A network dedicated to the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio!

Rules are:

  • You must be following me and elle
  • You must reblog this post to join!
  • Likes are allowed if you need to bookmark this post!
  • Must reach at least 25 notes

We’re looking for :

  • People who love Leo lots of course!
  • A nice theme, url, nice posts
  • Being a fandom blog is required! 
  • A clean tagging system would be nice
  • And being able to make edits/gifs is a plus! :)

If you’re accepted:

  • You will be added to the blog, of course!
  • You will need to submit both a description and an icon
  • You can tag your own edits and stuff with dicaprionetwork so everyone can see it!
  • You can make new friends and you can follow your fellow dicaprio fans!
  • You have to put a link to the network on your blog
  • You should track the tag dicaprionetwork for updates!
  • You must follow the network too! :)


  • We’ll pick the first 10 members when this post has reached 25 notes!
  • We’ll add new members every week after that

Now start reblogging and join our amazing network!