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So I just wanted to say some thoughts on recent developments with several youtubes turning out to be pretty shitty people, or at least making it way more obvious than it was in the past, such as basically anything and everything JonTron’s been saying and PewDiePie (although did anyone like him THAT much now?) 

It’s okay to have some level of nostalgia for their videos and to enjoy their old work, if that’s your cup of tea, for whatever reason. Those videos have nothing to do with their political or moral beliefs, and watching them could give you a completely different feeling from whatever you’re feeling now.

I haven’t really given a shit about PewDiePie in years, but I was a fan of JonTron. I never made myself a twitter, and I wasn’t enough of a fan to go searching his tag on Tumblr or anything to find out about the things he’d said, until a friend showed me recently and I went deeper down the rabbit hole. There are still videos of his that I enjoy, because they’ve had a lot of value to me, helping me cheer up in some really hard times. I feel betrayed that I never knew we had such wildly different beliefs, I never got that from any of his videos. He was just some guy talking about video games.

I don’t feel comfortable supporting JonTron not just because of his beliefs, but because he seems to be very defensive of them and resistant to criticism, I don’t have any confidence that he’ll change.

But if you enjoyed his content, and can still get those same feelings of comfort and joy that helped you through those hard times, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m not going to enjoy Edward Scissorhands or Sweeney Todd any less because I hate Johnny Depp, and while I wont support him in the future either, this is basically my long way of saying that your feelings aren’t suddenly invalid just because you no longer agree/like the person who made something that made you feel good.

If you wanna enjoy those videos and use them to laugh off a bad day, that’s all on you, life is tough and shitty and do what makes you feel good, but it’s also important to ask yourself if you feel comfortable supporting them now. Those good memories are yours, they don’t belong to whoever hurt you, enjoy them if they still offer you comfort.


I’ll take anything

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I can’t check if anyone else has posted this, but there are some really cute moments in this interview. (✿◠‿◠) Also, Chris telling Karl to be careful with his answer about him (just like he did with John in that other interview). Like really… what are you scared of people finding out about you, Chris? Huh? ;D


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This is how it should be watched. Soooo good…

Did anyone notice that after he flips her over and they cut to him kissing her there is the red sheet on him and it shows up a couple of other times with the last kissing sequence. They were under the sheets at this time…why didn’t they widen the shot for us just for a few seconds? 

Hope we get more of this in the cut scenes for season 3. Crossing my fingers!