The Bookkeeper

Title: The Bookkeeper
Summary: The first time Randall sees the Cipher boys, it’s in his bookstore. 
Characters: Bill Cipher, OCs
Rating: K 

This one is for @phin-dicated, who requested some more of Bill and Liam. Hope you like it, and thanks a lot for your charity donation!


The first time Randall sees the Cipher boys, it’s in his bookstore. And, truth be told, he hears them before he sees them.

More accurately, he hears Bill. Liam is silent - Randall will understand soon that he often is when outside the safety of his home, and for good reason - but Bill talks enough for both, voice gratingly loud and spewing out words so fast it’s almost hard to follow him. As he’ll learn later, Bill has a lot to say and the utter certainty everybody should listen to it.

“C’mon, don’t be dumb! You want a book so we’re gonna get a book and then we’re buying candy!”

Randall, who has been taking advantage of a few quiet minutes without clients to take a better look at the inventory, looks up to see two Triangles walking in. One is just a child, no older than maybe five or six; the other looks like he could be twelve or thirteen at most, but it’s not his age Randall focuses on. Very much unlike the smaller Triangle, who is perfectly Equilateral like himself, the boy is very clearly Irregular, to a degree that makes a death bell toll in Randall’s mind.

He will not pass the Inspection.

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If Varrick was n ATLA...

Hey, so a while back, me and @imperialfire created an au where Varrick is in ATLA, and it took me ages to get this out because I couldn’t quite get it to work as a brief, bulleted list but, I’m going to take a crack at it again.

  • One original difficulty was that a opportunist like Varrick would most certainly find himself working for the Fire Nation, since that’s where all the money is
  • Varrick is the son of a Water Tribe opportunist who moved to the colonies
  • Zhu Li is from the colonies, and is the result of a mixed marriage 
  • Before we changed Varrick’s age, we already figured that Katara and Sokka would probably not like Varrick (well, adult, pre-proper au Varrick), even though Sokka and Varrick would otherwise get along since they’re both great with inventions, and Aang would dislike him too, although maybe not as much as Katara and Sokka 
  • However, Aang would probably be curious about Varrick’s inventions at first
  • Varrick would probably at one point monologue about his antics as  a devoted opportunist
  • Ssome facial hair stuf that really needs the original log to be properly appreciated:
    • @imperialfire:“he has that weird ‘”im 13 years old and I want to grow my facial hair to be manly” moustache fuzz.” 
    • @avatarsymbolism: He can form a club with Haru! 
    • @imperialfire:  And imagine them comparing facial hair 
    • @avatarsymbolism: meanwhile sokka’s getting jealous and saying he can TOTALLY grow mustache if he wanted to.but Katara’s like “you mean that peach fuzz on your upper life that you shave off everyday” 
    • @imperialfire:  and he tries to grow one but Katara keeps on scolding him for looking ridiculous
    • @avatarsymbolism:  everyone laughsimperialfireAnd toph makes wise cracking jokes
  • Varrick sometimes goes on about his old ostrich-horse, which, by the way, is why he turned against his father in the first plac. And, because only the chat log can do this justice: 
    • @imperialfire: That memory makes him turn to good side
    • @avatarsymbolism:  and varrick proudly flaunts that fact even when zuko joins them.
      @avatarsymbolism: because he’s varrick damn it!he hears zuko tell his story one day and he copies it almost word for word
    • @imperialfire: OMG
    • @avatarsymbolism: but what actually happened is way more bland–but we never hear that story
    • @avatarsymbolism: so i went up to my father and demanded to know how he could take my ostrich horse away from meand zuko just stares at himand varrick insists that zukoman I am having way too much fun with this. love it!
    • @imperialfire:  Varrick: "And then my father burned a quarter of my face off and banished me from the vilage”
    • @avatarsymbolism: and varrick always insists that zuko is rtrying to copy him
    • @imperialfire: Then he claims a faint mark on his face is a scar
    • @avatarsymbolism: that is SO very Varrickand Zuko is just ._. “Seriously,stop stealing my storythen the ember island players roles around, and varrick is miffed that they gave zuko HIS story
    • @imperialfire: He sneaks into the back of the play to speak with the performers
    • @avatarsymbolism:  "Then Katara offered to heal my scar.” “No I didn’t.”“look Katara I’m sorry i betrayed you but denying it happened won’t slve anythingZuko and katara: …
    • @imperialfire: and then Varrick starts crying about betraying his uncle
    • @avatarsymbolism: XD"Varrick, would you QUIT stealing my story!?”
    • @avatarsymbolism: zuko storms off and varrick continues to be dramatic
    • @imperialfire
    • imperialfire: And then Azula comes into the picture and Varricks like, “ZHU LI DO THE THING"and they dip
  • Dangerous Ladies things:
    • @avatarsymbolism​: o, imagine zhu li v mai or azula
    • @imperialfire: Now that’s a site to behold!I don’t even know how that would end
    • @avatarsymbolism: avatar seems to have a thing for interesting, usually monotone ladies who love their boyfriends more than they fear dictators
    • @imperialfire: *insert mai betraying Azula quote here*
    • @avatarsymbolism: i also love how we get TWO episodes where someone has to rescue someone else from prison, and THAT’s the episode where we see the monotone lady betraying the dicator
    • @imperialfire Bryke just loves that trope 
The Signs as Noragami Abridged Quotes

(x x x x)

Aries: “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over all the fucks I don’t give.” 

Taurus: “I’m eight years old, what the fuck do you think I’m going to do?” 

Gemini: “Yato? More like Yat-no, am I right? #TenjinBurn.” 

Cancer: “Oh my god, I can almost see a breastssttsst”

Leo: “And because of that, I was forced to take on this factory reject dildo as a Regalia.”

Virgo: “What’s a dildo?” 

Libra: “I get it, I get it. My sheer attractiveness can be a little overwhelming to mere humans.” 

Scorpio: “Oh for fuck’s sake. Who names their cat Leonardo DiCat-Primeow? Sounds like somebody needs to get laid.” 

Sagittarius: “Why don’t you crawl back up your mother’s dick, Tyler?”

Capricorn: “Shut your filthy whore mouth, the important people are speaking.”

Aquarius:”Well, well, well, how the tables have tabled.” 

Pisces: “Impossible! I have to become the strongest blogger in the world!.”

Tom:together we made it oh oh oh oh
that was my
Jordan: was that actually a song? or are you just-
Tom: dude people need to pimp out our tumblrs so much more
Shoutout to all the tumblrers
@tom-syndicate on tumblr whats yours?
do you have tumblr?
Jordan: I don’t have a tumblr, no…
Tom: You’re dead to me.
Jordan: oh. okay…
Tom: you’re just.. upset all your fans.
Jordan: *laughs*
Tom: you literally just __{idk.}____ your fans.
Jordan: oh ok
Tom: I’ve got a tumblr and I fu*king love tumblr and you and me are gonna become-
Jordan: I- I’ve been on tumblr, just I don’t have-
Tom: If you’ve just been on tumblr, so hyped for you and me. Honestly.
Jordan: #trinityisland
Tom: How-whats our bro code gonna be together? this is gonna be our code that- hashtag that everyone’s gonna use.
sparklycake? no thats gonna sound like a girls name
Jordan: Syndi-sparklez… Spark-dicate..
Tom: Syndisparklez.
Put your hand to the screen with a love heart.
Jordan: love heart.. oh my god..
*puts up love sign*
Tom: Syndisparklez. Say you love me!
Jordan: *murmurs* I love you.. (looks away)
Tom: We’ve just created tumblr’s strongest fandom ever so you have to make a tumblr and tweet it to me.

tom-syndicate this is for you <3

Source: Trinity Island Ep 27



A Love Without End

Catullus 109

You propose to me, my life, that this
Our love will always give delight between us
And have no end.  Great gods, I pray,
Make it that she promise truly
And say this sincerely, from the heart,
So that it may be permitted to us
To keep this pact of holy affection
Never-ending through all our lives.

Iucundum, mea vita, mihi proponis amorem
    hunc nostrum inter nos perpetuumque fore.
di magni, facite ut vere promittere possit,
    atque id sincere dicat et ex animo,
ut liceat nobis tota perducere vita
    aeternum hoc sanctae foedus amicitiae.

The Venetian Lovers, Paris Bordone, between 1525 and 1530

Sudah dicat, Pak. Akhirnya jadi lebih rapi. Maaf teteh baru bisa sekarang ini.

Hanya ini yang bisa kulakukan. Setidaknya.
Tak banyak. Sekedar merapikan, memastikan pusaharanya terurus. Tidak kotor terkena cipratan tanah bekas hujan. Tidak ada daun berserakan di atasnya. Menyirami air doa dan menaburkan bunga.

Hanya ini yang bisa kulakukan. Merapal namamu dalam tiap doa setelah sujudku. Tak terlewat menyebutkan permintaanku pada-Nya untuk menerangkan dan melapangkan kuburmu; mengampuni dan memaafkan dosamu; menerima iman Islammu; menjauhkanmu dari siksa kubur dan neraka; menggantikan semua kesusahan dan kesakitanmu didunia dengan nikmat abadi di surga-Nya.

Bapak. Maafkan teteh, selalu teringat janji yang belum sempat terlaksana. Masih merasa “seandainya, kalau saja”. Masih ingin hadirmu dalam tiap senang dan sedih. Apalagi di puasa dan lebaran ini, pertama kali tanpamu.

Racauan Kakak Sebelum Tidur

Kakakku adalah tipe perempuan yang suka berbicara lebih dari duapuluhribu kata perhari. Mungkin dia bicara bisa sampai dua ratus ribu! Tapi konon, untuk tetap bahagia perempuan harus tetap seperti itu. Persis seperti kakakku.

Aku salah satu pendengar setianya, dari bocah. Sampai aku umur delapan belas, karena setelah itu suaminya yang menggantikan peranku. Sekarang mungkin aku hanya mendengar tak sampai seribu kata, itupun via Line atau whatsapp.

Dulu sebelum tidur kami suka meracau. Hampir tiap hari racauannya menjadi pengantar tidurku. Kakak selalu mengomel tiap ayah mematikan lampu.

“Kayanya nanti kalau aku punya rumah sendiri aku bakal nyalain lampu-lampunya sampe malem.”
“Ih boros.”
“Kan nggak semua orang benci gelap kaya aku. Kayanya nanti suamiku nggak aku bolehin matiin lampu kamar.”
“Nggak ding, kalau dia sayang aku juga dia bakal nyalain lampu tanpa aku paksa. Hihihihi.”
“The drama begins…”
“Suamiku mau ngga ya kalo kamarnya nanti dicat warna pink?”
“Kak, please…”
“Kan lucuuu. Ah nanti aku yang mohon-mohon deh minta ke dia.”
“Kak, mana ada cowo yang mau kamarnya dicat warna pink! Jijik tauuuu.”
“Ih ada, liat aja nanti suamiku! hihihi.”
“Semoga dia bisa setrika baju sendiri. Aamiin.”
“Ini khayalan macam apalagi sih kak?”
“Kan doa dek, tau sendiri aku tuh gabisa nyetrika baju. Aku bisa masak, beberes rumah, nyuci, ngepel, asal jangan nyetrika.”
“Tapi yakali masnya yang nyetrika.”
“yaudah deh aku berdoa semoga nanti pas jamanku nikah udah ditemukan alat penyetrika otomatis. Aamiin.”
“Kak -_-”
“Dek nanti kalau aku udah punya suami, aku pura-pura ngga bisa nyetir aja deh!”
“Kok gitu?”
“Biar minta dianterin kemana-mana hihihi.”
“Nggak logis!”
“Terus apalagi khayalanmu kak?”
“Kok khayalan sih! Ini tu doa dek…do-a!”
“Iya doa…”
“Aku juga berdoa dia nggak doyan pedes!”
“Biar aku ngga harus belajar bikin sambel. Kan aku nggak doyan pedes. Mending istrinya doyan pedes suaminya engga daripada suaminya doyan istrinya engga"
“Aamiin deh, aamiin.”
“Semoga dia hobi nyuci mobil Ya Allah. Soalnya aku tiap habis nyuci mobil pilek. Aamiin.”
“Kak…udahan ah. Ngantuk.”
“Ih kan aku masih mau ceritaaaaaa…”
“Lanjut besok kak, bye.“
Aku menutupi kuping dengan bantal.

Aku jadi kangen kakak. Sekarang dia sudah meracau di samping Mas Iparku. Betah ga ya dia dengerin kakak?

Pernah satu hari aku tanya-tanya lagi sama kakak, mencheck-list racauan malamnya.

“Kak, Mas itu kalo tidur pake lampu nggak sih?”
“Enggak, dia nggak bisa tidur kalo pake lampu.”
“Lah bukannya kakak nggak bisa tidur kalo gelap?”
“Sekarang nggak papa sih gelap, asal ada temennya!”


“Kak jadinya kamarnya kakak catnya apa?”
“Kemarin sih aku pilih krem dek, lucu gitu senada sama interiornya. Sama ada beberapa bagian yang dikasih wallpaper.”
“Lah, ngga jadi pink?”
“Ya kali…kasian mas lah kalo kamarnya dicat pink! Jijik…”

“Kak, kakak kok nggak ngelaundry aja?”
“Enakan nyuci sendiri. Lebih bersih.”
“Lah? Setrika sendiri dong?”
“Bukannya dulu paling anti-nyetrika?”
“Belajarnya setaun sendiri aku! Demi bisa nyetrika…”

“Kak pinjem tas dong buat ke kondangan. Minta deh minta satu, aku ga biasa beli yang model tante-tante gitu.”
“Ntaran ya dek kalo kakak sampe rumah kakak liatin. Ini masih mau jemput Bening sama Pijar dari sekolah. Terus mau beli printer. Enaknya beli dimana ya dek? Yang sekiranya ngga ditipu gitu, kamu tau sendiri kan aku paling nggak bisa perkara perkomputeran.”
“Sendiri gitu? Kenapa ngga sama Mas aja sih?”
“Ya berarti weekend dong, keburu dipake. Si Bening tuh tugasnya aya-aya wae. Ngga sanggup si printer lama. Butuh yang sekalian bisa nyecan gitu-gitu lho dek biar ringkes. Udahan ya kakak masih nyetir.”
“Bukannya dulu abis nikah mau pura-pura ngga bisa nyetir?”
“Ribeeett, kasian Mas juga tambah riweh nanti kalo aku rewel minta anter kesana-sini.”

“Dek, obat pilek yang manjur apa ya?”
“Lah? Pilek?”
“Iya nihh, takut nular ke Maira. Repot kalo bayi gini pilek.”
“Makanya jangan kebanyakan nyuci mobil!”
“Asik kali dek, nyuci mobil sama suami. Hahaha.”
“Ya tapi kakak lemah gitu kalo nyuci mobil. Le-mah!”
“Kasian kalo ngga dibantuin…”


“Kak, sekarang doyan pedes?”
“Engga sih…masakin Mas aja.”
“Ooh terus bikin buat kakak juga, jadinya dua menu gitu?”
“Engga juga sih, kakak tetep makan yang ini.”
“Lah kan situ ngga suka pedes!”
“Yang penting Mas suka makanan rumah. Itu udah lebih dari cukup.”


Aku memahami satu hal, perempuan memang diciptakan penuh racauan duapuluh ribu kata perhari. Tapi racauannya tak berarti apa-apa, dibandingkan apa yang diam-diam dia korbankan.

Cursed at birth

The order of things dicatates the state of life.
Of birth and death,
Of peace and love.
To be born first, to some, an honour bundled with waves of respect.
To the rest, hate, burdened shoulders and the curse of perceptual culpability

To be first is to be condemned to the fate of being a disappointment
To be first is to perpetually fall short in the eyes of the breeder
To be first is to consistently have a target placed on your head
For nothing you do holds value

The second is blessed, the immortal infant.
Always incapable, left in your situationally capable hands.
If the situation permits, you could have done more.
If it doesn’t, you didn’t do enough and deserve their punishment.

Their is no win in the fight for peace.
You were cursed at birth
As long as you remain in their domain, the breeders and the later bred wear your head on the door nail.

alexshortandsweet  asked:

Hiya! Would you mind doing an INFP x INTP friendship/relationship breakdown? I've been struggling to think of any good examples. Thank you in advance!!

The only one that springs to mind immediately is Daniel (INFP) and Sam (INTP) on Stargate SGI-1.

Both Ne/Si users. Obviously. Good at talking about abstract concepts, have an avid interest in the unknown, and are both intelligent enough to catch on to difficult concepts rather quickly.

But… the distinctions are obvious.

Daniel is a specialist in Egyptology, with a doctorate in that and foreign languages. He speaks dead languages — fluently. He is most interested in the cultures and civilizations of the planets they encounter, in building human connections and in allowing these cultures to continue uninhibited in their natural ways and growth (up to a humanitarian point, of course). These things interest him, so he specializes in them … his Fi dicated what course his life would take and must engage in order to show any interest. He’s sensitive and compassionate, but at times his inferior Te shows up and he becomes bull-headed and refuses to compromise just to keep other people happy. When he “ascends” and must abide by the rules of the ancients, Daniel clings to those rules (Si/Te) and lives by them, despite the fact that it means he cannot help Jack escape from a mental prison.

When Daniel feels strongly about something, he will not back away from it. He enjoys being around people and likes to have them comfortable with him, but he does not need their affirmation to feel confident in the decisions he makes. This can sometimes set him at odds with Jack (ISTP), because it becomes a case of Fi/Te fighting for ethics against Ti/Fe doing the logical thing, for immediate results. Daniel is somewhat idealistic and naive, but is also great at sensing connections that are not apparent to others and in offering other creatures and races chances for redemption and/or opportunities to improve themselves. He cares most about human relations and in preserving the past by honoring it through careful exploration of its secrets. 

Sam gets along really well with Daniel, but they don’t speak the same language. She is all about math and science, and where Daniel’s greatest delight would be unearthing some archeological find that sheds insight into a past civilization, she gets most excited about unearthing new technology that she can analyze in order to comprehend how the universe works. She is an instinctive problem-solver and can think her way out of any situation — quickly, efficiently, and to great effect. Nothing stumps her, because if a problem is insurmountable, it merely means she hasn’t analyzed it from the right perspective yet. Sam will, literally, analyze something over decades in order to solve it. She’s the one everyone turns to, to fix the Stargate whenever anything happens.

Her interests are more impersonal — in the realm of physics, science, math, with some overlap into people and how they relate to one another, but it’s primarily in the realm of exploration and discovery. Like Daniel, she has an amiable personality and a nice way with people, but she also has inferior Fe… the desire to be liked, to get along, to fight for the rights of all people regardless of a personal interest in them, and sometimes, an emotional side that comes out under stress. (Push Sam too far and she gets upset. Her entanglements with Rodney McKay highlight this effectively — it bothers her that he doesn’t think she poses logical arguments and/or that he implies she is not as smart as he is. Fe gets annoyed by that, and she becomes more emotional whenever she’s around Rodney as a result.)

Their approach is very different. Daniel goes into new civilizations excited to meet people and learn more about the things he cares about; Sam enters into new civilizations eager for what insight they might shed on the pattern of the universe and scientific advancement. If it comes down to ethics, Daniel will be stubborn and Sam will argue morals until a compromise is reached. Daniel, a Fi-user, never moralizes at other people (he doesn’t go in for “you shouldn’t do that…”, but rather tries to SHOW a different way of doing things and explain it carefully), and Sam does, in order to vindicate her feelings.

Daniel makes purely emotional decisions. Sam makes purely logical ones. Daniel has objective logic. Facts are facts. Sam’s logic is in the realm of the abstract. Anything is possible, if you push it far enough.

Walked in my first pride this weekend. That was fun and cool. Met some new people. Had a crazy good time with them dancing the night away. Still mentally blocked for my 25 page paper that I now have to write entirely tomorrow. 🙃 Also, I think I need to go to counseling this summer to work on my trust issues. Otherwise I don’t think I can make any relationship work. Like my brain immediately assumes the worst and I spiral from there. I don’t want that to dicate my current relationship because I feel like he’s someone I could spend the rest of my days with and that’s scary. Also I have like zero self worth. Oh, and I learned way too much about our pride center director this weekend. 😅