did anyone actually buy this

  • Text from Non Jewish Friend: "Did you start your shopping yet?"
  • Me: "For what?"
  • Non Jewish Friend: "Hannakuah" "I know I spelt it wrong"
  • Me: "Like... candles?"

i finally finished this random thing i started during that livestream no one came to, anyways it is just sora being kawaii as usual i guess haha [edit: i forgot to color some of the lines.. oops]


Say hello to Magus, the magic gun… I’m doing a fem-cosplay of Linkara this weekend at Metrocon. This wouldn’t have been decided if I hadn’t found this little beauty at a Cracker Barrel country store while going to eat dinner with one of my elderly relatives. Before anyone asks, no, I did not buy an actual flintlock… or a realistic replica. This is a knock-off pirate flintlock Nerf gun my brother happened upon and showed me. Me being the AT4W fan that I am instantly wanted it, purchased it, and improved the look of the gun using nail polish, permanent markers, and sand paper. I know the mechanism’s on the wrong side, but what the hell. My cosplay isn’t going to be exact- I’m cosplaying as an alternate dimension version of Linkara. 

On another note, it fires great! I even customized some Nerf bullets for him! ^_^