dice troop

Testing the Waters

Dear followers, friends and foes!

I’ve been invited by the amazing folks over at Dice Troop to begin a weekly video-cast on varying topics of tabletop RPGs.

This seems like an amazing opportunity, and I’m both flattered and excited to begin.

However, I repeat and will continue to repeat, I would not be anything without all of you.

My confidence as a writer heavily outweighs my confidence in speaking (Which is hilariously ironic as a GM!), and most of you have been around long enough to know my opinion on that.

If I may beg your time for just a moment, please answer the following questions for me.

1. Would you be interested in watching myself and a few others speak on tabletops weekly?

2. Is there anything specifically you’d like to see, or see us talk about?

i.e. Topics of writing, analysis of systems, telling stories etc.

3. Any suggestions for the name of the show?

Your feedback is appreciated! If I can be honest and slightly personal, I’m anxious over losing my slight anonymity, but if there is interest in something like this, I’m in!

I couldn’t get here without you all. Would you join me there as well?

EDIT: Regardless of any other project, this blog will remain up and running without interruption. Posting for clarity!