did anyone else even ship this idk

So, this is my first post and I don’t know how to use Tumblr quite yet, but I’ll figure it out! Anyway, here’s a doodle of Killua and Gon that I did in Photoshop because I wanted to draw my favorite ship  :)


      CAN  WE  TALK  ABOUT  THIS  MOMENT  FOR  A  SECOND  ??  even  if  you  don’t  ship  jeid  for  whatever  reason  ,  this  moment  right  here  (  and  the  entire  episode  ,  really  )  was  so  beautiful  ,  and  it  did  an  AMAZING  job  translating  what  this  friendship  is  about.  spencer  tells  her  that  he’s  gotten  information  about  the  man  who  TORTURED  her  ,  something  that  no  one  else  did  ——  because  he  knows.  he  understands  what’s  like  to  have  someone  or  something  hunt  your  life  ,  your  dreams.  she  says:  spence,    and  without  saying  another  words  ,  he  just  knows.  

      he  knows  a  hundred  percent  what  she  wants  to  say   ;   he  knows  she wants  to  say  ‘  thank  you  ’   &   he  also  knows  that  she  can’t  ;  because  THANK YOU  isn’t  enough.  this  is  certainly  one  of  the  most  beautiful  scenes  in  the  entire  series  ,  in  my  opinion.