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yo where should I start with Squirrel Girl stuff? it's super great, and I figure since I found a good place to read comics I ain't really got an excuse to not anymore

Just start at issue #1! I mean. the first issue #1. IT’S COMPLICATED anyway there are five collected volumes of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and if you start with Volume One you’re good. There are comics with Doreen before that, but they’re not super vital to the current run, like, at all. You basically need ZERO COMICS KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER except maybe some vague understanding of who the avengers are and who deadpool is and why deadpool would have collectible trading cards. Squirrel Girl is pretty self-contained, aside from the one crossover with Howard the Duck which was included in Volume 3, so you don’t really have to care about BIG EARTH-SHATTERING EVENTS and whatnot. all the big earth-shattering event did was screw up the numbering so there’s two first issues for some reason even though it’s the same series.

despite that it is. the most friendly comic of all time in terms of starting and keeping up with it and i love it. @w@

THERE’S A SALE ON COLLECTIONS ON COMIXOLOGY RIGHT NOW AND ISSUE #1 IS FREE so there is no excuse for anyone reading this to not get the first issue at least and support girls of squirrels

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Yo......love your blog, also love pokemon, so may I request some pokemon head cannons for all the aoex characters (or at least all the main ones), head cannons for them as a trainer, they're favourite pokemon, other pokemon related head cannons you can think of!


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  1. Pelipper
  2. Aipom
  3. Ampharos
  4. Chespin
  5. Pidgeotto
  6. Litten

As a trainer:

  • He wants to become the worlds greatest Pokemon trainer
  • He loves his Pokemon more then anything
  • Put’s them first no matter what
  • He’s the sort of trainer that talks big but can’t win battles for shit
  • He gets advice from his companions and rethinks his battle approach for his Pokemon
  • He starts winning
  • He’s actually an amazing trainer
  • He’s getting better every day


  • He found a Wingull with a broken wing when he was a child, and took it to the Pokemon centre
  • Once it was healed, he tried to release it
  • But it refused to leave his side 
  • Wingull was his first Pokemon and they’re still the best of friends
  • Rin was overjoyed when it evolved into Pelipper
  • He received Chespin from Professor Sycamore 
  • He found Litten abandoned and hungry under a bridge in Alola
  • Befriended it and took it in
  • The rest he caught


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  1. Bunnelby
  2. Farfetche’d
  3. Nidoqueen
  4. Sandslash
  5. Umbreon
  6. Venonat

As a trainer:

  • He’s the Gym leader in Exorcist city
  • He requires 2 gym badges before your allowed to battle him
  • He likes to guide his opponents and help them in their journey to becoming a good Pokemon trainer
  • He also does Pokemon breeding on the side
  • He also researches Pokemon as well
  • He likes to analyse his Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses and utilise them during battle
  • He wants to know everything about them
  • Because he dreams of becoming a Pokemon professor 
  • He’s currently studying under a Professor as his assistant to learn all he can about Pokemon


  • When his twin brother started his Pokemon journey he challenged Yukio to a gym battle
  • He made Yukio forget the 2 badge rule just for him
  • They argued about it a lot but Yukio got sick of Rin’s whining so gave in and accepted the battle
  • It didn’t matter anyway 
  • Because Rin lost miserably 
  • He swears he’ll come back stronger and win a rematch
  • Yukio can’t wait for that day
  • When he was a child, he was bullied a lot at school
  • When Rin wasn’t there to protect him he’d run of and hide
  • He was crying in the woods and an Eevee found him
  • It followed him around after that and protected him
  • It later evolved into Umbreon


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  1. Bounsweet
  2. Comfey
  3. Bellossom
  4. Cherrim
  5. Cottonee
  6. Shaymin

As a trainer:

  • She’s a gym leader in Meadowlark city
  • She specialises in grass type Pokemon
  • She took over the gym from her grandmother when she died
  • She isn’t the best gym leader because she’s really shy
  • She also doesn’t like seeing Pokemon get hurt
  • She often neglects her responsibility as a gym leader so she can spend time in her garden with her Pokemon
  • She treats her Pokemon kindly and enjoys looking after them
  • She feeds them Pokebeans and berries that she grows in her garden


  • Rin came to battle her and she was nowhere to be found 
  • So he looked for her and discovered a beautiful blonde girl in a breathtaking garden 
  • He was shocked when he found out she was the gym leader
  • Shiemi apologised for making him come all this way for nothing 
  • Rin yells at her and tells her to take her post seriously
  • She’s not only neglecting the trainers who want a Leaf badge but also her Pokemon who would love to battle alongside her
  • So he vows to help her
  • Rin helps Shiemi with her shyness
  • Shiemi asks if she can travel along with Rin whilst she’s learning how to be a real person
  • Her mom looks after her gym for her whilst she’s away
  • Once she’s experienced the world a bit she can’t wait to continue her grandmothers legacy and be the best gym leader she can be
  • Her Pokemon were all her grandmothers, apart from Cherrim who she caught herself
  • She grew up with her grandmothers Pokemon so they all knew her and loved her


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  1. Onix
  2. Typhlosion
  3. Pikachu
  4. Haunter
  5. Electabuzz
  6. jangmo-o

As a trainer:

  • He’s a very serious trainer
  • He trains his Pokemon every day
  • He monitors what they eat and feeds them special brews he creates with their health in mind
  • He gets very serious in battle
  • His father is the Island Kahuna on MeleTemple island
  • He will one day inherit his fathers place and intends to be ready


  • His favourite type of Pokemon is electric 
  • Because it matches(/matched) his hair
  • He meets Rin and Shiemi when they come to the Alolan region 
  • He shows them around since they’re new
  • He instantly takes a dislike to Rin because he thinks he isn’t serious about being a trainer
  • Takes it back when he sees how much courage and love he has for Pokemon and battling


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  1. Meowth
  2. Skitty
  3. Popplio
  4. Lilligant
  5. Pikipek
  6. Togedemaru

As a trainer:

  • He’s a new trainer in the Alolan region
  • He loves all of his Pokemon 
  • He just wants them to try their best in battle
  • He doesn’t like seeing Pokemon get hurt
  • So he carries a shit ton of revives and potions
  • He loves seeing the different Pokemon moves though and levelling up his Pokemon so thats why he became a trainer
  • And it makes his Pokemon happy as well


  • He has a love for cat type Pokemon
  • When he went to Professor Kukui for his starter Pokemon, he originally wanted Litten but they were all gone
  • So he chose Popplio and now he wouldn’t trade it for anything
  • He loves petting his Pokemon and playing with them
  • And feeding them Pokebeans
  • He is fascinated by Alolan forms
  • He is to scared to ride Pokemon and is really sad about it, because he would love to ride a Mudsdale or a Lapras


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  1. Crabrawler
  2. Lycanroc (midday form)
  3. Froakie
  4. Fletchling
  5. Inkay
  6. Magenmite

As a trainer:

  • He has three elder brothers who are all gym leaders
  • He doesn’t want to follow in their footsteps
  • Too much pressure
  • He just thinks Pokemon and adventures are cool so he’s on a Pokemon journey to have fun
  • He’s laid back and enjoys battle
  • Doesn’t care all too much if he looses 
  • Only cares if theres a hot girl about to see his defeat

In general:

  • He caught his little sister a Pichu for her birthday
  • He low-key things Lycanroc’s midnight form is cooler
  • Out of all his Pokemon he is closest with Froakie
  • Despite how he acts, he is close with all his Pokemon
  • He loves them a lot 
  • He’s forgetful sometimes and messes up a lot 
  • He’s terrified of bug type Pokemon and if anyone draws one out in battle he’ll either faint or yell out random moves in fear, this confuses his Pokemon and they end up hurting themselves in the confusion, so they loose the battle
  • He met and befriended Rin and Shiemi and the three of them are travelling together on a Pokemon adventure


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  1. Braixen
  2. Cinccino
  3. Clefairy
  4. Furfrou (heart trim)
  5. Igglybuff
  6. Dedenne

As a trainer:

  • She comes from a longline of Pokemon gym leaders in the Kalos region but wants to explore the world
  • She will become a gym leader when her mother passes the gym onto her one day
  • She wants to become the best Pokemon trainer in her region and bring greatness to her family name
  • She takes battles seriously and hates loosing
  • When she looses she’ll train her Pokemon even harder
  • She has a soft spot for her cute Pokemon and loves them a lot 

In general:

  • She really wants a Sylveon
  • But can never catch an Eevee to evolve it
  • Her little sister loves looking after her Pokemon with her
  • She has given all of her Pokemon nicknames
  • She was kind of sad when her Fennekin evolved to Braixen
  • She loves to pamper her Pokemon and brush their fur
  • When Shiemi decided to go back to her gym she decided to travel with Rin and Shima


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  1. Mew
  2. Ho-oh
  3. Tapu Lele
  4. Hoopa
  5. Moltres
  6. Solgaleo 

As a trainer:

  • He’s known as the Legendary trainer
  • He’s never lost a battles
  • Loves showing off his Pokemon
  • His Pokemon are very high level as well
  • He’s the current Pokemon champion
  • He has a lot of Pokemon, probably more then anyone else ever
  • He didn’t catch them all, he bought some from dodgey people online
  • He wants to collect at least one of each Pokemon

In general:

  • He has so many Pokemon that he bought a whole chunk of his city just for them all to fit together
  • His Pokemon have the best everything 
  • They are always groomed and presented well
  • He is often featured in Pokemon magazines around the world and therefor is quite wealthy
  • He has one of each style of variety Pokemon
  • Such as all Furfrou styles and all Oricorio styles
  • I picked Hoopa because it looks like Sami in the newest manga chapter, uno arabian Mepphy…


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  1. Garbodor
  2. Muk
  3. Stunky
  4. Gloom
  5. Acres
  6. Mewtwo

As a trainer:

  • He is a popular professor who is respected for his knowledge and skill on Pokemon and battling 
  • He’s got many Pokemon, although not as many as mephisto
  • He’s won multiple awards for his discoveries
  • He has one of the largest Pokemon labs in the world


  • Although he caught the majority of his Pokemon, Trubbish (now Garbodor) and Grimer (now Muk) found him and followed him around
  • It’s likely they were confused because they thought he was one of them
  • He smells so bad they still aren’t sure if he is or isn’t a Pokemon
  • He has a wide collection of legendary and mythical Pokemon 
  • Despite being highly respected person in the Poke-world, he is still extremely lazy and doesn’t seem to care about his appearance 
  • Some of his Pokemon like to try clean him by licking his face

This was a lot of fun for me to do! So thank you for the request! I only did some of the aoex characters but if anyone would like to request more like Shura, shiro, Nemu, Amaimon, Lucifer, Illuminati members etc…. just send the request and I’d be happy to do it!

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Alright it's not a silly question but there's been enough gross hate and drama today that I feel like this would be refreshing to read -- which of the SLBP guys is your go-to bad day friend? You know, the person whose presence just calms you down. Who do you go to when you need a hug, or just to chill out with someone? Who do you go to for advice? Who seems to have a sixth sense for when to show up at your door with a bottle of wine and some junk food?

Hullo Daddy Mother,

I’m so sorry this has taken foreveeerrr to answer. I just need to give it a tought, mwahahahaha. Okay, first…

I did not spend my hard-earned real life money for virtual pearls, ugly kimonos and special socks to just be friends with these 2d pixel men! I want the full benefits!

 But yes, this fandom could use some joy of friendship… And I did friendzone some of them. Let’s see… Gosh, it’s hard to fangirl without objectifying these dudes, because you know, I’m one of those dreaded “horny fans” they kept confessing about.

Go-to bad day friends:

Hideyoshi, definitely. He’ll make us laugh with his jokes and take us somewhere outdoorsy and fun, an extroverted-kind of fun, or go to a matsuri and stuff ourselves silly or prank someone, or crash someone’s party or go to a random events like speed dating or something, just for the heck of it.

Mitsunari can sense that we’re having a bad day, but he won’t pry. He’ll just let us hang around his introvert’s bubble with no questions asked. He’ll also let us find sanctuary in his library (and he won’t let just anybody park themselves in his room). When we’re ready to talk, he’ll listen, then point out where we can solve our problem. Also, he can dish out some delightful, colourful language.

Kenshin. He’ll take us shopping or we can play dress up all day inside his massive, massive wardrobe. Then we’ll get all dolled up and hang out in his host club harem of beautiful boys. Oh gosh, he’s the madam type.

Shingen will take you to a strip club. Or an onsen. Or a strip club, then an onsen.

When I need a hug:

Kojuro, Kojuro, Kojuro. And why stop at hug, huh?! 

hahahaha, but yeah, still, Kojuro. Like Mitsunari, he can sense when we just need a companionship. And he’ll spoil us with hugs, or more benefits, if we want it. Plus he’s older and can dish some profound wisdom. And hey, this man looks so composed and accomplished but maaan, he’s secretly a slob, and that somehow tells you that you’re gonna be alright - no one’s perfect. Plus, he’ll let you play with Bontenmaru and mess up his already messy room.

Inuchiyo will demand us to tell everything and then he’ll be so salty and offended on our behalf it actually cheer us up. He’ll good to plot a revenge plan, or just be bitchy together and trash talk people.

Go for advice:

Huh? Besides Kojuro? Mitsuhide. Guy will troubleshoot all our problems. And that’s also the reason why we only go to him when we actually have something we want to solve… I got the feeling that he’s not the listening only type, he’ll the solving type. Plus sometimes going to him make us depressed because he’s so goddamn perfect. But hey, he’s the best bud to take to a cat cafe.

Sixth sense:

Yukimura. He’ll show up with some beer and junkfood and trashy movies, and we’ll binge watch the whole thing. He might also bring an entourage, most likely Saizo and Sasuke. This somehow, will end up with a drunken mini party with an increasingly dangerous game of truth or dare (Saizo’s fault) and the police shows up to arrest someone.

Masamune. He’ll show up with fine wine and gourmet groceries and he’ll cook some Michelin quality food. We’ll help him prepare this food and that small accomplishment somehow will make us really happy. Ends up with a snuggle while watching the discovery channel.

BONUS: friends you go to to hatch a revenge plan.

Saizo: just bribe him with enough dango and he’ll take care of it.

Ieyasu: he has a massive, massive collection of illegal substance that can make your enemy suffer. Plus, he has the best weed. Just bribe him with some strawberry daifuku or weed brownie and some dirt on Nobunaga.

Did I miss anyone? Ah yes, Nobunaga. hahahah, I remember him saying “If you have the energy to cry, you have the energy to do something about it” to MC. I got the feeling if we go to him with our problem, dude will proceed to point out how our problem is not really a problem at all compared to his problem. hahahaha, we all have that kind of friend.

That was fun! thanks for the ask!


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Fandom: Avengers: School AU

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Body shaming, bullying

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits


Notes: This is essentially a rewrite with different characters of a two year old piece of writing. It could get upsetting, but I promise Steve saves the day in the end! Also remember it is a school AU so everything is a bit weird and out of wack to make it fit!

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Acceptance (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: your older brother, Aaron, is less than pleased to discover that you and Daryl Dixon have been hooking up. (2,660 words)

an: ahh it feels so good to finally write this after planning it for weeks. hope you all like it, sorry it’s rly long - gabby

For my brother and me, Alexandria was the home we never had. When Aaron, Eric and I were being evacuated, we’d scoffed at the phrase “safe-zone” at first, wondering if anywhere could feel secure in a world where, not only did everyone seem to resent my brother for his sexuality, but where dead people were able to reanimate. However, once we realised that that Deanna and her family were wholly supportive, along with the majority of the community, we began to believe in the possibility that we could be safe here.

I can recall harrowing events from my youth, events that I merely witnessed, and that must have been infinitely more horrific for my brother, the victim. Our mother was very confused about what homosexuality was, and was convinced that Aaron’s sexuality could be changed. Once, she shut him away in his bedroom for an entire afternoon with foods he despised, demanding that until he’d eaten it all, he would remain in there. My most striking childhood memory involved hunching over the toilet bowl that evening, throwing up all of the food I sneakily volunteered to eat for my brother. Even as a ten year old, I found it sickening that our mother felt sympathetic for me when, if it was Aaron in my shoes, she’d be scorning him for being so “unmanly”.

Aaron and Eric were the only people left that were important to me, with Eric truly feeling like family. Each time they’d leave for the day to scout for new recruits I’d spend my day worrying about them, despite having full confidence that they could take care of themselves. They always did, and always managed to return home with another license plate to add to the collection, or some sort of interesting vintage pot to display on the mantelpiece. Although we had our fair share of petty arguments, as siblings did, I never thought I could care for anyone as much as I did for Aaron and Eric. That was, until I met Daryl Dixon.

The warm sun was descending into the horizon and I was nearing the end of my daily jog when they returned after what was undoubtedly the longest outing they’d been on to date. At first my attention was centred solely on Eric limping through the gates and Aaron helping him hobble across the pavement, his hand wrapped protectively around Eric’s waist. Naturally, I fussed over them, only to be brushed off by Aaron, who was far too concerned about his injured boyfriend to pay attention to his annoying little sister. So, reluctantly, I let them be and as I set off to jog back home I clumsily ran straight into someone’s torso.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry,” I fretted, grabbing a hold of the person’s arms to steady myself. Almost automatically they pulled away, and upon looking up I couldn’t help but feel threatened by the man stood before me. His hair fell in his face, wet with grease and clumped together with dirt, but his blue eyes were still prominent. He wore a scowl that appeared to be his resting expression, and his stance was the opposite of inviting, with his defined arms crossed over his broad chest.

“S’alright,” he eventually replied, and I didn’t expect him to be so quiet. His manner puzzled me, somehow he managed to come across as careless yet anxious all at once.

“Oh, hello everyone, I’m Y/N,” I raised my voice after recognising that everyone was relying on me to welcome them now that Aaron had rushed Eric off to the infirmary. I was overwhelmed at the size of the group. “I’m sure you’ve met Aaron, my older and less attractive brother.”

“Rick,” the guy with the bushy beard replied, squinting his eyes slightly and tilting his head to the right as if he were trying to suss me out. My heart almost melted upon the sight of a child who must have been barely a year old resting her sleepy head upon his shoulder.

“It’s great to meet you all, I’ll be sure to get to know each of you in due course,” I beamed, aiming to make them feel as welcome as possible. All I received in return were solemn faces and uncomfortable coughs. “And I’m sorry for running into you again… what’s your name?”

“Daryl,” the intimidating man answered gruffly, and I smiled at how much his name seemed to suit him.

“I’ll see you around then, Daryl. Sometime when I’m less sweaty.”

“Guess so.”

Amusingly, my next encounter with Daryl was just a day later, and was again a time where I was dripping with sweat. This time, I hadn’t been on a run, but I’d been spending hours fixing up an old car. I heard a timid knock on the garage door and had expected it to be Aaron, arriving with the sole intention of bothering me, only to find it was Daryl.

He’d been told by my brother to push his motorbike over to my garage as the engine was faulty, and I fell in love with the vehicle at first sight. Daryl was visibly impressed at my ability to identify the model of the bike, and even more impressed when I noticed what the problem was before he’d even informed me. He hung around while I fixed it, intrusively poking about in my toolbox and coming across my secret stash of beers. Four bottles each and just over an hour later, the bike was up and running again.

We were more than tipsy, and finding hilarity in smearing dirty rags in each other’s faces. Another beer each and this childish game had progressed to a more serious level; the garage door was shut and locked, and Daryl and I were having lazy, drunken sex on the bonnet of the car.

At first I’d thought that this would be a one time thing, and that once Daryl had sobered up he’d return back to his reserved self. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Daryl and I hooked up at any given opportunity: while everyone was out at parties or gatherings, during evenings where Aaron and Eric were having dinner at Deanna’s, and of course, every time he came to visit me in the garage. Each time we’d play stupid drinking games to disclose a little more about ourselves and after a while not requiring the alcohol to open up to each other. We were excellent at sneaking around; not one person was aware that we were even acquaintances as we kept our distance from each other in public.

So, when Aaron had informed me that he and Eric were popping out for an hour or so in the evening, I immediately invited Daryl over. I’d even slipped into my favourite underwear and put on some make up. Upon his arrival, Daryl had seized me by the hips with his strong hands and guided me upstairs, lips not leaving my neck until he’d shut my bedroom door and pushed me against it.

“What’s all that shit on your face for,” he mumbled, and I giggled as I became aware that he had my lipstick smeared all over his mouth, cheeks and chin.

“Prefer it when I have nothing on?” I asked cheekily, reaching to undo the clasp on my lace bra, letting it slip to the floor.

“You got that right,” he drawled, before licking his lips hungrily and escorting me in the direction of the bed.

Our sounds of pleasure coursed through the air; for a man of so few words it was unbelievable how vocal Daryl was in bed. I got the feeling that he didn’t quite know what he was doing during sex, but his fumbling and clumsiness only enhanced the experience. We were so noisy and so engaged that we failed to hear the knock on the door, or the creaking sound of it opening.

“My goodness!” It was Eric, and once Daryl fearfully tumbled away from me, almost falling off the bed altogether, I was able to witness his horrified expression. “Oh my Lord, I, um, dear me,” Eric stammered with his hands covering his eyes, before promptly leaving and accidentally slamming the door behind him.

“Eric, wait!” I yelled, pulling on whichever clothes I could find and racing downstairs to join him. “Please, don’t tell my brother,” I implored, but Eric was only able to shake his head and leave the house, his complexion remarkably pale and his eyes still wide with shock.

I had no appetite; my anxiety caused the food to turn to mush in my mouth and prevented me from swallowing it. I stared at my plate instead, excessively twirling the spaghetti around my fork to avoid eating it. When I looked up, Eric caught my eye, and I twinged with the embarrassment that accompanied the memory of earlier. Glancing at Daryl, who my brother had kindly invited for tea, I noticed that he too was struggling to eat, which made a change from the way he usually shovelled food into his mouth. He sipped slowly on his glass of red wine, and like me, tried his hardest to avoid eye contact with my brother or his boyfriend.

“You’re quiet tonight, Y/N,” Aaron commented, a slight frown upon his face. I merely shrugged, refusing to avert my attention away from the meal in front of me, although the sight of it was making me nauseous. “In fact, everyone’s being really strange. Care to tell me what’s going on?”

“Nothing, Aaron,” I replied, a little too promptly. I forced a smile and tried to ignore the look Eric was flashing in my direction, instead pouring myself another glass of wine. “This wine is great. Do you want another glass, Daryl?”

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Have you two been introduced, by the way?” my brother queried innocently, gesturing between the two of us. Daryl confidently answered “No” while I confidently answered “Yes”, creating quite possibly the most awkward response to a question to ever exist.

“I caught them having sex earlier,” Eric burst out, placing his head in his hands. Soon enough, Daryl and I were mirroring Eric’s posture, and my brother had stood up to leave the room, but not before angrily wiping his mouth on a napkin.

“Y/N, can I talk to you, alone?”

Aaron and I had never raised our voices at each other, and I cannot recall a time where we’d ever intensely disagreed on something. However, when he yanked me by my sleeve into the hallway, I saw a side to my brother that almost scared me.

“Eric wouldn’t lie to me, so just come out and admit it,” Aaron said, using all of his strength not to shout and finding it seemingly difficult to look at me.

“Okay. Daryl and I have been having sex.”

“I can’t believe this,” Aaron sighed deeply and raked his hands through his tight curls in frustration. I leant against the wall and chewed the inside of my mouth.

“What’s the problem, Aaron? I am an adult, you know that, right?” I practically screeched, not caring whether Daryl and Eric could hear me.

“What’s the problem?!” Aaron repeated, a exasperated laugh accompanying his words. “Daryl is twice your age, and you’ve known him barely two weeks.”

“So that means we can’t have sex?”

“Yes!” I scoffed at my brother’s stubbornness, and felt the anger swirling in my stomach. “It’s just… not right.” He added, finally looking me in the eye.

“’Not right’? How can you say that after years of people telling you that your relationship with Eric is ‘not right’? You’re such a hypocrite!” The pitch of my voice was deafening, and the volume so loud that I wouldn’t have been astounded to hear it was audible to the entirety of Alexandria.

“It’s not the same, Y/N!” Aaron insisted, although it was evident that he was beginning to acknowledge the holes in his argument.

“Yes but still, I just thought you would be more accepting.” My eyes brimmed with tears, but I fought hard to prevent them from spilling down my cheeks. “Surely you know what it’s like to have your love for someone deemed as wrong, and how shit that feels.”

“You love him?” Aaron’s voice softened and he reached out a hand to stroke my arm.

“I don’t know, but it’s not just sex,” I mumbled, but Aaron’s attention had diverged to the doorway to the kitchen. I followed his trail of sight to spot Daryl watching us, a look of concern on his usually unreadable face. Unable to hold them back any longer, I let the tears roll down my cheeks and I sunk to the floor, afraid that I’d ruined my relationship with Daryl as well as Aaron. With my eyes closed, and lacking the energy and motivation to open them, I was clueless to who it was that was gently lifting me up and carrying me upstairs.

A hand ran through my hair that was splayed out on the pillow, and because of this gentle gesture I assumed it was Aaron sitting beside my bed. Upon turning around to face him, however, I was stunned to discover it was in fact Daryl sat beside me, his eyes droopy and his posture slumped.

“Feelin’ better after sleepin’?” he drawled lazily, his immediate reflex upon my awakening being to quickly retract his hand away from my head. With this hand he instead reached up to scratch his head in some sort of attempt to look collected, but his pink cheeks gave him away.

“Much better,” I replied, a slight huskiness to my speech. I cleared my throat and sat up, groggily rubbing at my eyes. “It’s funny that Aaron remembered to carry me to bed, sleep always sorted out my emotional outbursts as an angsty teen.”

“He cares ‘bout ya,” Daryl advanced from the armchair beside my bed to sit next to me on the mattress, nervously declining my offer to join me beneath the sheets. “I care ‘bout ya too, y’know.”

“You do?” I could feel the hope fluttering inside my racing heart. I wriggled my arm out from underneath the covers and slipped my hand into Daryl’s; for some reason, his palms were extremely clammy and for some even stranger reason, I found this endearing.

“Mmhmm,” Daryl hummed, leaning his head back against the wall and squeezing his eyes shut. I took this opportunity to make a bold move and snuggle into his chest and, unexpectedly, I felt his arms wrap around me.

I lay listening to his heartbeat for a while, wondering if he’d fallen asleep. His arms were rigid around my waist, and, curiously, he’d not flinched when I’d slipped my hand underneath his shirt to caress the scars on his back.

“Daryl, are you awake?” He grunted softly in response, presumably slipping into sleep. “Okay. Did you hear what I said to Aaron about…”

“’Bout love?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I heard.” The room fell silent, the only audible sound was our breathing. My breaths were quicker than Daryl’s, which where deep and drawn-out. “Y/N?”


“I ain’t sure what love is,” Daryl began, taking a long pause before continuing. “But I think you’re givin’ me the right idea.”

If we weren’t so tired, I’d have sat up and kissed Daryl passionately, overcome with delight that his feelings were reciprocal. Instead, I brought his calloused hand up to my mouth and kissed it gently, before snuggling into the surprisingly soft crook of his neck. He placed his hand on the back of my head and chuckled lightly, massaging my scalp with his fingertips.

It took a while, but I even managed to persuade Daryl to curl up beneath the sheets with me. Our bodies fit together like cogs in the engine of a motorbike, and I tried to synchronize my breaths with his. Slowly, I fell deeper into sleep, and deeper in love with him.

SSPrompt: Drifter

Prompt: In which he finally decides to visit.

a/n: please excuse this lengthy hiatus. I love you all so much.

Enjoy. <3

Most days, Sakura found herself going on with her life. As she had once decided to think of it, life doesn’t stop every time your heart breaks. And so she kept going. Being the new head medic of the village helped to keep her hands and mind occupied. With Tsunade and Shizune away and tending to other villages in need of proper medical care, Sakura filled most of her days with a calming mixture of mountainous paperwork and Leaf nin in dire need of repair. With every bit of her focus invested in the task at hand, in the working of chakra from her core, through her limbs, and into her healing hands, Sakura would go about life with a head held high. Still, it always seemed to ruin her just a little more every time he walked through those gates.

She would always remember the first time he waltzed back into the village. It amazed Sakura how the man could do things with such nonchalance. Sure, the last time the lot of them had been together, he had singlehandedly become the #1 threat to global security and all around peace, but- why not just walk right into the village? At the mere feeling of his likeness within the same building, Sakura had stopped her tasks right then and there, as her being threatened to crumble and her heart quite possibly palpitated right out of her chest. While Kakashi enjoyed his break of executive duties with tea in hand, eyes on the golden horizon, she sat at her desk; pen completely still in her hand, blood running colder with each passing second. Her curiosity did not escape her despite the circumstance. Blinking her concentration, she measured his heart rate from where she sat. Much to her anticipation, the Hokage was as calm, cool, and disgustingly collected as ever.

And yet here she was-

Feeling like a scared girl again, documents regarding Fire Country medical care in hand.

The door swung open with such ease- as if just anyone were about to walk through it, bringing mission briefs or good tidings, but Sasuke was not and nor could he ever be just anyone- that Sakura had to restrain herself from screaming. Still, the listlessness that covered her otherwise placid face did not betray her. And even as Sasuke stood before the two of them, forcing the great weight of his presence upon the room, Sakura did not budge.

And without missing a beat, the Uchiha closed his eyes in that blasé fashion of his and spoke-

“There’s a village right outside of Iron that is in need of herbs native to this region. I intend to deliver on this.”

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If they were girls...

Word to describe her: Confident

She’d be the very definition of “wife material”. She’d be the girl that you’d take to your parents house for dinner then she’d help your mom with the dishes. She’d laugh at all the stories about you that your mom told her. But when you took her home, she’d give you the best blowjob you’ve ever gotten in your whole life and expect nothing in return. She’d be the girl at the bar that would flip her hair off her shoulder and bit her lip while she looked at you. But…she’d be the same girl that blushed and giggled when you called her cute. She would be the girl that wouldn’t let her past destory her. Instead, let it make her stronger. I think she’d be so confident because…she knows exactly what self hatred is and what it can do. She’d be so loving because…she never gave herself enough love so, she would want to make sure that you got enough. Maybe more. She would never want anyone to feel like she did. She’d tell you “No one deserves that. Everyone’s beautiful.”

Word to describe her: Passionate

She would be the girl that would hear what everyone was saying but, continued doing what the fuck she was doing anyway. She’d be the girl that has a dream and frankly, she doesn’t care what you or anyone else has to say about it. She’s the girl that loves what she loves and doesn’t care if you don’t feel the same. She’d be the girl that was so passionate that….she’d make you feel the same passion she did when she talked about whatever she loved. You probably don’t even know what the hell she’s talking about but, by God you’d be passionate about it. She’d be the girl to support her friends in ANYTHING they did. Whether it was collecting tissues or couponing. She’d be like, “Hey. Yeah. Do you, boo! I’m with it.”

Jack G:
Word to describe her: Loyal

She’d be the girl that you told EVERYTHING to and you could trust that’s where it’d stay. She’d be your main bitch. The girl that was ALWAYS there when you looked behind you. She’d be the one that you’d call at 3 in the morning bawling because your boyfriend cheated on you. And you can bet your ass that he’s getting his beat TONIGHT. She’d be the girl that would back you up in anything. Even if you were wrong. If you were fighting with someone because you said water was a solid and they said it was a liquid, she’d be next to you saying “You stupid bitch! Did you go to class? It’s ALWAYS been a solid!” She’d always be there. No matter what.

Jack J:
Word to describe her: Real

She’d be….that bitch. She’d be the girl to put you in your place with a freestyle in the middle of Walmart. She’d be the girl that her friends would come to and ask for advice because they know she’d be 100% real with them. She’d be the friend that tells you, “Yeah. That dress looks terrible. Try this one?” She’d be the girl that doesn’t fuck with that drama shit. If you wanna leave…she won’t stop you. She’d tell you that was your loss. She’d be the girl that would be scared as hell but…wouldn’t tell you about it. She would put on a smile and go do what she came to do. She’d be the girl that little girls said “I wanna be her when I grow up.” to their moms.

Word to describe her: Bubbly

She’d be the girl that you couldn’t help falling for. You couldn’t stop yourself from getting lost in her. She would be the girl that would make you feel like you’d been best friends with her your whole entire life. She’d be the girl that you’d want to travel the world with. She’d be the girl that changes the entire atmosphere when she walks into a room. She’d be the girl that you’d want to put her laugh on a record so you could hear it all day, everyday. She’d be the girl that you could tell anything to and, no matter what it was, she wouldn’t judge you. She’d relate. She’d be the girl that never said a mean thing about anyone. She’d be the girl that you could compare to an ocean. Calm and gorgeous on top then, every prettier and wondrous underneath.

Word to describe her: Independent

She’d be the girl that all the guys left because she was too “high-maintenance”. But, she’d be the same girl that said it was because “they weren’t man enough” with a shrug while she sipped her cosmo. She’d be the girl that knew exactly what she wanted and if you weren’t it…sorry. She’d be the girl that has that Chanel purse because…she bought it. She’d have that Ferrari because….she bought it. She’d be happy if you rolled with her but, if you didn’t, oh fucking well. She’d be the girl that owned an empire because, she created it. SHE wanted it. SHE got it. SHE did it for herself. Tell her she can’t do something? You can sit and watch while she does it. In heels.

Word to describe her: Inspirational

She’d be the girl that poets quoted. She’d be the girl that you would feel comfortable showing the deepest and darkest places of your mind. Unlike any one else, she wouldn’t run from them. She’d shine light on them and transform them into your happy place. She’d be the girl that would be so happy because…she’s witnessed first hand what sadness was. Like, true sadness. She would be the girl that would go to mental hospitals and talk to the depressed. Make them laugh. She’d be the girl to spread positivity through happiness. She’d be the girl teach you how to love who you are. She’d be the girl that sees and points out the beauty in everything and everyone. She’d be the girl that would one day change the world.

Word to describe her: Bold

She’d be the girl that knows EXACTLY you’re going to tell her. “You’re a bitch.” “Everyone hates you.” “Too much attitude.” She’d be the girl to get in your face and say, “Yeah? Tell me something I don’t know.” She’d be the girl to let you know she was, in fact, everything that you said about her. You couldn’t hate on her because, she’s already heard it all. You’d be saying the same shit she told herself. She’d be the girl that ALWAYS stood strong in what she did and said. The girl that wouldn’t need anyone behind her. She’d stand behind herself. The girl that would be so bold, that you eventually went along with her. She wouldn’t try to persuade you to see things like she did but, you ended up doing it anyway.

Word to describe her: Steady

She’d be the girl that would be your “rock”. The one that would keep you above water even if it meant her drowning. She’d be the girl to hold the metronome in our world. She’d be the girl that would be the “glue” to your group of friends. She’d be the girl that, no matter how crazy things got, she’d always stay the same. She’d be the girl that if you needed help finding yourself, you’d come to her because…she knew who she was as soon as she got here. She’d be the only thing in your life that wouldn’t change on you. She’d be the girl that you’d find in the same place after forever has come and gone. If you asked her why she was still there, she’d say “I was meant to be here.” She’d be the girl to leave her signature on the face of the planet.

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Bree heard Claire saying Jamies name in her sleep while they were still living in Boston and confronted her about it.

It was dark and Jamie was running. She was only a few steps behind him but when he looked back over his shoulder, she could tell that he wasn’t seeing her. She didn’t know where they were going and neither did he—away from something or towards something? Occasionally he paused to listen for something and look around before deciding where he was headed next. She took those moments to examine his clothes—if they could even be called clothes. They were tattered and filthy and he didn’t appear to have bathed in… far too long. She’d never seen him with a beard like that.

Finally a pale structure could be seen on the horizon. She recognized it for a church and as if he’d heard her thoughts, Jamie began praying aloud as he made his final approach. “Please Lord, please let her be here. Ye blessed me with her once. I ken I’ve done naught worth being blessed a second time, but I’ll do anything to be worthy of her in yer eyes. Please, mo nighean donn, please be here.”

“I am here,” she tried to tell him but he didn’t seem to hear her. She reached out to him but there was something wrong with her sleeve. She saw she was wearing surgical scrubs and became confused. “Jamie,” she called. “Jamie, look at me.”

But he’d pushed the doors open and gone inside. She moved to follow him only to hear Brianna calling, “Mama,” from somewhere… She glanced around in search of her daughter. “Bree?”

The doors slammed shut behind Jamie leaving Claire stranded on the other side. “Jamie!” she cried as she struck the door with her rubber-gloved fists. Panic set in as she heard Brianna calling for her on her side of the door and Jamie’s agonized lamentations that she wasn’t there from the other side. “Jamie! I’m here, Jamie!”

“Mama,” Brianna’s voice was much nearer now and when Claire turned her head, she started to find Brianna’s face just inches from her own. “Mama, are you okay?”

Claire looked at her hands—no surgical gloves and she wasn’t wearing her gown or scrubs either. “Bree?”

“You fell asleep again, didn’t you?” Brianna said with an oddly contemplative expression on her face instead of her usual amusement.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” Claire apologized as she sat up. “I meant to meet you at the bus stop but I got home early and must have dozed off while I was waiting.”

Brianna shrugged. “It’s okay. Can I have a snack?” she asked, depositing her book bag and coat on the floor beside the coffee table.

“Of course,” Claire said, rising and stretching before leading the way towards the kitchen. Standing in front of the open cupboard, she found herself rubbing her throat as though it were still hoarse from screaming. She pulled down a box of crackers while Brianna fetched the deli-sliced cheese.

“How was your day at school?” Claire asked as she laid the crackers out on a plate. Brianna folded the slices of cheese to break them into smaller pieces to fit the crackers.

“It was okay,” she said with a shrug and then let their conversation lapse into silence for a few moments.

After swallowing her first cracker, she looked up at her mother. “Who’s… Jamie?”

Claire paused with a piece of cheese halfway to her mouth. “Uh… who, sweetheart?” She put the cheese in her mouth to buy herself some more time.

“When you were sleeping on the couch,” Brianna prodded, “you were saying that name—Jamie. You said my name too so I was curious about who it was.”

Claire’s thumb went habitually to the ring on her right hand. “He’s… someone I knew a long time ago.”

“Before Dad?”

Claire paused and then nodded. “Yes.” Technically it was true.

“What happened to him?”

“In my dream? Let’s see if I can remember,” Claire said, hoping to redirect the conversation.

“No—to the real Jamie.”

“He uh… he died,” Claire answered quietly.

“Oh,” Brianna sounded deflated. “Was it… during the war?”

“He died in battle, yes,” Claire continued with her half-truths.

“Did Dad know him? Do you have a picture?”

Claire popped a cracker in her mouth and traced the lines of Brianna’s face with her eyes—the lines where Brianna’s resemblance to Jamie grew stronger and stronger as she got older and lost the roundness of her baby fat—the lines that would harden but always be a little softer than her father’s.

“No, I don’t have a picture. And Dad never knew him—not personally. Not too fond of hearing about him either.”

“Did you care about him? Is that why you don’t talk about him at all? You’re worried Dad will get jealous,” Brianna concluded.

Claire nodded and felt a thickening in her throat. “I did—I do… care about him. I still love my parents though I hardly knew them. And I miss Uncle Lamb,” Claire explained. “It’s difficult to understand when you’re lucky not to have lost anyone like that. They’re gone… but it doesn’t mean you stop caring or stop thinking about them.”

Brianna nodded and finished up the last of the crackers, collecting the plate and bringing it to the sink. “I promise I won’t tell Daddy you forgot to meet me at the bus stop,” Brianna promised. “But I want to do something special soon—the three of us. Can we go to a movie this weekend?”

“I’ll talk to him when he gets home and we’ll see how our schedules look then,” Claire conceded as Brianna bounded out of the room, her ruddy hair bouncing with each excited step.

I just saw a post about Peeta in Catching Fire and how surprised he must have felt when Katniss said she needed him, and as I was going to reply to it, this thought occured to me and it is just one of the things that makes Mockingjay so damn near heartbreaking…

“I must have loved you a lot,” he says.

“You did.” My voice catches and I pretend to cough.

“And did you love me?” he asks.

I keep my eyes on the tiled floor.  "Everyone says I did.  Everyone says that’s why Snow had you tortured.  To break me.“ (MJ, pg. 231) 

And as I was writing this I had another thought, my first train of thought no longer seems important enough.

Katniss says "everyone.”  WHO is “everyone”?  When did “everyone” say that’s why she did?  When did “everyone” say that’s why Snow tortured him?  And why does she say “to break me”?  To break me.  The only person that’s said anything remotely like that to her was Prim.  

“What do you think they’ll do to him?”

Prim sounds about a thousand years old when she replies, “whatever it takes to break you.”  (MJ, Ch. 10)

And then Katniss herself uses that to describe her feelings.

For example:

  • What will break me into a million pieces so that I am beyond repair, beyond usefulness?  I mention it to no one, but it devours my waking hours and weaves itself throughout my nightmares. (ch. 11)
  • [Crazy Cat] I am Buttercup.  Peeta, the thing I want so badly to secure, is the light. … Maybe this realization on my part is all Snow needs.  Thinking that Peeta was in his possession and being tortured for rebel information was bad.  But thinking that he’s being tortured specifically to incapacitate me is unendurable.  And it’s under the weight of this revelation that I truly begin to break. (ch. 11)
  • …my discovery of Snow’s plan to break me […] (ch. 11)
  • Anyone [can see how much she cares about Peeta]?  On Snow’s visit before the Victory Tour, he challenged me to erase any doubts of my love for Peeta.  "Convince me,“ Snow said.  It seems, under that hot pink sky with Peeta’s life in limbo, I finally did.  And in doing so, I gave him the weapon he needed to break me. (ch. 11)
  • There’s something like a collective sigh of regret from the semicircle of people spread out before me.  Because I know this now.  Because there will never be a way for me to not know this again.  Because, beyond the military disadvantage losing a Mockingjay entails, I am broken.” (ch. 11) 

The only person that makes references to her being broken, is herself alone.  The closest anyone else comes to that, is Finnick, “Better not to give in to it.  It takes ten times as long to put yourself together as it does to fall apart." So in that moment, when she says "everyone” there is literally no one else.  She’s speaking for herself, in a distant, withdrawn manner, but that is all her.

And I think Peeta can tell.  I think he knows.  And I think that’s why he asked.

I have a headcanon that when they were trying to heal Peeta, they were showing him those moments again, in a new light, without the venom, maybe with the aid of a sedative.  I’d like to think that is why he asked to see her.  I like to think that some of that love came back, and that’s why he asked her.  I like to think that, “there’s a chance that the old Peeta, the one that loves you, is still inside.  Don’t give up on him.”


Camille was described as extremely beautiful. She had blond hair the color of spun silver. Her eyes were a beautiful green. She moved delicately, with elegance and grace. She had a calm and collected demeanor. She seemed to be a naturally level headed person. However, behind the facade lied a cold-hearted killer. She had no problem ending the lives of anyone she met. She manipulated multiple people to achieve her own ends. However, despite that, she was not heartless. She deeply cared for her two human subjugates, thinking of them as her children. On some level, she did care about Magnus. She fell in love with a werewolf and mourned his death by her friend’s hand.

I really want to know what part of season 3 he pitched and they discussed that he decided to tweet this out. Like “There will be millions of plot holes, kill one of the best characters in a lazy way, and then Clarke will pull a lever” .. “Brilliant!”

Did anyone actually listen when he talked? Or is the CW like “we have like 4 shows about vampires, we really don’t care what you do. No one even told you that you had to pitch this to us” 

SU: Cry For Help

You know, I keep seeing a lot of the same sort of discourse abut this new episode. So. First of all, Pearl was just transmitting static not Peridot’s message, so all the people saying “Peridot’s message could have gotten through to Yellow Diamond because of her” are wrong – either it did or didn’t when Peridot originally sent it. We also don’t know that Pearl was sending the static anywhere but the TV in the temple, which was all that’d be required for her purposes.

Additionally, regardless of their stance on the issue I think a lot of people are missing the way Pearl’s actions in this episode fit into the narrative of the show itself. Not that what she did wasn’t wrong, it was – especially given Garnet’s recent trauma with the gem shards – but that outside this episode it’s clear that a lot of characters on the show have made the same sort of mistakes, and that this is a recurring theme for a reason.

Greg did it when he pretended Steven’s healing powers hadn’t worked, because he wanted to spend more time with his son. Sadie did it when she hid the warp pad so she and Lars could spend some time together. Amethyst did it by taking Steven to the kindergarten without telling the other gems because she wanted him to understand her better. The gems did it collectively when they built that impossible-to-fail obstacle course for Steven. And I think Garnet’s future-vision fiasco is a viable example too.

They all meant well – none of them intended to hurt anyone by their actions – and though what they did had consequences that had to be dealt with, they were eventually forgiven. The people they hurt looked at their motivations and apologies, saw past the mistake to the person they cared about beyond it, and decided it was worth it to forgive them. Pearl’s not an exception to that; she did a bad thing, she’s not a bad person, and I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it up to Garnet. Even when people really love you, they still screw up and hurt you sometimes – it’s what makes the characters of Steven Universe believable. I come from a fairly healthy family situation, but that doesn’t mean that – whatever their intentions – my parents haven’t messed me up a little. It doesn’t make them bad people, it makes them fallible. Hurting someone requires an apology and reparations, but it’s not the same as a cycle of abuse.

Feeling unnecessary or unwanted is one of the main threads of the Steven Universe story, and its creators aren’t afraid to show that good people do bad things when they want to feel strong or loved or useful, but that they can fix things and be forgiven. That they, and consequently we, are worthy of being forgiven – and can become better people because of it. And if you don’t find that validating, well, I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

anonymous asked:

Can you and your little clique of abusers sympathisers stop acting as if your precious character deserves more than disgust? Thank you.

I was going to delete this without bothering to answer because I’m 90% sure that I know who sent it. But you know what? I’m mad. So let’s go for a ride.

Can you and your clique of rude fucks that think confronting people under the protection of anonimity is anything less than a coward tactic of whinning to the air because the world doesn’t conform to your little bitch standars and you are so entittled you can’t stand people not agreeing with you stop thinking I care? 

I love how you get so riled up over people liking a FICTIONAL character (did you know he doesn’t exist and therefore can’t go hide under your bed or something? amazing, trully). I love how the people that like him say “I don’t excuse his actions” and you hear “He’s 100% perfect and unproblematic”. I love how you go around justifying Blue’s shitty feminism “she’s just 16 where you perfect at 16?” and Ronan LITERALLY PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING PEOPLE “he has pstd and… and… well HE’S MY FAB uwu” but pull double standars out of ass the moment it’s a character you don’t like. Because you DO think that everyone’s opinions are less qualified, less valid and less important than yours. 

And you know where this is comming from? You think you’re better than Kavinsky. He doesn’t deserve your respect, time or justification the same way he doesn’t deserve Gansey’s. And that point of view is so deeply rooted on privilege that it can’t be anything but disgusting (didn’t you like that word? I like that word). Everyone on trc is problematic but casually enough there’s only one character that doesn’t deserve to be liked. And casually enough it’s the only non-american character with problemaic behaviour. Casually enough it’s the 17 years old fuck up that hates his life so fucking much he spends every waking moment trying to escape it. Casually enough it’s a character treated very xenophobically, “a refugees face” REALLY? by the narrative. 

It never ceases to amaze me the capacity this fandom has to forgive and justify EVERYTHING Ronan does and vilify EVERYTHING Kavinsky does. Two faces of the same coins my fucking ass.  It never ceases to amaze me the concentration of Special Snowflakes TM per cuadratic metter in this fandom that do think they are better than Kavinsky. And that’s where all this is comming from. You’re better than him, he’s lesser than you. So he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t deserve fans, he doesn’t deserve the redemption arch the Grey Man got, he doesn’t deserve your understanding, he doesn’t deserve to be treated with basic human decency by your faves. 

There’s something ugly and revolting inside of you that you probably wouldn’t say out loud but thinks drug addicts deserve what they got. They got themselves into it. They did it to themselves. They threw their lives to the trash and so YOU can throw them to the trash too. They’re not real people. They’re not people like you’re people. And so Gansey can overlook someone’s entire existence without you minding at all because it’s someone whose existence you overlook every day of your life. It’s the kind of people that don’t count.

“But I have personal experiences with people like Kavinsky and you liking him makes me uncomfortable” First I’d like to hear what you call ‘people like K’ because most of this fandom has the Blue Sargent syndrome and probably would deem despicable someone with a driving fine. Secondly did you catch that bit PERSONAL EXPERIENCES… I know only yours are valid and you don’t care about anyone elses but I have personal experiences too. I have had a collective of horrible experiences with people like Blue Sargent and Ronan Lynch but you won’t see me sending you anon hate for liking them. And my personal experiences makes me identify with Kavinsky more than with anyone else in that clusterfuck. But of course that’s unthinkable in your perfect american bubble where no one is so damaged that they try to claw the world to pieces because in the land of the bling, the one-eyed is the king. 

So no. I will not stop posting in my personal blog about a fictional character I personally like because you are not entittled to that too. And if you want to go around throwing passive agressive insults to me I would appreciate it if you came of anon. Never will happen, of course. Because you KNOW that what you just did with this message is disgusting and your petty friends wouldn’t approve. 

Now, unfollow me if you don’t like my content. And don’t you fucking dare call me abuse sympathiser without knowing anything at all about me or my personal experiences with abusers. And I’m not going to thank you because my parents raised me to be a decent human being and not to try and emotionally manipulate people into doing my will. 

On Greg Universe

Does it bother anyone else that we know little to nothing about Greg Universe’s life before Beach City? We know he dropped out of college to go after his singing career, but ended up with Rose and the gems instead. We know he had an Aunt and Uncle who collected junk in a barn.

That’s it.

What happened to his parents? Siblings? Other relatives? Where did he spend his childhood? When Steven begs him to let him go back to Beach City during “The Return”, Greg tells him “Just… be careful, or I’m gonna run fresh out of family”.

What happened to the rest of his family? What has Greg been through?

If his past is as crappy as I’m guessing it is, I think the fandom needs to give him a lot more credit than we currently are.

Kanye's Interview for Style.com

I’s quite daring to keep clothes that simple. Nearly every designer over-embellishes and over-designs, and then people don’t actually want to wear the clothes. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a designer in that way, I just want to propose a solution to problems that me and my wife and my friends face. I sit with a group of problem solvers and say, “In this situation, I would like to have this.” And then from my art background—from my heart background—I have a perspective on color that I’ve always wanted to get across. What I thought was interesting was taking a red and doing it in a sports bra, and as opposed to the usual super-techy fabrics that people use for gym clothes, to really have more of a dry approach to the gym clothes. Even with the way we took Adidas socks and turned them into sports bras. It’s like, “What is almost like Alaïa that you can sweat in?” A sock! And it had to only be the sports bra because it looked really funny once [it] started going into the biking shorts. I tried that and that didn’t come out so well.

And did Adidas give you a completely free hand to do whatever you like? How was working with them? No, they put some boundaries, but solutions come from boundaries. I stepped in, we had to learn [to work with] each other. I had to learn what my voice was because I was still coming off of doing crocodile this and almost irresponsible takes on designing clothes to make up for a lack of skill. And now I have a real purpose to what I want to present. Adidas is the perfect place to be. If someone was to say, “Hey, do you want to go to a high-end house now?” I’d absolutely say no. I’m not trying to [sound] presumptuous, I’m just saying that if in my wildest dreams I was presented with the opportunity, I would absolutely say no at this point. Because I’m only concerned with making beautiful products available to as many people as possible … The least I could do is spend my time trying to give other people a piece of the so-called good life. Everyone should have the good life. It’s like [Amancio] Ortega [founder of Zara] and H&M group. Before that happened, you could tell who came from money, who didn’t, who had a bigger paycheck, who didn’t. It was about separation and I think high fashion is about elitism and separation, and I am completely opposed to that … [though] I’ll still go to crash the Saint Laurent fashion show so I can be closer to the genius that Hedi [Slimane] has, even if the prices aren’t genius, even though the prices are completely unfair.

It’s funny that you bring up Hedi Slimane because of the reaction on our site in the comments section. Your work is very different, but the only two people who get that extreme a reaction, for and against, are Hedi and you. I don’t know what inspires people to either absolutely hate it or absolutely love it, but there’s no in-between with you. Have you looked at the comments on this collection? Have you seen what people are saying? Oh, no, they just need to have the clothing. Anyone that has a negative comment just needs to have the clothing in their life. I don’t need to read that because it’s not going to inspire me in any way. I don’t need any more negativity in my life [laughs] to make me work harder. I can’t possibly physically work harder. I have to tell myself to go to sleep.

What about the reviews? Did you look at the reviews, or are you in a place now where you don’t care about that kind of thing? I don’t read the reviews, because it’s some kind of backhanded compliment or something focusing on not the main point. It was really difficult to do this. It would be difficult to make a proposition this simple for any designer. So many people told me that it had to have logos or it had to have this, but I fought for exactly what I wanted in my closet. I fought for what was true to me … There are a lot of kids in the streets that have waited for someone to speak for them and what they’re doing and for them to connect with it directly. And that’s what I’m here to do. Just as the last photo showed you, I’ve got an army behind me, so unless the reviewer is recognizing the army, they’re not recognizing the tank coming. I mean, I don’t know if people felt this, but it’s too late. Like the Drake album says, if you’re reading this, it’s already too late. If you’re seeing this, it’s already too late.

Tell me about the casting. It was every different type of body. Was that always in your mind as you were designing? One hundred percent. Do you know how many fights I’ve had with intellectual fashion people about the idea of putting bodies on the—I won’t even call it the runway. What would you call a place where a military brigade stands? It’s no longer called the runway for me.

The parade grounds, maybe? Yes, the grounds. Because in an army, people are different sizes. No one says you can’t join the army unless you’re 6'2". People sometimes ask, “Why does Kanye West pander to fashion in this way?” I don’t pander to it, I’m trying to learn from it. Because I believe there’s some information in it that can help people have better lives. And it’s being held and blocked and not given to the people. So this is very much a Robin Hood approach that I have to making clothes. Before, the companies, the big groups, the LVMHs, the Kering Groups, created the workplace [for] the beautiful souls that go and dream of fashion their entire lives. [They] go to the Harvard of design, Parsons, or the Yale of design, Saint Martins, they dream of one day being a part of the magic that fashion week creates and what these lines create. And they felt that if they worked in mass [market], which had—past tense—a negative connotation, that their dreams would be stepped on, crushed, and they would be thrown in some office in the garment district and never get to feel the glory of the true Paris runway. But when I did concerts, two, three years ago, when [Central Saint Martins] professor Louise Wilson was alive, I’d give 100, 200 free tickets to Saint Martins students in London. I did runway shows—one of the things that was successful about the runway shows is that there are people that I hired straight out of Saint Martins that went on to work for Balmain, that went on to work for Givenchy. And that made me a part of the system, as opposed to when you think of the idea of a celebrity hiring somebody, you’d be more embarrassed to have that name on your résumé. And now, I’ve got such a hard reputation of screaming, of doing this type of thing, if you’ve got my name on your résumé—

You can handle anything? You can handle anything! [laughs] It’s like New York City, the person. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But seriously, because we don’t take the shit. So now I’m able to go and hire people directly from Parsons, people directly from Saint Martins, and that was the key. These super-dreamers, these super-passionate people, these super-special spirits and souls—they were looking for a place to go. And now we have a place where you not only can create in an environment that’s comparable to creating at a fashion house or creating at Apple or at Pixar, but also you can connect with people the way that H&M or Zara or, of course, Adidas can connect with people.

Do you feel that high fashion is sort of old-fashioned in a way? I believe the category of ready-to-wear should be removed. I’m biased, but I think the best red-carpet look of all time—if not, one of the top five—was my wife’s look at the Grammys. You know what [Jean Paul Gaultier] just did. He said, “Fuck the shit. I’m making real shit. I’m doing perfume and couture.” And by focusing on that, he delivered … I just think for me as a person that dresses the most photographed person in the world, I get bored with ready-to-wear really easily. Here’s this glamorous being, this modern-day Helmut Newton girl, and you just get this “mid” thing. I just feel like we’ve been hit with this barrage of extreme medium. And you never go and ask, “Hey, can I get an extreme medium?”

Tell me about dressing Kim. Why is that important to you? Do you see it as similar to your design process, dressing her? It’s learning. She was always my muse, now she’s become other designers’ muses. Or designers’ muses, because like I said, I don’t want to disrespect designers by calling myself a designer, I just think I have a vision of something that I want to do. But God has a special way to teach people through life. I guess I got a little more credit for my second collection than my first, for whatever that is worth. But soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me. The so-called traction that I was getting in the high-fashion world was completely thrown out the window and I was finally allowed to go to school, where every day I was in my mom [Kris Jenner]’s house, in my little brother’s old room, Rob’s old room, re-tailoring a Céline skirt, re-tailoring a Saint Laurent jacket, re-tailoring a Zara top, re-tailoring Wolford … And day by day by day, [Kim and I] learned, we got better. We looked at the photographs together and she improved my style, we improved each other.

That’s fascinating because a lot of designers don’t work with a woman’s body like that. I think that’s one of the problems with fashion right now, so I find it fascinating that you’re working directly with her. With the body of all bodies, right?

And a different body than you see in fashion most of the time. That’s what we were talking about with the Adidas collection. And how do you present that in a way that’s sexy and still dignified. And that’s part of the reason why I work with really strong women, like Vanessa [Beecroft, the artist who staged the Adidas show], that will not allow a woman to even be halfway disrespected. It’s such a far cry from what you would traditionally hear and see in rap. It was a complete new education.

We can talk about the staging. First of all, I have to ask you about the wait. People did have to wait a long time outside. Is this something that you would have done differently in retrospect? Yeah, I apologize that people had to wait. That’s definitely not something I did on purpose. I actually had no idea what time it was. I wasn’t looking at the clock or in charge of that. It’s literally my first proposition in three years. So I apologize for the wait, to the people that had to actually wait at the New York fashion show. I apologize to the kids that had to wait in the 42 theaters where we streamed the show across the globe, I apologize to them for the wait. Let me just explain something to everyone. I’m sorry. I’m a human being. I’ve got opinions, I’m not always right, I’m not always on time, I don’t always say things in the proper way, but my intentions are always extremely pure. My purpose is extremely just.

Did you feel that you needed the voiceover at the beginning of the show? Why not let the clothes just speak for themselves at that point? I think that question is a little bit offensive.

The reason I’m asking is because the wait and then the voiceover set it up for the audience to not be on your side when it started, I’m not asking to try to offend you… This audience isn’t on my side, anyways. It’s the fashion audience. They’re not even on their own side.

That’s true. So, tell me about the clothes. I think you said you started working on the collection 18 months ago? I started 18 years ago. I mean, if we’re talking about the wait, what about my wait? These photographs right here that I’m showing you of these garments and how they’ve been presented, in my opinion are equal to any—not equal to Miuccia [Prada], but equal to a lot of things that are considered to be high-end. What else do you want from me? It’s hard, it’s hard for everyone, and it was a thousand times harder for me. I’m not trying to, you know—I didn’t even want to focus on any of the issues that I’ve already said, it’s like, just listen to the old interviews, and anyone that is more offended by the words that I said at the beginning than inspired, you know, I’m the spark. It’s up to people to be oil or water. If you’re water, your life’s already over. If you’re oil, like the age of the kids that were standing there, you’ll probably be sparked and do something really dynamic in life.

You said 18 years—I’d like to talk about that. When did you first become interested in fashion? Was it while you were growing up or later that you became more interested in that? It’s in my code. I went to my grandfather’s funeral and my cousin stood up and told this story about how he won best-dressed in high school because his mom was a tailor. And I looked to the left of me and the lady was just as—and I hate this word—but just as chic … I dislike the concept of chic being the highest compliment for a human being. I’d rather someone be nice than to be chic. But regardless, this person that was sitting to the left side of me was both nice and chic. And to the right side, this person was also extremely nice and chic and a real person in Oklahoma City. And I looked at the entire funeral and I said to myself,This looks just as good, if not better, than fashion shows that I go to in Paris. And I realized that it had all been a scam, that it had all been smoke and mirrors to present this concept that a straight black guy out of Chicago that’s a rapper, that’s married to a reality star, could somehow not design a coat, that can’t design a T-shirt, that can’t have enough of an opinion. You know, it’s like voting. Fashion is merely an opinion. And I’ve got a lot of opinions.

I’ve heard that about you. Adidas allowed me to be in a position to give mine.

There was that article in The New York Times at the weekend that talked about the lack of diversity in fashion, that there are not many black designers in fashion. Is that something that you think about? Racism and the focus on racism is a distraction to humanity. It would be like focusing on the cousin from your mom’s side versus the cousin on your dad’s side. We’re all cousins. We’re all the same race. To even focus on the concept of race, it’s like—perhaps people give me an extra cookie for the fact that my color palette is so controlled and I’m black. When someone that’s like, racist, comes up to me at A.P.C. and says, “I thought it would be a bunch of animals on your shirts,” because they heard that I rapped. But it just makes the journey interesting. We came into a broken world. And we’re the cleanup crew. And we’re only cleaning up by helping each other.

Coming back to reviews, you did learn from the two shows in Paris, and I don’t know if that was because of what was written or your own experience. You said that to me earlier, that’s why your focus is so strong here, because you went through that. It had nothing to do with people’s words, it had to do with experience. I went to Hawaii for eight months and worked on Dark Fantasy because I had the resources and I had the record deal to do it. I could be like Nicolas [Ghesquière] or Karl [Lagerfeld] in the music space because I had the resources. And every designer out there knows. You talk to Haider Ackermann, you talk to any of these guys, they know that resources are so important—the proper backing, the proper CEOs, the proper distribution, the proper fabrics, the proper production person in the studio. And to make an entire team work together with the kind of egos that come along in fashion is practically impossible for anyone. And that’s why people take those luxury deals because they know that these bankers will give them a proper structure. Every designer, whether you go to Kering Group or Jones Group, you want a structure. An artist needs a structure so that they can be an artist. There’s no comment that would have given me the structure. I had to go and meet CEO by CEO by CEO, fabric person by fabric person by fabric person, designer by designer by designer. So anyone that’s out there that gave me a bad review on my first collection and felt that that helped me do better now, fuck you. You didn’t help me. You just talked. And then you talked about the next show.

Do you feel you have that structure now with Adidas, with the team? I have a slightly better structure.

It’s not where you want it to be, but it’s on the way? It’s on the way. We’re constantly growing, we’re constantly building. I mean, this is the beginning of something really big. This is the beginning of something truly democratic. You know, I am here to take the best talents from fashion and give them to the people. Constantly. It’s not some weird promotional lineup BS, like Versace doing something for H&M and for that one moment in someone’s life they can have the one shirt.

So when’s it going to be in stores? We’re going to do some injections within the next three months. The camouflage pieces will be out within the next three months. I want to point out one thing to all the people who only work in fashion and don’t really take full consideration of this thing called the real world. People say, “Hey, Kanye, you’re going against all odds.” And I say, wait a second, the shoes sold out within the first 10 minutes. 9,000 shoes. So everyone, the odds are with me. The people are with me. Now it’s up to you to choose whether or not I’m chic enough to sit at your dinner table. And I could give a fuck about your dinner table, by the way. I’ve got my own petrified Rick Owens table in my house. Is that chic enough?

I think I’ve got my headline for the homepage. So the sneakers sold out, 9,000 pairs, but the clothes—are they going to be limited edition? I hate the concept of limited edition completely. I hate the concept of separatism. Elitism. Classism. We’re all equal. The only thing that’s valuable is time. It’s the only thing we can’t get back. The only luxury is time. Let’s stop playing games with each other and let’s start helping each other. If someone really feels that there’s something that I can improve on, do like Pat McGrath and come to the fucking show and help me. Do like Vanessa Beecroft and come and help me. Because I’m not here for this to be about me. I’m here to help people. I’m here to help the 14-year-old version of myself that couldn’t afford shit.

How much will the camo jacket be? Not as cheap as I would like it to be. We’re working on the prices now, I don’t have the exact prices. But what I will tell you is that we’ll eventually get them super-inexpensive. And it will be all about everyone having them.

Did you look to anyone, like Margiela, Helmut Lang. What influences— You guys know my fucking influences. I’ve got four influences and it’s written all over the face, you know the combination. Just as much as Drake is influenced by Kanye West, you know my fucking influences. You see Raf Simons right there, you see Helmut, you see Margiela, you see Vanessa [Beecroft], you see Katharine Hamnett. It’s blatantly right there. I’m not going to try and act like I was influenced by a fucking dog walking down the street that broke its ankle that I had a heartfelt discussion with. I had a heartfelt discussion with all of these fucking Helmut Lang images that I stared at for so many years. I had a heartfelt discussion with my Tumblr.

The point is you’re choosing your influences. I know, for example, you’re a fan of Thom Browne, but you’re not looking to Thom Browne here. You’re choosing what’s relevant. Also, workwear, utility, the idea of being a dad, no time to look in the mirror because I’m looking at my daughter, I’m looking at my wife. And I’ve got to take her to dance class.

Let’s talk about the personal evolution of your style. I also just wanted to say a major influence was the London riots because I was living in London at that time and saw the way that the kids wanted the clothes and I didn’t have the skill set to do the more inexpensive clothes. This designer said to me one time, we were looking at something online, “This looks like a really bad couture designer that no one knows.” Think about the idea of a really terrible couture designer, which there are a lot of. I didn’t have the skill set to do inexpensive clothes. Now I have a team of really, really great designers that speak in a very Apple, Pixar-type [way].

A lot of it seems to me to come from your personal style, too, especially as it’s developed over the last couple of years. Would you say that’s true in the Adidas collection? Oh, yeah, definitely. With my first collections, they would say, “I want to see more of you.” And I didn’t even know who I was. And it was far less defined who I was, and I didn’t know who I was until I had a daughter. And then I realized that the purpose of life was to protect her and my wife at all costs. And that is who I am.

I know you have a lot of respect for Ralph Lauren, and there is something very democratic about the way that Ralph designs. It’s not just high-end runway, it’s something people wear through every aspect of their lives. Is Ralph someone you admire in that sense? Ralph is the god. And that’s all I want to say about Ralph.

With the collaboration you did with A.P.C., did you feel that it was a stepping stone in this direction and now you’ve sort of gone all the way? Yeah, there are a lot of similarities to the collaboration. You know, there were walls of class to be broken. I felt it was important for me to present in a fashion context, to earn a cultural degree in some way. In the same way that people who go to Harvard have to stay up, you know, pop a Xan, do some test—you know that when you see that show, that I lost sleep. You know that that wasn’t the normal way that people context celebrity clothing, you know that there was something extremely authentic about the process, you know it was something very focused about the way that all of these items are supposed to be an addition to your wardrobe as opposed to an opposition in your closet. It’s supposed to become friends with what you already have in your closet.

Do you feel that it’s important to do the runway each time, every season? Just with the way that you’re talking about democracy and getting it into people’s hands, would you consider releasing it other times of year? We’ll have more injections. I eventually want it to be brick-and-mortar. One of my dreams was to be the head creative director of the Gap. I’d like to be the Steve Jobs of the Gap.

Well, from what I’ve heard, they could use you. Perhaps this is a bit of a demo tape. When I say Steve Jobs of the Gap, as I talk to the people at the Gap right now [leans into tape recorder], I’m not talking about a capsule. I’m talking about full Hedi Slimane creative control of the Gap is what I would like to do. And I can say this because it doesn’t conflict with my Adidas contract. [laughs]

And what’s up with Nike these days?I’m sure they’re doing OK. [laughs]

I’ve got to ask you just one more question. Did you see the controversy over the last A.P.C. collection from Jean Touitou, where he referenced “In Paris” and he used the N-word in his presentation? Racism is a distraction to humanity. Jean Touitou is one of the most humane people I know. Jean Touitou had my family have dinner with him every time we came to Paris. And there are a lot of people who own fashion companies who didn’t.

Mtg callout.

I’m a straight white fella so my opinions don’t matter.

-Hal and Alana will get a card but Wizards didn’t intend for them to ever get one until the backlash- backlash that may only be from what Maro refers to as the ‘enfranchised’ players, and among them the minority that is lgbtq+ players. Their voices, while loud and intelligent, are few in the grand scheme of things; unfortunately this is a larger company (Hasbro) and there’s still a lot of red tape over proper representation due to fears of how it will impact sales. Wizards is walking that tightrope currently but as we’ve all seen they’re pushing towards the eventual full-card representation, and I am willing to applaud them for their ongoing efforts instead of shame them for not being 100% all of a sudden.

-Nobody cares who you ship. If you disagree with someone’s ship, literally scroll. JUST SCROLL PAST IT. Just because you care enough to spruce up a post with your opinion doesn’t mean A) anyone has to listen or respect it or B) that you have to be rude whatsoever. If you have to disagree be kind and rational. Don’t start a post/response with “Fuck you”

-To all the WizardsDefenders out there we respect you but calm down. Complaining about a card is not a personal attack on WOTC, the game, or by extension you. As maro says, it means we care. Be polite. As with “”“ships”“” we don’t have to all like all the same cards, and in fact if we did it would ruin the game because all the decks would be the same, collections identical, etc. Liking or disliking a card has no bearing on others’ feelings for the card, and frankly if I cared about all the shit talk Jori En got I’d be a sobbing mess. Play the cards you like, ignore those who disagree.

-Literally scroll past. You do not have to respond. You can unfollow and it’s not a big deal. I do it all the time.

-I hope you all have a nice day and that at least in the face of whatever discourse is out there we can all come together as friends to say “Fuck Martin Shkreli”.

-Fuck that guy.

-Love you all peace out.

Olicity Fans Should Thank Arrow For Not Wrecking The Ship by WORDSMITH on MAY 15, 2014 (Spoilers be ahead) If you look at the internet today, there’s a very familiar soapy divide between (and among) fan bases within the Arrow fandom in the wake of last night’s pretty epic Season 2 Finale. Some Olicity shippers are livid, they feel they were toyed with and used by the producers and writers to create hype. Why? Because they got “The moment.” A much, much bigger moment than anyone was expecting: Oliver telling Felicity that while Slade thought he had the woman he loved (Laurel), he didn’t, because Felicity was that woman; followed up with an “I love you,” and a “Do you understand?” And it was a really gorgeous moment, but it didn’t last long. I’ve been saying that the reason they released photos of Felicity, Laurel and Slade was that we were in for a gigantic head-fake. Initially we figured Laurel was a red-herring, because Slade was spying on/through Felicity, but didn’t anyone wonder why a show so careful about spoilers released the biggies a week out? My guess was that Felicity had the cure on her, so I was right there, but I went a step further, thinking she’d offer herself up because no one would suspect her/to take the choice from Oliver. The point is, we built it up in our heads. We’re supposed to. It’s how this works. Olicity shippers felt collective heartbreak after Felicity, who hates needles, did in fact stab Slade in the neck, curing him and freeing herself like the brave little badass she is. And then we see the flashback footage of post-I-love-you Oliver handing Felicity the cure in a syringe as he asks, “Do you understand?” And twitter blew up with rage. “You used us!” “He put her in danger!” Come on, guys! This was a gigantic gift! And you did get played – beautifully. You did your jobs. They wouldn’t have done this if you didn’t love Oliver and Felicity so much. They did it because they love Oliver and Felicity, too. It’s TV law that if you bring two characters with great chemistry together too soon, you ruin it and likely the show. It also happens when you try to force relationships. The beauty about Olicity is that their chemistry is so natural you can’t escape it. You can’t even write around it. It just is. That makes them a beautiful time bomb. This entire season has been about Oliver and Felicity’s path from new friends developing trust, to genuine friendship and partners. It’s also been about Oliver wanting her close but pushing her away. This episode was a huge payoff for episode 6 when he tells Felicity he can’t be with someone he could love. Which says a lot about Sara, who he was bedding weeks later – the most toxic choice he could have possibly made, and the one right in Felicity’s face all the time. But did he love Sara? I think not. Or why didn’t he tell her? Why didn’t Slade try to kill her? He had multiple chances. She’s here and Shado’s not. But then Sara takes a page out of the Ollie-Handbook when he suggests cohabitation (with a very notable absence of those three three little words). Does he love Laurel? Yep. He’s said as much this season, but he’s not about Laurel right now. Basically, Oliver might be different, but he’s not clear of his past as Ollie. Ollie would have hit it and quit it on Felicity by now. He’s never had a female friend. This is part of why Felicity’s so special to him. She never cared about or wanted his money, she saw him for him and didn’t accuse him of being a murderer like his best friends and closest family had. She doesn’t try to change him, she tries to help him see who he already is and find that again. She’s the only person who truly knows him – at least as well as anyone can. While Felicity wears her pure, untainted love on her sleeve (and in her innuendos), Oliver wears his through deflection, shoulder touches, heavy sighs and creating distance. My favourite example of this is the episode where Barry Allen appears, provoking Oliver’s jealousy. Though we’ve seen that The Arrow can grin and bear some major pain (like when sewing up his own bullet wound), after Barry starts sniffing around Felicity, he growls like a jaberwockie when she gently applies first aid to his ribs. Thatwasthegreatest! arrow-gifs-4-strengths The reason everyone is so taken aback is the fact they see (like everyone with eyes do) that he does love Felicity. But the reason we should be happy is that he knows he’s not ready for her yet, and he’s not toying with her. It’s odd how there’s a double standard of how she can be inadvertently overt about her feelings for him, but not act on them while denying them to others, but he can’t do the same. That moment in the mansion felt true because there was truth in it. We’ve been watching Felicity be the reason Oliver stays in this fight, reminding him that he’s got her, that she trusts him and believes in him. This was Oliver proving the same is true of him for her. He gave the bravest person on the show the bravest job. A dangerous one. An unthinkable one. But first, instead of letting her in on the plan, giving her the syringe in the car and telling her to sell it in front of the cameras, he used the opportunity to tell her he loved her – and she believed him. That’s the feels right there, because Felicity always knows when Oliver’s lying, and so do we. He didn’t have to say it. He could have left it at “he took the wrong woman” and she still would have caught on when he gave her the syringe. He wanted to say it. Screenshot 2014-05-15 12.47.39 Most wanted “The Kiss” during the scene on the Island, but it would have been bad. Very, very bad. The equivalent of sex before the third date (or third season) bad. What was great, was that Oliver, who hadn’t smiled once before meeting Felicity in season 1, and who pretty much only smiles genuinely around her now, was nothing but enigmatic grins from ear-to-ear when Felicity told him she almost believed him. He was one happy camper. Oliver Light. ON THE ISLAND. Oliver Queen’s love life is not free and clear. Sara just split (and passed him to Laurel along with a leather jacket), Laurel is the unresolved supposedly epic love who “knows him to his bones” but didn’t realize he’d been cheating on her for, like, ever, or recognize him under a hood. He’s conflicted. His mother just died. His sister is gone. He’s broke. But he’s not broken. He’s got his team, but he’s also got Felicity – a girl you commit to once, and he knows that. He’s not going to toy with her, or get in the way of her personal life. He doesn’t even know if he deserves her, but he’s the only one. It was in capitals letters, bolded and underlined by Sara’s break up speech, which mirrored both Oliver and Felicity’s lines in their Why-Isabel chat. With Felicity literally waiting in the wings, no less. So, Olicity fans, rejoice. You were given a gift last night. For 10 minutes you got to feel all the shipping was worth it (and it was!) and then you got it taken away. We feel like we do because (and this is gonna get meta) we ARE Felicity! We felt what she felt last night. So when it does happen, maybe end of Season 3 into Season 4 (I don’t think they’ll rush it), it will be all the more satisfying. And if we’re lucky, Felicity’s going to have a romantic diversion of her own next season. That’s the soapy goods! And about “him” putting her in danger – can we stop being sexist hypocrites? When has Felicity not insisted on being the bait? Or just gone ahead and taken on an Arch Nemesis by herself? He also gave her a chance to back out when her gave her the needle, but she didn’t - because she’s his partner, she trusts him and they were all going to die anyway. (P.S. How are you not jumping up and down about the fact that Laurel was the equivalent of green screen in that episode. There was no pointed dialogue or monologue about her before during or after the fight. Nada. That’s a win. Take it.) So, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Joseph Patrick Finn, Andrew Kriesberg, the Arrow Writers Room, Stephen Amell and (the always growing) Emily Bett Rickards…thank you – for not wrecking this ship. My 10 cents, Tara Lee Reed