People have the nerve to make ridicule of North Korea, while it’s inhabitants are dying from malnutrition due to starvation, torture, etc.

As much as I enjoy meme’s, I can’t find any humor in the ridicule that is being made towards Kim Jong Un. My boyfriend is Korean, my classmates are Korean and some of my closest friends are Korean. It is very difficult to find humor in a situation such as this one. I don’t support Kim Jong Un and his actions, and to have people so close to me expressing their fears for their families in South Korea…it’s hard.

Just some background info, I grew up in a country that was under a dictatorship and I was fortunate enough to be born after the dictatorship was over, but I experienced the aftermath of communism. It is still a third world country, it still lives under poverty. I grew up with the daily sight of children begging for money in the streets, starving and being unable to do anything about it which was due to my young age.Though I may no longer live there, I visit frequently, it hasn’t changed.

I feel very privilaged to live in the US, don’get me wrong, but as an outsider, it’s very difficult to take american culture seriously. 

So today, in 1976 Argentina Start the worst dictadorship ever. But Now in 2015 we are in a free nation ; we can say what we want, do what we want and read what we want. We never have to forget that. Today is the memory, true and justice day.



Venezuela - March 11th

Civil ready to shoot ….maybe students (This place he points is LUZ (University of Zulia)), as you can see, there´s the police doing NOTHING to stop them or arresting them. 

Yesterday,  a 70 years old man was hitted by the police at Merida because he decided to dress up as “Harina Pan” (a kind of Flour we use here to make Arepas and it´s a scarce resource ) for Carnival as a pacific protest. A man who just wanted to show his support for the young people in funny way ….ended like this. Please, don´t let more abuse from this kind of Regimen.




This is how the Goverment manipulates the “Reality” of anything they do.

Así es como el gobierno manipula a la opinión publica utilizando los medios de comunicación. Presta atención y abre los ojos. No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver. La verdad de lo ocurrido el Jueves 6 de Marzo.

Source: https://cloud-1394507831-cache.cdn-cachefront.net/video/propaganda-comunista-aqui-esta-la-prueba-mira-como-te-hacen-creer-que-son-mayoria/#.Ux9VJjwQHP8.facebook