A Brief Opinion on Assholery

In the past, I blindly believed that being nice to everyone would prevent other people from treating me badly. 

As I gained professional, and just overall life experience, I slowly came to the realization that some people are gonna treat you like shit regardless of whatever the fuck you do because some people CHOOSE to be assholes.   These people can’t get their own heads out their OWN assholes so they will gladly take a shit on any positivity you may exude.

Well my darlings, these days I CHOOSE to gracefully exit conversations (STAGE LEFT) and deny the existence of ASSHOLES even before a conflict can begin because ain’t nobody got no time. Like seriously, if I even get a whiff of assholery I simply don’t reply to someone’s texts, emails, I don’t bother acknowledging them, I won’t even have a discussion.  Yes. Avoidance is the key.

Now wait. You’re probably thinking,“Dude I’m no pussy, I don’t walk away from assholes, I tell it like it is.”  I used to think just like this, but what you’re really doing is satiating this sick asshole’s perversion of a regular conversation.  I’ve been in situations where assholes commit to a plan of socially sabotaging you.  Walking away takes away the leverage that person may use against you.  Assholes feel great putting down other people.  Think of it this way, assholes are the succubi of positive juju.  Now don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely going to meet assholes at work, school, all over the place.  When I say “Avoidance is the key” I mean taking the higher road of letting that person talk smack while you walk gracefully by. 

Don’t be afraid to let toxic friendships, people and circumstances go even if you think you may be getting something out of it.   Don’t waste your time explaining yourself to someone with a notable history of treating others like shit.  Let go of that hope you can change them.  Hear this now: they will not change, no matter how nice you are.  Follow your gut and intuition when it tells you someone is being a dick for the sake of being a dick.  Don’t feed your positive energy into something or someone who has a notorious history of being a complete asshole. Don’t be afraid to give your self that well-deserved respect because nobody but you can give you that.  Nobody has the right to make you feel bad when something doesn’t go their way, or even when you fail to meet their expectations.

So no to assholery.  Walk away from assholes and enjoy the rest of your day with people who are WORTH your kindness, love and positivity.  As #JinxMonsoon fervently chanted, “LIKE WATER OFF A DUCK’S BACK.”