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Random Trinket Table

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I want something useless but mildly interesting that isn’t from the trinket table in the player’s handbook!” Well, you’re in luck. Because I love random, useless trinkets and I’ve created a list for all to use. Even though there are plenty of other random trinket tables out there, you can never really have too many. Am I right or…? Anyways. Table below the cut!

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Greek Terracotta Game Table, Archaic Period, Early 6th Century BC

Decorated with a series of seven seated lions and a swan.  28cm x 20.3cm, 12.8cm high

Game tables such as this are thought to have been part of the funerary offerings during the Archaic period in Attica. Miniature clay tables have been found in offering deposits at the Kerameikos and at Vari, with figures of weeping mourners on the top. In both cases they were accompanied by small clay dice, leading to their interpretation as game tables. It has been suggested that their presence in funerary contexts reflects how the Greeks of this period saw board games as a metaphor for life and death.


200 Follower Give away!!!!

I have done it, i have 200 followers so that means I will be doing a give away, because why not!

What am i giving away?:

This awesome Portal dice tower. Everything blue on it glows in the dark as well as the sign in the front and dragon gloados’s eye. There is only one problem with it, it does not fit all die. It can fit a 1D3, 1D8, 1D10 and most 1D6. A 1D20 will not fit.

the inside shaft is 3d printed and the outside is sculpted by me with a polyurethane glaze on the outside for extra strength.

What do you have to do to get it?

you can enter 3 ways, like/reblog this post or follow me.

you are only allowed 1 reblog and 1 like, anyone who does more then that will be disqualified.

you must also live in the US. I do not have enough spare cash to send this out of the country, sorry, so unless you are willing to pay for shipping you must live in the USA

The winner will be chosen on July 31, 2017. If they do not respond within 2 days I will pick a new winner.

and that’s it! may the odds be in your favor.

T.J. Miller: Women Aren’t as Funny as Men
T.J. Miller said during a new interview that he doesn’t think women are as funny as men — read the quotes

woooow how edgy of you TJ Miller.  Funny how this guy says women need shock value yet he is pulling the same shit lazy male comedians have pulled for years.  You’re not edgy or original TJ just like 

Andrew Dice Clay wasn’t 

Or Daniel Tosh

or Howard Stern

or Dane Cook 

or Doug Stanhope 

or the abundance of other Male devil advocate edge lords out there who think they’re being original and brave when really they’re doing what insecure men have done for years in order to feel special. 


On this day in music history: July 20, 1991 - “Unbelievable” by EMF hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by James Atkins, Derran Brownson, Mark Decloedt, Ian Dench and Zac Foley, it is the biggest hit for the alternative dance band from the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK. The track features samples of comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay throughout the track as well as a looped drum sample of The Soul Searcher’s funk classic “Ashley’s Roachclip”. The band are signed to EMI Records after only playing four live gigs professionally. Though the bands name is said to stand for “Epson Mad Funkers”, it has also been claimed to stand for “Ecstasy Mother F******”. “Unbelievable” also has the unique distinction of receiving a massive amount of airplay in spite of the fact that it features another vocal sample with the phrase “what the f*ck was that?” throughout the song. Since it is somewhat undecipherable, the profanity was never censored and continues to be heard in unedited form to this day. Entering the Hot 100 at #87 on April 13, 1991, it climbs to the top of the chart fourteen weeks later. EMF charts two more singles in their home country with the follow ups “I Believe” (#6 UK), “Children” #19 UK), and “Lies” (#19 UK, #18 US Pop), the latter is their second and final chart entry on the Billboard Hot 100. The band record two more albums before breaking up in 1995. EMF eventually reunite for a series of live gigs in 2001. Original bassist Zac Foley dies of a drug overdose in 2002 at the age of 31. The band split again in 2002, but reunite again in 2007 and 2012. The song is later featured in the films “Space Jam”, “Coyote Ugly”, and used in a television commercial for Kraft cheese. “Unbelievable” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

anonymous asked:

por qué pensas que 13 reasons why ed tóxica?

primero, porque ya la trama es super negativa; una chica que se suicida y deja cintas para torturar con culpa a los “responsables” de su muerte? ¿the fuck? pero como pasa en un ámbito de yankis todo bien white trash no pasa nada. durante toda la serie es una cosa fea atrás de otra, y apenas ponen advertencias para gente sensible (yo lol)
segundo, transmite un mensaje MUY retorcido si lo pensas; clay dice “le costé la vida a una chica porque tenía miedo de amarla” y toda la perspectiva de clay gira al rededor esa romantizacion horrenda del suicidio. THE FUCK??? si tenés depresion etc etc se trata con ayuda profesional y si es necesario medicamentos, ¡¡¡¡ no con el amor de un chico !!!!
y no se, leí varios posts diciendo que los creadores hablaron con una línea de prevención del suicidio en adolescentes y que les dijeron que si iban a hacer una serie que quiera transmitir el mensaje se que suicidarse no está copado que NO MUESTREN LA ESCENA DEL SUICIDIO y bueno, se lo remil pasaron por el culo porque la escena es demasiado explícita, like, a lot

que se yo, tiene un mensaje re “mal transmitido”, romantiza el suicidio y lo trata como algo que se pueda reducir a 13 culpables, cualquiera.