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Kara and Lena, making out on top of that desk in her office

It’s been a long week.

It drags at her heels, weighs down her cape as Kara makes her way from the DEO bunker back towards National City. In the distance, the lights of the city guide her way, and she’s grateful for it as sleep is calling her name.

She just has to get home, and she adjusts her trajectory a little to the south as she gets closer, aims for her neighborhood and her bed and the angle of the city shifts, rearranges itself into a different view and the L-Corp building is there, the sign neon-brighter than all the rest. She doesn’t decide to go so much as she just does, a slight arc around a cluster of buildings downtown and then she’s landing on Lena’s balcony.

It’s not the most graceful of entrances.

Okay, she stumbles, but she’s tired, and, more than that, she’s messy with eagerness. She hasn’t been in her life for days, not at work, not at home or the bar, not with the people she cares about who don’t fight by her side, because someone thought it would be a good idea to sell captured gil’dishpans on the black market without a clue as to who or what the alien portal creatures were. But as the events of the week start to fall away to a memory, she wants back into her life. She wants

Her less-than-graceful landing gives her arrival away.

Inside, Lena turns in her chair, sets down the tablet she was reading from, and at the sight of her the weight of Kara’s exhaustion and longing twists in on itself, rearranges at an elemental level, and something of what she’s feeling she finds reflected back in the look painted across Lena’s face.

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Drunk in Love

Note: You are Kylo’s apprentice. You both have feelings for each other, but Kylo stops you from acting on them. Finally, when Kylo finds you drunk during a mission, he admits he’s in love with you.

Also this isn’t part of The Arrangement!! Just a little Kylo x Apprentice Reader oneshot because you lovelies have been so patient with not having any fic updates for nearly a week haha

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“Is that enough?” You pointed to the pile of rocks you had assembled in a circle using the Force.

Kylo strides over to you from the other side of the room. You could feel his presence as he towered behind you.

“It is. Brilliant work, Y/N,” he said, giving you a congratulatory pat on the shoulder.

But before he could move his gloved hand away from you, you quickly entwined your fingers with his.

“Y/N…” He warned.

You frowned, “What?”

“We’ve discussed this. You know we can’t.”

“Why not? We’re in your training room. We’re basically on your Base! You don’t have to answer to anyone but the Supreme Leader and he’s not exactly here right now…”

“Then I say we can’t do this,” he said firmly, the modulator in his helmet making his words sound harsher.

You looked up at him, “Why not?”

“Because I care about you, Y/N,” he responded flatly, as if this was common knowledge between you two.

“That doesn’t make sense!”

“I know you won’t understand it Y/N, but–”

You stood up, “You’re right! I don’t understand it,” you said before storming off.

You looked up to see Aleena, a First Order officer, standing in front of you. You two had become good friends in the many months that you had been at Starkiller Base. She was recruited for this particular mission when you told Kylo about her strong knowledge in this planet’s culture and language

“There’s a Cantina close by. A few of the officers are going to check it out tonight, you in?“

“Sure,” you mumbled.

It had been weeks since that day in the training room but you hadn’t stopped thinking about it. You knew you and Kylo both felt something for one another but in the weeks that had passed, Kylo had done everything he could to avoid the subject.

He kept the conversation mostly focused on your technique during training. But he had barely spoken to you during this entire mission he had insisted you join him on. As if he thought that avoiding you entirely was the best way to avoid the problems between you two.

“Are you alright?” Aleena asked as she took in your dull expression.

“Fine,” you forced a smile, “I am. Really.”

Aleena raised an eyebrow, “Well, hopefully this evening will take your mind off the Commander– I mean, whatever it is that’s bothering you.”

You glared at your friend before letting out a laugh, “I suppose I could do with a distraction.”

It turned out that ‘a distraction’ was downing as much alcohol as you physically could. You even tried flirting with some of the people at the Cantina. One almost kissed you– before Aleena swooped in to stop you. She knew you would have regretted it afterwards, especially when she was one of the few people in the First Order who knew how you felt about Kylo.

By the end of the evening, you were exhausted… But only partially drunk. Aleena had been helping you sober up since she had intervened that kiss.

“Come on, let’s get you back to the Commander,” Aleena said as she guided you out of the Cantina.

“The Commander? No Aleena!” You tried escaping out of her grip but it was firm and you were too tired to even think about using the Force.

“Y/N? Is everything alright?” Kylo stood up when he saw you and Aleena approach the Command Shuttle.

You frowned, “Go away Kylo,” you batted a hand at him.

“Y/N!” Aleena whispered harshly.

“Is she… Intoxicated?” Kylo asked. You defected a trace of amusement in his voice, even with his helmet on.

Aleena gave him a guilty look and nodded, "Yes, Commander–”.

“I’m half sober thank you very much,” you said proudly.

“I was afraid someone was going to take advantage of her, so I brought her back here hoping you might… well, watch her, Commander?” She looked nervous, never having had such uninterrupted interaction with this man.

“I’ll take care of her.”

“N-no! You’re meant to be ignoring me, remember?” You accused him.

“Go with the Commander, Y/N,” Aleena urged as she pushed you towards him.

“Fine, but only 'cos I’m tired,” you grumbled, knowing you really didn’t have much of a choice. As you went to walk to him you almost tripped over your own feet. Kylo quickly held his arms out to steady you and you scoffed, “I don’t need your help,” you muttered.

Aleena soon left you both, probably going back to enjoy herself at the Cantina before the actual mission began the next morning.

“Where are we going anyway?” You huffed as you followed Kylo into the Shuttle. The starship was littered with Storm Troopers and by the way Kylo was walking you could sense he was looking for privacy.

“My office,” he said, not looking at you. Kylo had a small area in the Command Shuttle that was completely off limits to all other First Order personnel.

When you arrived, Kylo ushered you to a small sofa chair in the corner of the room. He then gave you a glass of water, which you took gratefully. He stalked back to the other corner of the room and slumped against the wall, watching you carefully with his arms crossed.

“…What?” You finally asked when you had grown tired of the silence in the room.

“I’m–,“ Kylo let out a sigh before taking off his helmet, "I’m disappointed in you Y/N.”.

“Excuse me?” You stood up, growing more sober by the second.

“I would expect it from the officers, but why did you go to the Cantina? You’re beneath that– and you hate those kinds of things!” He exclaimed.

“It’s none of your business!” You shot back.

“When you’re training under me, it becomes my business.”


“Do you realise how careless you’ve been?! You’re lucky that girl was there to watch over you or who knows where you would be!”

“Kylo are you even listening to yourself?! I did what every other officer at that Cantina did. I had fun and I don’t see you reprimanding anyone else.”

“They’re merely employees of the First Order. They’re dispensable, it’s why they were brought on this mission… Besides, I don’t care about those officers the way I care about you, Y/N! Don’t you understand that?”

You frowned, “All you’ve done these last few weeks is push me away. This is the first proper conversation we’ve had since you freaked out after I held your hand, and now you’re upset that I went to a Cantina? Why are you acting like this?!“

“You know why, Y/N,” Kylo said, his voicing suddenly going quiet.

You scoffed, “No. I really don’t. First you tell me we can’t be together and now you–”

Kylo stopped you, striding towards you in two swift steps before pressing his lips to yours.

“It’s because I’ve fallen in love with you, Y/N,” he whispered.

“Then why didn’t you say anything?!” You were frustrated now as the effect of the alcohol wore off. Your mind was racing and that kiss was only of the many thoughts that were now swirling in your head. You needed answers.

"Because whatever was starting to happen between us… it was wrong… it is wrong! I’m your mentor, I have no business falling in love with you.”

You huffed, “But you still did.”

“But I still did,” Kylo sighed

“Is that why you avoided me these last few weeks?” You thought it was because he didn’t feel the same way about you as you did for him.

“You’re still my apprentice, Y/N. You’re under my care, my protection.


“So, I didn’t want you getting hurt if we admitted our love for one another… That is, if you even have those feelings, of course” he quickly added.

You immediately softened, your expression, “Well I’ve gone this long with no harm coming to me.”

He looked up, “You… love me?”

“Why else would I have gone to that damn Cantina? Drinking was the only way to get you out of my head! You occupy every corner of my mind, Kylo. All day, all I can think about is you. It’s quite annoying, really,” you teased.

He chuckled, gently running his fingers down your cheek, “Then I hope to annoy you for all eternity, Y/N.”

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64 and mingyu

64. First time someone walking in on you (having sex)

“Shhh, someone is right outside the door,” you whispered at Mingyu. You guys had hung out at Seventeen’s dormitory for a good while and somehow ended up in the other toilet, him eating you out whilst you leaned against the sink.

To say the least, the atmosphere had been very electric for the whole day and when you both saw a good spot to do something about it, you sprinted to the toilet to have some “alone time.”

The only problem you had faced was that the door lock wasn’t that reliable. It did lock but if someone used a little more force, it would fly open. But you took that risk, you just had to keep quiet and make it seem like you were just spending a lot of time in the toilet for some other reason.

You were both topless and Mingyu was knelt in front of you, his head under your skirt, tongue lapping on your sweet juices. You couldn’t help but moaning every time he pressed his tongue flat on your wetness, so you had voluntarily decided to cover your mouth with your hand.

Mingyu seemed to be fine with you making noises though, which you didn’t quite understand. You were terrified of getting caught, this also being your first time having any sort of sexual interaction this publicly, but seeing Mingyu so calm and fine with it did make you feel more relaxed as well.

He had his hands on both of your thighs, pulling your heat closer to his face if you tried pulling away but also to make you feel more comfortable.It was clear that you two could be caught at any point and the louder you were, the higher the chances for that were.

You once again heard the foot steps near the toilet, making your heart race even faster. “Mingyu please slow down. I can’t keep quiet,” you whined as quietly as you could when he was circling your clit with his warm tongue. He then moved to plant sloppy kisses up and down your slit, always coming back up to flick his tongue on your clit. “We’ll be fine. Just cum for me,” he said and the vibrations from his voice sent shivers up through your whole body.

His tongue entered you, making another moan escape from the back of your throat. Your lips pursed together as tightly as you could keep them. You grabbed Mingyu’s hair from under your skirt and ran your fingers through his hair as he handled you delicately. Rubbing up and down your thighs with his hands to comfort you.

The butterflies you’ve been feeling in your stomach since the early mornings of the day, were replaced by a growing, burning sensation. You grabbed the rim of the sink with your hands, throwing your head back as a soft groan left your lips - you were so close.

And right at that moment, the toilet door swung open with quite a lot of force.

“Oh shit”

“Mingyu stop!” You quietly yelled at your boyfriend, lifting his head up from under your skirt. He gave your slit a short lick before getting up from his knees, only to face a shocked Vernon at the bathroom door, face completely blushed red. You covered your upper body quickly, trying to hide from his gaze in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry,” is all Vernon could say before turning around quickly and closing the door.

“What do we do now? Oh gosh Mingyu, this is really bad isn’t it?” You were basically panicking at this point. Poor boy had just walked in on one of his best friends eating out his girlfriend in their toilet and you knew how awkward he got when embarrassed.

He would probably not be able to look at you for the next half a year but neither could you if you were honest. You were the one being eaten out only wearing your bra and a skirt.

“Shall we continue?”

“Oh no we won’t. I don’t want anyone else walking in and besides, now I think everyone knows what happened here,” you explained, shaking your head vigorously in disapproval. There was no way you were facing that amount of shame ever again. No more risky sex for you, you thought.

Mingyu was clearly more calm in this situation, even though he did seem to be slightly flustered as well. His hands a lot more fidgety than usual.

“Listen Y/N. They all know we have sex anyway, it’s not big news - we’ve been dating for almost eight months now. And trust me, Vernon must’ve enjoyed this sight. He watches porn like this all the time,” Mingyu said and coughed. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?” You asked jokingly and pecked Mingyu’s lips, leaving a smile plastered on his face.

You put your shirt back on and fixed your appearance from the messy ‘I just had some of the best oral of my life’ to the ‘normal’ state. “I really need to go and apologise or something,” you said, as ashamed as you were.

“Okay babe, I’ll maybe just stay out of the way,” he responded with a lighthearted laugh.

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Cherry Stems

Warning: Public Sex, Smut

Summary: A romantic picnic with Steve

Author’s Note: just something I conjured up, hope you enjoy ;) inspired from Nicole Dollanganger’s ‘Sweet Girl’. (It’s just smut)

Originally posted by natashasromanoff

I bit my bottom lip as the prickly grass grazed the backs of my thighs through the thin blanket whilst Steve placed the picnic basket beside us. He was sporting a blue plaid, button up with matching dark jeans and bright eyes. The material fit homely against every muscle on his upper body. I took in the breathtaking sight of not only my boyfriend but the early Spring afternoon. Brittle leaves crunched and crumbled underneath us as the cool air tickled the tiny hairs on the back of my neck, giving me goosebumps. 

“Turkey or Bologna?” Steve broke the silence holding two varieties of sandwiches in both hands. 

I smiled gently, nodding my head towards his right hand with the turkey before he tossed me the sandwich. I scooted closer to him causing his baby blue eyes to meet with mine. Steve brought his palm up to my face, his thumb dragging over my upper lip. I smirked at him, giving his calloused thumb a small kiss before turning my head away. I began to munch on my sandwich, recollecting the familiar taste from our first date. Steve made the best sandwiches. I watched as Steve started to rummage through the basket before pulling out a small plastic container. 

“What’s that-”

“Your favorite. Cherries.” I giggled as he chimed watching his long fingers pry the lid open. “Open up.” He whispered. 

I slowly opened my mouth allowing him to plop the small, crimson red fruit onto my tongue. Steve observed me fervently as I took it whole into my mouth, I bit down on the fruit, moaning at the tang of the juice before rotating my tongue around the stem. He reached over, the backs of his fingers caressing the valley along my neck, his thumb tracing the ridges of my throat. I smiled into his hand before sticking my tongue out, revealing the tied cherry stem on the tip of my tongue. Steve blinked a couple of times in awe before his bottom lip was sucked up in between pearly white teeth. 

“How did you do that?..” He marveled, his lips parted, eyebrows furrowed in bemusement.  

I giggled, shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly, playing coy. “Ancient Chinese Secret.”

He scrunched up his nose, letting out a heavy huff before tackling me down to the blanket. I squealed loudly as he started to tickle the sides of my body causing me to squirm and thrash underneath him, his face hidden into the crook of my neck. 

“Steve! Cut it out!” I nearly screeched out as he nibbled on your collarbone, the scruff of his beard scratching the supple skin. I immediately began to coil against him like unraveling ribbons whilst he implanted small ghosts of kisses onto my exposed cleavage. He gazed up at me with cobalt eyes blanketed with hanker affecting me to stir under his glare. He hooked the dainty strap of my dress under his index finger before snapping it back to my skin.

“I really love this number on you, doll.” Steve breathed, giving the pale, yellow Spring dress another glance before lifting the skirt up, his head disappearing between my thighs. 

I covered my face blushing at the thought that anyone could stroll by which made the mound between my legs become even more slick. It wasn’t like Steve to perform such a filthy act like this, he was so pure in my eyes and also America’s. I don’t remember the last time we fucked anywhere besides our bedroom, I wasn’t complaining, it’s just that, it wouldn’t hurt to have that thrill of rebel once in a while. My thoughts were soon interrupted by the warmth of Steve’s mouth hovering over my heat. He was teasing, watching me squirm did something to him. Before long, Steve’s mouth enclosed on my clit, rotating his tongue around the small bundle of nerves, he lapped any drop that managed to surpass his lips, not letting any go to waste. My fingers immediately found his scalp, tugging a bit at his dark roots earning a moan from him. He gripped onto the backs of thighs spreading them apart more than they already were, burying his face more into my cunt. Steve was gnawing on my clit as if he didn’t just eat. Greedy bastard. I threw my head back onto the blankets, my hands falling from his hair into the green grass beside me, the blades pricking the insides of my palms. His tongue was soon tying knots with my cherry. My legs wrapped around his head as my release was edged on. I couldn’t contain myself, I bucked my hips trying to get enough friction to get myself off. I let out a loud mewl feeling Steve’s hands pin my hips back down to blanket. He looked up at me with glassy eyes, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips causing me to flush under his gaze.

“You wanna cum, princess?” He tilted his head to the side, the glisten of my juices being shown on his lips.

I nodded my head vigorously but Steve hesitated before shaking his head, clicking his tongue.

“Ah ah ah… What’s the magic word?” He spoke in a sing-songy tone.

I threw my head back once again but I’m aggravation. “Please. God, please. I want to cum. Steven, please.” I pleaded as if my life depended on it.

“Good girl.” He purred before submerging his tongue back into my heat.

I writhed underneath him and one long stride along my slit causing my orgasm to erupt. I let out a loud whine, nearly a scream. I was thrown over the edge as his mouth continued his assault, riding me through my climax. I cupped the sides of his face, pulling him up to meet his lips with mine. I tasted the sweet tang of myself off his tongue, I grinned to myself at the sense of rebellion overwhelming me. After I caught my breath, I sat back on my elbows, gazing up at Steve in awe. He noticed my stare and chuckled.

“Cat caught your tongue?“

I rolled my eyes and cross my arms. “Oral sex in broad daylight.. in a park.. doesn’t seem like you, Cap.”

“Aren’t I full of surprises?”

“Plenty.. Hopefully more to come.”

A Few Years Later

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A Few Years Later
[Catching up with Kyung]

You sighed looking at the rain heavily pouring down. “And the weatherman said no rain..” you mumbled to yourself before attempting to shield your body with your hand. The nearest convenience store was three blocks away, and there was no way you’d get a taxi on this street. Weighing your option you figured it might be better to just make a run for it to the next block and try and hail a taxi there. You had no misconstrued notions on not getting wet.

You sighed tossing your hair into a loose ponytail. Might as well put those good old track days to the test. You jogged in place for a moment before sprinting out into the rain. You were sure if you were fast enough you might not get completely drenched.

Luckily it was late enough that there weren’t many people on the sidewalks. You made it down the block when someone grabbed your hand, halting you in your tracks. You spun on your heel to yell at the stranger when you noticed that you weren’t getting wet anymore.

The moment your eyes met you gasped, leaning in closer. “Kyung?”

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Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy 06 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Master Post     Ecstasy Prologue     Ecstasy 01     Ecstasy 02     Ecstasy 03     Ecstasy 04     Ecstasy 05     Ecstasy 06     Ecstasy 07     Ecstasy 08     Ecstasy 09     Ecstasy 10     Ecstasy Epilogue     Heaven 03  

-Scene: Eden-

Karlheinz: Kou, Yuma, Azusa.

Kou: … …Karlheinz-sama.

Karlheinz: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. Oh, how’s Ruki?

Kou: Ah… …

Karlheinz: Judging from your faces, all three of you seem to know why you were called here.

Let’s cut to the chase. Where did Ruki take Eve?

Azusa: Now… …if we tell you the truth, can you overlook it?

Karlheinz: Well, it depends. I may forgive him, I may not… …I need to hear what Ruki has to say about this.

Kou, Yuma, Azusa. I have an order for you. Bring Ruki to me.

Yuma: … …Just bring him to you, that’s it?

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Oneshot: Paintball For Peace

Post Split Queen arc wherein the Evil Queen and Regina are now living together and attempting to find peace. Emma tries to help them reach a stalemate of sorts. Established SQ. Funny fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma smiles as she walks up the path towards the mansion. She’s looking forward to a family dinner – Regina had mentioned something about a lasagne – and a cosy night curled up in the study. She’s looking forward to it anyway. What she actually gets will probably be a long way off of that.

Since they managed to curtail the Queen’s magic with the use of a cuff – which both sides of Regina hate but ultimately it’s the best way of keeping peace within the town – she has been living in the mansion with them all. It’s been…well awkward.

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Taking karate lessons was something you had enjoyed doing quite a lot but never thought you’d get the chance to actually use on a day to day basis. Sadly. There had been some people you’d have happily used your skills on. How wrong you had been, you thought as you kicked a walker away from Daryl who was currently lying on the ground.

“I had it.” He waves his knife around to show you.

“Sure stubborn person you totally did.” You roll your eyes and lend him your hand, pulling him off the ground.

“I did, ya know.”

You sat on the front porch of the house when Daryl walked over to you. He had a pack of beer in his hand and tossed you one as he sat down beside you.

“You’re going to bribe me so I don’t tell anyone I saved you?” You ask him jokingly, getting some incomprehensibly mumbled words in return.

“It’s just a thank you and now shut up, sunshine.”

You laugh and rest your head on his shoulder, watching as the evening sun disappears in the distance. Daryl was a bit gruff but you knew he meant well. You liked him. Daryl was actually one of the good guys, though you’d never suspect that, seeing him for the first time.

“So I don’t get a bribe?” You say with a pouting face.

Daryl looks at you, sceptically before leaning closer and pressing his lips to yours for a short moment.

“Will that do?”

“Hmh yes.” You turn your attention back towards the sunset, a huge smile on your face.

I know I already wrote one similar to this, but I decided to take a different approach to it this time! This can either be Papyrus x Reader or Papyrus x Frisk. It’s up to you! I’m a little shy to send this one in for some reason???

(Made by the one and only, @skellebro​!)

You feel something brush through your hair. Like the wide teeth of a comb; but a bit more gentle. You glimpse behind you to find Papyrus, completely stunned with awe, running a few fingers through your hair. All he does is beam at you, when he catches you looking. 

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The Ballad of Bellamy Blake (III)

Also on Ao3!

The arrow hit a few inches above the previous one, roughly where Bellamy’s head had been just moments ago.  The camp reacted instantly, borne of months and months of drills just like this.  Raven appeared with a trigger mechanism clutched in her fist— to which trap Bellamy didn’t know, but whatever it was, it probably would explode— and Octavia loaded her rifle from beside the fire.  Miller had picked up the closest weapon (a hatchet, which he was terrible with but Clarke wouldn’t know that) and Murphy had sidled into the dropship to hide.

“Give me my watch back and I’ll leave,” Clarke said calmly.

“It’s not so easy, princess,” he said with a bravado he did not entirely feel.  “We don’t just let anyone walk into our camp, and we let even fewer just walk out.”  Privately, he was impressed that she’d found them— they’d kept their hideout hidden for years now, even with Ontari’s grudge against them.  Clearly, this woman was more than just Queen Lexa’s former betrothed.

“I have no quarrel with you or your cause.  I just want my watch.  And Harper’s earrings.”

“Just the watch and earrings now,” he said, moving closer.  Clarke stepped back and soon they were circling each other, the rest of Bellamy’s band watching with baited breath.  “Then it will be your money, and your driver’s radio, and your bodyguard’s gun, and you get the picture.  We’re in the habit of stealing from the rich, not giving it back.”

Clarke cocked her head.  “Just the watch and the earrings and you have my word, I’ll leave your little hideout and never come back.  I won’t even tell the sheriff where you’re hiding.”

“Maybe not the sheriff, but what about the King Regent?  He was the one you were going to see, weren’t you?”

“Titus has no interest in fighting you.”

“The Regent has no interest in protecting his people, you mean.  No more than Good Queen Lexa ever did.”  He used Lexa’s nickname like a curse, because maybe she wasn’t worse than King Thelonius, but she wasn’t much better either.  And Bellamy did not, as a rule, trust anyone who called themselves royalty.  “Tell me, is she ever coming back from the Front?”

Something like pain flickered across Clarke’s face.  “Mount Weather is a threat to everyone in her kingdom, even you.  She’s protecting us the only way she can.”

“By leaving us in the hands of a religious fanatic and a psychopath.”

“Ontari wasn’t sheriff when she left.”

“But she is now, and the Regent has done nothing to stop her,” Bellamy countered.  He flicked his gaze to Octavia in a silent signal, but Clarke seemed to notice and shifted so Bellamy was now between her and Octavia’s gun.

“I didn’t come to debate politics with you.  I came to get back my father’s watch.”

“Fight us for it,” he offered.  “If you can win, you get the watch.”

“And the earrings.”

“If your ladies maid wants her earrings, she can come get them herself.  That’s my offer, princess.  Take it or leave it.”

Clarke tossed her bow aside and unbuckled the strap across her chest that held the quiver in place.  Bellamy nodded, and Miller dropped the hatchet and rushed her from behind.

Clarke spun on her heel and ducked Miller’s swing, tripping him and straightening in time to catch the bowstaff Bellamy tossed her.  She met Octavia’s staff with her own and the wood clacked as they fought, stroke for stroke.  Octavia was his best fighter, but Clarke held her own easily, even with Miller coming at her whenever Octavia backed off.  Miller tagged out and Monty joined in, and then Emori started dancing around the edges of the fight, interfering whenever it looked like someone needed a breather.

And still, Clarke fought.  Far harder than he had expected, with a skill that was impressive and a ruthlessness he admired.  She dipped and bobbed and wove, and Bellamy decided it was time to finish things.  He grabbed a staff for himself and joined the fray, but pretty soon everyone else had stepped back to watch them fight.

It was even better than watching her fight Octavia.  It was like a dance, every step perfectly choreographed.  He lashed out and she met him and then it reversed, over and over again until he was sweating despite the morning chill.  Somehow they both lost their staffs and Clarke grabbed a blunted practice sword from the stash next to the dropship.  Miller threw him one too and they were off again, swirling around the camp.  Swords flashed and try as he might, Bellamy couldn’t gain an advantage until Clarke left her left flank undefended for just a heartbeat.

He darted forward and kicked her leg out from under her, tackling her to the leaves.  Their swords went flying and he grabbed her wrists, trying to hold her down.  She caught his momentum and rolled to pin him instead, pulling a knife from a sheath on her thigh he hadn’t noticed.  She thrust it under his chin and smirked.  “My watch,” she demanded.

Bellamy held his hands up in surrender, damp leaves and soil soaking through the back of his shirt.  “As you wish.”

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'You drive a massive SUV and steal my parking spot all the time and I was just heading out to leave a strongly worded note under your windshield wiper but oh no you’re hot AU' omg im not saying you should write this, but you should write this.

She tried to be calm about it. She tried to be understanding and polite and magnanimous. She tried to do like her Daddy always told her and treat others as she’d want to be treated.

But after she got caught in the middle of a rainstorm and had to park all the way on the far end of the lot and run through the rain until she and all her bags of groceries were soaking wet, just because this jerk kept parking in her spot? Well, enough was enough.

Never mind that maybe technically they didn’t have assigned spots in her apartment building. They might as well have, because everyone always parked in the same spot! Beth’s had always been the corner spot, the perfect spot, right by her front door so she didn’t get wet and didn’t have to carry any of her bags and packages too far. It was under the shade of the building so it didn’t get too hot during the day, but not under the trees where it might get covered in pollen or flower petals or other tree detris. It had been hers.

Until, of course, butt-faced blue truck jerk moved in.

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spxce-gxy  asked:

Accidentally sent as an anon before but I have another prompt idea. Sleepover on the meteor? Like one night Dave can't sleep so he wakes up karkat and sleeps in his room but it evolves into a thing that they do quite frequently.

thanks!  i’m gonna put this under the cut because it got long.  it’s not exactly the scenario you asked for but i hope you like it anyway

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Daddy’s Little Avenger. Steve x Reader papa!Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2,468

“Thank you, Agent Hill. I look forward to starting up with you guys in a few weeks.”
“Not a problem, Miss Stark. Your versatility not only in the labs, but also in the field will be a great addition to the team!
“Oh please, call me Y/N. My father doesn’t even know that I’m joining SHIELD yet either, so please don’t mention it to him yet.” Agent Hill laughed on the other end of the phone.
“Not a problem. Does he know that you’re on your way to New York?”
“Yes. He thinks I’m just taking some time for vacation though. I’ll let him know after Im there for a while.”
“I won’t say a word about it.”
“I appreciate it.” There was now a man in front of you with your name on a white poster board. “My car is here, so I will call you in three weeks.”
“We’re glad to have you! Take care.”

The phone beeped at the call ending and I shoved the phone into my carry on bag, lugging my large suitcase behind me. Others were running past me to greet family members and kids wee squealing at the return of a loved one. You had your dad’s old friend, Rhodey. He was still like family to you, in a cool uncle sort of way.
“Y/N!” He dropped the board and reached out for you. “It’s so good to see you again!”
“Hey Rhodey,” you met him for a tight hug and he was soon reaching for the sign and for your suitcase. “oh, it’s okay. you don’t have to worry about that.”
“Oh I insist. That was a long flight I bet.” He went ahead and took the handle of the suitcase from you and lead to the car.
“Yeah. You don’t realize how far Seattle is until you decide to take a direct flight.” You both chuckled and once you were in the car, you had time to just rest. Rhodes already knew to take you to Stark Tower to meet up with your dad and get settled in, so he just headed out into the New York traffic. Once you arrived, Rhodey took both bags and you ended up leading the way into Stark Tower. You knew your way around there from previous visits, and you were getting excited to see your dad. You really missed him.

Once the elevator dinged, you walked onto the landing where you were greeted by a familiar voice.
“Welcome back, miss Y/N.”
“Hey there JARVIS! It’s good to be back.”
“I will notify Mr. Stark of your arrival.”
“No need for that, buddy.” You turned quickly to one of the doors that led to one of his many labs. There was your dad, all smiles and up to his elbows in grease. Nothing had changed. Wearing one of his old band tshirts, his arc reactor glowing through the fabric, he trotted over to you and Rhodey.  “Hey, kiddo!” You held you tight and you squeezed around his neck. “Oh man! I missed you.” He let you go and greeted Rhodey who couldn’t stay, so he set your bags down and said his goodbyes before heading back down the elevator. “You hungry? What do you want to do? I’ve got some stuff stocked of you in the kitchen and Pepper left me a list of things that you liked last time you were here, so we can do whatever.”
“How about,” you grabbed your bags, “I go settle in and get a shower before we do anything else. I smell like an airplane and the jet lag is starting to get to me.
“Oh yeah. That makes sense. Here, I’ll show you where your room is.”

You followed your dad upstairs and he opened up the door to a new apartment. It had its own living space, bedroom, bathroom, office, and yes, even a kitchen.
“Like I said, it’s all stocked for you!”
“Oh my gosh, Dad!” You set your things to the floor and began to look around. “This place is incredible! You didn’t have to set up a whole apartment for me!”
“Well, I want you to have your own space while your here. And this will be your place no matter what. So, you can come and go if you need to.”
“Thank you. I really appreciate it!” You hugged him again hand he kissed you on top of your head.
“You get comfy, and if you want, I have some of the team members stopping by for dinner if you want to meet them and hang out for a bit.”
“That sounds perfect. I would love to.”
“Awesome! They wont be here for a couple hours so no rush.” He kissed your forehead and left you in your new living quarters. He didn’t even know that this was a permanent move, and you already had a place to live. Maybe he won’t freak out so much when you tell him.

You shake the worry away and head to your bathroom to shower and prepare to meet your unknowing new teammates. You had heard so much about them, but they were always gone when you visited, so meeting them will be interesting.


You knew that the better way to adjust to jet lag is to bite the bullet and just stay on the current schedule, so you decided against a nap and headed back downstair to see if your dad needed any help in the lab. You were trained in many things including engineering and mechanical work (learned most of it from your dad before you even went to college), medical degree to be a Doctor, and also had experience doing field work as an agent (similarly to Natasha Romanoff).
To say that you had a lot of hobbies was an understatement.

“What are you working on now?” You peeked around the corner to find him picking at something at his table.
“Oh, I’m just tinkering at this. It had a small short, so I’m just stabilizing it a bit. You wanna do it? It’ll keep you awake.”
“Sure!” You took the machinery from his hands and went to work. Stark just watched as your hands went to work and you could hear a small hum of a chuckle come from his chest. He was very much so entertained to see you in his lab again. No doubt remembering you as a small child when you still lived in Malibu and he taught you to use a screwdriver for the first time. You both had some small talk about your respective fields and new research that you recently had published when JARVIS spoke over the system.
“Sir? Your guests are arriving.”
“Thanks. We’ll be right up. Tell them that the food is set it the dining room and they are free to dive in.”
“Will do.”
You grabbed a rag and wiped some of the oil off and your dad did the same.
“Let’s go clean up and you can go make new friends!”

The two of you met up with the others in the main room that overlooked the city.
“Hey everyone! Glad you could all make it.” You stood nervously behind him, scanning the faces in front of you. Your eyes landed on a particular set of blue eyes directly across from you. “I’d like to introduce you all to my daughter, Y/N. She’s going to be here for a few weeks just visiting and taking some vacation time.” Everyone stood and shook hands with you as you learned the faces that matched the names in your head. When you got to the blue eyes, you held on for an extra second.
“…and this is Captain Rogers.”
“Please,” his eyes never left yours, “call me Steve.”
“Nice to meet you, Steve. I’ve heard a lot about you.” You took a seat on the couch that was directly across from Steve and you sometimes throughout the evening would catch him staring, but he did the same to you. Your dad was also very aware of what was happening. And he remained very aware for the next week.

You and Steve spent more time together than anyone besides your dad. You watched movies, cooked together, and he even took you dancing one night.
Your dad would always ‘work late’ in order to keep an eye on the two of you. Bruce Banner caught on one evening.
“Playing chaperone there, Tony?”
“No! I’m just making sure he keeps his distance.”
“Oh come on, it’s obvious they’re falling for each other.”
“It’s only been a week, Banner. Give them time.”
“I’ve given them another week before Steve makes the move and asks to set some kind of established relationship with her.”
“Well you’ve been really thinking hard about this.”
“It isn’t just me! Natasha, Clint, and Sam all are in a bet. Natasha gave them only two more days.”
“That is not helpful.”
“All I’m saying, is that she’s super gifted and she’s beautiful and pretty fun to be with. Steve had no chance.  You can’t blame him for falling so hard.”
“Yeah, I guess. That doesn’t mean I like it though.”
Bruce just patted him on the shoulder and left him be.

The next afternoon was a day off for Steve and you and he spent most of the time in your apartment. You were making lunch when Steve came up behind you, wrapping this arms around your waist. He pulled you flush against his chest and left slow kisses along the skin of your neck.
“Is this okay?” He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. You gave a small hum.
“Absolutely.” You both giggled and he soon was spinning you around to face him.
“I want to talk to you about something.” He dropped his head a little more and looked through his eyelids.
“Okay. Go for it.”
“I really like you, Y/N. I know its only been a week, but I just cannot stop thinking about you or get enough of being with you. I know that you’ll have to go back to Seattle, but I was really hoping that this could be something solid and that even from a long distance, we can still be together. What do you say?” You gave him a soft smile and lifted up onto your toes to kiss him for the first time, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“I would love that.”
“Seriously? Are you sure?” Steve was such a gentlemen and didn’t want you to do anything that you didn’t really want.
“There is something that you need to know before we do this, though.”
“What is that?”
“I’m not going back to Seattle. I’ve actually been recruited by Agent Hill to join SHIELD and work alongside you guys in the field and also in the lab. My dad doesn’t know yet.”
“Y/N! That’s great news!” His grip on you tightened in his excitement. “So, you still want to be with me right? That doesn’t change?”
“No, you goofball. I still want to be with you!” He flashed that million dollar smile at you before leaning in to kiss you harder. You were quickly interrupted by knocking on your door.

You opened it find your dad, wringing his hands,
“Hey kiddo! Mind if I come in?”
“No please, come on in!” He made his way in and stopped when he saw Steve leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen, still slightly blushing from his excitement of now having you as his girl.
“Oh, I didn’t know you were up here. Hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”
“Not at all, dad. I’m actually glad your here. I wanted to talk to you.” He gave a long sigh and sat himself on the couch.  “If you two are doing whatever then just say it,” he gave a glare to Steve and pointed a fingerer at him, “You just take care of her. I’ll be keeping tabs on you both!”
“Dad! That’s not it!” You sat down next to him and faced him. “I’m not actually just here for vacation time. I’m moving here, if you’ll let me to stay here that is.”
“You’re moving here? I thought things in Seattle were going so well.”
“They were, but I was given a new offer and I like the it has me here in New York with you.”
“Well what offer was it?”
“It’s SHIELD, dad. Agent Hill offered me a job, and I accepted it. I officially start with the team in two weeks.” Your dad stayed quit for a moment and you glanced up at Steve who was still watching intently in the doorway.
“So,” your dad started, “you’ll live here, and you’ll work here for your research.”
“Mhm. And I’ll go out on missions with you all as well. I get to do all of it like I’ve dreamed of. I’ve always had to pick what to focus on at one time.”
“Okay,” he slowly began to nod, “It’ll be different having you in the field where it’s so dangerous. But, if this is what you want. Then I will most definitely support it. After all, I’ve always wanted you closer to here.” You leaned across the the couch and hugged your dad. He took long, slow, and deep breaths to keep composure at the though of you in harms way.
“Now wait,” he puled away from you, “this also means that I can keep an eye on you two.” He pointed back and forth between you and Steve. “Don’t even try to lie to me. I know something’s going on here.”
“Dad…” you whined, “it isn’t a huge deal! Yes, Steve and I are dating now, as of today. Me being here will be good for us too. It would have been difficult if I was to go back to Seattle.”
Tony nodded again and gave you a wink before standing up and heading back to the door. “Well, looks like Banner, Sam, and Clint owe Natasha some money!” He shut the door and you put the pieces of what he said together and opened the door to holler at your dad.
“Wait! Why do they owe her money? Dad?” You just heard him snickering as he made his way down the hall. Your attention was drawn back when Steve’s hands were around your waist again.
“Well then,” he spoke into your hair, leaving a kiss, “that went a lot better than you thought, huh?” You spun around and kissed at his jaw.
“This whole trip has been better than I expected.” He playfully rubbed his nose along yours before kissing it and puling you back into the apartment for your lunch and to enjoy the rest of his day off.

If this has posted, then I have gone to the Halls of Waiting to sit beside my fathers, until the world is renewed.

While I do not deserve it, I ask for forgiveness for how I have acted of late. I say that I am not my grandfather but it would seem that I am similar enough to him that my heart and mind were overrun with the dragon sickness. If not for the love and belief that my company and kin had for me, I would most likely still be lost.

I feel as if I have woken from a sleep, though I am well aware of everything that I did. Looking back, I can see where the whispers of the sickness began to twist my thoughts and actions. It pains me that I allowed myself to listen to such whispers and let it change me from who I am. There are many apologies to be made and I must say them now, for if this posts, it means that I have lost all chance to say them later.

So, to the company: I cannot begin to say how proud and happy I am to have had each of you by my side during this quest. I could not have chosen finer companions to see this quest completed and am so grateful for the loyalty that you all hold. I know that it is because of that loyalty that you joined me in what seemed to be an impossible task. It is not enough to simply say that I am sorry for how I acted and treated all of you but please know that it pains me deeply, looking back, to see how I doubted and harmed you. I only ask for your forgiveness and for you to know that, if not for the sickness upon my mind, I would never have thought nor done such horrid things. You are each near to my heart and I hope that each of you finds happiness and long lives.

To my nanaddan: Kíli — You have grown so much during this quest and I am proud of how far you have come. The same sorrow that I feel in doubting the company, I feel when I think of how I doubted you. Not just in Erebor but in your love for Tauriel. It was wrong of me to speak against your love and I feel such shame in trying to prevent it. I hope and wish that the two of you find happiness in one another.
Fíli — Seeing as how this will only post if I have passed on, then that means that you, as my first heir, now sit as King of Erebor. I can think of no one finer for the role. Your heart is pure and true in a way that mine was not and I know that the sickness will find no place in you. Please do not take it as an insult when I say that you remind me of myself in that you deeply wish and strive for our people’s happiness and safety. I know that the same love for our people is within you and I know that they will be protected under your rule.
Both of you, please know that I love you both deeply. I have seen you both grow up to become Dwarves that have made me, and your mother, so very proud of you. I know that both of you looked up to me and I did nothing but cruelly tear your visions down. I cannot begin to say how sorry I am for that. Please, take care of each other and find happiness in the rest of your days.

To those of you reading this: All of you who have followed me throughout this quest, I say thank you. You have been by my side, not in presence, but in spirit. You have given me advice and have tried to shake me from the dark places that my mind has strayed. You have sent words of comfort when it was needed and I cannot be more grateful for those words. I am sorry that you had to witness my recent spiral into madness and appreciate all of your efforts to pull me out of it. I say to each of you — Fight for what you believe in but do not allow your focus to become so narrow that you ignore the fire around you. Remember the power in your words and do not be afraid to ask for help from those that love you. Do not be a mountain unto yourself.

Lastly, to Bilbo. My One. Amrâlimê. I cannot apologize to you enough for every peril that I have lead you through. I look back at my words and deeds at the Front Gate and my heart aches with regret. You did what only a true friend would do and you did it with love and honor in your heart. You stood by me in sickness and in health. Please know that your words helped during my madness, they truly did. I heard your voice and it reminded me of who I am — Thorin Oakenshield, the Dwarf that you vouched for in Lake-town, that you stood against a Warg for, that you chose to follow and love. I would hold no blame against you if you no longer hold love in your heart for me, as my actions against you were terrible. But know that I will love you for the rest of my days here and every day I spend in the Halls of Waiting. You are my One and while I wish that we had had more time to spend it together in happiness, please know that I am grateful to have had those few months with you. You brought me cheer and light where I thought I did not need it. You saw me and believed in me and cared for me in a way that I did not think anyone could besides my kin. Even now, your lullaby plays in my head and calms me. There is no way that I can thank you enough for everything that you have risked and done for me, for my kin and people, for Erebor. I love you, Bilbo, please know. So I ask that you return to your home, as I know how it tears one apart to be away from their home. Go back to your comforts and your life. Plant your trees and live to watch them grow. If this is where we must part, then I leave you with this: Thank you. I am sorry. Good-bye, best of loves and best of Hobbits.

It has always been my hope to see Erebor restored to life. Since the day it fell, I wanted nothing more than to see it rise once more and stand strong as it had. Perhaps I grew too focused on this dream, but it is because of the need to see my people happy and whole in their homeland. Though I may not survive this battle, I pray that it ends in victory and that light returns to the halls of Erebor. Light and song and life, flowing from the mountain as I remember it.

I must go now, as Dáin and my people need me. The company stands at my side, as they have from the beginning. I can think of none finer to stand with, here at the end.

I thank each of you for your kindness and wish you peace in your days.

At your service,
Thorin Oakenshield
Dwarven blacksmith who has found his home


JUST CHILL OMG Jack was making fun of plenty of Youtubers, not just Dan and Phil, when he asked which Youtubers we wanted on the next vid I saw a lot of people saying D&P, what did you expect??? Jack is a sassy af person, haven’t you seen his other videos? He even makes fun of himself, he is not rude to anyone, it’s just his type of humour. Besides, I don’t think they will feel bad or something, they are not fucking 12 unlike a lot of you, they know how to take a joke, if not, watch PewDiePie’s and Ian Hecox’s videos where they make fun of them. Seriously, it’s a satire video, Jack’s humour is like that and if you asked me, I did enjoy that impression, firstly because he actually put them in the video, and secondly because that representation was actually correct (Dan being prefered over Phil). So yeah just chill and stop bashing Jack, you all wanted them in the vid, so stick with it.