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After a few years of saving Amazon credit and waiting for a copy that wasn’t $1000 or more, I finally bought the Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils by Fred Gettings. Gettings is a bit of an enigma, but he wrote that Dictionary of Demons that Kaneko is confirmed to have owned and potentially used when designing SMT1′s demons. This book is the rarest of Gettings’ works, it seems to have only received two (small) printings in the 80s, and was originally printed in 1981.

I wanted this for exactly its purported function: To be able to decipher the symbols within demon seals, like Stolas’ above, in addition to being an ultimate reference for any future projects. I’m pretty sure the seals might still be nonsense, but at least I know the symbols they contain aren’t, and a lot of them appear to be derived from alchemy. So much of the book is entirely inscrutable! I love it.

Hell of a day to receive it, too. If the earth yawns forth untold legions of demon armies, it wasn’t me, it was that other guy!!!

The Demon Leonard, who has a Butt-Face

Leonard was one of the first demons I learned about. His name popped up in Names of the Damned: The Dictionary of Demons, and it struck me as a hilariously vanilla human name for a demon to have. Well, as it turned out, he’s also in the top tier of the demonic hierarchy, with guys like Satan and Beelzebub.

Leonard is known as the Grand Master of Sabbats and Inspector General of sorcery, witchcraft and the black arts. He has many forms, including a three-horned goat-like humanoid with a flaming eye, and a werewolf-like form. But his best feature is the face he has on his ass, which is reserved for ritualistic-kisses during Sabbats. That’s right; an important part of the ceremony is the Kissing of the Butt-Face.

sources: Names of the Damed, Dictionnaire Infernal (via Wikipedia)


From Michelle Belanger’s Dictionary of Demons.

This is the post I will be directing people to from now on who want to ask about specific entities.

I am sharing this entry for the anon who just asked about Alocer. I’m not going to post more photos on request because I find that unfair to the author and to myself. This book is well worth the purchase and has information on almost any demon written about in a grimoire. Some entries go on for very long if they’re demons about with more historical material on them. It also indicates what sources you can go to to read more (most of which are available free on the internet). If you’re interested in demons or demonolatry it’s invaluable. If you plan on asking me about any further demons please read below. (Short answer: you’re better off searching my blog to see if I’ve already written about them, I tag entries about entities with the entity’s name. Try alternate spellings if you don’t find them at first.)

I get a lot of questions in my inbox that I ultimately don’t answer because I don’t know quite what answer to give. Mainly this applies to “can you tell me about ___ demon?” questions. If I haven’t already written anything on them then it’s hard to answer because with demons I either know a whole lot that may all be my personal experience, waaaaay too much so I can’t even think of how to fit it into a compact answer, or a few secondhand accounts that don’t paint a consistent picture. Sometimes I also have run into the wrong end of a demon and not had a good experience when I know other practitioners have done fine. So I don’t know how valid my experience is with some bad experiences, you know? What if I crossed some line I didn’t know about? So a lot of the experience I have is hard to just dish out in a summary like you’d hear in a movie.

That and if I publish which demons I have had problems with, that’s easily exploitable knowledge, and I’m still figuring out how to approach that obstacle. Because I would like to warn others of potential bad things, you know?

Anyway some demons I just know zilch about personally, if you ask by name. There are a LOT of demons/fallen/angels/&more out there! Waaaaay more than in books. I have plenty of experience working with entities or meeting entities that I don’t have a grimoire-listed name for. So sometimes I will actually divine for if I know that entity and do some meditation on it but only if it’s for someone I know who needs help. Otherwise I burn out. It’s a lot of effort for me to do an astral google.

But for any of those entities I have this book!

Mind you, I plan on sharing a larger chunk of my knowledge on demons. I’ll do it article by article, or I’ll do it book by book, but I will teach what I can SOMEHOW. It’s just hard to do it ask by ask because there’s so much information and I want to keep a structure to what I write.

Feel free to signal boost this, I think a lot of people face similar problems with “tell me about ____” questions.

Note from Mod L:

I noticed that Mod D said she didn’t like the Encyclopedia of Demons right after I said that I totally did, so I want to clarify my position, because she’s totally right: it really does dumb down a lot of the information.

The reason I like it, though, is the same reason I like Wikipedia. It provides little blurbs and jumping-off points for further research. You would never use Wikipedia as an actual source (hell, I know for a fact that like 99% of the Gaulish religion information is either outdated or blatantly false, for example), but you can read tiny blurbs, like, “oh, X is the demon of Y? Lemme try to find more on that!” And that can help. Plus, helpful for narrowing down a demon, spirit etc. that you can’t figure out the name of.

But I do think it’s important to clarify: the Dictionary is not a good, reliable source for in-practice information. Please don’t use it like it is. :)