did anyone else scream in frustration at this

CinemaSins — Disney Movie Edition  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Is this a pity kiss?”
  • “Man, what a buzzkill.”
  • “You did not hear that.”
  • “Evil is easily distracted.”
  • “That… still seems wrong.”
  • “I still kind of hate this guy.”
  • “Why not just kill him, now?”
  • “I don’t, I can’t, and I won’t.”
  • “Are we sure he’s not dead?”
  • “When did you get good at this?”
  • “This map looks really unhelpful.”
  • “Was setting it on fire necessary?”
  • “Is this ship called the Coincidence?”
  • “Is ANYONE chaperoning this child?”
  • “That’s a horse on a boat, right there.”
  • “That doesn’t sound dangerous at all…”
  • “Well, keep trying. You’ve… tried? Right?”
  • “Why? They haven’t heard anything else.”
  • “Cute baby animal qualification? Fulfilled!”
  • “Seven seconds of sustained screaming…”
  • “How broken up can you expect me to be?”
  • “This cold blooded motherfucker is a hero?”
  • “It’s about as bad and frustrating as it sounds.”
  • “You suck. And you definitely suck at tracking.”
  • “But, I thought the order was to shoot him now.”
  • “It’s always handy whenever you’re about to die.”
  • “How does this even make you feel a little bit better?”
  • “I mean, this is far worse than killing her and you know it.”
  • “You and AC/DC should have a discussion about wordplay.”
  • “There’s no gray area in the world of stupid, magical curses.”
  • “Surely it has nothing to do with all the illegal pirate things I did.”
  • “It’s not like anyone’s actually in charge of anything around here.”
  • “How does ‘healing power’ translate into ‘reversing the aging process’?”
  • “You can climb stone towers by stabbing arrow heads into them… who knew?”
  • “Yeah, that seems like protocol. Just handcuff a guy and leave him unattended next to the rich girl.”
Anything for You: Part Two

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: cussing, heartbreak, literal sadness

Word Count: 1 k

Part 2 / ?



Richie Tozier laid awake in his bed, heart thumping loudly against his chest. He stung, stung like he’d just kicked a puppy, or in his case, destroyed the love of his life. He rolled over in his bed, tugging the blanket up to his chin and staring blankly at the paint-chipped wall. His eyes fell to the pictures littering his floor. Polaroids scattered, some of them torn and most of them crumbled.

Richie had ripped his favorite memories of Eddie off the wall in a blind fit of rage, ruining more than half of them. Tears slipped down his cheeks, soaking onto the sheets of his bed. The sheets that still smelled like Eddie’s citrus shampoo and baby powder scented face wash.

He smooshed the pillow against his raw, sore skin and inhaled deeply, letting the sweet smell fill his body. His stomach twisted and lurched, Richie shivered as he forced a mouthful of vomit back down his throat. He felt broken, and abandoned - as if Eddie had been the one to break his heart instead of the other way around.

Except, Richie knew Eddie would never do that. Eddie was sensitive and anxious, although he hid behind an inhaler and a big attitude.

The landline downstairs let out a shrill ring, echoing through the quiet house. Richie didn’t even flinch.

Eddie’s voice seemed to be drilled into his head, distraught and grief-stricken.

“Did I do something wrong? I’ll change!”

Richie shook his head, fully aware that he was alone in his dark bedroom. He hoped to god that Eddie Kaspbrak, the asthmatic dweeb, would never change. The phone screamed again from it’s place on the kitchen wall. Richie knew his drunken, passed out mother would not answer it.

Still, he laid. His hands itched to touch Eddie, to run through his hair and feel the soft silkiness of his skin. Every part of Richie urged for Eddie, he felt as if he had born torn in half and left to rot.

“Richie, please, I need you.”

He slugged downstairs after the phone had let out a fourth ring, blindly stepping over empty alcohol bottles as if he remembered the pattern by memory. He closed his eyes, leaning back against the wall as he held the bright yellow phone against his ear.

“Tozier household - the non-alcoholic speaking.”

Rich?” Beverly’s voice sounded just as sweet through the phone, “Are you okay?”

Richie sighed, his eyes burning as warm tears dripped onto his pajama pants, “How’s Eddie?”

“He’s upset.” She stated bluntly, “Heartbroken, really. We invited him over to Stan’s, y’know, to cheer him up. He never showed.”

Richie sat on the cold floor, pushing his wild curls away from his face. He cried obnoxiously, having no worry of waking his drunkard mother.

“He thinks it’s his fault, but it’s not!” Richie choked on his sobs, having to take a deep breath so he could continue speaking, “He’s so perfect, but he doesn’t fucking see it. Anyone would be lucky to have him.”

“I gave him the note, Rich. I read it and he needed to see it - he knows everything.”

Richie swallowed thickly, taking in short breaths as he sniffled, “I didn’t want him to know, Bev. I didn’t want him to know until after-”

After what? After he got over you? Breaking news, trashmouth: he fucking loves you. He isn’t just going to get over this, it’s breaking him.” She paused as Richie let out a cry, “I don’t know whether you’re being selfish or selfless, but you’re hurting yourself and Eddie. Is it worth it, Rich?”

Richie stayed silent. He knew that if he answered, he would break. It was worth it to hurt this badly if it was for Eddie’s sake.

“Please don’t leave me, Richie, please! I’m so sorry for whatever I did- I’m sorry for everything I’ve done!”

Richie trembled as he sat, biting down on his shirt sleeve to keep from screaming in frustration. It was worth it.

“You’re seventeen years old, Richie - almost an adult. You don’t even let your mom tell you what to do, why would you let Eddie’s?”

“I didn’t want this, Bev,” He stressed, “Fuck, if it had been anything else - anyone else, I wouldn’t have done it. If she had threatened me, nothing would’ve changed, but she didn’t. She threatened Eddie, her own fucking kid, Bev. How fucked up is that?”

“Do you really think she’d do anything to hurt him?”

“I know she would. Said he was sick and needed to be fixed, just the way she talked about him made me want to strangle her.”

Beverly hesitated for a moment, “What if she tells your parents?”

“I don’t give two fucks if she does,” Richie laughed dryly, “I wouldn’t change what happened for the world. I love that fucking nerd.”

“It doesn’t have to end like this, Richie. You could just hide your-”

“No, Beverly. It’s too dangerous and I refuse to put Eddie in that kind of situation. I know you don’t get it - because you’re straight and shit, but this world just isn’t made for gays.”

Beverly did not respond.

“Maybe if something changes, if people could understand that we’re not different from them. But it’s not going to happen anytime soon. For now, I’m just a sick kid.”


He cut her off, “Goodnight, Bev.”

As Richie mindlessly ambled back to his bedroom, a strange sense of apathy washed over him. He no longer felt the need to cry, but instead the need to shred the skin off of his body and become a new person.

Richie slammed his door violently, causing a breeze to sweep through the room. The ruined polaroids shifted over to show the bare floor. Beneath the torn memories and strips of worn paint that had come off along with the tape, laid one lone survivor.

Nimbly, Richie picked the single whole picture up and gazed at it with an empty heart.

‘First of many kisses with my Eds’ it read, paired with a picture of young Richie and Eddie sharing a shy kiss.

Once again, he ached. His numb hands released the picture, letting it drift back to the dirty floor. Richie screamed, reeling back and launching his fist against the, now blank, wall. A large hole was left in the wall, but it was no larger than the hole he felt in his throbbing heart.

“Richie, please!”

It was worth it, wasn’t it?

“I love you so much, Richie, please don’t go!”

Anything to keep Eddie out of harm’s way.

Chris Evans Fic: Unexpectant (1/2)

Found this in my phone notes from ages ago. Watch out, it’s not my usual fluff. Warning that it does deal with the topics of infertility and adoption.


‘Babe, come on, I know it’s frustrating but we’ll get there eventually,’ Chris was doing his utmost to calm you down.

You’d just walked through the front door of the home you shared. The home you purchased three years ago in preparation for your expanding family, an expansion that had yet to materialise and still wouldn’t, as the meeting you had just come from had proved. You walked with purpose through the house, heading for the stairs and beyond them your bedroom, tension rolling off you with every thundering step. The rational side of you knew that Chris was only trying to help, and that you were hurting him by pushing him away, but you just needed time.

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anonymous asked:

Would Niall tell his missus about what emerys real dad said to her and what he did? I would love a little like blurb or something on how that conversation would go!

Oh dear god, you truly want to kill me, don’t you?

He didn’t need to tell her. She knew he had done something as soon as he stepped through their front door. 

His blue orbs surrounded by bright red circles, a cough lodged in his throat as he lifts their daughter on his hips, his smile bright as she describes her day, her happiness spurring his heart to swell with love, his lips touching her forehead as he embraces her tightly, his eyelashes fluttering against his cheek as she lays her face against his shoulder. He squeezed her petite figure against his, before carefully setting her down, puckering his lips with a kiss, before she would happily bounce into their lounge and pay close attention to a film she’d insisted her mother put on.

He stood on his feet, turning on his heel, cupping her cheeks in his palms as he pushed his lips against hers, his forehead leaning against hers as her fingertips grip his hips, her thumb swiping beneath his eye as a tear slipped off his skin.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I, uh, I went and saw him.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I’m frustrated, Y/N! It’s not fair that I’m not able to adopt my daughter because he doesn’t know how to do one simple task right by her. So, I went and saw him.”

“What happened?”

“I, I jus’ lost it. I started screaming and yelling at him and pushed him against his brick wall.”

“Did anyone get hurt?”


“Niall, what else is going on?”

“He signed her papers. I have her legal papers. I can adopt her, now.”

He would be grinning, tears streaming down his cheeks, his fingers clasped together as he rocks on his toes, his elbows pressed into their marble countertop as his knuckles lean against his mouth. His heart would be beating heavily in his chest, love and butterflies swirling and fluttering, his fears and worries disappearing as his fingertips draw over his designated signature, ready to be scribbled in and submitted, his daughter finally having his surname written across her paperwork, proudly shown and boasted as she grows.

“Baby,” her smile brightly shined beneath their lights, her palms cupping his cheeks as she pushes her lips against his, her arms wrapping around his shoulders in a tight embrace as her mouth presses light kisses against his neck and jaw.

“I’m so happy. I love you so much.”

“Niall, I love you, too. We love you.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually able to do t’is. She’s finally goin’ to be mine.”

“She’s always been yours, Niall. She’s always been your little girl.”

He wouldn’t have heard her quietly pad into their kitchen, her grin wide across her lips, her green orbs shimmering as she gazes into his blue eyes, her fingertips clutching onto his waist, before holding onto his tee shirt’s collar as he lifts her onto his hip, his forearm supporting her figure underneath her bum, her cheek leaning against his shoulder as she hums happily.

“Ye’, Daddy, ‘ve always been your little girl.”

Yesterday Epilogue

Tyler Joseph X Reader

A/N: this was highly requested that I write, so here it is…? I don’t know if y’all will like it. It might just disappoint you guys. I’m not even really sure of the direction I want to go with this. I hope you guys enjoy though. Thanks for reading.

Tyler’s POV

I sat on the couch, staring at the letter in my hands. I wasn’t sure how to react. What did she mean that she didn’t love me like she did yesterday? It didn’t make any sense to me. I felt like I needed to puke. The knots in my stomach were making me nauseous, and I felt like a million pounds of bricks all hit my chest at once.

Was I too late? How was I supposed to find her? My head was spiraling out of control. I quickly grab my phone and call Josh. He was like her brother. He had to know where she was going, right?

“Josh? Hello?”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I just read that letter you gave me… I need to know where she is. Please. I need to talk to her.”

“Look, Tyler, you’re my best friend in the whole world, and you know I would do anything for you. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to see her right now. She needs to clear her head before she does anything stupid. And the truth is, I don’t know where she is right now. She didn’t tell me.”

“If she tells you where she is, please Josh. Tell me. I can’t believe that I was so dumb. I can’t believe I was so oblivious to everything around me because I was so infatuated with Tiffany. God, I can’t believe that I did this. How could I do that to her…. Did I just lose her, Josh?”

After that question, what seemed like a long pause came from Josh’s end of the line.

“Honestly, you could never lose her. She loves you too much for that. She didn’t leave you because she hates you. She left because she’s in a really bad place. And she needs time to heal. Just like you’re going to need time to adjust to everything. I know you want to tell her how sorry you are, and how much you really love her and how dumb you were about the whole situation, but trust me, just give the two of you some space for right now. Things are going to be different when you see her again.”

“How am I going to fix this…? I don’t even know where to begin…”

“You start by putting everything behind you.”

“You’re right… if fate wants us to be together, we’ll be together right…? You know that saying… ‘if you love them let them go, and if they love you, they’ll come back…’? I really hope she does come back.”

“You’ll be okay, Tyler. Everything is going to be fine.”

I sigh and say my goodbyes, hanging up the phone throwing it down on the couch in frustration. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. How was I supposed to just leave this for a few months? I know it sounds selfish but I don’t want a repeat of what happened to her to happen to me.

I mean, she deserves a whole lot better than what I gave her, but I know that I can treat her better than anyone else on this planet. We’re best friends. We did everything together. We have gone through everything together.

I walk around my house, trying to calm myself down. But I can’t. I wanted to scream. I wanted to throw things. But I didn’t. I couldn’t.  (Y/N) grew up with me in this house. There were too many memories that would be destroyed if I had done that. Instead, I went to my piano to write. That was my escape. Within hours, I had ideas all over the floor that were never finished. I was distracted. I didn’t know how to get her out of my mind. She’s all I could think about.

I got up from the seat, deciding to take a walk. I had to clear my head somehow. And that was the best thing I could think of to help me.

I met up with Josh a little bit later that day, and he knew I was completely out of it.

“Tyler… you gotta stop worrying about it. I don’t think she could move on from you even if she tried.”

I sigh and tilt my head back in the chair until it hit the wall behind me.

“Dude, I’m trying to not worry but I screwed up. Big time. How do I not worry about that?”

Josh gives me an annoyed look.

“We are going on tour soon, and I need you to focus on that. I know it sucks now, but things are going to work out. They always do. She can’t be gone for forever. She’ll come back to us. She will come back for you.”

I simply nod my head and poked at my food.

“You’re right. Tour is coming up. I need to get my head in the game for that. Gotta put on those performances to make the Clique happy.”

Months had gone by and the tour was a huge success. We were playing at MSG for two nights, and I couldn’t be more excited. This was something Josh and I had dreamed about for a long time. I only wished I could share this moment with (Y/N). She was always our biggest supporter. I closed my eyes and started to hype myself up for the performance.

I walked onto the stage and looked out at the venue. It was one of the most famous stages in the United States. Maybe worldwide. I took it all in. We had made it.

The show began and everything was going great. Josh sounded awesome on the drums, and the fans gave us a whole new type of energy. They sang along to the songs, and they ensured that no one was hurt in the pit. The only thing missing from the whole thing was (Y/N). We started to play Car Radio, and I was making my climb.

I looked into the audience, and smiled to myself. They were the ones who got us here. They were our family. I took my mask off and looked below me, in awe of the sold out arena. I looked at the fans below me, and saw a face that I never thought I would see again. Below me stood (Y/N). And she had the biggest, most beautiful smile on her face. Tears were in her eyes as she made eye contact with me. As she did, she mouthed the words, “I’m so proud of you.”

I’m not going to lie. I did get emotional. Not only because she was there, but because everything seemed to work out just like Josh had mentioned. I guess I have to thank Josh. For a lot of reasons, actually.

The night was coming to a close, and I started to play the notes of Trees. I had to make this speech the most amazing one yet. I was scared, at first. I didn’t really know what to say. It was like I was getting stage fright, even though I had done this hundreds of times before. But I kept thinking there were a few things I had to say. And things that I needed to leave in my head. So I started.

“You survived to the end my friends, and not everybody survives. You survived ‘till the end of the show, survived the end of the tour. Don’t know if I told you this, but I can’t think of a better place to end this than right here so thank you so much. Now I’m thinking of all the people I mentioned, or I thought of, and we wouldn’t be here without them. There’s so many of them in this room. I’m not gonna name them all. But before last night, the first and only time I’d been in this building, I was nine years old and my grandma took me to see the circus. And my grandma June is here tonight to watch us play on this stage. You know, I also need to mention, my old band mate, Chris. He was the first guy that really showed me what to do to put on a show. He said: “Hey, you see this chord? You plug it into here, and this is how you get the piano to come out of the system.” He taught me everything I know when it comes to this stuff. He actually is the one who built that piano over there, seven years ago. And he’s here tonight. So thank you Chris, for everything you’ve done for us. We’ve got guys on this crew that have been here from the beginning, Daniel, Mark, Snider. Some I forget. Chris and Brad, you guys have believed in us from the very beginning. I know this feels like we’re accepting an award or something, but honestly, this kinda feels like one. Listen, we wouldn’t be up here if it weren’t for a lot of people, if they didn’t exist. It is very important to know that if you, our fans, The Clique, were not here tonight, this would not be possible. So thank you so much for making this possible. So grateful for you guys. There’s one other person I’d like to talk about- who I would not be up here on this stage right now if it weren’t for- Josh Dun on the drums. Please give it up for him. Listen, I know you’ve been cheering all night, but I know you’ve got something else. Josh Dun on the drums everybody, c'mon. And you know I brought Michael out and it made me think of a lot of older shows, and we’ve been closing out with a certain song for year now. It’s very cool for us to be showing this song to people. This might be my favorite song live and I invite you to be apart of that tradition with us as we close out this show. We’ll give it everything we have, friends. We only have a little bit left in us, but we promise by the end of this, we will be nothing. So, join us.”

All I could think about in this moment was how different things had gotten. I feel as though I’ve changed through this entire tour. I didn’t feel like I was the same person I was a few months back. And maybe that’s what the letter meant. Maybe she had changed too.

After the show had ended, I went backstage to freshen up and reminisce about what had just happened that night. It was incredible. It was something I would never forget. It was even better to know that during this night, I had finally realized a few things, that I was ready to let go of the past. And (Y/N) somehow knew that too.

After a few words were exchanged, I walked back out on stage to look at the arena one more time. But what I focused on instead, was a single body standing in the center of the venue, a bright smile on her face.

I looked away and started to cry, finally letting all of my emotions go from that night. I covered my mouth as she walked towards me. She climbed the stage and stood before me, her arms open wide. I looked at her with a bit of disbelief, not knowing if this was some sort of sick joke. But I didn’t care at this point. I was so happy to see her. It was long overdue.

I walked over slowly and hugged her for the first time in months. I missed the warm embrace she would always give me. It gave me a sense of security. It made me feel safe, and welcome.

“Thanks for mentioning me in your speech tonight, Ty.” she says in between small sobs.

We both laugh slightly and I wipe her tears, caressing her beautiful face. She smiles slightly at me, bringing her hand up to hold mine.

“I’m sorry,” I chuckle. “I didn’t want to make that something public… I thought it was better left unsaid until I saw you. In person. Honestly, I didn’t think you were coming.” I say quietly.

She gives me a sad look and sighs.

“Why wouldn’t I come, Ty? I may have left for a while, but I made you a promise all those years ago. And I don’t break promises.”

“I’ve missed you, (Y/N). More than you could know. I’ve driven myself crazy the past few months. I’m so sorry, for everything. I don’t know how I could’ve been so dumb. I just… I thought you deserved so much more than I could give you. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship if things didn’t work out and–” before I could finish her soft lips crashed into mine.

That kiss was something that I had been waiting to know what it felt like since I was a kid. It was indescribable. It was everything I had ever hoped for and more.

As she pulled away she looks up at me and smiles.

“I’ve missed you too, Ty. And I’m also sorry. But I think the time we took away from each other really helped. There’s so much I need to tell you.” she says excitedly. “But first I think we need to talk about a few things…” she paused. “I really do think that we’ve changed, and for the better. I think that some part of us needed time to adjust to everything, and we really needed the space apart from each other. I’m not going to lie, I thought about you every day. And it was hard for me to not call you every night to ask how you were doing, or just to see your face or hear your voice. And it sucked. But I came back because… well… you’re my best friend, Ty. And the person I’ve been absolutely in love with since the longest time. I wasn’t going to throw that away, even though there were times when I really wanted to.”

I kissed her once again and pulled her into another embrace.

“Can I ask you something, (Y/N)?” I whisper in her ear. She nods into my chest and pulls away slightly to look up at me. “What did you mean that you didn’t love me like you did yesterday…?”

She pauses and scrunches her nose.

“Honestly, I wanted it to mean that I had changed. And that my love for you had changed because of it. It wasn’t the same after I left. It wasn’t like I loved you any less. I didn’t know who I was until I connected with you. But I guess I had to figure out who I am without you. I was so caught up in us that I didn’t focus on myself. And I really needed that aspect in my life to be happy.”

“Well, I’m glad you figured it out because I don’t know if I would’ve made it a couple more months without you. We’re better human beings when we’re with the person we’re supposed to be with. And that wasn’t Tiffany. It’s always been you.”

As we embrace for another moment, I see Josh walk on stage, arms folded. All I could do was mouth the words: “Thank You.

There’s Something About Her

Based on this magical conversation with kia8088

It starts with a glance. It’s the tiniest thing really, so small that it would take someone with his prowess to catch it, but he does. 

It had a been a mere month after returning to Konoha. The dead were buried. The families still mourned. And he was back, enfolded under the shade of dancing leaves once more. 

The Konoha Genin had all gathered for one final celebration, a chance to remember, rejoice, and re-introduce him to everyone as the newly returned genin come home. And it’s through the smoke and sizzling of admittedly delicious BBQ that he catches her silvery gaze.

It’s only a second, but it’s cold and piercing and for once, he sees the family resemblance he vaguely remembered her lacking.

He brushes it off. She’s not important in the grand scheme of things. 

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Tears of Regret- Calum Hood

A/N: I really like this one. I’ve had it as a draft for awhile and finished it a couple days ago.  Excuse typos and mistakes. 

Calum had been extremely distant lately and I hadn’t figured out why quite yet. He hadn’t answered any of my texts, phone calls, facetimes, or snapchats. It was beginning to worry me. We had already been married two years and decided to wait to have children once things had calmed down a bit. Seeing Ashton struggling to see his young son was the deal breaker. Calum knew he wouldn’t be able to handle doing that to his child. Not that Ashton was a bad father he was great but Calum just couldn’t stand seeing the looks his child would give him as he left for tour because seeing his nephew giving him and his band mates that look was enough to decide to wait. 

Finally after contemplating on what to do on my missing husband I called Ashton to see if he knew what was up. “Hey” I said in to the phone speaker. “Hey what’s up?"he asked. "Do you know what’s up with Cal he hasn’t talked to me in 10 days” I said. “No, babe. I don’t” he said. “ok, thanks, Ash” I said. “No problem” he said. “Ok, well I’m going to call the other two and see if for some reason they know and you don’t” I said. “Ok but hey don’t worry about it’s probably nothing big” he said. “I can hope right?” I tried to smile then hung up and dialing up Luke. “Hello, Mrs. Hood, How are you?” he asked. “Fucking Shitty” I said. “Oh, why?” he asked. “Cal hasn’t talked to me in a week and a half, Lu” I said. “Why?” he asked. “Hell, if I know” I sighed. “I don’t either” he said. “You, and me both” I said. “Have you asked anyone else?” he asked. “I just called Ash and he was clueless” I said. “Call Mali” Luke suggested “He tells her about everything” he admitted. “That’s a good idea, Luke. Thanks” I said. “No problem” he said contently. “Alright well I’m going to go and figure out what’s up with my husband” I said. “Good luck Y/N” he said. “Thanks, I’ll need it” I said and hung up dialing Michael’s number; “Hey Y/N, what’s up?” he asked. “Nothing unusual, Mikey other than fact my husband’s ignoring me” I said. “Oh” he said. “Do you know why?” I asked. “Me? Know about Calum? NO!” he said nervously. “Michael…” I said. “He made me promise not to tell you” he said. “I swear to god, Michael Gordon Clifford, you tell me now or I am coming to wherever the hell you are and ripping your balls off” I shouted. “Ok, fine. You are very assertive. So last weekend we went out just him and I. He got drunk off his ass and I couldn’t find him anywhere. So I went looking for him and…” he paused. “He fucked someone didn’t he?” I asked as tears caught in my throat. "I’m sorry, Y/N" he said. “Did he tell you anything” I asked as a tear slipped my eye.

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Sheldon was lying in his bed next to his girlfriend.  He propped himself up on his elbow and looked over at Amy.  She was curled into a ball on her side, wrapped in one of his t-shirts while she slept peacefully. Sheldon wished he could find his own sleep, but he had been lying awake for nearly two hours.  He wished he could blame Amy’s presence in his bed, but he normally slept better with her there.

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What We Learned from the New CoHF Thing:
  • Alec is miserable *sobs*
  • Team Good has been questioned by the Clave a lot
  • The Clave is being stupid but what else it new
  • Jace still has the heavenly fire 
  • Never let Jace carve the turkey at Thanksgiving
  • Shadowhunters don’t celebrate Christmas
  • Simon can say “God” (I’m so proud)
  • Clary is verysexually frustrated (and Jace probably is too, let’s be honest here) 
  • Simon and Izzy need to DTR
  • Jocelyn still doesn’t trust  Jace
  • Simon is so done with being a vampire
  • Maureen has taken over the New York clan, with Raphael as second in command
  • Simon cares about Alec boo aw

in conclusion: this book is already ruining my life and that was only PART of the first chapter *nervous laughter*