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Day 1: What is your current favorite ship?

Dick/Wally, BirdFlash, Freshness, whatever you want to call it.

The funny thing about this ship is that before I started rping it I didn’t like it. I just saw them as friends but the more I roleplayed it the more it grew on me and now look here it is as my favorite ship. 

I’m also particularly fond of this ship because it also gave me the chance to meet my really amazing friends and roleplay partners: Scoot, Stina and Mini Rob.

syss00000-deactivated20150814  asked:

You're taking requests? Talk about awesome! Um, a drabble relating to Dick's "someday we'll laugh about this." With a KF included if possible cause gods do I love Dick and Wally. And Artemis, of course. :P

Title: Yearbooks: The Memories You Didn’t Know You Had
Characters: Artemis, Wally, Robin, fake Dick/Artemis
A/N: So…when I thought of this idea, I COMPLETELY forgot that the team isn’t supposed to know that Artemis lives in Gotham (except for Rob…and Roy, but only because I’m willing to put money down that after he stormed off, Ollie called him up and left a message explaining everything and begging for Roy to come back into his arms forgive him). I’m a bit embarrassed that I forgot…especially since Rob’s whole “C-O-O-L. Did she W-I-N?” scene is my all-time favorite. SO! With that in mind, we’ll see how this plays out, yeah?

Yearbooks: The Memories You Didn’t Know You Had 


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Birdflash; Wally or Dick (or both) secretly read birdflash fanfiction in their spare time, and the other one finds out?

((It probably wasn’t like you imagined, but it was the best I could do xD))

Robin had been avoiding him, or atleast, hiding from him all day.

Everytime Wally would encounter his best friend at the cave, the 13 year old would disappear like the little ninja he is.

After a while Wally stopped trying to find him and instead locked himself in his room at the cave, deciding to “ignore” Robin.

To keep himself busy, he logged onto his laptop and decided to go onto a site where Artemis said she had found stories about them and other heroes.

After a while of reading, he had found out that these writers “shipped” heroes with eachother, like Kid flash/Artemis, yuck, Artemis/Roy, Miss Martian/Superboy…and Kid flash/Robin.

To say that he was addicted to the Kid flash/Robin stories was an understatement, especially ones “Aw3s0mHack3r” wrote.

But he go an uneasy feeling, like some kind of déja-vu feeling. Like he has been in those situations before, just a little more twisted.

…and all of the romantic situations was something he wanted to happen with Robin.

It was like this “Aw3s0mHack3r” could read his mind.

Suddenly Wally’s eyes widened when it hit him.

“Damn that little troll” He muttered under his breath and quickly ran out of his room and ran until he found Robin, pressed him into a wall, kissing the living hell out of him.

“Your way of sublety is annoying” Wally said as he broke apart, Robin grinning at him.

“Atleast it got you running for me


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DicK/Wally, Dick has a thing for redheads, so anything that focuses on the fact that Wally's hair down there is really red.

“You know, I’d tell you to take a picture because it’ll last longer, but I’d rather not have evidence of this moment in existence.”

Dick’s stare remained fixated just below Wally’s hipbones as if he hadn’t even heard.

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Young Justice: chapstick?

Characters: Robin+Kid Flash, Artemis
Rating: safe
A/N: This was completely inspired by my butting in on a conversation between baggers at the grocery store. Random fact about me, I intentionally pick the lanes with cute, male baggers working side by side. They always have the most fascinating conversations. For example, did you know that Vampire Diaries actually has a pretty high male fanbase? Anyway, on with the story!


“Ngh. Nnma. Hunghm. Nnmah. Nmmmmah. Nnmmmmaammmaaammmaaahhhlaaalllaaa–”

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Birdflash. When he's seven years old, Wally goes to the circus. He meets a five year old boy there who can fly.

((Sorry for the long wait))

Wally tried not to tear up as he manuevered through the crowd, trying to find his mom and dad. As he got out of the crowd, he rubbed his hands against his eyes in anger.

“Are you lost?” A tiny voice said, Wally startled, turned around to see a tiny boy in a blue tight costume, black hair and abnormally blue eyes. wally blinked once, twice.

“Y-Yeah” He stammered “Who are you?” He wondered, tilting his head slightly.

The boy’s lips broke into a big grin.

“My name’s Richard Grayson, you can call me Dick” He said, looking like he wanted to bounce on his small feet.

“Dick…” wally said, like he was tasting the name. “My name is Wally…West” His lips turned into a grin of his own.

“Nice to meet you!” Dick said, clapping a little with his hands.

“Um…why are you in that costume?” Wally asked.

Dick blinked. “Oh, I’m part of the circus, the flying Graysons” He said, jumping up and down.

“Wow” Wally said in genuine fascination. “But how can you fly?”

“Oh my god, there you are, Wally!” A red headed woman exclaimed, before Dick could answer, running up to Wally, hugging him tight.

“You shouldn’t run off like that!” She scolded.

“Sorry mom” He said, looking down on the ground. Wally’s mom started to tug on his arm, urging him to come with her. Completely ignoring the circus child.

Wally looked behind him and waved.

“See you later, Dickie” He shouted, smiling brightly. And Dick waved back.


Wally gaped in amazement as he watched the flying graysons fly.

He really can fly

Wally hoped he could meet the boy again, he was nice. Probably the nicest one he have ever met.