dichroic glass pendant

Iridescent Cuttlefish Pendant Dichroic Glass Charm Silver Sea Life Jewelry Squid Necklace Blue Topaz Jewelry Ocean Necklace Diver Jewelry
Alishas cuttlefish pendant had become an endangered species. Wayne Robbins, the glass artist who collaborated with her to create her iridescent dichroic glass cuttlefish bodies could no longer make them. After much networking, Alisha found glass artist John Rizzi to make the bodies; each one is unique both subtly in shape and in color. This Cuttlefish is deep plum with peacock-colored spots and his eyes flash with blue topaz jewels. All Marty Magic Charms and Pendants include an 18 inch (46cm) sterling silver box chain.



This will be the last pendant post for a while, hope you have enjoyed them!  I make my own jewels with dichroic glass combined with stained glass. I made this one asymmetrical just for the fun of it and I like the shape and how it looks a lot. The glass will change many colors depending whether it is back lit or front lit and the angle it is viewed from. I do not melt the glass so it retains all it’s optical properties and looks good from both sides. This pendant comes with a 18" Stainless Steel Hammered Curb Chain. The chain is beautiful, strong, hypo allergenic, and will not tarnish. This pendant is a combination of two layers dichroic glass. You will see purple/blue/fire/green As you see it looks great from either side so you are getting in essence two pendants. Richard Elvis Etsy