did dean actually say this

Quotes from College
  • “porn is a theme”  “idk i think its more of a hobby”
  • “I don’t like sex because thats what dishwashers are for”
  • “yes, i stab every baby. I stabbed you as a baby, and I will stab your babies and then your babies’ babies.”
  • “Are you eating easy mac with chopsticks?” “yeah” “why” “because i’ve lost the small amount of control i had over my life”
  • “Have you jumped a horse since may?” “No, but my death wish is pretty intense today.” “Okay” *jumps fence that is definitely too high while trainer nods in solidarity*
  • “I’m trying to decide if I should get up and eat a trisket” “just one?” “yeah.”
  • “I’d fight a clown. I’d fight 10 clowns!”
  • “…and then {the dean} said to just fucking get over it” “wait, did she actually say that?” “bro, would I lie about this?”
  • “This…is…Howard!” *bio professor whips out chameleon from god only knows where*
  • “These are the Yale-ies. They are capuchins, there are 9 of them, all of them are named after James Bond characters and all of them are assholes.” 
  • “This is where we keep the leopard geckos and the turtles. the geckos like to be pet. the turtles do not. I know its tempting, but dont touch the turtles” *later that day, newbie comes in with bandaged fingers* “WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY!”
  • “Hey, professor, we named one of our plants after you!” “Ah, is this a good thing?” “Depends. We may kill it.”
  • “So you work with the monkeys?” “Yep.” “What do you do with them?”  “Oh, you know. Monkey business.” 
Imagine John Winchester (your father) hits you... Dean and Sam react badly... PART 2 [FINALE]

 The soothing rumbling of a car woke you up. It wasn’t the Impala, you knew upon instinct, but another car, old and worn down. Prying your eyes opened, you winced and reached towards your bruised face, crust gluing your eyelashes together.


Groaning and sitting up straight, you craned your neck to see Sam in the driver’s seat, his eyes fixated on you in the rearview mirror. “Hey, kiddo, how you holdin’ up?”

The sun peered over the horizon, and you wondered where Sam was taking you. “M'fine,” you grunted out, although both of you knew that was utter bull. “Where’re we goin’?” Still sleepy, you dragged your body over the consol and into the front passenger seat, looking at your older brother intently. Sam was about to answer, but a low grumble from your stomach silenced him. He smirked sideways at you, reaching into the glove compartment and throwing a Hostess cake at you.

“Bobby’s. I already called ahead. Dean’s meeting us there.”

Your eyes grew wide. “You talked to Dean?”

The atmosphere in the car suddenly grew grave, and Sam fidgeted in his seat. “(Y/N)-”

“What did you tell him?”

Sam licked his lips and looked at you again. “The truth, (Y/N). That you’re hurt and we need to meet up.”

“Why would you tell him that?!”

“Kiddo, we want to help you-”

“NO! No, NO! Now he has to choose, Sam! He can’t- I can’t- It’s my fault, okay?! It’s my fault anyways, so I can’t make you or Dean choose between me and Dad and I-”

The car swirved to the side of the barren highway, and Sam threw open his door. You winced, pulling back into your seat, as your own door was pulled open. A hand reached for your arm, and you began to panic, but when it touched you, the touch was gentle. Kind. And then you were enveloped in Sam’s arms once more, your cheek pressed to his chest as he hugged you and rocked you back and forth.

“Don’t you dare say that,” he whispered in your ear. “It is not your fault. It’s never been your fault. Do you understand, (Y/N)? It’s no one’s fault but his… Please, kiddo, please- I need you to know this. Kiddo…” He kissed your temple, finally pulling you away from him so you could look each other in the eye. “And even if I did have to choose between you two, I would always, always choose you, (Y/N). You’re my baby sister, alright? I will always take care of you… Always.”

You bit back the tears, pulling away from Sam and withdrawing into yourself once more. He frowned pointedly, but went back to the driver’s seat. Sitting for a few moments, he thrummed his fingers against the wheel. “(Y/N), I’m sorry if I- if I scared you-”

I’m not weak!” you hissed at him, instantly regretting it.

Sam swollowed and nodded, starting the car back up and veering back over onto the highway.

N-No! Daddy, p-p-please,” you sobbed, feeling warm blood dripping down your lips from a broken nose. John staggered towards you, an empty bottle of Jack in one hand and a pistol in the other. “Daddy…” The broken cry tumbled from your lips as you clawed at the floor boards, splinters going up beneath your nails and causing blood to bubble forth. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy-”

DON’T CALL ME THAT!” he roared at you, spit flying from his lips. His eyes, a dark charcoal black, peered at you with hatred. “Don’t you dare call me that… I shoulda gotten rid of you when I had the chance… Bastard child… Not nearly as good as Dean or Sam, never gonna be as good as them… You’re nothing to me, (Y/N).”





You screamed bloody murder, vocal cords shredding against each other as you sat stalk straight, throwing your hands in front of you. “NO! DADDY NO, PLEASE-”

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), kiddo, calm down please!”

The begging slowly brought your vision back, and the taste of blood on your lips made you gasp. Above you leaned Sam, his hands tight on your wrists as your nails clawed into your palms, drawing droplets of red. You had bitten your lip, which was why you tasted blood.

Sam’s eyes were filled with fear and pain, fear for you and pain for seeing you in such distress. “(Y/N), kiddo, please look at me,” he whispered to you, pulling you close. “It was just a nightmare, okay? Just a dream. Just a bad, bad dream…”

It took you a few moments to figure out the simpering whimpers were coming from you, and by then Sam had carried you into the motel room- since when were you guys at a motel?- and deposited you in the bed. He stepped away for a moment to do God knows what when your hand suddenly shot out on its own accord and clutched his hoodie sleeve.

The face he gave you was one of pure sorrow. “Oh, kiddo…”

You cuddled up to your big brother that night, hoping if you held tight enough then the terrible dream wouldn’t return.

By the time you woke up in the morning, you were back in the car and a mere half hour away from Bobby’s house. Yawning and stretching, you rubbed your eyes and winced when you got a sore reminder of the ugly blue marr on your face. Sam said nothing until you two pulled into Singer Salvage, putting the car in park and turning to you. “You ready, kiddo?”

No sooner had the words left his mouth did the front door swing open to reveal a rather tousseled Dean Winchester. It was surprising to see your oldest brother in such a state. His jeans looked days old, covered in muck and blood from his last hunt, and his hair was in such a state of disarray it looked like he had rolled around in a sty. The real kicker, though, was the dark shadows beneath his usual bright green eyes, now dull and cautious with hints of his hidden anger and sadness.

“(Y/N),” came the sigh of relief as he darted over to you, bow legs launching him the full ten yards in under a second. The car door was wretched open and you were pulled into yet another hug as Dean ran his hands up and down your arms, back, and head, looking for injuries. “Where are you hurt, kiddo? Huh? Did Dad gank the bitch?”

You stiffened in his arms, and Sam called something to his brother over your head, but you couldn’t hear it. You were back in that room, black eyes glaring at you and Jack Daniels filling your nose with splinters under your nails and blood in your mouth and-

“Would both you idjits step back and let the girl breathe, f'God sake?”


Dean and Sam both pulled away from you, and the bald head of Bobby Singer greeted you like a lighthouse beacon. Wringing his hat in his hands, Bobby smirked at you and put it on your head. “Your hair looks like a rat’s nest, girlie. When’s last time you had a bath?”

You shuffled your feet, thinking back. You and Sam had been on the road for about two days, and the hunt with John had lasted at least four… “Almost a week? I think?”

Bobby’s eyes grew wide, as if he hadn’t really been expecting an answer. “And the last time you ate?”

“…I had a twinkie on the way here…”

Bobby glared at Sam. “You didn’t get her any food?”

“It’s been a rough ride, Bobby,” Sam replied wearily, running a hand through his disheveled hair. “We haven’t really had much time to stop anywhere.”

You turned to look at your brothers, giving a soft smile when you saw Dean embracing Sam. It had been a while, but Dean had been more gung-ho about his little brother going off to college then Sam was! The smile the two shared was sad but happy, a melancholy recognition. “How you doin’, bitch?”

Sam scoffed. “Fine… jerk.”

You giggled despite yourself.

“Go on up and shower, girlie,” Bobby addressed you, patting your head. “Me and your big brother’ve been cookin’ up a storm for you two,” he said, more to Sam than you, “so you two’d better be ready to eat.”

Getting into the shower was painful, your entire body sore from sleeping so long in such close quarters. It was welcomed, though, the hot water almost scalding your skin as you scrubbed away the tears and anger and pain and misery. The scratches the wendigo had left on your side began to bleed again as the scabs were washed off, and you hissed in pain when the water hit them.


A crash echoed downstairs, and you gasped, knocking over the towel rack as you stepped out of the shower. “Shit!”

There was a pause, followed by two quick pairs of feet coming up the stairs. “(Y/N)?”

“I-I’m fine, Sam!” you hollared back, feeling the beginnings of a bruise on your right hip. “J-Just knocked over the towel rack… I’ll be out in a second!”

There were muffled voices on the other side of the door, and you could hear Bobby clearing his throat. “Mm'kay, hon, just make your way downstairs when you’re ready, alright? There’s clothes on the bed for ya.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

You waited until you couldn’t hear the men outside the door anymore, then ventured out into the guest room. There on the bed sat a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt of Dean’s. Or at least, you suspected it was Dean’s, seeing as how it was Led Zepplin. After holding the towel to your side, soaking up the blood and letting it clot, you pulled on the clothes and dried your hair, taking baby steps towards the door and peering down the steps. You could hear Sam whispering and Dean not-so-whispering in harsh tones, but you couldn’t make out the words. Creeping down the steps, you leaned in to hear more.

“Did she say Dad actually-”

“No, Dean, but it was obvious-”

How obvious, Sam?!”

“As obvious as the goddamn bruise on her cheek, Dean!”

Tears pricked your eyes, and you rushed a hand to your mouth to keep from crying out protests. That was what had startled you earlier, then. Sam telling Dean that your dad had… had hit you. Hell, you could hardly believe it yourself if it hadn’t happened to you. John Winchester may be a drill seargent and a jerk, but he wasn’t abusive. “He’s not…” you whispered to yourself, eyes screwing shut as you whimpered. “He’s not, he’s not, he’s not! It’s my fault… My fault… All my fault…”


You looked up with a sharp gasp, pulling back when a hand touched your bruised wrist. There at the base of the stairs stood Dean, eyes wide and glassy as he took in your appearance. He opened his mouth, shut it, opened it again. He looked like a fish out of water, panicking and not knowing what to do. Finally, Dean turned and walked towards the kitchen, back to you as he ran a hand through his hair and crossed his arms, breathing heavily.

“C'mere, girl,” Bobby coaxed you with a gentleness not altogether unknown of the man, but unused for many years. Tentatively, you stepped forward and allowed a blanket to be draped over your shoulders, a mug of something hot and steamy pressed into your hands. “Chicken soup. ’S good for the soul.”

The elephant in the room was suffocating, pressing down and making all of the oxygen dissipate into thin air. You sat on the couch, side pressed up against Sam’s, and leaned your head against his shoulder, sipping quietly at your soup.

When Dean turned around, he cut straight to the chase. “Kiddo, I know it’s gonna be hard, but… but you need to tell us what happened.” He crouched in front of you, reaching towards your face.

Unbidden, you gasped and flinched backwards, nearly dropping your mug to the floor. Dean’s face fell and your heart cracked. You had never seen him looking so sad or… broken. “Apple-pie…” he whispered, cupping your cheek and pulling you to look him in the eye. His thumb feathered its way across the bruise on your cheek. “We won’t be mad.”

Biting your lip, noting the pain that was there already, you took a deep breath and readied yourself for the monologue.

“We… We went on a hunt- a wendigo… It wasn’t supposed to be that big of a deal, but-” You grew quiet. “I just screw up everything,” you whispered, dropping your chin to your chest. Sam wiped at the tears trailing down your cheeks, nudging you onward. “I- I was supposed to stay hidden, to jump out when Dad got it in the right spot. But I went out too quick and- and it got away…”

“Did it hurt you?” Bobby interrupted, frowning pointedly.

You waited a moment, weighing whether or not you should tell the truth. “Y-Yeah. But just my side! It’s not a big deal-”

But Dean had already pulled up your shirt, his fingers running over the cuts as he scruntinized them. “Sammy, get the first aid kit.”

Without protest, Sam retrieved the kit and Dean began to sanitize the wounds. You didn’t make a noise or a single movement, not wanting to show any more weakness to your brothers than you already had. Dean was wrapping gauze around your torso just as you continued your story.

“Dad was… was furious…” Your blood ran cold at the thought of your furious father. “He- he screamed the whole way home… At first I just took it- I screwed up and I deserved it-” Sam’s face hardened at that. “-so I stayed quiet… But when we got back to the motel-”

You couldn’t finish. The horrors of what had happened was still fresh in your mind, seared into your skin by vivid marks. “(Y/N)…” Dean comforted you, rubbing your knee. “Please… We need to know.”

“… I screamed back at him… He told me- told me I’d never be a hunter like you, or Sam. And I know that! I know I’m not any good and I know I’ll never be as good as you two, but I can’t stand it anymore! Why can’t he- why can’t he just love me for me and not-” You broke off in sniffles, wiping at your nose. “And I yelled at him. I yelled at him and he grabbed me and-…”

“He hit you,” Sam finished, eyes blazing.


Dean’s eyes rolled closed, and you could see the veins in his neck and arms tensing as he tried to remain calm. Sam was pulsating with anger, although he tried to burrow it deep down so you wouldn’t be startled. You trusted your brothers not to harm you, though- then again, you had also trusted your father not to harm you, and look how that had turned out…

Bobby ended up breaking the uncomfortable silence, mumbling something about calling Pastor Jim. You wanted to protest at that, but found yourself suddenly to weary to care much about anything.

Finally, blessed finally, Dean spoke.

“(Y/N), has he… has he hit you before?”

You shook your head no, and the brothers deflated a bit. “This was the only time?”

You nodded.

“And it’ll stay the only time,” Sam affirmed, his voice a deep growl. You expected Dean to say something in defense of your father, but he merely nodded.

“And you’ll be staying with me from now on, girlie.”

Everyone turned to Bobby as he entered the room. “Just got off with Jim. He called me last night after John showed up drunk out of his mind on the footsteps of the church.” You stiffened and Sam rubbed your arms. “Told Jim not to say anything to John, but that you were stayin’ with me for a while.” He smiled. “It’ll do you some good to stay at one school for a while anyways, now won’t it?”

Happiness filled your veins, and you were confused. You should be sad that you couldn’t stay with your father, shouldn’t you? Your mind was buzzing with questions and fears and doubts, uneasiness filling your empty stomach like a pile of rocks.


You looked at Dean, who was grinning ear-to-ear. “Whaddaya say I take a little vacation, huh? Christmas is just around the corner, anyway. We can hole up here, get a tree…”

Sam smirked. “I’m on winter vacation at college, too. I’ll have to call my roomates, but I think I’ll be good to stay for a while, too.”

A teary smile lit up your face. “Yeah… Thanks, guys.”

There was so much more you wanted to say, but your throat was closing up on itself. So you simply sat there, embraced by your brothers, and watched as snow began to fall outside in little, fluffy clouds. Slowly, slowly, your eyes shut, and you fell asleep…

Crossroad Blues - Part 1

Word Count: 2054

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Hey, you ok?” Dean asked. “You’ve barely touched your food.” You vaguely registered he’d said something, but you’d been spacing out thinking about Baltimore. Dean and Sam hadn’t said a word about it since you killed Sheridan and apparently heard Dean’s thoughts, but it was all you could think about, even as you were trying to listen to Sam while you sat in a diner, on your way to a new case. He leaned over and pressed a kiss against your lips and you instinctively kissed back.

“Not that I don’t appreciate it…” You said as you pulled back, “But what was that for?”

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Knight in shining armor - Dean Winchester x Reader (Knight/Princess AU) - Part 3

Title: Knight in shining armor

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,554

Warnings: None

Original imagine: AU. Imagine being a princess and falling in love with one of your father’s knights, Dean Winchester, although you are forbidden to.

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here!

A/N: A huge apology that this is up so late, but I took my pc back from service just a few days ago and in between having to study for Physics’ test and trying to keep myself from crying because I lost all my files- yeah, it is kinda hard to keep up with this. And this also means the gifs for knight!Dean I searched so much to find. Anyway, I will make up for the lost time! Promise!

Enjoy~! xx’

You walked with Dean in silence for a while. You were biting your lip constantly thinking of something to say, anything to avoid the awkward silence.

“So you’ve been one of my father’s knights for a long time?” you asked out of the blue.

It sounded stupid to you and you were praying he would not sense your awkwardness and slight discomfort. He obviously didn’t as he just smiled with a small nod.

“Yes, princess. I’ve actually been on this castle for most part of my life” he said, glancing for a while at you.

“But don’t you have a family. If you don’t mind me asking”

“Yes, yes I do. But when in his search for more soldiers your father came at my village I just… I couldn’t let him take my younger brother so I volunteered myself” he said as if it was the most simple thing in the world.

“So you basically… sacrificed yourself to save your brother?” you asked again and earned a nod from him.

“That’s really… heroic and selfless of you to do” you said in awe and he just let out a chuckle.

“Not really. I wouldn’t say so. I just did what I felt like. I know that little Sammy was meant for greater things and I wasn’t wrong, after all.” he said with what could only be described as a proud smile.

“Well, it is good to know that he has someone that would do anything for him. Wish I had somebody as well” you mostly mumbled the last part to yourself, looking down as you walked.

“Then I guess you’re lucky as well ‘cause you got me. I would anything for you, princess” he said with a small smirk and you bit your lip to keep the smile from getting bigger.

“Glad to know that” your voice was low as you looked at him and he gazed back at you with a smile. He realized that he had been staring at you for quite long, though, so clearing his throat he immediately averted his eyes from yours.

“But I promise you that if you do something like that when it comes to me-” you started and he piped in.

“Sacrifice myself for you?”

You nodded “Yes, if you ever decide to do something so stupid as that mind my words, you are never going to hear the end of it.” you said and he let out a chuckle.

“Very well then. I will have it in mind, princess” he said with a smirk.

“You better should” you said just as playfully “But I was just wondering. How come I have not seen you this entire time? I mean, sure I don’t just hang out with my father’s knight but I know I have gotten to see most of them. Not you though”

“Probably because you don’t just hang out at the training areas. I mean, yeah, I am your father’s right hand but when we’re not on a battle or on war I spend most of time helping in training the newest soldiers. We have new ones every year and they need training. Kids barely know how to hold a sword properly let alone use it.”

“Yeah, but as you said they’re kids” you pointed out.

“True but so was I and so was everybody else that came with me when your father asked for soldiers. Don’t get me wrong, princess, living here is actually better even if we have to fight. Most of us barely had food to make it by and your father is kind enough to give us money on top, to send to our families. But I’m telling you, when you want to be a knight you have to know the basics.” he shrugged.

“I guess you’re right” you mumbled.

“And we, believe me, are considered lucky. Taking into account how your father rarely chooses to fight but prefers talking over issues first”

“That’s one good thing about my father” you said with a small shrug “But-” you turned to look at Dean “-Don’t you miss them? My dad’s been gone for over a year and I missed him like crazy. I can’t imagine how it would be to have to see them for years”

“It is hard, trust me. But I’ve learned to manage. It was me or Sam, and that was not an option for me. At least your father was kind enough to give us a choice instead of just taking someone he wanted”

“I see” you nodded “But I am sure they miss you as well. Leaving so many people behind that you knew and loved is hard. Your mother. Your father. Your brother… Your girl.” you hesitated to say the last part but did so anyway.

You actually were scared to hear what Dean would say because you were mostly scared to hear him verify it. Not that it would be surprising, after all. He was the perfect type of man. Caring, as it seemed, selfless,  funny and let’s not forget handsome. What kind of woman would let him just pass by.

He let out a chuckle and shook his head “No, no girl.”

“No girl? Really? Wow that’s- that’s hard to believe” you said, letting out a sigh of relief you didn’t know you were holding.

“Not really. I mean yeah I’ve had my moments but- when it comes to an actual relationship I kinda… suck” he said and you both laughed “Besides-” he let out a sad sigh “- I don’t think I’m made for that”

“Why would you say that?” you asked with a frown.

“I ruin everything I touch. Honestly sometimes I think I’m cursed. I try hard, you know, but never succeed and everybody just expects so much from me” he shook his head looking down.

“You tell me” you mumbled.

“'Sides what woman would want me? All I do is make mistakes, ruin others’ lifes and then just drown my sorrows in alcohol. Like would you want a big mess like me?” he scoffed and shook his head “I’m just one big damn flaw, that is for sure. So why the hell drag somebody else with me down in the pit where I belong?” he added and you swallowed the lump in your throat, biting your lip to keep the tears in.

He couldn’t really be thinking this way of himeslf right?

You hadn’t and you certainly didn’t expect to see this side on this man. And what was for sure was that it hurt. It hurt like hell to see him like this.

You never expected so much self-loathing from a man like him. His smile was the brightest you had ever seen and it surely was intoxicating. It was hard to believe that a man that could smile so brightly and lift your spirits so easily was so… broken on the inside.

“Well… I would” you mumbled, looking down at your dress once again.

“What?” you heard him breath out and you slowly and reluctantly turned your head so that you were looking at him.

You felt a small blush form on your cheeks but you could not back down now, could you?

“I said I would certainly want a man like you. You are not one big flaw, Dean. At least I don’t think you are. Yes, you probably have your flaws but- we all do. Believe me, my dad has most of them and I have inherited them unfortunately.” you let out a dry laugh and he did the same “But- I don’t think that takes anything away from who you really are. Sure I can’t say much because I don’t know you all that well and… in all honesty I would love to know you better but-” you cleared your throat “-I guess that’s not the point here. What I want to say is that I believe, no, I know that you’re not what you believe you are, Dean.”

And you continued “Sure you make mistakes, we all do, and we all have our weak moments but that does not mean that we- that you do not deserve something good. You have the most kind heart I’ve seen on a person. You are selfless and caring and I- I know any woman would be lucky to have a man like you and they would certainly be damned if they let you go, Dean”

You saw a smile forme on Dean’s lips and you pursed yours, looking down at the floor instead of him because you knew that if you continued looking at those eyes and speaking then you would surely utter things that he was not supposed to know… Not yet at least.

“And I know that any man would be damn lucky to have a woman like you” he muttered and your head snapped in his direction as you felt the blush darken at hearing his words.

The look in his eyes made your heart flutter.

You would have asked him what he meant by that but before you could even utter a word you reached the main dining room and the two soldiers that stood by the door opened it for you to walk in.

“Ah there she is!” your father exclaimed with a big smile as soon as you walked close to them.

There was a big table in the middle of the huge room, all sorts of food on it and the servants kept bringing more and more. Pouring wine for the guests that had already taken a seat and others motioning for the ones that were still coming to sit on their rightful place. Soft music was playing and you spotted from the corner of your eye the musicians on the far corner of the room. The curtains were pulled back allowing the light of the moon to shine through the big windows that covered and entire wall, the warm light from the candles mixing with that of the moon and managing to make a pleasant environment for everyone.

“Come, come” he said motioning for you to come sit next to your mother than was sitting right next to him.

Although you didn’t want to you let go of Dean’s arm and after a final look at him you turned your head and made your way next to your mother. She was looking at you with a small frown but you just shook your head and gave her a reassuring smile. You took a seat next to her but couldn’t help but slyly look at Dean walk around the table. You knew he was going to stay, just like most of your father’s soldiers and faithful knights had joined you tonight, but what you were hoping was for him to sit close to you.

You got part of your wish come true as you saw him walk straight next to your father and take a seat there. His eyes were locked with yours all the time and you didn’t dare break eye contact.

Something that you did all night.

It was pleasant even though you did not expect it. You thought you were going to just be bored throughout the whole meal - something that you always thought you would do and rarely joined such events - but the case was not like that at all. Dean made everything all the more interesting. You caught yourself laughing more times than you could count and enjoying yourself like never before. He would not stop telling everybody stories. Rarely it would be about only him. Most times it would be about things that had happened either on the castle or even during a battle. How that could be funny you didn’t know but it surely was. Dean made it sound like that.

He spoke about his adventures with some of the knights that were on the table and he obviously was good friends with. He talked about things that happened to them and even reminded to your father about incidents between the two of them while Dean was still new here and young. About how your father had taken a liking to him and treated him like a son… and about how Dean once almost set his beard on fire. That surely was something you, your mother, Dean, everybody else and above all your father were never going to forget.

All the while you laughed, shared funny stories, and not, you caught yourself sneaking glances at Dean. Most of the time it was when he was not looking at you but was laughing. You absolutely loved to see him laugh. Even when he talked with your father or somebody else you could not take your eyes off him. Sneaking glances at him when he was looking at your direction was something you surely liked. There were times though that he would catch your eyes and even though you would blush you found yourself unable to look away from him. And then there were moments when you would catch him staring. Those you enjoyed the most. When you would just smirk at him and raise an eyebrow and he would quickly avert his eyes, pretending to be occupied with something else. Although the blush that creeped up his neck told you differently.

And of course the conversation soon drifted to you. What with your upcoming birthday, what with your father being absent for so long and not having caught up with what was going on yet, what with so many men on the table (talking about the royals of course - not that your father would even so think about you and one of his knights) he had to ask…

“So come on (Y/n). Your mother has not told me much because she obviously does not know much. But you’ve been known to keep secrets ever since you were little. However, you’re a grown woman now. And there surely has to be a man in your life. Am I right?” he raised an eyebrow and all attention was on you now.

Everybody was interested to know if the kingdom’s only princess had found a man.

You looked around you for a second, mouth slightly open ready to speak, until your eyes landed Dean. You looked at him for a while, the soft smile that played on his lips and his green orbs looking at you with an expecting look. The words that he had told you while it was just the two of you ringing in your ears.

You closed your mouth but a smile soon formed on your face “Well, there might be someone” you said in a soft voice, eyes not leaving Dean.

A smile that mirrored yours formed on his lips, as if he had caught to what you were saying and without breaking eye contact he, along with everybody else, raised his golden cup and said 'To the princess!’. Although he just seemed to be mouthing the words as everybody else said it cheerfully.

Well, you now could say for sure that this was one of the best nights of your life…

…and you couldn’t wait for tomorrow to be the best day of your life because, as your father had previously told you, Dean was going to be the one to accompany you to your weekly stroll to the woods.

Part 4

That Time of Month (Dean Winchester Fluff for Anon)

You’re on your period, and Dean helps you.

“Get up Y/N! We have a lot of work to do today!” Sam banged on the door to your room in the bunker. You groggily glanced over at the red glow of your alarm clock. 6:30, it read. You ignored Sam’s wishes and buried your head back into your pillow and drifted back into sleep. You fell back asleep for about thirty minutes, before you were painfully awoken by a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. It couldn’t be what you thought it was. Had it really been a month already? You lifted the covers where you were laying to check your sheets. Sure enough, there was a small blood spot where you had been laying. “Are you fucking kidding me?” you sighed to yourself. Having your period make you an emotional wreck, and extremely needy for Dean, you didn’t know why, it just did. Being a hunter sure as hell didn’t make it any easier either. You put on a new pair of boyshort underwear to go with your white tank, and opened the door to go to the bathroom. You slumped past the boys, who were already up and researching. “I am death.” You mumbled as you walked past them. “Good morning to you too.” Dean scoffed. You ignored him and headed into the bathroom. You looked into the cabinet where you usually kept your tampons and pads, and it was empty. “Fuck.” You sighed as you left the bathroom and walked to where the boys were researching. You sat next to Dean. “Dean I need the keys to the Impala, I need to make a run.” You said, you were in no mood to try and persuade him by being flirtatious. It was the only way to get that stubborn man to do anything. “Why?” He said raising an eyebrow at you. Before you could respond, Sam intervened. “Dude.” Sam said, hinting at Dean. “Oh, um, do you want me or Sam to go get them? Would that make it easier, or..?” Dean said, somewhat embarrassed that he questioned you, you thought it was cute though, Dean had always looked out for you. “Dean, do you really want to check out with tampons and pads?” You asked him, knowing that guys don’t usually prefer to buy tampons. “Nope, it shows I have a woman to care for.” He smirked, chuckling a bit at the end. “Dean, you don’t have a woman.” Sam said, looking up from his laptop at Dean. Dean’s smiled faded. “You don’t have a woman….woman.” Dean said to Sam, then looking back at you. “You really need to work on those comebacks okay?” You said laughing at him, sarcastically putting a hand on his knee. He shrugged. “Do you want me to get them or no?” He said getting back to business. “How about I come with so you don’t embarrass yourself.” You said, making a compromise. “Deal.” Dean agreed, getting up from his seat to get the keys. You got up and went back to your room to throw on a pair of jeans and boots. “You ready yet?” You heard Dean calling down the hallway. “Yeah.” You said walking out of your room to accompany him to the Impala. “Holy shit!” You exclaimed as you walked outside, shocked by the chill of the air. “Is Kansas always this cold?” You asked Dean as you got into the Impala. “It’s sixty degrees?” Dean said, giving you a questionable look before getting in the Impala. You forgot that you got extremely cold on your period, you weren’t sure what it was, maybe just all the blood, but it was hell. Dean turned on the car before taking off his green utility jacket and handing it to you. You took it without hesitation and wrapped yourself in it as Dean sped off onto the road. “Thanks.” You mumbled about five minutes into the car ride. “For?” Dean said, looking at you briefly, then locking his eyes back on the road. “Caring about me.” You said as you pulled your legs next to you in the front seat, trying to get comfortable. Why were you saying this? You never said mushy stuff like that. Stupid emotions. “Its what I’m supposed to do.” Dean said before resting a hand on your ankle. “You’re warm.” You said to Dean, suddenly feeling safe because he was with you. Your cramps came back, this time worse than last time, making it almost impossible to get comfortable. A couple of agonizing minutes later, you felt it. The burning in your throat, water welling up in your eyes, you were going to cry. A tear escaped from your eyes, despite all of your attempts to avoid emotion. You sniffled a bit. “Ok Y/N,” you thought “if you can handle being legitimately stabbed, you can handle some wimpy cramps.” you finished trying to cheer yourself on through the pain. “You okay-” Dean started as he looked over at you “What happened? Are you okay?” He said pulling over the car, thinking that something was wrong. “Yea, I’m okay.” You said, your voice tainted by tears. “Why are you crying?” He said facing you and wiping a tear from your cheek. “I don’t know. I hurt. And I’m cold. And I’m a wreck. Sorry.” You said smiling a bit and looking down, embarrassed by how pathetic you sounded. “Don’t be embarrassed, pain sucks.” Dean said softly, tilting your head up. You felt the ‘needy for Dean’ emotion coming. You should repress it. You had to repress it. If you weren’t on your period you might have repressed it. But no, you were. “You can lay down if you want.” Dean said, taking his hand off your face.“Its,” You paused. “Its?” Dean asked, ushering you to continue. “Kind of cold against the door..” You said, honestly not wanting to lay up against a cold metal door. “Lay on me.” Dean said without hesitation. You looked at him somewhat surprised that he would offer. You nodded and laid across the connecting front seats of the Impala, resting your head on his leg as he rested a strong arm over you, his hand resting on your stomach. He pulled back onto the road. You dozed off for about ten minutes, awakened by Dean softly singing 'Dream a Little Dream of Me.’ He was actually surprisingly good, you kept your eyes shut and pretended to be asleep, not wanting him to stop. As he sang and drove, he rucked up your tank slightly, resting his hand on your bare skin. You didn’t mind, he was warm, and you felt like the safest person in the world. You felt the car pull into a parking lot and stop. You drowsily sat up and got ready to get out of the car, your cramps were still killing you. “No, no. You’re staying here.” He said, worried about you. “Dean, I can walk, I’m not dying I promise.” You said. “I know you can. But do you want to?” He said, putting his jacket back on your shoulders to keep you warm. You shook your head 'no.’ “I’ll be right back.” Dean said as he started to get out of the car. “Hey.” You said as you grabbed his forearm before he could leave. “Thanks. Seriously.” You said up at him from the car. “No problem.” He said before leaning into the car window and softly kissing you and walking away.You were left sitting in the car in shock. You laid back down, unsure of what to actually think about what just happened. Did you mind that he did it? No. Would you mind if he did it again. Hell no. But you were in no position to have a schoolgirl crush on Dean. You shut your eyes and slowly drowsed off, waiting for Dean to return. After God knows how long, you heard the car door open. You sat up, letting Dean sit down with the bags before laying your head back on him. “What took so long?” You asked, knowing it had at least been an hour. “I didn’t know what kind you needed, so I had to ask some lady in the store.” Dean said smally “She started going off about flow and weeks and all sorts of things. I’m telling you, you women have a language of your own.” He rambled as he pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the road. “Did you not take high school Health?” You laughed at him. “You were a lot less sassy when you were asleep, you know that?” He joked, resting his hand back on you, but this time, closer to your breast. Your heart raced, and pumped faster when you replayed the thought of Dean kissing you in your head. “What did you just think about?” Dean asked, obviously feeling your heart beat under his hand. You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t want to bring up the kiss, but you did all at the same time. God, you were a wreck when you were on your period. “You kissing me.” You blurted out before your mind could catch up with your mouth. “Oh my God did I actually just say that.” You cringed. Dean smirked. He knew exactly what he was doing. “You liked it didn’t you?” He said smoothly. You nodded your head instead of speaking, for fear of what would come out. “I-I want you to do it again.” You said without thinking. You couldn’t keep up with your mouth, or your weird needy desire for Dean. He raised an eyebrow in amusement. “You need me to do it again.” He growled. You did though, you needed Dean. Period or no period, you needed him, over the years of living him, you had allowed yourself to become dependent on him, it was just harder to mask while you were on your period. “No, I need you.” You finally said. Dean pulled over onto the side of the road for the second time this trip. The second you sat up next to him, Dean’s lips crashed onto yours. He slightly nipped at your lip, as he moved his hand to your breast, massaging it in all of the right places, making you slightly whimper. Dean hoisted you up and onto his lap, resting his hands on the small of your back, as he trailed kisses from your lips to your collar bones and back up to your neck, leaving love marks and bites. “I need you too.” He breathed against your skin, sending chills down your spine. He moved one hand to your inner thigh, making you shiver with arousment. He trailed his hand to the button of your jeans and unbuttoned them, lips still locked to yours. He slowly put his hand down your jeans, but you grabbed his wrist in the process. “You don’t want to go down there. Trust me.” You blurted. God, you needed to learn how to be more smooth. Dean chuckled “I’ll take your word for it.” He said before pressing his lips back onto yours. Suddenly, you heard Dean’s phone ring. He patted around the front seat for it, before answering it. “Yeah?” He said into it. “Who is it?” You whispered quietly. He pulled the phone away from his ear. “Sam.” He said. You could hear Sam speaking on the other end, Dean’s phone volume was always on high because of his bad hearing after years of listening to loud rock music. “Where are you guys? I mean, I know the bunker is far away from the store but, it’s been three hours.” Sam said. “We’re on our way back.” Dean said, sounding somewhat annoyed. “Ok, just making sure you guys didn’t die, or anything. Bye.” Sam replied. “Bye.” Dean said hanging up the phone. “I guess we should get going.” You suggested, giving Dean one last kiss and getting off of his lap. “Probably.” He said as he rested his hand on your thigh and pulling out onto the road. You finally arrived back at the bunker, and Dean parked the car. You got out with Dean about to enter the bunker. “Y/N, wait!” Dean exclaimed as he walked up to you and rebuttoned and rezipped your pants. “Oh wow, that’s embarrassing.” You said, your cheeks flushing. “No, I liked it. But I don’t know if Sam will.” He chuckled, giving you a quick peck on the lips before entering the bunker with you following. You walked in and grabbed one of the bags off the table where Dean had set it before retreating into the bathroom to put tampon in. Dean had gotten 'Ultra Jumbo Super’ tampons as thick as cucumbers. “Why do they even make these?” You thought as you put it in. You left the bathroom to look in the other bag. Strawberry Ice Cream, Pecan Ice Cream, and a Game of Thrones DVD with all four seasons on it. This was truly the best day of your life. You picked up the bag and grabbed two spoons. You walked past Sam and walked into Dean’s room to find him on his laptop. “Thanks, again.” You said holding up the bag. “You say that a lot.” Dean smirked. “I know.” you giggled as Dean scooted over on his bed, inviting you to come sit next to him. You accepted his invitation. “Hand me the bag?” Dean asked as you handed it to him. He pulled out Game of Thrones and popped the first DVD into his laptop. He pulled the ice cream out of the bag and gave you the strawberry carton, knowing it was your favorite. “I was wondering why you got pecan flavored.” You laughed as he started eating it. “I wasn’t gonna hold out on myself either.” He chucked before pressing his cold lips to your cheek. “How does anyone hate pecan anyways?” He questioned you as the Game of Thrones title sequence played. You shrugged. “I don’t know, it just, doesn’t work for me.” You said taking a spoonful of strawberry. “You gotta give it a chance.” He joked, holding up a small scoop of pecan ice cream to you. Reluctantly, you opened your mouth as he fed you the nastiest ice cream in the entire world. You swallowed hard. “Ew, Dean.” You laughed as the show started. “You know,” He started, “Ned dies.” He spoiled. “Dean! You spoiler!” You fake yelled at him as you hit him playfully. “I’m sorry!” He laughed. “Sorry doesn’t bring Ned back.” You joked as you rested your head back onto his shoulder. After the two of your finished your ice cream and a few episodes of the show, you were ready to take a midday snooze. “I’m tired. Let’s sleep.” You yawned as you snuggled up close to Dean. He kissed the top of your head and put the laptop on the desk next to him. “Bossy today aren’t you?” He muttered jokingly. You nodded your head to verify his statement. Dean wrapped his arms around you, as you fell into unconsciousness in Dean’s arms.

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"What Fools These Mortals Be"

2nd fic giveaway, this time for mishasbabyminion with the prompt “HS AU where they’re both graduating and Dean is getting ready to move again. Finally admitting their feelings and deciding what to do from that point on”

Sorry about the delay on this, but I hope you like it.

Castiel stares at himself in the corroding mirror in front of him. His face and features look foriegn with the layers of pancake make-up over them.

Today is going to be the day, he decides. It has to be.

He glances down at the dusty and stained tool box full of stage make-up: bent tubs of foundation, broken lip pencils, chipped chunks of shadow and smears of mascara coating the sides. He picks out the dark brown eye pencil and begins carefully lining his lids, making his blue eyes pop.

“Scoot over Cas,” a rough familiar voice calls out. “The rest of us need to look pretty too.” Dean Winchester squeezes into the chair next to him, grabbing up a near-empty bottle of liquid foundation and dabbing it on a sponge.

Today he was going to tell Dean how he felt.

Even though Castiel and Dean had been vague acquaintances for years, It wasn’t until high school and Dean auditioning for “Anything Goes” on a dare that they truly became friends. They spent hours together at rehearsal, playing cards and cracking jokes. They became staples of the school’s drama program, working their way up the ranks from lineless background players to speaking roles. Cas had never had a friend like Dean, someone so different from himself but so genuinely friendly and loyal. It hadn’t taken long for Cas’ crush on Dean to form.

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Angels are watching over you

Yeah, okay, but everyone is focusing on how Mary reacts to the Destiel (or Deancas however you want it) hug… but is no one thinking about the reaction Mary had when Dean said Castiel was an angel? 

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There’s a real angel in front of her… Wings, (no harp ok) mojo and all. 

Maybe she thought back to that sentence she always told someone…

 Someone = her 4 year old son Dean Winchester. What did she say to him?

And now, an actual angel is standing there, with her son. 

They just hugged each other and seem to be close *cough cough* friends… 

That’s the moment Mary realizes she was right: 

Angels indeed are watching over Dean. 

And then she knows. 

He has been and is in the right hands.

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Dean: SAMMIEH!  It’s a new episode of SOOPER-NATCHERAL tonight.  We gotta get ready!

Sam: Just a MO’ Dean, I gotta finish this chapter of my DRAMATICAL FAN FICTION.

Dean: But SAMMIEH!  We’re runnin’ out of TIME!

Cap’n Jack: Did you say TIME PARADOX, Dean?

Dean: Uh, no, actually I didn’t.

Cap’n Jack: As it happens, I got my handy VORTEX MANIPULATOR.  Wanna try it out?

Dean: Uhhhhh, you think this is a good idea?

Cap’n Jack: I ONLY have GOOD IDEAS!!!!

Dean: Hey, wait, where did he go?  I feel a TIME SPACE PARADOX comin’ on!

Cas: Hello, Dean.

Dean: Cas?  Is that you????

Cas: Hello Dean.

Cas: Hello Dean.

Cas: Hello Dean.

Dean: Uh, I feel something is gone a bit HINKY.

Hello Dean Hello Dean Hello Dean Hello Dean….


Dean: SAMMIEH!  Something’s gone WOOGLY with CAS!  Probs possessed again or somethin’.


Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean…

Dean: NOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOooOooOoOOOOOOoooooooooo……


Cas: How many o’ me were there?  I lost count.

Dean: NOOOOOO!  Too SKEERY!!!!

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John just makes me so mad because half of thd ppl on tumblr defend him and its like can you not see Sam called John when Dean was dying. Fucking dying, and john didnt pick up the damn phone. Dean called multiple times asking for help and he still didnt pick up the damn phone. He dropped them off at sketchy ass motels for weeks when Dean was like 7 and expected them to be self sufficent. it makes me fucking angry. anytime Dean talks about when Sam wasnt there, the look in his eyes is heartbreakin

Oh my god, right???

And what really pisses me off is when John says


And then when Dean says, actually yeah we did call you, John manipulates the situation so Dean can’t be mad anymore.

And of course Dean’s face right here when he’s talking about John

John’s an abuser and I hate his guts. I’m glad he’s rotting away in hell, the syphilitic cock sucker.

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I may have an answer to your post about Sam being treated unfairly. In season 6 they knew that Sam was locked with Lucifer in the cage so there was literally no way for them to get him out and they accepted it. When Dean disappeared they didn't know much about the purgatory so there still was a chance they could find a way to get him out but Sam didn't even try. That was why they were giving him shit. He didn't try hard enough.

“he didn’t try hard enough.”

literally in the climax of season 7, sam lost everybody in like five seconds. bobby, dean, cas—all gone. all the sudden. and crowley was like “good luck with that buddy.” sam had no fucking clue what happened to dean and cas, they literally had no frame of reference for getting into purgatory. in fact, the entire premise of season 6 was that purgatory was really fucking hard to find (which they fucked up and forgot in season 8, but i didn’t.)

so sam had nobody, no leads, no home or case to work on or anything. don’t u think he might’ve been a /little/ upset by all of this?

not to mention the fact that sam has seen his brother die literally more than a hundred times. sam knows what happens when he tries to bring his brother back. he becomes a ruthless killer that would be willing to sacrifice /bobby/ to get his brother back (mystery spot). he becomes a machine. OR he starts drinking demon blood, becomes what he considers a monster. these are the things that happen to sam when he tries to bring his brother back from the dead. he becomes something he hates, something that /dean/ would hate too.

so he did what he thought would make dean proud. something that dean actually later says to him in season 8, “i want you to grow old and live a normal life.” he was trying to do what he thought dean always wanted for him.

but yeah, let’s all conveniently forget these facts just because we think sam is responsible for everyone. just because we forget that sam is a human being who is capable of falling into depression or ptsd and needs to take care of himself before he can take care of anybody else.

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Did JKR actually say that she wanted to make Dean/Seamus canon or is that just a myth?

I’ve never found a source for that, despite looking endlessly, so I treat it as a myth. If anyone has a source with a direct quote from JK Rowling, I’ll be happy to publish it*.

*”JK Rowling said” followed by paraphrasing isn’t a source, it’s hearsay.