Dicyrtomina saundersi

…is a species of globular springtail that is native to the British Isles. Like other springtails this species often inhabits leaf litter and is often found under stones and logs. D.saundersi is a detritivore and will feed on decaying plant and animal material. Although it is widespread it is poorly researched and not much is known about its biology.



Images: Andy Holt

bug of the day on Flickr.

Me to Hubby: OHMYGAWD look at this globular springtail, it’s SO CUTE!

Hubby: That’s not cute.

Me: OHMYGAWD look! It has a hairy butt! SOOOO CUTE!!!! Squee!!!

Hubby: You don’t understand what “cute” means…

(Globular springtail, probably Dicyrtomina minuta forma ornata, from a group of about a hundred on my porch last night.)