did I mention it was a wip

Malec Fic Rec (part 2)

Ok so on the back of my last post I’ve spent the day remembering all the fics I’ve missed out and quite frankly that won’t do…So did I mention I’m weak…I have to do some more (and there will be some more popular ones in here because I can’t resist)

Bibliophile - Dorkberto (rating T) 3631 words Complete


what can I say apart from this fic is lovely. Featuring Alec the love sick librarian  and a very glittery Magnus. Seriously great writing and another smile all the way through fic

So Bright - Lemonoclefox (rating G) 17504 words complete


Hands down this is probably one of my favourite fake dating fics (sort of). All set within the shadow hunters world but with an alternative timeline.

Fall Without Wings - Vulturemonem (rating M) 19/? WIP


Ok so Im not normally a fan of wing fics but this is perfection. The attention to detail here is off the charts to the extent that each chapter is named after a different bird (which makes me ridiculously happy). When Alec’s life is saved by the high warlock of Brooklyn, a known enemy of the clave, his whole world view is brought into doubt…

Fool’s Rush In - Maleciseverything (rating M) 85198 words complete

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well not if you end up married to a complete stranger…this story is a delight, the perfect mix of humour, angst and fluff…basically all you would expect from this super talented writer.

Oh and check out the WIP Take me To Church…so good

Addicted to You - Alxsteele (rating M) 78701 words Complete


No strings sex without feelings..well that always works out well doesn’t it? This is great, expect pinning, angst and ultimately the happy ending we all need.

Bright Lights, Small Town - Lecrit (rating E) 104298 words complete


Ok I know..you’ve probably heard of this fic before and I’m breaking my own rules but seriously how can you do a Malec fic rec without including something by the wonderful Lecrit.

Seriously all their fics are amazing but this one holds a special place in my heart because not only is it super lovely but it has such beautiful description of grief and finding your place in the world. Also Magnus’ dog’s names…:-)

Never Stand Between Two Mirrors - Oncethrown (rating M) 51758 words complete


I know, I know it’s another classic…did I mention I’m weak…but seriously who can resist alt!Alec being thrown through a portal into the institute…I mean Im only human come on…If for whatever reason you haven’t read this, what are you waiting for DO IT NOW

Trust - MuscleMemory (rating M) 995 words complete


Fluff and angst you say…don’t worry I got you covered..this is the perfect little drabble for you and a wonderful exploration of Alec’s insecurities.

Heck just read all the dribbles in the You Call and I respond, The Sparrow and The Song series…oh and everything else as well…

Lunch Break - damnyoudaddario (rating T) 2909 words complete


This is the perfect little smut/comedy fic. The dynamic between Alec and Magnus is just spot on and lets be honest this is pretty much exactly what we’d expect if the pair of them were caught in a boring Clave meeting together.

Signatures - Insieme (not rated) 3185 words complete


Ok so to end with a fluffy college AU fic because who doesn’t want that. This is so cute and let’s be honest if Magnus was in college we know he would totally use glittery pens to take notes.

No doubt I’ve missed other fics I love but as I have all the organisational skills of a highly disorganised bluebottle (Not that Im judging bluebottles mind you…) that will have to do for now….hey you know as well as I do I’ll be back with more recs soonish, probably with the excuse that I’m an idiot for not adding them before…

Yuri on Ice Fic Rec Mega List

So, this is my own YOI Fic-rec list, compiled from my absolute favorites I’ve been reading during the last three months.

But first, a couple of notes:

Not a lot of angst here (there is some) because I much prefer fluff (and smut), or both (as my friend likes to put it – smuff). Almost all of the stories are T and up, most are M and up.

I don’t do sad endings, y’all. The YOI story is so fucking optimistic, it deserves to be treated as such (sure, if your kink is major character death, go for it, it just won’t be on MY list).

I much prefer the novels, dammit, the longer the better, but there is a section with one-shots and short stories, I just like it less.

I ADORE healthy relationships with good communication, and except for the obvious here, most of these are.

So what do we have here?

A few Fill in the Gaps (FITG) stories, a few Time Travel (TT) stories, two major skating AUs (one of them probably one the best known fics in this fandom) and one completely different AU, One Sub/Dom story that cured me from “50 Shades” (don’t judge me), lots of fluff and domesticity, lots of communication in relationships, lots of social media shenanigans, a few crack stories and a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE ON THE ICE.

The only ships are Victuuri and Otayuri (when they’re older), as I don’t ship them with anyone else, and other ships as side notes.

So. Onwards.

The Novels

Honorary mention - The Rival series – Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches/Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, by Reiya. Complete/WIP (Rated E)

General: Ah, boy. So much has been written about this series I don’t really have to add a lot. If you are in this fandom and read fic, you will have heard about this story long before this.

Just for the record – a “What If” AU, told first from Yuuri’s perspective (UMFB&MHA, complete) and then from Victor’s (OBS&BH, WIP), about what would have happened if one small detail was different and the result would be a rivalry between the two. One of the first fics I read and a DAMN GOOD ONE. Like I said, it’s the only one on this list with actual long lasting ANGST, but it’s also beyond sweet.

Bonus points:

Amazing world building, wonderful characterization, handling difficult issues very well, and very good writing.

LOOOOOOONG. As in, novel length. For someone like me, that’s wonderful.

OBS&BH has a pretty regular update rate – especially regarding the fact that Reiya is a FUCKING MEDICAL STUDENT, so tons of kudos to them for keeping the updates as regular as they are.

Reiya (kazliin) is very active here, and answers asks and gives us world building and top ten lists and LIFE I tell you.

One of the best usages of Social Media snippets.


A third fic is planned, with lots of fluff and extra scenes, which is something we are looking forward to in the extreme.

Don’t skip the music connected to the story, as it is very important!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice, by SassySalchow (diedraechin). WIP (Rated M)

General: At age 14, Yuuri goes to train with Yakov in Russia and meets his idol, which turns out to be a real dork. The story spans years of both their lives and their relationship (with each other and other people), and it so wonderfully researched and wonderfully written.

Bonus points:

Long, and getting longer. As far as we know, the story is supposed to be around its middle point, and as it currently has 21 chapters and 126,442 words, you do the math.

Amazing (!!!!!!) Original Characters, ones that you don’t want to let go of, and can’t really remember that are not a part of Canon.

The skating descriptions are STUNNING.

Pretty regularly updated.

Social media shenanigans – and texting – from before WhatsApp, oh, dear lord.


Additional fic (Life and Love off the Ice) always being updated with titbits and extra scenes.

Winter Song, by proantagonist. WIP (Rated E)

General: One of my favorite FITG fics, and one of the best written. It begins after chapter 7 and goes on after the finale. Lots of really cute Victuuri, tons of healthy communication and fluff (…and smut, yeah).

Bonus points:

Did I mention the COMMUNICATION? I don’t think I did. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. Yeah.

Wonderful characterization of all those involved, with extra cuteness when it comes to Yuuri’s family.

Healthy sex. Really. And it progresses in a REASONABLE PACE.

Call Everything on the Ice…, by shysweetthing. Complete (Rated E)

General: Another FITG fic, with Victor being extra insecure and cute as hell while being very bad at directions and learning Japanese. Some miscommunication and angst here, but nothing major.

Bonus points:

The last chapter is extra cute, way into the future.

Victor and Yuuri’s family, my god.


No Less Unthinkable, by rageprufrock. Complete (Rated E)

General: Well, this one is really tons of smut (a lot in the first chapter, less in the second), but it also portrays Yuuri as somewhat more experienced than you would normally see, so that’s cute. First Chapter is pre-canon, second is FITG for S01.

Bonus points:

Wonderful characterization.

Yuuri and Yuri, LOLZ.

Best sex talks EVER.

Quite a lot of crack. Seriously. These people are HILARIOUS. Snap Stories. Phichit. Dear god.


Also, it might be 2 chapters… but it’s long. J

Katsuki_fc wrote, by tetsurashian. Complete (Rated G)

General: How Social Media viewed the happenings of S01. Obviously CC, and FUNNY AS HELL.

Bonus points:


People being supportive which is FUN.

Sweetsilversub, by phlintandsteel. Complete (Rated E)

General: Remember the Dom/Sub story I talked about? THIS IS IT. It’s mostly CC (with a bit before canon and divergent from a point), FITG for the sweetest relationship in the world. Some chatroom talks, a couple of Dom/Sub Scenes between Victuuri and HEALTHY COMMUNICATION.

Bonus points:

Did I mention the communication?

YUURI IS THE DOM AND VICTOR IS THE SUB. It fits so well, my god.

The Dom/Sub scenes are handled so beautifully.

Nice and long (you see a pattern here, don’t you?)

OCs are super cute.

The Carnage of the Art, by ExorcisingEmily. Complete (Rated T)

General: CC Post S01. When Yuri gets hurt, Victor and Yuuri take care of him. Some guilt and some angst here, but a lot of relationship building.

Bonus point:

Extra Podium Family - so much love between the three.


Beautiful characterization and writing.

On My Love, by RikoJasmine. WIP (Rated T)

General: After a car accident, Yuuri finds himself in the past. It’s probably my favorite TT story, as it is incredibly well written. It’s also kind of a tear-jerker, so be warned.

Bonus points:

Yuuri being confident is great.

Vicchan lives!!!

Yuuri being able to be great at what he does, and Victor falls so hard for him it’s magnificent.


Victor and Yuuri’s family! CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Fluffy as hell.


Update rate is quite slow on this one (not complaining, just saying - I know fic writers have a life and whatever they give I’m grateful), but it’s still already nice and long. Worth the wait, IMHO.

Re: Yuri Katsuki, by Ishxallxgood. WIP (Rated T)

General: CC, S01 told from Phichit’s perspective. Lots of crack, lots of social media, super cute and fluffy.

Bonus points:

Phichit is stirring the Victuuri Ship, y’all. Enough said.

Phichit spends money… XD


From Almaty, With Love, by BoxWineConfessions. Complete (Rated E)

General: The best Otayuri fic I found, where Yuri goes to stay with Otabek for the summer in Almaty. Pretty slow burn, but seriously good read. Some angst (though I’d call it a tear jerker), but worth it.

Bonus points:

Absolutely STUNNING writing and descriptions.

Almaty in summer is described so life-like it’s as if you’re there.

Both Yuri and Otabek are so well written and their interactions are funny and sweet. And real.

Also long.


Second fic in the series (Line and Verse) has extra scenes before and after and is just as well written.

Home, by Kurenaito. Complete (Rated T)

General: Post S01, when Victor and Yuuri adopt two girls. Very sweet family dramas.

Bonus points:

Great OCs, well portrayed.

Extra Yuri being a big brother.


Two extra fics in the series (Spark to Flame) – Clara tells all (short) and Spark, which picks up after Home and is a WIP.

Blackbird, by sixpences. Complete (Rated M)

General: WW2/Cold war AU, where both Yuuri and Victor are spies. I’m not big on AUs that aren’t skating, but this one is… Just fucking beautiful. Some angst and it can be a tear-jerker, but it’s really, REALLY worth it.

Bonus points:

One of the best written stories I found, including characterization, plot development, pace, descriptions and emotion.

Nice and long.

Yuuri is not a timid little thing! Yey!


I cried quite a lot during this, but it’s the good kind of tears.

Very well researched.

The sex scenes are not explicit but the go RIGHT TO YOUR BONES.


There will be extra fics in the series (Birdsong) to accompany the main one, with more about the side characters and a bit more about our Victuuri.

Turn back the Clock, by IronScript. WIP (Rated T)

General: TT where Both Yuuri and Victor go back in time. This is pure fluff.

Bonus points:

Long and getting longer!


One Shots and short stories

OK, so true, these aren’t my favourites, but these few are still good enough for me to love them.

You can have everything, by shysweetthing. Complete (Rated T)

General: CD – when Yuuri finds Victor’s phone in the Sochi GPF HILARITY ENSUES.

Bonus Points:

Total Crack most of the time (except for Vicchan).

Everything that’s silver is not gold, by SassySalchow (diedraechin). Complete (Rated M)

General: Soulmates story, where the marking on your body grows when you see your soulmate. CC and very fucking cute.

Bonus points:

Pretty long for a one shot and very well written.

Super cute, just about it.

So this guy walks into a bar…, by silvercistern. Complete (Rated E)

General: Victor and Yuuri pretend to not know each other and Victor is BAD at seducing Yuuri. Crack and a bit of smuff.

Bonus point:

Well, the crack, and the fact that Victor can’t seduce FOR SHIT.

Also, being a couple can be very comfortable.

Drunk on You, by kiaronna. WIP (Rated T)

General: Soulmate AUs one shots, each chapter is a whole different story. Most are CC and quite cute.

Bonus points:

Not “regular” soulmate AUs, so a bit more imagination.

Lots of cuteness overload.

That’s it - if you guys have fics to recommend, I’ll be happy to hear!

zarin’s library - skam edition

hello! since it’s the start of the weekend where i live, i wanted to compile all the fics i’ve read these past couple of weeks and the wip i follow to support the lovely authors of this fandom (and a silly idea that came into my head whilst i was in a meeting—super productive, i know). without further ado, the gems: 

one shots: 

Not the Infinity, but the Camera by @eiqhties - the character study of even that saved my life tbh // the writing makes me cry
the privileged of being yours by @naesheiims - this is everything and then some, the fluffiest thing, i literally cried over two boys in bed 
Our Steady True North by verlore_poplap - LISTEN, the writing of this and the set up made me ACHE
La Ritournelle by @evaking - oh god, the angst in this so good (and y’all know i can’t handle angst that well), but this made it worth it and there’s a happy ending!!
Terukir di Bintang by @nooradeservedbetter - my ot3 is jonas/noora/eva and this fic delivered okay, i’m in love
And I swear that I’ll always paint you golden days by @evenbechneiheim - the evilde fic that restored my soul and also made me weep because the writing is amazing (post this in ao3 shauni) 

chaptered [completed]: 

a mental archive of love unwanted by @icelandcurry - this fic owns my heart, my body, my soul, like this is quite literally one of my favourite stories *cries in Norwegian*
I’ll be Coming Home, Wait for Me by @dahlstrom - this is the cutest fic in the world, I was grinning the whole time and i loved all the characters pls read 
blue like the night in cuba by piccadilly - before sunrise AU! honestly this is just absolutely breathtaking because the description of all the places are so detailed and amazingly written, it felt as though i was there with isak and even 
Lost Boys (Not Ready To Be Found) by @towonderland72​ - this was fic BLESSED, the writing, the characterization, the build up, the fluff, the angst, (the sex), yeah all of it, go read 
Half Blade and Half Silk by @supermansplaining​ - oh lord isak and even’s interaction in this one is adorable and i was laughing, crying, and gushing all over, i love this and so should you
An Equal and Opposite Reaction by @junkshop-disco - this is just so good in every aspect: the writing, the angst, the writing, the characterization, did i mention the writing, yeah gooooooo read

chaptered [incomplete]: the wip i’ll be reading this weekend :D

Cut and Rewind by @littlespooneven​ - the Even!season 4 that we deserve, it’s so good so far, (send this to julie) 
right click > save as by @towonderland72​ - I LOVE THIS OKAY, the details like the tumblr accounts are so amazing, the writing, the conversations, wow go right now and read 
making new ciches by @sanashappinessisendgame​ - a chapter of this got posted today! this is lovely and well written and actualized, the childhood au everyone needs in their lives 
hot like fire, take you higher by @fyfaenjonas​ - i’m half way through this and i’m laughing because the dialogue is amazing, the moments b/w isak and even makes me cry and also blush, r e a d it. 
you’re the shit and i’m knee-deep in it by @bechnaesun​ - CZ’s writing is amazing and I can’t wait to dig into this, so read with me and go love her <3

//okay! that’s about it for me, apologies if i’ve missed anything, please comment on this and let me know if I should reading anything!! and to the writers, y’all are lovely and keep me going, ily <3 


modern au where jeyne and theon end up becoming unlikely friends and every so often when one or both of them are feeling down they get together for movie night and stupid selfies and delivery pizza and hot chocolate, because okay their lives aren’t perfect but they deserve some fucking happiness

i was tagged by @dailydoseofdia​ for the WIP tag (i can’t remember if others tagged me in this as well but if so, thank you!) <3

I already have a WIP list on my blog, but this is fun and i’ll add some excerpts and status of how far i am with the projects! In no particular order, here are the fics i’m currently writing/brainstorming/outlining/etc… I won’t be including drabbles since i just write those on a whim when i have a bit of time!


[ Jungkook x reader | Hybrid!AU, Catboy!Jungkook, Smut, Fluff ]

Status: writing progress - 25% (not even sure if it’s that many rip, and idek if i’m satisfied with it)


“Damn it Jungkook, will you put it in already?!”

You watched your boyfriend fiddle around, a serious look on his face as his brows furrowed in concentration, his fluffy ears folded back on his head while he exhaled heavily after holding his breath, before he growled in reply to your snappy question.

“I’m trying! It’s too big!”

“Then try harder!”

“Hold on a second woman, do you know how hard it is to try and fit this into that little hole?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time…”

Your quietly muttered words clearly didn’t escape his hypersensitive ears, seeing how they perked right up and he snapped his head to the side to eye you spitefully, his lids squeezed to slits while his hand, still holding the small metal object, froze mid-air.

“Can you not?! I told you i’m really good at screwing, just watch…” he murmured underneath his breath, the laughter you were trying so hard to suppress finally spilling from your lips when you felt it bubbling up your chest the second your mind started to twist the meanings of the words that came out of your mouths.


[ Yoongi x reader | Greek Mythology!Collab, Mythology!AU, Nymph!Yoongi, Smut ]

Status: writing progress - 10% (mostly brainstorming and loose excerpts, writing still on hold) 


in the deep, dark silence, there was only the sound of water dewing skin and a pair of rosy lips humming mesmerizing melodies as if they were composed to fog the mind and feast on the heart that listened to the tones of allure and love incarnated.

Although you were facing his back, you felt like you were being watched, being watched watching him while he continued to scoop up palms of shimmering moonlight to make his pearl pale skin illuminate an almost blinding brightness in seemingly utter ignorance of your mere presence

‘Do you plan to stand there behind that tree and spy on me for the rest of the night or will you at least show yourself?’


[ Yoongi x reader | Fairy!AU, Fairy!Yoongi, Angst, Fluff, (Smut?), Artist!reader ]

Status: brainstorming + outlining

(unofficial) Summary:

The mind of an artist is a turbulent one. Pain and loneliness inside are the reasons and inspiration for the extraordinarily powerful paintings made by your hand, and for those same reasons grabs that same hand for a bottle of liquor every night. When the loneliness kicks in and you just want to forget, you head to you neighbourhood liquor store, where a new bottle of green liquid seems to emit a magical glow, calling for you. So, instead of your usual choices of Vodka or Whiskey, you choose the drink that would change your life forever, in the most unbelievable way:



[ Jackson x reader | Personal Trainer!Jackson, Smut, Crack ]

Status: brainstorming, headcanons

(unofficial) Summary: 

After your best friend, PE teacher and gym buddy moved out of town, you have trouble staying in shape and motivating yourself to get your daily workout. She gives you the number of her former colleague Jackson, and although you’re skeptical of the idea of working out with someone other than your bff (extremely out of your comfort zone), going to the gym with your new personal trainer proves to have more cardio in store than you bargained for!

I have so many more projects going but they’re all only in outlining/storyboarding process so they’re not really worth mentioning! I hope you found this interesting, and once again i apologize for being a very slow (and lbh also lazy) writer. 

more updates and ideas can be found on my actual WIP list ! I hope i find the motivation and inspiration to actually write out the full fics soon!

i tag @trbld-writer @thules @floralseokjin @tayegi @kimtrain i have no idea if you’ve already been tagged or hell, even did this already, but feel free to do so! i know i’m really curious to see what y’all are working on! <3

guys, trying to figure out how to write Dorian's mum and kind of in love with her

Lavellan can’t help but feel in total awe of Aquinea Thalrassian.

Aquinea is a striking swan of a woman, with flawlessly sculpted cheekbones and this long, syrupy, midnight-black hair that is swirled about her head in an elaborate feat of hairdressing whose physics Lavellan could not possibly guess. And her hands – one wrapped about her wine glass, one lounging on the arm of the sofa – are fascinatingly graceful, even when they’re still. It’s like they’ve been artfully posed by a painter, down to each joint of every finger.

As he gazes at her in wonder she is staring critically back at him. And then she says, “You did not tell me that he was so short.”

“Well,” Dorian says. “Now you know.”

“The accounts rarely mention my height,” Lavellan says with a feeble grin. “I, uh, think the Inquisition was concerned someone might work out that I’m not very impressive.”

Aquinea simply makes a “hm” sound, as if to say, Thank you for helpfully informing me that I should not find you very impressive.


Sorry I don’t have a SwapOut page today! I need to spend more time on school and family for a bit.

As I mentioned before, have this thing I did on my phone while dying on the couch after school :D  The last one was me cleaning over the rough GIF in Photoshop on my computer because I accidentally deleted the working file in my phone and totally lost it lol

Yes hello did I mention that I’ve fallen deep into Critical Role hell and that Matt Mercer has become a huge creative hero for me? No? Well now you know. Here’s a wip of a portrait of Matt that I am working on. It’s almost done and I can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like. All hail the DM! 1/12

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your fics! :D Would it be possible for you to rec me some of your favourite fics and authors please? I'm not keen on death fic but anything else is good, WIPs, one shots, angst, fluff... I'm open to anything! Thank you!

welFirst thank you so much and second again I am SO SORRY this took so long to do pls forgive me if you even see it.

okay so i know on the last list I put  safe in your hands but like? I don’t care. its beautiful and needs attention and @capseycartwright should hurry up and give me more. It’s a magic au and its LOVELY.

head first into the fire  by @vckaarrob is … well anon its smut tbh but ITS SO GOOD and anyways read it and frankly if you’re a fan of the smut i also highly recommend this “why were we arguing” prompt from Vic as well

Need You Now by @turquoiseterrier now this is a WIP and it also deals with some VERY dark subject matter. So please please head the tags and warning before you read. its probably not a fic for everyone.

Don’t you let me go  by @wolkje25 this is also a WIP buta warning, it hasn’t been updated in a while [im always holding out hope for a surprise update] but Robert ends up temporarily blind following the explosion at the scrap yard with chrissie.

When You Know…You Know  by @scrapyardboyfriends a very cute WIP about Robert coming home a whole lot sooner than he did in show and the friendship [and more] that forms with Aaron.

It’s All Greek To Me by @dorsetti i mentioned this one of the last list too but i think its still really flown under the radar and it deserves attention, but its a wip about greek life robron and i love it.

scaling fences by @vckaarrob again its a SUPER CUTE teenage bff au and its so so lovely and vic might murder us all with smut but she can crush a soul with fluff too

sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky  by @aarobron it’s her big bang so you might have already read it BUT if not it’s a neighbors falling in love au and?? it ruined me for life i love it so much. i WOULD have put the tennis au here but SOMEONE hasnt finished writing it yet >.>

maneuver one into place by @robertjacobsugdens another big bang this time an oceans 11 au that im still tryin to convince a hoe to write a sequel too

The Hardest Science by well sadly idk who they are on tumblr so someone should give them a shout out for me, but its an AU where robert has his memories of Aaron erased and then rolls back into Emmerdale none the wiser while literally everyone else remembers what this dumb bitch did a few weeks ago. its SO good. i also really enjoy how they write Aaron.

So those are some of my current picks, I tried to not overlap with the last list [this is why you see a lack of teacher a even tho id die for more parent teacher au but anyways] some solid writers you should look into are







Now I most definitely left off people that are incredible writers because its honestly not possible to list everyone, our fandom is big and talented, these are just some of my faves

anyways love you hoes

ikat36  asked:

Hey..i don't and sorry for wasting your time.

Yo my dude. Don’t be upset for something like this. I wasn’t talking only for u but for everyone so they can understand. U r sweet and nice and I forgot to thank u for saying my works about Poth being good. Thanks. But even compliments like this can bother me sometimes. Because all I feel like is I’m just a Poth content maker for y'all. I’m just like others who wants to be free. And do things I want too, not only be known for Poth shipper or smt. I did mention before that I’ve been working on some wips. One of them is Poth.. so…. Please be patient- I don’t get payed for this while I also have family and personal problems. :’/ understand and don’t get upset about it.

You’re probably thinking “WHAT. A TS4 POST?!” or “Why am I looking at a picture with bunch of game assets?”

Weeeeell… well it’s exactly what you’re seeing. In a way. There’s a story behind this one ^- ~ 

Do you ever build something in the sims 4, and you know how much freedom there is to do awesome things with the exterior of a lot? which, for the sims 3 itself is very limited! A while back I did mention how I noticed most downloads being converted to the sims 3 aren’t exactly… well, clutter that I use whenever I build something. Sooo here have a picture of things I might/might not convert. However I certainly will convert the wall fence thingies, and a few other things.

I also might try out making the coolers from outdoors retreat a functional thing :)

aradow  asked:

I've seen a few of your comics, and I see you brainstorming with had cannons, or talking able how you are working on some head cannons. But do you post those in a specific place? Is there somewhere I could see more of this cause I'm really intrigued every time you bring the subject up. Or even other fandom you think about.

I don’t post anything anywhere else besides this blog (headcanon-wise), so whatever’s here is what exists.

I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s “in progress” that hasn’t been posted yet, like the ‘Frisk is younger’ AU. In Google-Drive limbo right now, lol

I think that one will end up being turned into some sort of illustrated fanfic that I’ll post in pieces. It’s gotten way, WAY too long and involved to become an actual comic. Truthfully, I’d love to make something like Storyshift that does fake screenshots and sprite edits, but I don’t know how hard that is to do.

Comics that I might’ve mentioned before that I’m currently working on:

  • Papyrus dealing with separation guilt from Sans (short)
  • The bros go on a road trip (very short)
  • A Post-Pacifist Chara comic (very short)
  • Post-Pacifist Sans walks Frisk home from school and things happen (short)
  • Frisk arrives in the Underground on Christmas Giftmas Day (short-ish) (hopefully I’ll get it done for this holiday, already missed the last two lmao)
  • Post-Pacifist Frisk and Napstablook run away from home (long)

Those are my biggest priorities that I absolutely want to get done. They’re not abandoned in the slightest, I just haven’t had time to finish them yet. It doesn’t help that I keep bouncing between projects.

And as always, I still intend to complete the Archie Sonic Gijinka project 100%. Maybe over the summer I can at least catch up to the rebooted cast.

These are ‘I’d like to, but just maybe’s right now:

  • ‘Papyrus is marginally better at his job’-Tale (long) (Worst comes to worst, I’ll describe it in text and share it that way. The plot’s almost completely written already.)
  • More Post-Pacifist Sans and Papyrus separation shorts, I have a lot to talk about with this.
  • Redo of that ‘Sans nightmare’ fic I mentioned that went with the old black and white comic.
  • A Sonic comic that’s been a WIP for 7 years, but the script and some of the layouts are mostly done for a bunch of issues. (obscenely long)
  • Finishing the Relic/Eclipse crack ship comic I did years ago. (medium length)

But everything else tends to be only partially formed ideas that don’t get made into anything. If it’s not on either of those lists, it’s probably not going anywhere? I’m not great at getting long story ideas hammered into something decent. I really need to find a good beta reader, tbh.

But if there’s ever something you want me to elaborate more and talk about, just ask about it! I’ll do my best to come up with more headcanons and ideas. And maybe it’ll jumpstart me into making something more involved for it.


a few months back while customising my rid knock out figure to be more show accurate i mentioned to @witcherlet how painting his neck white reminded me of how geisha applied their white rice makeup and then she told me i should draw him as a geisha at some point. i didn’t really do that but i did stick him in a giant robot-sized kimono … thing. look at his fancy robot neck, what a dumb bird

breakdown did get some legit some hairpins tho O-)

maybe i should stop giving a shit on my other wips too and just start posting them in this scribbly state, lalala

Rec Day: August 2017



Do you know what I love? Besides Wash Whump, that is? Wash Whump with feelings. And oh boy does@flawlix’s Collateral provide. Carolina’s POV, some beautiful moments with Carolina and Epsilon, and a fantastic Felix voice that gives me the shivers. 

It might be season 15, but I’m still a sucker for some post-13 angst, and I’m a walking democracy, baby by @primtheamazing DELIVERS. A Tucker who keeps all of the AI fragments, and how it affects things and his relationships, and how he and the other A.I. handle sharing a body. It’s amazing, delightful, and the reactions of Wash and Carolina are so heart-wrenching I love it. 

You know how I mentioned that I loved Wash Whump? You didn’t think I could stop at one, did you? Because Old Yeller Lived Here by @zalia​ exists and it’s AMAZING. It’s seriously horrifying but brilliantly written; complicated and well thought out and the writing seriously sucks you in. Check the tags, this shit is dark, but it’s GOOD. 


That’s enough blue team nonsense in the complete section, let’s get on to my good friend @a-taller-tale​ and her amazing grimmons vampire fic​ You Suck. Because I could rant about this fucking fic all day, it’s SO GOOD. Beautiful Grif and Simmons characterization, and the use of vampire lore is so incredible. I’m a fan of a fair chunk of classic vampire–okay fine, Buffy. I’m a fan of Buffy. And this fic hits my nostalgia for that show in all the best ways, while still having that unique but wonderful RvB feel. 


@notjustsharksfanart​ does some AMAZING things that I’m always happy to see on my dash, so let’s just look at a few of my favorites. 




Make it a Good One - Red Team Carolina feelings? Nerd feelings? Red vs Blue feelings? I live for this art honestly, it’s good and pure and everything I could have ever wanted.