  62. Who, in their opinion, makes the best food?
  63. Are they approachable?
  64. Did they ever change their appearance?
  65. What makes them smile?
  66. Do they like glowsticks?
  67. What is something that is simple, but always makes them smile?
  68. Are they a day or night person?
  69. Are they allergic to anything?
  70. What do you, the creator of this OC, like most about them?
  71. Who is their ride or die?
  72. Do they currently have a significant other? If not, are they going to get one later one?
  73. What attracts them to another person?
  74. Who is one person that can always make them laugh?
  75. Have they ever partied too hard and their friends had to take them home?
  76. Who would be their cuddle buddy?
  77. Who would cheer them up after a long day?
  78. If they had a nightmare, who would they run to?
  79. What object to the care for the most?
  80. Do they like other people’s children?
  81. How would they react if someone broke into their home?
  82. Does anyone make them have butterflies in their stomach?
  83. What is something that they are good at?
  84. What is their neutral expression?
  85. Do they like to cook?
  86. What is something they can’t leave home without?
  87. Who is someone that they rely on?
  88. Do they liked to be tickled?
  89. Have they ever been a sword fight before?
  90. What is a joke that they would find funny?
  91. Do they have a place that can go and turn off their brain?
  92. What was their childhood like?
  93. What are they like as an adult?
  94. Do they take criticism well?
  95. Have they ever jumped out of a plane?
  96. Who do they like to make jokes with?
  97. Have you ever drawn them before? If you are comfortable with it, would you post a picture?

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if I could suggest a prompt? It's Steve at a pride parade. He can be any orientation and paired with whoever you like. I just want happy queer people representing themselves and having a great time while doing it :)

“I’ve been thinking about my life, and all the mistakes I’ve made.” 

It had been a long time since Steve had addressed a crowd as someone other than Captain America. At first he had assumed that they only invited him to speak because he was America’s Hero, and they needed his support. It hadn’t been till after he accepted the offer that he found out they wanted ‘the kid from Brooklyn’. 

“The ones that stay with me, the ones that I regret, are the ones that I made because of fear.” 

He’d cried, the response letter clutched tightly in his hands while his friends all looked to him in surprise. Bucky had been the first to move, saddling up beside him to read what had upset him so much. He only managed to get through a few times before he. too, teared up. 

“For a long time, I was afraid to be who I am because I thought that there’s something wrong with someone like me. Something offensive, something you would avoid, maybe even pity. Something that you could never love.” 

They must have looked ridiculous, the group of them, all either crying or laughing, huddled together around the Super Soldiers. Tony had been the first to break away, the billionaire jabbering off everything they’d need to make this Pride the best yet. Pepper had followed behind him, his excitement rubbing off on her.

“Growing up, my Pastor was an admirer of St. Thomas Aquinas. He said that of all the venal and mortal sins, pride was the worst of them. He saw pride as the starting point to all the others, that if you fell to pride then you’d succumb to the rest. 

Much to the surprise of everyone, Thor was just as equally enthusiastic. Apparently, Asgard was as liberal as it could come, the Prince proving that with a statement of ‘one of the orgies held in the Great Hall once lasted eight days’. Clint insisted upon more details. 

“But hate isn’t a sin on that list. Neither is shame. After I woke up in this time, and I found out about this parade, I was afraid, because I wanted so badly to be a part of it.” 

The days before the parade went by with growing anticipation and anxiety. Bucky took every opportunity to tell him that it’d be okay, that he was going to be by his side like he always was, even when he wasn’t himself. He’d ran through his speech exactly eight times a day, once for each of them, and they all had their favorite parts. 

“So today I’m marching for that part of me that was once too afraid to march. And for all the people who can’t march, the people living lives like I did. Today I march to remember that I’m not just a me. I am also a we. And we march with pride.” 

Steve had been so sure that he’d have one of his moods, the usual panic and fret that came with public speaking sending him into a tailspin that Bucky would have to talk him through. But the moment he stepped out of the car and saw the unrelenting sea of people dressed in rainbow, he felt a swell of excitement. This wasn’t something to be afraid feared, this was something to revel in. 

“So go fuck yourself, Aquinas.”