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so uh, about aizawa,


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No lyrics this time…just some tune and beat to get the mood HERE
Turn up the bass!

kirishima touka week ✿ day four; au
centipede → butterfly


The parallel I didn’t know I needed. (FitzSimmons + La La Land)


Yessir, That’s Our Baby - S8 E15


!! I found a beautiful girl in the AH–and immediately, I went to check if she was related to Bracken, because I had a feeling she was.

And I thiiink…she’s a…cousin? I’m really, really bad at figuring these things out. I wish there was a thing for that in the Crying Workshop, too. Like ‘these dragons are half siblings!’ or ‘hey they’re 3rd cousins!’

She also stole some of his clothes, ‘cause he was a little too cluttered anyways. Now, she looks f a b u  l o u s.


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:


Characters belong to @thisiskindagross


Queadlunn- I’ve been messing with polycarbonate plastic the last few days. One thing is something I’m still working on. The other started out as a cut-off of a 1.5″ PC rod (about1.5″r2x1.5″). I used our bench sander’s 5″ disk (with 80 grit) to do a freehand kind of faceting that turned out pretty nicely.

I started out on the sander with 80-grit, then moved to 200-grit sandpaper taped to a piece of sheet-metal laminate. I then used 600-grit with a machine oil on the paper to lubricate (worked okay). This got me to the image labelled #3.

Since I know that some plastics can be dyed with fabric dye, I decided to try it out. Due to the plastic I was using, or the dye I had on hand, the gem didn’t really change after ~50 min. Because the heat of the dye bath the polished surface of the larger facets ended up crazing (maybe a thermal effect?).

The gem was still mostly the standard polycarbonate blue at this point, so I mixed a purple future wash (~120ml Future, 2 drops each red & blue food coloring) and did one coat. This added a bit of color to it as well as add even more gloss to the gem.

Not bad for a day of tinkering, I think I could do another gem like this (given I had all the materials on-hand) in about 3 hours. If I end up making more of these I’ll try to make some kind of faceting jig for our sander. Could be fun!

Edit: I used Dylon because it was what we had on hand. A dye for synthetic materials ( like RIT Dyemore or iDye Poly) would probably work better. A test for the future.

“Love for the dead is pointless. We fight to keep them alive, that is all.”

God, I love Olivier so much!

This was supposed to be another quick one, but I got carried away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@thequeenwillruletheboard & @princess-kagura 

and thanks to everyone who was patient enough to sit through my stream!


Some cellphone photos of my art for @yjficexchange (for a fic by the wonderful @cakeandpi!) Here is a link to the story: http://archiveofourown.org/series/749676

[a picture of Kaldur’Ahm facing us, drowning. He does not have gills or webbed fingers, and bright turquoise blue bubbles are coming out of his mouth, floating upwards. A few tears are also floating upwards. The tattoo on his right arm wraps around his hand and becomes an anchor, the same shade of blue as the bubbles with subtle black patterns. He is surrounded by a yellow-peach glow, with a brighter yellow surrounding the anchor. The background is dark blue-purple. There is cursive text written to the side.

The text reads: “duty 

what a good
sacrifice” ]