dice and dice

This is why I got kicked out of the bard college

Context: after saving a town from a bad water to wine curse, we got invited to a fancy party filled with vampires. While my party, consisting of a human ranger, a barbarian vampire child, a half elf Druid, and a human fighter, was being lured places by hypnotic vampires, my halfling bard decided to see what the band was up to.

Me, ooc: I tap the flute player on the leg and see if I can give it a go.
DM: okay roll to see if he believes that you actually have training for the flute.
Me, ooc: I rolled a 17.
DM: okay he hands you the flute, roll to see how well you play
Me, ooc: okay btw I’m gonna play “Run Away With Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen and I’m gonna play the flute with my nose
*i roll a 2*
DM: the flute player rips his flute out of your grasp after hearing you play a single note with your nose. He wipes the mouthpiece of his flute on his shirt and looks really disgusted about having to continue playing. You get kicked off the stage.
Me: I guess there was a reason they kicked me out of the bards college.

Hey there, owlbear!
Owlbear, owlbear.
You have died, you were my friend.
Our quest together has reached a harsh end.
Goodbye, owlbear!
Owlbear, owlbear.
My friend, my comfort – owlbear.
Now your time is done and we’re eatin’ you beneath the covered sun.
No fun.
I’ll be okay, ‘cause I loved you, owlbear, owlbear!
I’ll care for your little owlbear!
Owlbear, owlbear, we’ll be best friends and I don’t care – my new friend owlbear!
—  Strix, to the tune of the Owlbear song written by Holly Conrad. RIP Hooty.

Non limitatevi a chiedere “Come stai?” a chi amate sul serio, perché chi sta male non lo dice. 

- Antonio Dikele Distefano (via @marika-pap)

Calma, éste es sólo un intento fallido. El amor está lleno de ellos.
—  Richter Douglas
Tonight's DCA episode thoughts

Wild, just wild.
1) Why did was it a good idea to resurrect an npc???? You had three other people you knew could easily die and they have much greater repercussions if THEY die. Yes Diath might think that it’s a good idea to resurrect Zoog (however you spell the dwarf’s name), but… yeah I’ve… I’ve got nothing. Fuck Diath sometimes man. Second favorite character, but you have some real big weaknesses buddy.
2) SAVE DAITH 2K17. Jesus someone get this boy a hot choco, a warm blanket, and mountains upon mountains of love because this boy deserves it.
3) Zoog is a bitch
4) Murder Bot, though he is my son, needs to chill the FUCK down. Why would he hurt Strix????? And what are his motives?????? I’m scared?????
5) Diath is being a lil bitch with good reason and I love it
6) I like the food dilemma, makes a good diversion
8) The baby’s name is Waffles and that is the most adorable thing ever
9) At least the food problem is solved.

So basically it was a great episode. Everyone did great. I’m just super nervous about murder bot now????????He is my son and he deserves love and protection??????? Until he kills Diath or Strix????????


This isn’t part of the canon because it developed through a long time and several threads. The following takes place between Sept. 2014 and Feb. 2017 and solely influences main!verse aka; beginner’s luck. ( Hinting to P.S!Sakon because his current mindset has been becoming eerily similar to that one ).

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