did a little editing on the second two

reasons why VIXX 93 liners would be the best second sub unit

- more than 4 lines of hongbin deep voice 
- they could change roles : hongbin rapping some lines and RAVI SINGING
- these two would be so fucking awkward on stage it would be so funny
- Hongbin had the idea for Shangri La MV so imagine how beautiful theirs would be (+ hb is the visual but he’s got so little screen time wtf)
- did i mention HONGBIN’S DEEP VOICE ???
- hongbin choosing a nickname only for their sub unit maybe ??

We’ve been working on an animated typography project in college for the past two weeks, so I went with one of my favourite TAZ scenes; Angus’s first magic lesson. I had a lot of fun with it, even if it did turn out a little plain! Enjoy?

EDIT: Just realised I have like 20 seconds of dead air at the end and i dONT KNOW HOW TO TRIM IT

😊Too Busy For Me (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Hi! Can I request a grayson imagine that bc the twins are both very busy with their warehouse that grayson hasn’t been spending time with y/n, y/n is very upset about it, but doesn’t say anything bc she’s happy for the both of them that they can make all of it happen,one day y/n comes by and asks if grayson and her could do something together, which he responds with a no bc he’s busy, y/n starts being quiet after that and ethan tells him to go to her and spend some time with her and make up 😊

Warnings: None

A/N: Requests are opened! It’s finals week so I might be a little slow on posting but I still plan to for you guys! NEXT WEEK: Mini Series with Ethan! Be Ready!

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“Babe!” Grayson shouts at me which makes me laugh. We were currently playing in the foam pit with Ethan. The boys finally finished their Warehouse which they have been working on for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are doing so much for their fans it’s crazy. It’s so crazy that I never get to see Grayson anymore. I even moved to LA to be closer to him and I still never see him. I’ve done my best to hangout with him, but he’s normally in the warehouse doing crazy stunts for a video or he’s off doing interviews. But tonight I had news for Grayson. I won concert tickets to The 1975 and I wanted to take him out on a romantic date. “Let’s go edit the video for this week!” Grayson exclaims as E and him struggle to climb out of the foam pit. I was shorter than the boys by about a foot and I didn’t have as much upper body strength like they did. Normally one of the boys would help me climb out, but they didn’t give me a second thought.

“Babe a little help?” I asked Grayson who was already walking out of the warehouse. I was trying to hop up, but I wasn’t having much luck.

“It’s all in the legs babe. Just kick and swing your leg up.” Grayson says as he and E turn to look at me. I tried a few times before Ethan came over and helped me out of the pit.

“How on earth do you have a girlfriend and I don’t?” Ethan laughs which makes Gray and I chuckle.

“I don’t know. She’s pretty great though.” Grayson says which makes me blush. Ethan scoffs and rolls his eyes. We all walk up to the boy’s apartment and immediately they darted to Ethan’s room. I checked the time and saw the clock read 2:53pm. I sighed and I went in Grayson’s room. I lied down on his bed and scrolled through twitter for a little bit, before I decided to close my eyes and take a little nap. I missed Grayson’s arms around me as I would try and nap. My head would lie on his chest as he pulled me into him and throw a blanket over us to keep me warm. He would even play with my hair until I dozed. I’ve never slept in Grayson’s bed without Grayson before. I didn’t like it at all, but I knew the fans came before me, but I just wished it was the other way for once.


“Awesome!” I heard Grayson shout which woke me up from my nap. I quickly checked my phone. I had a few missed calls and messages, but the time read 8:42pm. I rubbed my eyes and walked into Ethan’s room. The boys were staring at the computer screen still editing their video. I cleared my throat at which they both turned to look my direction. “Hey babe.” Grayson diverts his attention from the screen for two seconds to look at me and then went back to the screen.

“Hey.” I said shyly. “How’s the video coming along?” I asked awkwardly.

“It’s going good actually. When did you get back?” Grayson asks still looking at the screen.

“Back? What do you mean I’ve been here the whole time. I’ve been napping in your bed since three.” I said a little loud. “You mean you didn’t try to text or call to make sure I was okay or anything?” I asked a little hurt. Remembering all of the missed calls and texts and not seeing Grayson’s name once.

“I guess I didn’t think about it.” Was all he said. I decided to ask if he wanted to go on a date Friday night.

“Hey Grayson? It’s been awhile since we’ve spent some time together. Would you probably want to have a nice date on Friday followed by a cool concert? I have the–” Grayson cuts me off.

“Friday? Babe I can’t. We have to film two videos a week now and Friday is going to be our editing/filming day.” He says looking at Ethan.

“Oh okay.” I said before he looked back to the screen. “I think I’m gonna go home.” I said before I just left not even waiting for goodbye or anything. I feel a tear trickling down my cheek as I walked down the road to my house. I walked inside and I went straight to my room and I cried into my pillow. It was like I didn’t even have a boyfriend anymore. My phone started ringing when I saw Ethan was calling me. I didn’t want to answer. I threw my phone across the room in my closet while I kept crying in my pillow. I knew Ethan would try and defend Grayson, but I didn’t want to hear it. I then heard my phone ring with a different tone. It was Gray’s. I threw a pillow in my closet to muffle the rings as I was tired and hurt right now. I decided I would try and get some sleep and then tomorrow find someone else to go to the concert with me, and maybe even break up with Grayson. No I didn’t want to break up, but it was obvious Grayson just didn’t have time for me right now. After tossing and turning for about an hour and crying some, I finally fell asleep.





I fluttered my eyes open to the sight of Grayson in a tree. “Grayson!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet and opened my window. He was holding a stuffed animal which looked to be a puppy and some flowers.

“Y/N I am so sorry. I never meant to ignore or hurt you. I love you so much. I shouldn’t have put Youtube above you. I just got so caught up and I’m stressing and I would love to go on a date with you Friday night. Please Y/N I’m so sorry.” Grayson apologizes which makes me smile. I held my hand out for Grayson to grab so I could help him in my room. He gladly accepts my offer as I pull him inside. I grab his shoulders to prevent him from falling over. His hands found my waist as he rests his forehead against mine. “I love you Y/N.” He says and I smile.

“I love you too Grayson.” I said as I pressed my lips to his ever so gently. Grayson pulls away and uses the pad of his thumb to rub right where an eyelash was.

“Make a wish.” He says holding the eyelash in front of my face. I blew the lash as Grayson and I sat on my bed. I lied my head on his chest as he pulled the covers over us. I pressed my cold hands on his stomach trying to warm myself up. He rested his chin on top of my head as his fingers tangled in my hair.

“So what made you come to your senses?” I giggled.

“Actually Ethan. As soon as you left he smacked my face. I yelled at him, he told me I was being a jerk, I denied it, he proved his case, and here we are. We tried calling you, but you didn’t answer so I knew you were pissed.” Grayson chuckles.

“I wouldn’t say pissed, but more like I was hurt. I wanted all your attention. I still do. I just felt like you didn’t care anymore.” I mumbled in his chest which he pressed  my face up to meet his. He gently presses his lips to mine.

“I know baby and I’m so sorry I made you feel that way. I just plan to prove myself to you on Friday with our date. What concert are we going to go see?” He asks which makes me smile.

“The 1975 of course!” I exclaimed which his eyes grew huge.

“I love you so much Y/N. I can’t believe I was such an idiot before.” He says before pressing his lips to mine again and holding me until we both fell asleep.


Second edition of free drawings of your guardian with the character you want! This time as a theme you had the choice between romance or friendship! Lot of people asked for friendship (only two romance; see Valkyon) which surprised me! It was nice!

I’m way too tired to put the name of all participants and give them a little comment as I did last time (<- click). Also I’m sick, beautiful combo. My eyes hurt…

Anyway, can you believe that Valkyon is so popular? In two rounds, 12 drawings, he was asked 4 times! What is your secret, dude, seriously? (if you’re curious, the second most popular is Nevra, with two drawings)

You can read so randomness if you click on the pictures. HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE. Don’t be sick because it suck. I’m gonna sue germs.

k cool but imagine following 5sos on tour and youre dating luke bye:

“Come ooooon y/n”, Luke whined.

“They just want one kiss”, he said, holding the camera up, filming you two.

“Kiss Calum or something”, you said, pushing him away. 

“They are begging us to kiss on our snapchat”, he kept saying.

He followed you, causing you to sigh and turn around at him. He still held the camera up, filming you as you shook your head.

“You wanna fight missy, huh?”, he said, being in your face. He gestured you to fight him, as a joke of course. You laughed and grabbed his arm with both of your hands. You dragged your own body closer to his, pecking his lips shyly in front of the camera. You giggled a little with your lips against his chin.

“Well guys, you finally did it. Only took about two weeks, but there it is”, he said, looking into the camera, grinning. You waved at his phone, before the time ran out.


Pushing Film

Film is typically used at the speed/ISO/sensitivity it was made for. 200, 400, 800, and so on, but you can push film to take pictures in settings it wasn’t necessarily designed to do so in. These shots are all from a roll of expired Fujifilm 200 film, which at 200, is made for direct sunlight and could also be used with a flash. The lower the ISO, the lower the sensitivity of the film, the more light you need to have coming into the camera in order to produce a clear image. Pushing film while shooting (cause it can also be done in development) is setting the camera’s ISO higher than the film in it. 

The above shots were pushed to 400, 400, 800, 3200, and 3200, respectively. Pushing film isn’t the hardest thing in the world but it does call for some quick math if you’re doing it in your head and not using something like a chart or app. For example, the second shot in the subway corridor, I set the camera up at ISO 200, aperture was 2.5 (lowest on the lens) and my shutter speed 1/30th of a second I think but when I checked the light meter it was barely lifting up and indicating the shot would be really underexposed so I moved the ISO to 400 and the needle went a hair above where it previously did. I could’ve pushed to 800 but I wanted the image to be a bit dark. 

If you’re wondering why the last two pictures have a slightly blown out look, I’m not entirely sure, myself. I think it’s a combination of using expired film AND pushing it well beyond what it was designed for along with a slower shutter speed. I think those were both 1/15th of a second. If I made any mistakes in this, feel free to correct me and I’ll edit it but I’ve only shooting film for a little over a month so I’m still very much learning the ropes. 


My SFCon Photo Op Experience:

I’m going to do a very long post on my whole experience later today but I just wanted to get into the photo ops first because, well … they tend to be the focal point of everyone’s con anyway.  Honestly, I was nervous as all hell for my photo ops. The only other experience I’ve ever had with a celebrity (as in, being that close to them), I basically went mute and nodded a lot. I couldn’t be like that this time—I had too much riding on my op with Misha … and of course, my op with Misha was going to be the first one I did.

So, on Saturday, we had already seen panels with Rob, Gil, Osric, and Felicia. We also had already experienced karaoke night, where I got to touch and interact with a lot of them … so I felt like I handled that well, and it gave me some hope for Misha. When we got to the theater on Saturday, we had the intro with Rob and Richard—they are fucking hilarious, by the way. I mean, we all knew that, but watching them bicker like a married couple in person? Oh my god!  I almost peed myself. They are so, freaking adorable! Anyway, I digress. So, we had the intro, a couple more panels and then … photo ops began. I had op-numbers 108 and 124. I thankfully, could take them both back to back so I didn’t have to get back in line. So, when they called for that range, I started freaking out. I had props and my book (for those of you who don’t know, I am writing a novel for Misha and I had the first eight chapters bound for him and I wanted to give it to him at the con) I still wasn’t sure if I would have time to explain properly what all these things were—or if the photo would come out right, or if I would even be able to give him the book at some point. Six months of work was riding on so much uncertainty and it was terrifying.

So, there I am in line and we finally shuffle through the doors … and there in the back of the room, is Misha fucking Collins. If you think the man is good looking on screen, it pales in comparison to him in person. Everything in him exudes perfection. I … I could go on for days, but I will put that in the next post. As I inch closer to this man that has become the world to me, I start to prep everything in my hands and go over what I want to say a million times. When they finally get to me, I am just too determined to choke. I walked up to him and handed him the signs (signs thanking the girls who helped me edit and beta read my novel). He looked at me a little confused. I held up the book and (I don’t even know if I said Hi first … I think I did, I hope I did) I said, “These two girls have helped me edit a novel I am writing for you, so I wanted you to help me thank them.” He nodded and we turned and took the photo, then as I was saying I have a second photo—he reached over and literally ripped the book out of my hands. He started flipping through it and then said “Oh, I really like the title!”  (which is “Gi’s Wishes” inspired by GISHWHES, of course). The he laughed and smiled, shook his head and said “I can’t believe you’re writing me a novel.” Then he turned and wrapped me in the hardest, tightest most genuine hug you could ever imagine. I don’t think either of us were really thinking about the second photo … as you might be able to tell because we look all squished and he looks like he’s going “Oh yeah … the photo”.  Immediately after, one of the convention volunteers was trying to pull me away but I hugged him again and he thanked me. I know at some point, I started to try and say that I had a copy for him, but I don’t think the words ever really came out. Anyway, I left smiling, then I got out of the room and I was shaking, and then I completely broke down crying. I was crying so hard that another volunteer came over to check on me, thinking something horrible happened. I ended up explaining to her that I wasn’t sad … I was just amazed that Misha took the time to look through my book, comment on it and then hug me, like he was really, truly appreciative of my efforts. She then started asking me all sorts of questions about my novel and made me feel even happier that I muscled through and got it done in time to show Misha.  Having that moment with him, was honestly one of the most validating and special moments of my life.

Okay … my Jensen photo op was more silly than anything. I wasn’t as nervous. I didn’t have a huge speech for him or anything to tell him about. I just needed to take a picture. Mainly, I just didn’t want to drool all over myself because of his profound beauty. By the time my op came around, we had already had our morning panel with Jensen and Jared (video to come). So, I got to see Jensen and melt into his reality a little. Then, I went in line for the photo op. Jesus Christ, that man is perfection. And his voice in person … so many, dirty, inappropriate things come to mind. Oh my sweet, baby Jesus. Anyway, I decided that I was going to do the pose I had originally planned for my second photo with Misha (but I was so happy to take the genuine hug from him instead). So, I walked up to Jensen, said hi, he said hi back and looked me with those amazing, beautiful eyes … and I asked him if I could hold his hand. He said “Of course” and smiled in a way that nearly killed me. Then he grabbed my hand, cupping it like a five year old … I quickly adjusted so I could lace our fingers together … because there is no way in hell I was just going to cup Jensen Ackles’s hand. He kind of smirked at that but that’s okay haha. We turned to the side and I reached over and held his muscly arm, and I felt his head tilt down towards mine … and I melted. I am so, so glad the picture turned out well and didn’t look like I was thinking dirty, dirty thoughts … because I was. I turned and hugged him after the photo, taking a moment to feel how incredibly firm he is. Oh my god … it was amazing. I was shaking after that, just staring at my hand, going “It touched Jensen Ackles! It held his hand! AHHHHHH!” Honestly, I still can’t believe it.

Then, later came time for my Cockles photo op. I wasn’t nervous, just excited. I was hoping Misha would recognize me as the girl with the book, because at that point, I had already had his autograph and he had already taken a copy of the book (more on that later as well).  I got into line and started chatting with my new friend, Megan spncancercare (I hope I’m remembering your name correctly, my dear. I am so bad with names.) We bonded while in line and talked about the boys’ perfection … obviously, a lot to talk about with that subject. Anyway, as we got closer, I thought about the pose I wanted them to do. I wanted Jensen to fold his arms on top of my head, lean across and kiss Misha’s cheek. When I got up to them, Misha was talking to a volunteer while I was explaining the pose. Then he came back and was like “Wait, so what’s the plan?” and Jensen started to explain but he kind of got it wrong and in my diluted mental state of realizing; ‘I’m actually talking to both of them at the same time’ I was like “No, see Jensen, you’ll stand like this …” to where I reach across his body and turned him physically (which felt amazing at the time but I feel horrible about now, since it was probably so pushy and rude) and then I said again, how he would kiss Misha on the cheek. Suddenly, a volunteer was at my side saying “No, we can’t do any kisses. That’s not allowed.” I was a little surprised, to say the least, and then I think Jensen turned me around and I kicked off my heels to snap the photo … I didn’t even know what pose we ended up with until I saw the picture later. I was still fairly, obliviously happy at this point so I turned and hugged Misha. As I pulled away however, his face just looked like he was so, very done. I started to sink … I realized right then, as the volunteer was pulling me away—I was probably “that fan”. I was that pushy, demanding fan who treated them like puppets I paid for instead of people who are generous enough to give me this opportunity. That so wasn’t my intention but I just felt awful. I walked out and talked to Megan a bit more, but as the time passed and the more I thought about it, I just wanted to cry. I decided, during the rest of the panels, that during my autograph, I would apologize to Jensen and hope that he passed the message along to Misha. So that’s what I did. I handed him my thing to sign and said “I think I really annoyed you and Misha during my photo op, so I wanted to apologize.” He just smiled a little and shook his head, finally looking back up to hand back my book and said “No … you didn’t.” I just “Oh … okay. Thank you … bye” and walked away. I don’t know if the pause he had in the middle was to emphasize the “you”, as in “you weren’t the annoying one; or if it was just a moment to try and sound convincing. Either way … I think he was just very tired at that point, so everything was probably getting on his nerves. Overall, I ended the con at kind of a low point because the last thing I wanted to do was annoy two people that are such, huge role models to me. I hope I’m just over thinking it. I know I didn’t get as crazy as some people get. I just normally, wouldn’t act that way and I’m angry that I did. I just hope that Misha didn’t recognize me now, because I don’t want him to think “the annoying girl” wrote him a book. I doubt he would ever think that … he was probably just exhausted overall. I know, I worry too much, but I can’t help it.

Anyway , I should say though, I had an amazing time. I loved my experience and met so many, new, nice, amazing people. All my photos turned out pretty damn good, so I’m very happy with that. In spite of the little low point, I wouldn’t trade my time at the con for the world. It was so awesome and fun. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get to do that. Thank you to everyone who was encouraging and helped me along the way! I love you guys so, very much!

Guess who decided at like 8 pm to do something for Day 1 of contestshipping week??? Me :’)

This song was perfect for a teeny little edit, so I made this. o3o it was made in like a two hours, so I understand it’s sucky cx

I don’t own any of the fan art used in the video! If anyone knows the sources for the fan art used please let me know & I’ll gladly add it here. c:

The first mask (May in a dress) used was made by Lilly! The second one is one I did like two years ago. xD 

Happy Contestshipping Week! it’s still the 6th here it counts for the first day still hehe

anonymous asked:

how do you go about your editing? I know you're doing something now, I just wondered. Are there specific steps or things you look for?

yes hello!

I’m editing a fairly large (36k) story right now and since I did not sit down and write it in a linear fashion, my editing is actually more like a rewrite. So I’ve got two docs open, my second draft and what will be my third and final draft, and I’m transcribing from one to the other and fixing things as I go. 

Big picture wise, I usually write a short little paragraph or two about what I want the story to feel like. Sometimes it isn’t even a paragraph, it’s just words or a picture or a feeling or a song or whatever. I also want to make sure the characters are all acting their parts and have their eyes on their respective prizes. I also have a few scenes to add in which I’m kind of feeling out as I go to strengthen the action plot since I was focusing more on the romantic plot as I was writing. shocker.

Small picture: I always look out for ‘was’ and what I can do to restructure a sentence to get rid of it. Sometimes I can’t and that’s okay. I look for needless words or pov descriptions like ‘felt’ ‘knew’ etc, and again, more sentence restructuring and cutting too. There’s a lot of cutting. You know in your gut what has to go. At this point there isn’t much spelling left to edit, since I’m on the third draft, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for that.

honestly I don’t always edit so thoroughly but this is for a bang and I really like the story so I feel like it’s worth it to make it the absolute best I can manage. 


Sagolii Lynx Tribe Headcanon

As glassworkers as well as desert dwellers, members of the Sagolii branch of the Lynx tribe which X’rena/Syrena hails from have a fair fixation on heat and fire. Kits of the tribe grow up watching their elders incorporating flame not only into their glassblowing livelihood, but into their dances, and therefore their celebrations, mournings, rituals and ceremonies. Generally, this takes the form of fireside dances, but a handful of skilled members of the tribe utilize flaming poi.

Despite no longer affiliating herself with her birth tribe, Syrena still retains her love of her tribe’s native dance forms, and fire poi remain one of her two favourite dance props (with the other being isis wings).

Bundle In Blankets (Michael)

I’m so excited for this because Michael + babies= awe 

Basically this is Father!Michael. 

My ask box is always open. 

ask me anything

don’t be shy!

Michael was nervous. His knees were weak and his arms were heavy. You were best friends ,and to everyone apart from you two, It was weird that he wanted to be the father of your baby. He had even been referring himself as the baby’s dad. Well, it was his baby but nobody knew that. You were more best friends with occasional benefits,the last time you two got together you ended up pregnant and now here Michael is waiting for the taxi to come to a stop so he can see his child. 

Michael’s legs were like jelly as he ran from the taxi and into the hospital. You needed him, he’s all you had left.  

The top half of Michael’s body slammed onto the front desk, his breathing heavy and his face pale. “H-Hi, Can you tell me where Y/N Y/L/N is?” he asked hurriedly.

The woman as the desk looked at her computer and began typing, she then looked back up at Michael before asking, “Are you family?” 

Michael huffed and rubbed his hands over his face. “I’m the father of the baby she’s having!” He rose his voice slightly.

The woman lazily read out the number of the room you were in and went back to her computer. Michael’s legs took off again, he was running as fast as he could. He skidded to a stop, looking completely lost, in the middle of the maternity ward. His sweaty hand ran through his messed up hair as he looked around, distressed.  

“Mr.Clifford!” The midwife, whom he had met many times, called out sharply. “Where on earth have you been!?” 

Michael let out a sigh of relief as she now stood in front of him. “Where is she? is she okay?” Michael breathed as he followed her.

“It’s time,You were lucky you got here when you did” The midwife handed Michael a set of scrubs to put on, once he did she held open the door of the delivery room for him. 

You had sweat running down your forehead, your contractions were so frequent. You spotted Michael and immediately called out for him, “Michael! Michael, It hurts!” You cried as he walked over to you. 

He held your hand in one of his and kissed your damp hair. “I know, Y/N. I’m sorry” He whispered.

The doctor had told you that on the next contraction you needed to push as hard as you can.  The next contraction hit you hard making you squeeze Michael’s hand. You pushed as hard as you could, shouts and cries leaving your lips. 

“C’mon, Y/N. I’m right here. I know it hurt and i’m so sorry..”Michael whispered against your hair.

Just as you began to catch your breath it was time to push again, “ The baby’s crowning! Just a few more pushes Y/N and then it’ll be easy!” The doctor called out.

“Okay.. I can do this” You puffed out weakly.

You kissed Michael’s hand for support and felt the next wave of contractions.

“ I can’t do it! “ You cried, feeling as if you were going to pass out any second. 

The tears never left your eyes through out the whole process. Michael bit his lip at the sudden silence in the room. Both of you held your breath. Michael’s head shot up when he heard a soft cry come from the other end of the hospital bed.

“ It’s a girl! “ The midwife cheered. “Congratulations ,you two!” She beamed.

Michael’s eyes locked on the small, crying figure in the midwife’s arms. His eyes filled with tears. It was his daughter. A child that the both of you have together. To say he was over whelmed was an understatement. 

The midwife gently handed you the tiny baby, placing her gently in your arms. 

“She’s so beautiful” You whispered tear-illy as Michael crouched down to you both. 

You could already tell that she had most of Michael’s facial features, like his nose and eyes. 

“W-we made her… she’s so..so.. cute” Michael sniffled, “I’m so proud of you,Y/N” 

The midwife had taken your little girl to clean her up whilst you were moved back into your private room. Michael was pacing the room, waiting for the midwife to return. He wanted to hold his daughter. The little, innocent bit of purity left in this world, His world. 

The midwife carried in the baby, wrapped in pink and white blankets. She was dressed in the beige baby grow with teddies all over it and a hat to match, it was the outfit you gave them to dress her in when you got there. The midwife gently placed the baby in Michael’s arms. He held her firmly, quietly cooing at her when she stirred.

“Hey princess.. I-I’m your daddy.. I’ve been waiting so long to see you.”Michael whispered, small tears rolling down his cheeks. 

You smiled softly at the two, you were happy but you needed sleep. 

The midwife spoke up, “What are you naming her?”

Michael gently stroked the baby’s cheek. “Mikey, How do you feel about naming her Casey?” You spoke quietly.

Michael nodded and repeated the name, never taking his eyes off of the sleeping child in his arms. 

“Yeah..I like that.” He whispered. “Casey” His soft, pink lips pressed themselves gently to the new baby’s forehead. 

The midwife left and Michael made his way over to you. “Sleep, Y/N” he mumbled, reaching down to kiss your nose. 

As you slept, Michael quietly sang to Casey. He even took pictures and video’s of the new edition. 

Michael looked down at Casey, smiling wide. “I promise I’ll always be here. I wont be like one of those run away fathers. I’ll always love you, Princess… And your mummy..”

And with that, the two of you were left with your little girl and as promised, Michael did his best to help raise her


Two of the best photos from my little astrophotography session out in the woods tonight.  I went a lot further out of town this time to solve the issue of light pollution.  It took a while to dial in the focus (can’t really preview it), but once I did, I got great results.  The first photo is untouched, while I did some very quick editing on the second one to make the colors pop a bit more.  Let me know what you think!


Edit : I added Miyuki’s line and edited others. Sorry if I made any mistakes.

 (First pic) 

“Today is Kuramochi’s birthday. Here is how these two were when they were first-year." 

Miyuki : Eh? You was born at May? I can tell immediately~ You are funny~ 

Kuramochi : I’m not funny!! 

(Second pic) 

"When Kuramochi was in first-year at junior high-school, he had a fight with his mother at the morning of his birthday. The cake he ate all of it by himself at the next day became a little stiff…" 

Grandfather : You did receive the cake, so it’s wasful if you don’t eat it. But if I were you, I can’t eat it since morning. 

Kuramochi : Shut up! Don’t worry, I will eat it all alone!


Well, please tell me if you find mistakes.

Single!Parent AU (Narry Edition!)

based on this post : http://kisspernarry.tumblr.com/post/118571217186/how-about-them-single-parent-aus

(im on mobile, sorry)

Single!Parent AU (Narry Edition)

- 1
• im on the bus and my two year old wont stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did.

Niall didn’t even bother to hide the distressed look on his face as the passengers turned to look at him and his two year old daughter, Stella when his little girl started crying.

The Irishman has tried everything from promising more lollipops to rocking her to sleep but she just wouldn’t stop crying.

He was confused why she was crying in the first place, one second she was asleep in his arms for their usual 7:30 am ride to his Ma’s while he goes off to work and the next she was crying and the single father has been trying to make her stop since then.

Niall could tell none of them appreciated this kind of noise early in the morning but what was he supposed to do.

The bus stopped at a stop - not theirs but he was grateful so he could bend down and make her milk without spilling anything.

Putting in the formula and warm water from a flask, the bus lurched to move again as Niall shook the bottle’s contents.

Stella was still crying and the blonde bit his lower lip nervously as he finished the milk and tested the hotness.

Right, it’s a good enough temperature.

“C'mon, Stella. Are you hungry sweetie?” Niall rocked Stella in his arms, putting the nipple of the bottle to Stella’s lips but the little turned her head away and cried even louder if that was possible.

A “shut your kid up!” Was heard from the back seats but Niall kept himself in check before he lashed out.

Stella was still crying after 5 minutes and Niall was just rocking her so she could fall asleep and he sighed in defeat when that didn’t work.

He stopped rocking her and just let her cry, smoothing back her soft curly hair and kissing her head to reassure her.

She stopped crying suddenly and Niall looked at her strangely.


Stella was smiling slightly, pointing to the person in front of them and Niall looked up to see a very - wow, very attractive man smiling at his daughter.
Attractive with brown curls stopping at his shoulders and dimples poking out from his smile, green eyes shining from the little light they have in the bus and outside in the gloomy London weather.

The blonde sat up straight, straightening his work tie and adjusting Stella in his lap.

So. Stella stopped crying because of a smile from a stranger.

“You have a really cute daughter”

Niall was slow but his mind soon registered that the attractive stranger was talking to him - and still smiling might he add.

“Oh, thank you. Um, she seemed to stopped crying” Niall chuckled awkwardly when Stella started snuggling in his arms instead, to fall back asleep he supposed.

“Yeah, she did. You must be a very great dad” Attractive stranger that made his daughter stopped crying said again.

“Or you just have an amazing smile” Niall shrugged nonchalantly until he realised what he just said.

Oh no.

Oh no no no, a 25 year old single gay father do not have many single attractive gay or straight males looking at him, much less striking up a conversation and he just royally fucked this up by spitting out the obvious didn’t he?

Instead of turning back around though, the attractive man held his hand out.

“ ’M Harry” He introduced. Niall noticed various rings on attractive - Harry’s fingers.

“Niall Horan and this cutie is Stella” Niall placed a kiss on Stella’s head again as her breathing evened out softly. Niall smiled down at Stella, the only happiness he’s got in this life.

“Stella Horan then? I like it, sounds like a star’s name you know” Harry mused out loud and Niall looked up at Harry with a small chuckle escaping his lips.

“Oh she’s going to be a star all right, she loves it when i play to her” Niall agreed.

“You play?” Harry propped his chin up in his palm as Niall continued to talk to him about Stella and their mini concerts.

Their conversation stopped short 10 minutes after when the bus arrived at Niall’s stop and Niall tried to juggle the bags all at once while carrying Stella that Harry had to help him.

He was grateful even after he continuously said that Harry didn’t have to help him.

“Stop it or you’ll end up dropping Stella you know” Harry said, already having Stella’s diaper bag slung over his shoulder as they got off the bus.

The bus left and Niall stood there with his daughter in his arms and an attractive stranger named Harry next to him with his daughter’s diaper bag slung over his shoulder.

“So, my Ma’s house is just around the corner … I’m gonna drop off Stella”
Niall broke the silence and reached for the diaper bag.

“Right. Um- i better get going to .. Uh. Work” Harry was stumbling over his words and Niall smiled at the cuteness of it all.

“Now I know where Stella got her smile” Harry noted with a grin.

Niall couldn’t help the blush that appeared on his cheeks and he thought it was ridiculous but he didn’t get to acknowledge anything because Harry was walking away, waving at him.

When Harry was turning the block was when Niall realised he never got the guy’s number!

“Oh my god Niall, stupid stupid Niall!” He mumbled to himself as he started walking.

Why didn’t he ask for at least a last name! All he knows is his name and that memory of his face and that smile, oh god that smile.

“Dada” Niall was broken out of his internal complaining.

“You’re awake I see” Niall fixed a grin for his daughter, balancing her on his hip.

Stella rubbed her eyes sleepily.

“ ‘arry ” She mumbled and Niall almost froze in place, blinking at her.

No, that must have been some kind of hearing thing. That couldn’t have been-

“Dada! 'Arry!!!” Stella wailed in protest at not seeing the smiling stranger from just now as Niall sighed, thinking of an answer to tell his parents if they start asking as to why Stella kept saying 'arry after this.


“Alright guys, no lollipops from the surprise doctor if we don’t keep quiet!”

Harry put a finger to his lips in silence and the kids followed suit when he did.
He smiled in victory as they all kept quiet and a knock on the door broke the silence.

The 24 year old kindergarten teacher turned around to greet the doctor that agreed to come as a guest to talk about his job when he stopped in mid “Hel-”

He knew this guy.

He was stupid enough not to ask for his number the first time they met all those weeks ago and never saw him since which disappointed him deeply.

But now he was here - in front of him.

Harry was still trying to process that the attractive single father he met with the fluffy blonde hair and the cute smile and those blue eyes was here. In a doctor’s coat no less, looking like he was twice as shocked as Harry.

“Mr Styles?” One of the kindergarteners broke their awkward staring and Harry coughed, smiling at Niall and gesturing him inside.

“Class, this is Dr Horan” Harry introduced to his class as he turned back to his class full of 5 and 6 year olds.

They all chorused a “Hello Dr Horan!” And Niall was definitely not grinning that wide because Harry remembered his name.

Nope, not because of that at all.


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….thanks to @littleblackchat we all know now that Adrien wants to be part of Ladybug’s world (rly, the result is beyond awesome), but it seems like Alya is up for the competition x//D

Actually, I just wanted to re-watch the Mr. Mime episode, but when I paused the video for a second, I just couldn’t help myself, Alya’s pose looked like taken straight from a Disney movie. And with that awesome Little Mermaid parody video from today, my mind didn’t take long to connect the dots x//D

(Furthermore, I have no idea what my phone cam did with Alya’s skin /D)

Fooling around on Twitter, @just-saoto threw the first two paragraphs at me and leaning heavily on @littleblackchat’s version, I rewrote the rest (although the last two parts fitted too well for Alya, too, that I left them unchanged x//D). I am not sorry.

(EDIT: Altered the second last paragraph slightly so it sounds a little less …gay. Still, the last part is still too perfect to find a more fitting re-write xD)