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what was the story of your first kiss?

oh god this sucks well i was like 12 and i was walking home from school with this kid who i had the biggest crush on and he literally just stopped me in the middle of the sidewalk on our way home and tried to kiss me but the first time he missed my mouth and got saliva on my cheek and then he just moved his mouth over to my mouth and i just stood there in the middle of the sidewalk like a stiff pencil or whatever something stiff is idk gklhdgf the most awkward moment of my entire life 

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Hi tumblr user justaklainer I am fangirling because we are kinda talking and also because tumblr user crisscolferish talked to me like twice (shh she's my fave) and you're now my favorite too because everything in your blog is awesome ALSO I AM CREEPING IN YOUR FACE TAG WOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL

aRE YOU KIDDING ME OMFG you’re amazing and i’m kinda staring at this message because seriously it’s the nicest i’ve ever gotten oh my god why aren’t we best friends like now