did a little 3d thing there

FireAlpaca 3D Perspective Tool

the lightweight image editing program FireAlpaca already had several different functions that would let users do some rudimentary perspective work with a bit of finagling, but this latest update is on an entirely different level. 

in this tutorial, i’m going to use this tool to make a short animation that changes in perspective, so let’s get started!

after updating firealpaca, start a new document. the first step to playing with perspective is to add this special layer from the Snap menu.

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pricxy  asked:

I just found your blog and I absolutely adore it! I was wondering how your process of getting to your current art style went? Because I LOVE it! It's so cute! Your art makes me smile so much!


it’s mostly just constant little adjustments to proportions or features plus randomly deciding “actually what if i did it like this instead?” it kinda evolves over time.

just for fun, here’s a comparison. the first 3 are from like mid-2015 and the last one i drew right now in 5 seconds

certain aspects came and went in the interest of making him easier for me to draw consistently and making him hella cuter :333

the deer’s face pissed me off for the longest time because it never fukgning worked at any angle other than 1/2 

i still kinda liked it though, so i had to think a bit about how to keep this look/style but also make it work better in 3d. he also looked pretty generic so i gave him the neck/chest floof to make him a little more identifiable i guess?

part of my problem was that i also sucked at drawing so i had to force myself to get better so i could do more stuff as well as do it faster.

it can also help if you occasionally just throw everything out the window or try something wildly different and see what sticks. the stupid angular shading thing is just something i did on accident once and then decided ‘hey this looks alright, guess i’ll keep doing it.’

sorry if this is delving a little too much into character design, i kinda just make shit up as i go. eehhhh

Adam’s Rib (Part 3D)

Masterlist | Part One | Full-Length Part Two | Part 3A | Part 3B | Part 3C

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: the conclusion. 

Word Count: 8.8k

A/N: …. there’s been a little bit of yelling but honestly we deserve it THANK YOU FOR READING THIS DUMB THING GUYS WE CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO US. 

YOU’VE MADE IT TO THE FINAL PART. THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS. sorry for putting you through a novel’s worth of #pain but YOU DID IT LOOK YOU CAN BE DONE NOW.

(we love you a lot, come let us know what you think, and honestly just have fun with the ending, okay b y e)

Warnings: alcohol, drinking, and abuse

You were exhausted by the time you were able to pack up your things, put on your coat, lock up your office, and head down to the lobby. Maybe that was why your internal alarm didn’t immediately go off when you stepped out of the elevator on the bottom floor. Maybe that was why you didn’t see him until he was stood right in front of you with a familiar smile and his hands in his coat pockets.

“Hey, babe,” he said sweetly, stopping you in your tracks as you almost ran into him face first.

Your hands began to shake immediately, hell, your entire body began to shake and your lungs stopped working. There was cement in your veins and ice in your chest cavity and you forgot how to move, how to scream, how to run.

“Adam,” you choked out. “What are you doing here?”

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Been working more on the big Clever!  He’s 65c.  I dropped the hips a little as well as his joint there.  There are three pegs inside that catch so you can pose him better.  Also did a bunch of detail work on his arms.  he’s got little veins now! I don’t know if the veins will survive the coating of spot filler or if they’ll have to be resculpted later.  We’ll see i guess.  His pretty face keeps me going.

Also some stupid doodles and horrible things I made in the face app. Be wary. 

I work at a video game store. Yes I play games, but I’m a broke as heck college student that barely even has the energy to play games most of the time. Even if I did, I still can’t possibly know every little thing about every dang console/game that existed.

Cue some grump that calls asking what the difference is between the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita. Yes he knows that they play very different games, but how else are they different? You don’t know if the vita plays movies? Yes you can put me on hold so your co-worker can help him out.

I put the guy on hold and tell my co-worker what’s going on, hasn’t been a minute before she picks the phone up and asks how can she help him. Then she hangs up real quick.

Apparently the guy started screaming at her about how the employees need to be better trained and how he just wants to get a handheld for his daughter. Nevermind the original reason he called. He had no way of knowing if she was my manager, in fact I was the m.o.d. at the time.

What kind of a-hole starts yelling at someone because of another person’s faults??

The Flower Shot

The flower shots were pretty far and away the hardest for me.

I ended up making 3D models of the flowers to use as reference for the final shot.

But to start at the beginning, working out how the flowers would grow was the first thing I did on Freaking Out. I couldn’t help with the story boarding or puppets so I just did concepts for the various effects.

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No, but like... Jasico
  • Jason being all slow and careful at first like “must protect the precious Nico child, can’t let him get hurt, gotta take this relationship slow and make sure he’s completely comfortable, can’t tell anyone until he’s ready” ect.
  • Nico eventually just getting so fed with this that he just pulls Jason into a kiss in the middle of dinner
  • And Jason just being so shocked afterwards that he sits there opening and closing his mouth like a fish while Nico is as red as a tomato
  • Hazel being all “I totally knew they were together the whole time” and completely ignoring everyone who tries to point out the multiple times she tried to set Nico up with random campers (because she is totally the kind of sister that would do that and nothing can convince me otherwise)
  • Percy feeling the need to go all protective big brother on Jason and Jason just sitting there laughing his arse off like “Perce, do you really think I’d hurt him? He’d break me in two if did anything slightly wrong”
  • Jason taking Nico on as many dates as possible even though Nico tells him to stop
  • (the tiny death boy secretly loves it, loves the way Jason fauns over him)
  • Jason being the biggest dork and just kissing Nico on the cheek at the weirdest times (like the time when Nico has just finish helping some of the younger campers train and Jason just walks up and kisses his red, sweaty face)
  • Nico being ridiculously proud of everything Jason does
  • Everything
  • “did you see what my boyfriend just did?”
  • Jason walking around without his glasses, asking everyone where they are, and he eventually just finds Nico, the little shit, sitting in the Hades cabin with them on his head
  • Nico finding it super cute every time Jason gets frustrated with his glasses
  • Nico… do we have to watch a 3D movie? Do you know how hard that is with these things on?” “shhh Jason, the movies starting” “I can’t get them to sit right!’ “shhhhhh”
  • No one knowing how to react when Jason just flies to the Hades cabin after campfire with a sleepy Nico in his arms, but all the Aphrodite cabin Aww-ing and trying to get pictures
  • Double dates!!
  • With literally every other couple!!!
  • And they’re just the dorky couple that eat from each other’s plates and sit stupidly close
  • Chiron coughing awkwardly when he walks into the bighouse kitchen and finds Nico sitting on Jason’s shoulders, trying to get something off a high shelf
  • The two of them being the best/worst partners in crime and pulling really corny pranks on the other campers and everyone knowing it’s them but not having the heart to burst their bubble and so everyone just lets them go on thinking they’re better than the Stolls
  • Jason doing everything he can to make Nico laugh
  • (he absolutely loves it when he finds out Nico is ticklish)
  • (Nico says he hates it but can’t deny himself the pleasure of seeing Jason’s face light up every time he falls to the ground laughing)
  • Just
  • Jasico

“I don’t have a sugar plumber, I’ve never had a sugar plumber. If I wanted a sugar plumber, yes, I could probably go get kidnapped and get one because I am what? SICKENING. You could never have a sugar plumber because you are not that kind of princess. Baby, everything I have I’ve werked for and gotten myself. I’ve built myself from the ground up since the N64 days, you fucking bitch! *throws drink*”

Here is a cool thing I did: me and Chompsky (Chompsky’s the dog) (he’s great) (I love him) got our bodies 3D scanned, digitized, and printed out as little statues that I can now hide around the house for my wife to find, as a constant reminder of our marital vows (or just as a reminder of how cute Chompsky is if she finds him; that’s cool too)!!

I had no idea this technology existed, but my pal Derek (who helped me turn my head into a bomb) (long story) is all about it!  Here’s how it works.

First, you check your outfit, because you’ve probably posed for a photo before, but not a 3D photo.  I had to look (I MEAN “GOT TO LOOK”) at my butt in a mirror to make sure it looked rockin’ in those pants, because that butt and those pants were soon to be immortalized.  Then you go down to a studio that does this stuff (I went to Selftraits in Toronto) and either waltz right in or make an appointment.  Then they take a photo!  Actually they take over a hundred in a single second??

The photo room itself looks like a transporter room: it’s a white-walled dome, with tons of cameras lining the walls, all set to go off at the same instant.  


A 3D photo doesn’t take any longer than a regular one, turns out, which is really cool.  You just give your dog some treats so he sits nice, pose in a way that makes your butt look good, and they take a few pictures.  The flash comes from ALL AROUND -

- and you choose your favourite one!

Then, a few days later, your Mini Me shows up through magic.  



First, computers take the over one hundred different images of me and Chompsky, all taken in the same instant, and use that to build a 3D mesh of our bodies.  This is the rough mesh, but it’s not fully automated: human artists touch them up, not only cleaning up any mistakes the algorithm made, but also making adjustments if necessary.  For example, individual fingers can break off easily when they’re printed small, so they might bring fingers together instead of having them spread apart.  If I was holding a leash, they’d remove that too: it’d break, and it’d be more fun to put in a piece of string in the final model instead.  Glasses can also be tricky and might need human intervention.

Once the 3D data is done, the mesh gets a “skin” applied (i.e., MY OWN), and then robots assemble me and my dog from parts.

Specifically, tiny parts of dust!

The 3D printing you’re probably familiar with uses plastic that gets melted and placed on top of itself to form a sculpture - that’s what we used when we turned my head into a bomb (again: long story) .  That looks like this:

But there’s different (and fancier) ways of doing it!  And this is one of them.  Technically it’s called Powder Bed 3D printing and it’s basically an inkjet printer, only instead of ink it ALSO applies glue, and instead of paper it prints on powder.  Printing takes a while, since it builds you up, bottom to top, slice by tiny slice.  Printing me and Chompsky took about 8 hours, but there were a lot of other treasures in the box too.  You cram it full with as much stuff as you can, since you’re printing things anyway!

“The box?” you say?  YES.  THE BOX.  The coolest part is at the end, you don’t have a li'l 3D printed object.  You have a BOX OF DUST.  And then you dig through your box, carefully, like you’re digging up friggin’ DINOSAUR BONES (which you could be, assuming you thought ahead and printed dinosaur bones).  It’s a box full of surprises that you give yourself.  I love it!  Here’s a video of that happening, it’s kinda like being an archaeologist on easy mode.

And then you unearth things.  Hey look it’s me! 

They get put in a wash (to remove any remaining dust) and then human artists sand them down to remove any parts that stuck and shouldn’t have been.  That looks like this!

They also use smaller tools for the finer details.  My facial expression here matches my real-life expression when people try to poke me in the eye with giant metal sticks:

Then the figures get a dip in super glue so that they stay together, a SECOND sanding pass to remove any “build lines” - lines that’ll give away I’m actually made out of many tiny slices - and then finally a wax dip to seal everything off and make ‘em shiny, and tada!  YOU HAVE A MINI VERSION OF ANYTHING YOU CAN PHOTOGRAPH.

Anyway I thought this was super interesting, and it really made me feel like we’re living in the future.  And that’s how that one moment in time where me and Chompsky stared lovingly into each other’s eyes was immortalized forever.

I wanna give a shout out to Selftraits for being down to photograph my dog, AND for Derek giving me a tour of their production facility when he saw how big into this whole thing I was.  I LOVED IT.  They have a studio at 545 Queen Street in Toronto (and if you’re not in Toronto then either MOVE HERE ALREADY or there’s probably a similar company doing things in your area too; either way works actually).

I shared these photos on Twitter a while back and people assumed I was just photoshopping myself and my dog into situations for some reason.

And finally, here’s a glory shot of us that someone at the company who knew what they were doing took!  Look at us!  Just a couple’a pals.

anyway that’s the story of how i took a 3d picture with my dog and turned us into statues, the end

a rambly set of thoughts on why Finn is Luke’s son.

Elsepost someone asked if I had a summary of my thoughts on Finn Skywalker, and I didn’t, so here is a rambly and ineffectively structured one. 

So first, anyone looking for a Skywalker force user example to use to look for a new Skywalker tends to forget about Leia. 

If you consider Finn - who is noted in the prequel novella about his life to be a natural leader who rallies his other Stormtroopers and who in the novelization Poe says several times seems to have some sort of inspiring effect upon Poe, making Poe feel like he can do anything, feel alert and refreshed and ready to take action - as an heir to *Leia*’s way of being a force user, then there’s a big clue. 

Look how that entire room of Resistance generals listens to him. He’s not just nobody, he’s a Stormtrooper, yet no one is suspicious. No one consider him a n00b. Instant trust, a thing that Poe’s POV in the novelization takes pains to point out. That feeling Poe says is one that makes you feel like throwing in with him and following him anywhere. Know who else Poe has similar thoughts about? Yup. General Organa. He heroine worships her.

But also consider that:

1. Finn’s designator, 2187, is Leia’s cell number in ANH. It is also *the Number of the Force* itself:


2. Like Luke in ANH, Finn, dressed as a Stormtrooper, goes to that cell and rescues a beautiful enemy captive! He even whips that helmet off like Luke did.
3. Carefully watch everything Finn does in the tie fighter and the MF.

3a. He guns like Luke.
3b. He has a “woo hoo/good shooting/ don’t get cocky” thing with Poe like Luke had with Han.
3c. He *picks up and looks at the little training sphere thing* that Obi-Wan had Luke training with on board the MF. A little sphere thing that *zapped Luke* the same way our new droid sphere, BB8, zaps Finn when he meets Rey.
3d. A *tentacle creature grabs him and is trying to eat him* and he has to be rescued by his companion(s). He also gets the garbage chute callback with Phasma.

He is also the person whose seemingly mundane experience (shooting womp rats/working “sanitation” on Starkiller Base) is what results in the destruction of the Death Star du jour. Rey has no involvement in that aspect of the plot at all. She is entirely absent from that entire scenario.

No matter who Rey is, I firmly believe that Finn is the Skywalker. Consider that Kathleen Kennedy said that the saga films are about the Skywalker family. In the SWU, like America, kids take their father’s last names by default traditionally, and wives use their husband’s. Ben Solo. In the EU, Leia Organa-Solo, Jaina, and Anakin Solo, vs Luke’s son, Ben Skywalker. Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke’s wife. In the film we don’t known what name Leia used before the divorce. So we were more likely to be looking for a male Skywalker than a female anyway.

Add to that the fact that early on when the lead candidate for Finn was a blond blue-eyed white guy it was rumored he was to play Luke’s son (and they were looking for a black or biracial British woman to play Rey), and the fact that they had John Boyega use an American accent for Finn…

Early in TFA, when Finn has had his moment of truth/I cannot be a Stormtrooper moment, Kylo gives him a pointed look, right? He shows later that he knows exactly which Stormtrooper Finn is, has learned his name. Then later in the snow he battles first Finn, who then gets knocked out, then Rey, and does the “it *is* you” line that a canon source has now said we should not necessarily consider to indicate he knows her already but that he thinks she’s the one he sensed “awakening.“ 

Now consider that perhaps what hit Ren’s radar was that Finn was maybe force sensitive, but also Rey hit his radar that way, so he didn’t know which one of them had “awakened.” Then, the “it *is* you” becomes the moment when Ren decides it must’ve been Rey, not Finn…but really it’s both.

Who uses the Skywalker lightsaber first? Finn does. Finn lights that thing up first, not Rey.

The evidence for Rey being a Skywalker is largely cosmetic. She’s a pilot…sort of. The prequel novella actually shows us that she has only ever piloted one thing before, and that all her piloting and mechanical knowledge comes from the same place Finn’s shootin’ and battle knowledge comes from: simulations. Long ago she found a huge sim library of ships and flight sims and it was her only intellectual outlet, so she memorized it. She has a junk sort of speeder that is red, but she also has a lot of junk left over from the Battle of Jakku. She lives in an at-at torso, like Luke in the tauntaun, but so? It is *there*. Lots of people live in wrecked ships on Jakku and drive salvaged vehicles. 

What are the things that aren’t circumstantial? Luke quite specifically never can speak droid to R2. But Rey can speak to both BB8 and Chewie instantly in what is obvs a use of the force - Finn even calls her on the Chewie thing. Know who in ANH can understand anyone, and shows it by understanding both R2 and Chewie in the first half of ANH? Not Luke. Obi-Wan. Besides, her ability to speak droid and Shyriiwook is explained in the side product "Rey’s Survival Guide.

So Luke’s lightsaber calls to her? Well, she gets NEAR it first. It shows her scenes she couldn’t have been there for (Bespin) which indicate the memory is stored in the device, which could indicate she has psychometry. Then she sees a memory that is possibly hers observed from another perspective, then one of Luke and R2, has a future vision, has an odd one about the Knights, and she hears two different Obi-Wans. And as mentioned previously she doesn’t use the lightsaber first. Finn does. So the lightsaber calling to her says nothing specifically “Skywalker” about her. 

I’d also like to note that structurally, Kylo Ren and Finn’s encounter is given foreshadowing and import. If Finn is just some rando, why? Theirs is the first connection made between new characters, when they have the stare down. Why? This remains unaddressed. Seconds of silent film time are not expended for no reason. Finn is a co-lead but people never speculate about his ancestry beyond his skin color. If Finn was still a white guy you couldn’t shut people up about how he is so clearly Luke’s son. This theory may be wrong, but you have to admit if Jesse Plemons were playing him like early casting rumors suggested, we would already have had lengthy conversations about Finn Skywalker, with many walking into the film prepared to see Finn Skywalker, and their theories would’ve worked backwards from that assumption.

Finally, I see a lot of people who are fixated on the real world likelihood that Mark Hamill could father a son who looks like John Boyega. Two thoughts on that:

1. The filmmakers would not let that consideration stop them from casting the best possible Finn.

2. Mark Hamill and John Boyega look way more alike than Hayden Christensen and An Abstract Concept. Why didn’t Anakin’s father being the Force bother you, but Luke and Finn do?

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but I'm one of those people who don't seem to enjoy the movie Tarzan as much :/ Can you please explain why you think it's a masterpiece? I'm interested in knowing why you believe that, because I always agree with your insight on everything☺️

hey no need to apologise, everyone’s entitled to their opinions and sometimes we just don’t gel with movies or books, it’s no big deal!! thank you for being so polite and for asking this, though, i really appreciate your kind words!!!

reasons why i am trash for disney’s tarzan:

  • the SOUNDTRACK. phil collins, certified pop legend, just bringing the perfect mix of rhythmic little tunes and emotional ballads and uplifting lyrics that simultaneously move the story along and get stuck in your head
  • also mark mancina is a genius honestly the score for tarzan is so beautiful, the motif for jane is one of my favourite things in the world. the score has such a unique sound and it sets the scene so perfectly and hits every emotional beat!!
  • the animation!!!! did you know that they created a brand new animation system called deep canvas for this movie?? a whole brand new system!! from scratch!!! it allows 2d characters to move through a 3d world, which is how they got the awesome effects of tarzan sliding along tree branches and swinging on vines to work so well. pay special attention to the backgrounds and you can see how many layers there are in every scene, it really does look like a proper jungle with different levels of foliage and shadow and god it’s a work of art

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation

  • the character of tarzan was animated by the legendary, mind blowingly talented glen keane (also responsible for ariel, the beast, aladdin, pocahontas, rapunzel and many more). BUT here’s the best part - he oversaw his animation from france, where he was meant to be on a sort of year long sabbatical from the disney company but loved the story and character so much he decided to do it anyway
  • MEANWHILE all the other supervising animators (including the incredible ken duncan, animator for jane porter [also meg from hercules]) were back in california. they had to collaborate across timezones and continents to create scenes where their characters interacted, and look at what an amazing job they did!!! 

Originally posted by tynusia2000

  • the story. i think everyone can relate to the feeling of not fitting in, of being different from everyone around you. and the emphasis on family being those who love you - the message that so long as you are surrounded by people who love you, you are home. god. it makes me emotional
  • tarzan’s parents are two of the best looking characters ever animated by disney and they’re only in the movie for like five minutes what a waste

Originally posted by timelessdisneydreams

  • tarzan is a character that works best in animation. he does stuff no actual man could ever do and what would look ridiculous if a real human did it, no matter how good the cgi is (legend of tarzan 2016 i am looking at you) works within the animated world. he moves along the tree branches like someone on a skateboard or rollerblades, he swings from vines like a gymnast, wrestles wild animals like a… wrestler? and it all works because of the medium
  • also he’s pretty hot ngl

Originally posted by theseacallsushome

  • alSO tarzan as a character. he is a genuine sweetheart. he just wants to fit in - first with his family and then with jane and her family. he tries his best at everything, and wants to learn everything, and his curiosity is so endearing
  • OMG WAIT HOW COULD I FORGET BABY TARZAN omg his little noises when kala finds him i can’t, he’s too cute for words honestly. and he blows little bubbles in the shape of a hidden mickey??? t o o  m u c h

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

  • tantor’s line of “are you sure this water’s sanitary? it looks questionable to me!” is one of my favourite lines in any film ever and it was delivered by a four year old voice actor who had to have his lines read to him because he was too little to read the script omg my heart

Originally posted by anno-m

  • terkina and the fact that she is totally bossy and unapologetic and everyone irl confuses her for a boy???

Originally posted by neverland-789

  • the professor who brings like his entire fucking science lab and the contents of his whole house on this research trip to africa. like in one scene they have a goddamn chandelier hanging over an actual dining table. in the middle of the african jungle. I LOVE IT

Originally posted by nebulosa-mente

  • random cameo by the mrs potts and chip tea kettle and cup, which inspired the fan theory of belle and the beast being jane’s (great?) grandparents which i love love love
  • the fact that the movie very obviously shows kids to respect animals and nature, but never does it get preachy or condescending to do so. it’s worked so well into the narrative, rather than hitting you over the head with a sign saying LOOK THIS MOVIE WANTS YOU TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. it’s inspiring and showcases the beauty of nature and the animals in it but doesn’t attempt to guilt trip you into caring
  • quick side note: mountain gorillas are critically endangered and we need to save them, i am not afraid to guilt trip you into caring please think of the gorillas

Originally posted by dayshavou

  • JANE PORTER. jane. porter. janey jane. my girl
  • jane wears a stylish big yellow dress complete with bustle to the jungle because she is a lady and that is what ladies wear. she hikes through the african jungle in boots and gloves and a big fucking dress because she will not let the norms of her time stop her from seeing the world. she is travelling!!!! to study science!!!! do you know how rare that was back in the victorian era???? VERY RARE!!! 

Originally posted by wonderlaaaaaand

  • but jane doesn’t care. she goes on this trip with her dad, and she knows all about his research and his study because she is a clever cookie and she cares
  • she isn’t embarrassed by her embarrassing dad, she loves him a lot
  • she talks to herself a lot and she uses her hands when she speaks and is an amazing artist and i just love everything about her okay

Originally posted by disneymoviesdaily

  • jane is a freaking excellent teacher. watch that montage of her teaching tarzan all about the humans (set to the wonderful tune of strangers like me which has the most beautiful bridge) and be amazed by her mad skills

Originally posted by i-wont-say-im-in-loveee

  • tarzan is obviously smitten by her and she’s pretty impressed by his abs eyes BUT they spend at least a few months together, learning from each other and getting to know each other, before they admit that they’re in love or ask each other for any sort of commitment. they actually get to know each other!!!!!

Originally posted by baileymckendry

  • and they are EQUALS. jane teaches tarzan about the human world and he teaches her about the jungle, swinging from vines and speaking gorilla, their partnership has give and take and neither of them force the other into staying in the jungle or leaving the jungle, they just ask and then give the other person time to think about it and RESPECT THEIR CHOICES

Originally posted by jane-of-the-wild

  • jane is the one who kisses tarzan first and i don’t know why this is important to me but it is

Originally posted by all-is-well-in-wonderland

  • over all the movie just makes me very happy
  • i think that everything it teaches children is v important and it is visually stunning and pretty to listen to and it has a smart heroine who is an artist and a scientist (because the two are not mutually exclusive!!) and funny supporting characters and scary villain because he’s super realistic
  • did i mention how impressed i am by the animation??? 

Originally posted by seasaltandcastles

  • i am very impressed by the animation!!!!

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation


Personal art done during the year of 2016.

While I’m super proud of the amount of work I’ve been able to do and designs I was able to create, I’m not exactly pleased with the result… I know. I KNOW. Before you get mad at me, this was supposed to be the year for me to push myself out of my comfort zone, away from the “character standing facing left or right”, and I absolutely failed yet again. While there are some beautiful designs here, they all lack energy, movement, and ya know…POSES. 

While color is my favorite part of the art process, I feel things got a little muddy and well. Grey. Boy I loved grey this year. I would have liked to have done more work like the Z illustration and more work with backgrounds overall both in 2D and 3D.

While I primarily did 2D art of Z(there was a lot more I couldn’t fit), I do see a lot of improvement in his design and proportions so thats good. I’m not going to completely push myself away from his character next year but I am in the process of designing enemies/villains of his universe so expect to see more of that.

My modeling skills have basically gotten to the point where I can sculpt anything in 3D. Its taken a toll on my drawing confidence, a medium I spent more time doing but am not as skilled in. Managed to just hit a ton of bumpy roads towards the end of the year and I just hope for me to be a bit more positive in the next.

Overall, Its nice to see everything together. I know what I must work on in 2017. More poses less standing, more illustrations with lots of color, push body types, and be more loose. 


if you needed a treasure planet/attack on titan au, now you got it. you’re welcome (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ TP us my whole childhood and Mr. Hawkins is the greatest childhood crush who ever crushed. It was so fun to make these c:

(I used some references from the movie because i find this guy hella difficult to draw. darn you, Jim <3)

BONUS: the guy is talented and talks to himself while using the 3d gear


It’s Erwin’s idea. That seems to suggest some kind of forethought to it, some kind of inherent and meticulous planning that would soften any possible edge of awkwardness; it implies a great deal of trust, too, that Levi assumes these things automatically of any of Erwin’s suggestions. 

Erwin’s smile is an almost hesitant, shy thing, when Levi enters his quarters, the straps of 3D gear helpfully loosened from his body but not removed. Mike stands in a corner, silent but too large to ever go unnoticed.

The bedside table–which usually contained various writing tools, papers, letters from people in different stages of anger and grief (always cluttered and in differing states of disorganization, like Erwin hadn’t truly meant for things to settle there long-term but had simply got caught up in something else)–is cleared, save for a little vial of oil.

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