did anyone else forget i was doing these

does anyone else do the app equivalent of forgetting why you walked into a room so you have to go back to the previous room to try and remember


“…why did I open google again?” *goes back to the last app* “oh yeah”

I’m concerned for Prompto

If anyone else didn’t catch it, during my livestream I was able to hear an interesting banter between Ignis and Prompto during a battle. May not be accurate due to me forgetting some words, but  this wa s the jist of it.

Prompto: Ah, bad time for a stomachache.

Ignis: Then take your meds.

Prompto: I did, they haven’t started working yet.

After this I was like….that didn’t sound like joke banter, because Ignis doesn’t do that to any of the other boys. Plus after that I had noticed that Prompto has a tendency to make pained noises and it looks like hes fixing his clothes, but sometimes I catch him grasping at the lower part of his tank, his abdomen.

He also occasionally fixes the bandana on his arm, checking it and tightening it.

I’m worried for sunshine child.

Things that have been said to me, an INTP, within the first two weeks of university:

“Dude my cat is not a spoon.”

“You’re not psychic you did the equivalent of looking me up in the Yellow Pages.”

“Do you eat anything other than mashed potato?”

“Well I don’t know about anyone else but I am never playing Monopoly with you again.”

“How do you ‘forget to eat’? It’s 9PM.”

“I think that’s my cue to back away slowly.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that you think too much?.”

A Man Who’s Not Afraid

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1,220
Warnings: cigarettes
Summary: Bucky can’t sleep. You find him on the fire escape thinking.
Author’s Note: @natromaoff sent me the prompt “Running is easy. Forgetting is harder.” when I was struggling with writer’s block, and a freewriting exercise turned into an actual fic. Thanks Kristin! As always, this is dedicated to the loml @rogersxbarnesx

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How to network/do informational interviews when you’re autistic

(First three posts on this topic:

not being scared about networking

, and

what it is/how to do it.

And then

how to find people to do it with

. Below: the actual nuts and bolts of what to do.) 

This advice all really applies to anyone, but I feel like it is particularly apt for us autistic people because we love (and often rely upon) scripts. And on finding out beforehand how things will play out and what people’s mental pictures of them are, so that we know how to fit ourselves in.

So, you have people you want to network with. What do you do?

I started out with people I knew: my little sister, a friend of a friend, a college friend I hadn’t seen in ages. I did talk to someone else over the phone too, I forget what our connection was. Even if someone isn’t doing the kind of work you want, or at the kind of place you want, you can ask them to do this with you for practice!!

The script I got from Ramit’s class, for contacting total strangers that you have something in common with, was:

Hi Steve,
Greetings from a fellow UCLA alum! I was doing some research on Project Manager positions on LinkedIn, and I noticed you’re a Project Manager at Acme.

I’m on a quest for my dream job and would love to ask you 3-5 questions about your experience at Acme. Would you be available for a quick chat over coffee this Thursday at 10am? I’m also free any time Friday.

John Smith

P.S. I’m sure you’re busy, so if it’s easier for you, I’d be happy to send my questions via email.

And you just replace “Steve” and “Acme” and “Project Manager” and “UCLA alum” and “John Smith” with the appropriate names. (And replace the two times with any times that work for you.)

But don’t use that script with people you know! I would have thought it would work just as well with people I knew. In fact, it turned out that it made them uncomfortable to get something that formal. They acted like it was weird.

So, with people I knew at all, I started saying something totally informal like: “I have to ask for 5 informational interviews for this class I’m taking.“ As long as I had an explanation like that, people totally relaxed and were very excited about talking to me! (It was true at the time, but now I would probably vary it a little because the class is over. I will likely be committing to asking a certain number of people each week/month and then telling them something like,

Hey, I have been taking computer science classes and I really want to learn more about what it’s like [working at [company]/working as a developer]. Can I buy you coffee and ask you stuff? I’m available evenings and weekends right now, I could do any time next Saturday if you’re around!

- Dani

p.s. I’m sure you’re busy, so we could also just do email if it’s easier for you!

Depending on how close I am to applying, I might also downplay my experience less and start with a sentence like “Hey, I have been working on my [web developer/mobile app] portfolio and” everything else is the same from there. Because I know I have a tendency to try to minimize what I can do, and that doesn’t really serve me here!

(I used to say “and pick your brains” instead of “and ask you stuff,” but then my friend-of-a-friend wasn’t familiar with the phrase and thought it sounded very creepy. So I scrapped it!)

What do you say once you have them?

First, you make the “we just got here” small talk. This is generally along the lines of “Hi, how are you, how is your day going, did you have any trouble finding the place, have you ever been here before, oh I love it they make the greatest pour-overs.” A lot of autistics and introverts loathe this stuff. I love it because it’s hilarious to me that allistic people have what is basically scripts too, and mostly, because it’s this subtext of “I like you! We are going to be friendly now!” and it’s so handy to be able to communicate that. (I’m an autistic extrovert though!) And yes, you need to do a little bit of that small talk stuff even if you are meeting online or on the phone.

Ideally, if you are meeting over coffee/tea, you offer to buy them whatever. Just say “Can I get you anything?” or “What are you having?” and then go buy it for them. Or when you get up to the counter, say “Let me get this! It’s the least I can do.” Get yourself something too, even if it’s the cheapest drink on the menu, because many people find it utterly awkward to eat in front of someone who is not eating.

Once you are seated, you can jump in with your first question. Start with something casual like, “So, how do you like [working at [company]/doing [this kind of work]]?” For example: “So, how do you like working at Intel?” Or “So, how did you end up being a rocket scientist?” (replace with their actual company or job please!)

(If they jump in first and ask you something (like “So, what got you interested in [company/job]?”) then too bad, you have to talk more :)  But sometimes it’s nice that they got the conversation started for you!)

You can totally write your questions down and read from the page. Feel free to take notes. You can write down a blurb about why you’re doing this or what experience you have. You can write down how to do small talk. You can even write down the directions and how to order a drink, for all anyone cares. That is the beauty of informational interviewing! 

I have a list of questions that I pick from depending on who I’m talking to, and what I’m talking to them about. 

If you’re trying to figure out what jobs will work for you, it can really help to figure out what the potential problems you might face are, and then ask about that kind of stuff. For example, do you need a workplace or career that lets you work from home? One with unlimited sick time? (yes, that exists) One that lets you work a flexible schedule depending on how many spoons you have? One where you definitely do not need to interact with other humans? One where you get to interact with other humans a lot, but at predictable times? One where you can work part-time, but where you can eventually make an hourly rate that lets you live on those hours?

Once you know that kind of stuff, you can ask about it. This is a scenario where it might make sense to seek out other “spoonies” to interview, instead of people in a specific career or company – unless you definitely know what you want to be doing, and are just trying to figure out what options it offers.

Other things you might want to ask people:

What made you choose this company? / How did you end up working here?

What do you love about what you do? What do you wish you could change about it?

I was also thinking about [these other companies/types of work]. Do you know anything about them? What’s your impression?

Most of the ads I’ve seen ask for at least [x] years of experience. I know I have the skills they need, but I only have [x amount of experience]. How important is that requirement, and how would you approach those jobs if you were applying with this much experience?

(You can also tweak the above question to ask about a specific type of knowledge or experience that you don’t have. See below for another example. It is a little-known fact that most companies do not expect you to have the whole list of requirements. Yes, even though they call them REQUIREMENTS! Often they’re happy to get someone who has 70%+ of the requirements they ask for.) 

It seems like most [X] positions require you to have some experience with [skill – double-entry bookkeeping, gymnastics, C++, whatever]. Is that something I can learn on the job, or would I have to get more experience on my own first?

I have a lot of experience doing [type of work]. It’s a different field, but it uses a lot of the same skills. Do you think that people would accept that experience for these positions?

Besides a great resume, what really makes someone stand out to the hiring manager?

What’s the hardest thing to find for this kind of position? For example, how would you finish this sentence: “Man, it’s really rare these days to find a [job title] who can really do (blank).” [That’s pretty much a direct quote from Ramit. If you have a specific skill in mind, you could give them an example instead: “For example, it seems like it’s really hard to find admin assistants who are really great with computers. Is that true?”]

Can you tell me about your experience interviewing with [company]? [You can also ask more specific questions: How many rounds of interviews did they do? What kind of people did they have you talk to? Do you remember what kind of questions they asked you? Was there anything that surprised you? If I applied there, what do you think would make me stand out? If I had an interview next week, what kind of advice would you give me?] 

On one hand, I’m interested in pursuing X, but I’m thinking it might make more sense to do Y first because of Z. What do you think? Or is there another option that I’m missing?  [For example: I’m interested in learning Rails, but I’m thinking it might make more sense to do Javascript first because it’s applicable everywhere. Or: I’m interested in trying to get an office manager job, but I was thinking it might make more sense to go for an admin job and try to work my way up.]

Given everything we’ve talked about, what other companies do you think I should be looking at?

Are there other people you think I should be talking to? You’re definitely more plugged in than I am, so I would really appreciate any suggestions you have.

If you were in my shoes, what else would you be asking? [One person I talked to straight-up said, “I’d ask for a job!”]

Thank you so much for your time – it was incredibly helpful. I think my next steps are [A, B and C]. Do you think I’m on the right track?

When you’re done: tell them “I guess that’s everything I wanted to ask! Thank you so much, you’ve been really helpful!”

Last step: in the next couple of days, email them again to thank them. For bonus points, send them an article or a cool blog post that you think they’d be interested in based on what you guys talked about. The script for this is basically, “Thank you again for meeting with me! I ran across this post about [whateverpants] that I thought you would like - check it out!” [and a link]

Anyone else ever noticed how boys “move”/adjust their bangs with like their entire hand? Like they don’t use the sides of their fingers. They take their entire hand, flatten their hand against their bangs, and just move them to where they want them to be.

Like grown men do this, and I thought it was just a thing little kids did.

It’s cute though. Childish mannerisms people don’t realize they have… My partner still does his bangs like that, and he’s nearly 30. Oh wait, he’s 32. I always forget how old he is.

I just saw a couple of college guys in Walmart, and one of them did it. Thought it was cute. That’s all.

Conner: Why? Why are you here?

Tim: Why not?

Conner: …Because of your Dad.

Tim: What? How do you–?

Conner: Superman told me. He thought I should know that you might not be coming to the Tower for–

Tim: Did you tell anyone else?

Conner: No. I guess it’s our new secret.

Tim: I just want to forget it.

Conner: Forget it? You don’t forget something like this. You remember what you told me when I found out I had Lex Luthor’s D.N.A. rattling inside my genetics? You said you’d help me deal with it. And you said one there I’d be there to help you deal with something. Maybe…this is that something.

Tim: Don’t bring it up again. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m going to have fun. That’s why I came to the Tower.

–Tim Drake with Conner Kent (Teen Titans #20 – Hiding)


I originally did not intend to post more parts of the Spirit of the Athlethes, but in this last part Yuzu just states that he thinks he can do a program with 5 quads!!!!!

oh god, Yuzu please don’t forget you don’t have to have 5quads, your GOEs and PCS can make everything up Nathan (or anyone else) can do. And Nathan was tremendously overscored at 4CC.
I hate that they don’t say that Nathan, despite it was US overscored Nationals, did not reach the points Yuzu had at GPF 2015 with only 3 quads. Yuzu could have sticked to 3 quads and still could have won everything, but it won’t be Yuzu if he is not trying to put in new stuff.

And the main focus is on Nathan as his most close rival, but Shoma or Javier or even Patrick can also challenge Yuzu for the Worlds Title if he is not clean.

With a clean skate Yuzu wins, unfortunately this season he did not have two clean skates in one competition. So in the end it could be anyone’s title. This is what makes Worlds a whole competition with lots of heart attacks.

(You can still find all the parts on youtube. Thank you Yuzu Fairy and their team for translating.)

headcanon fic: luke kryze, prince of mandelore pt 3

[part one] [part two]

- Luke is distraught after the events of the Death Star. Obi-Wan does not think Luke has cried this much since he was a baby. It’s to be expected, Obi-Wan thinks. Satine raised him to be kind.

- “Do you think Mom will ever forgive me?” Luke asks, and Obi-Wan knows that if anyone else had done what Luke did, there would be no forgiveness from Satine: but Luke is her baby, her son, and for that Satine can forgive anything, even the murder of 200,000.

- (she, too, was a solider once. Obi-Wan remembers, even if Satine would rather forget)

- “When I was flying, Dad, I could have sworn,” Luke bites his lip, like he’s not sure he wants to confess or not. “I could have sworn I could hear you, Dad. You told me to shoot.”

And Obi-Wan knows now that he can’t pretend his past doesn’t exist. Not anymore. “That was the Force, Luke. You can feel it. Leia can too. It’s–it’s something I should have told years ago. Forgive me: I wanted to allow you both a childhood for as long as I could.”

- so he sets the twins down, and he tells the truth. About the Jedi and the Force and their mother and father. He tells them everything, except what happened to Anakin, in the end.

(How could he? They are just children. Better for them to think their father died a hero than know the truth. Besides, who but Obi-Wan would ever tell them?)

- he trains them as Jedi, or at least, he tries to. After the Death Star, Luke refuses to even touch a lightsaber. Oh, he’s interested in philosophy, and learning how to use the Force and meditating, but he doesn’t want a weapon, no matter how much Obi-Wan tries to convince him that he needs something to defend himself with. Never Again, Luke promises, like he can still see blood on his hands that was never there in the first place.

- Leia, however, takes her father’s lightsaber.  “Teach me,” she asks, and does not forget Alderaan.

- Meanwhile, Darth Vader hunts for Luke Kryze and the rebel alliance. Because the boy is a Jedi, and Vader has sworn to eliminate the Jedi, no matter what.

- so there is no grand trap to capture Luke Skywalker on Bespin, because there is no Luke Skywalker, at least to Vader’s knowledge. The trap instead intends to kill: Vader has Boba Fett capture Solo on Bespin, and uses Solo’s pain through the Force to lead the Jedi to him.

- He expects Luke; he does not expect the Princess, armed with Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber and an anger that is painstakingly familiar.

- He fights them both. He cuts off Luke’s hand holding a stun blaster with barely a thought towards the now-unarmed boy, too distracted by the girl and the lightsaber she wields. He knows that blade: its twin is in his own arms, a violent red. By why would she have it–? Obi-Wan, of course, but why would Obi-Wan give her this blade and who is this boy she calls her brother, and–

- the girl is screaming her fury at him; perhaps he should listen. She trades blow by blow with him with barely any training, relying mostly on her rage to keep her going. She screams how he’s made her an orphan twice, now: once for Alderaan, and for when he killed her birth parents, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Am–

- his world stops and crashes around him. No. It can’t be true. The baby died with his wife, or so they told him. But here stands a girl (a girl he knew it was a girl he knew) who looks like Padme but wields his lightsaber and–

- Vader falls to his knees. Let her kill me, he thinks, his breathing harsh and heavy and broken inside let her kill me before you tell me I’ve hurt my children. He looks at the boy, and then the girl, and my children, there were twins all along and I never knew, and–

- Leia lifts the lightsaber over her head, ready to kill him, but Luke pushes out of the way with the Force, and down Cloud City Vader falls.


Another weird thing I noticed…. Lucifer is wearing a silver wedding band… there’s no way he got that from anyone but Crowley, so why would be wear it? Do you think it’s important, or did Mark Pellegrino just forget to take his band off and Lucifer accidentally ended up with it?

He wears it in more than one scene, so it’s not a mistake, but it’s new. 

He didn’t even seen to notice it, and if he thought it was from Crowley, he would take it off. So… either someone else (another demon) got it for him, or it’s something special? It could be Nick’s wedding ring? THEORIES?

  • Yang: Oh my god. Weiss are you really looking up advice on your scroll on how to have sex?
  • Weiss: What? No, this is just...umm research for a paper.
  • Yang: Last time I checked we didn't have a sex ed class. Listen you don't need to research and know everything before you do it. Sex isn't a test. It's spontaneous, romantic, and your so focused on your partner that it becomes natural to you as to what to do. Now no more looking up 'how to please your virgin lover,' holy dust what a title.
  • Weiss: Alright! Don't you dare mention this to anyone else! But thank you Yang for being mature about all this.
  • Yang: No problem!
  • Weiss: Well I'll be off, see you.
  • Yang: Bye Weiss, happy humping!
  • Blake: Did you just temporarily forget that Weiss is dating your sister?
  • Yang: ....SCHNEE! GET BACK HERE!
Couple of Questions about 5x16

Did anyone else notice that Felicity seemed disappointed at the end of THE SCENE that Oliver was heading to the Mayor’s office? Do you think there was anything to that or was it just way to get Oliver to say that he had to go explain the Green Arrow breaking into the DA’s home… Either way she was disappointed.

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Also when Talia implied that Oliver knew all about disappointing fathers…I was confused I don’t recall Oliver ever really disappointing Robert Queen. Am I forgetting something?

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@selenelavellan tagged me, and since I actually just did Eavhen yesterday, I figured I’d do Tab this time.


moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny
controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies
impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry
greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive
vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky | over analytical


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm

Hmmm… I’ll tag @celeritassagittae, @scorpysue, @ferafish, and literally anyone else who has a character they want to share. 

Imo, the most toxic complex in the world is the victim complex, the feeling of being cheated. Because once you’ve convinced yourself that you’re the good guy and you’ve been wronged–even if it’s true–you can justify literally ANYTHING you do as being not only acceptable, but right. Because you’re only looking for justice, right? It’s only fair that the person who wronged you should suffer as much as you did. Forget what affect that might have on anyone else. Too bad. They deserved it.

‘I know – I know – that a lot has happened in the last 15 years. Hermione gave me a report on everything you’ve been doing. You’re clever, you’ve done good work in Geneva, you’re doing good work here and being a force for good within the department. And that last good is a moral one rather than just a quality assessment, I saw the looks on your team’s faces. I even remember that you did what you could to help towards the end of the War. I’ve never forgotten that, you know. I’ve never let anyone else forget it, either.

‘But you still look like you. And we had seven years of antagonism. So you’ll have to forgive me if I occasionally have to close my eyes, because half of me still wants to poke you in the nose.’

Draco suppressed the urge to ask where the other half wanted to poke him.
—  All the Important Words Unspoken by blamebrampton
Fanart Monday!

Yes!! Back again with another fanart monday!! Thank you guys for submitting fanart!!! I love themmmmmm!!!

Let me remind you that I will only post fanart of the series c’: this goes for you, meme senders! I still love memes tho xDDD

Again, sorry if I forget to add someone’s work! I can only remember those drawings in my ask box, and sometimes I don’t even see them all because Tumblr is a meanie :c

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!!

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Questions I have about Steven Universe
  • Where is Alexandrite?
  • Will we see Alexandrite again?
  • Why have all of the fusions except Alexandrite had a second appearance?
  • Is Alexandrite doing ok?
  • Why haven’t we seen Alexandrite in over 1 year?
  • Did I forget to ask when we will see her again?
  • Does anyone else miss Alexandrite?
  • Because I sure do
  • When will Alexandrite return from the war?