dibidibidick replied to your post: before i left, i just wanted to say to you that i sarang you. i love you like Taemin loves Banana milk, like Minho loves winning, like Key loves shopping, like Jonghyun loves dogs, like onew loves chicken. Will you marry oppa? c:

well you said you wanted a proper proposal ^^

Yeah, and that was one fucking beautiful proper proposal

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dibidibidick - an0000n o 3 o

omqz anon can you keep a secret because I don’t like her



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(ノ⊙_⊙)ノ┻━┻ ^^;;

  1. Why I followed you/why I haven’t followed you: cuz ur amazing duh. Also Jinki. ALWAYS FOR JINKI.
  2. My favorite thing about your blog: SHINee. 
  3. Least favorite thing: I love your blog so no.
  4. Something that comes to mind when I think about you, your URL, or blog: Your url is really witty like I laugh at it all the time because ahahaha Minho’s a dumbass and suck dicks so dibidibidick.

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dibidibidick Qs’

  • If you could live in any state in the US, where would it be? 

Hm, I think it would have to be NYC ^.^ ~

  • Do you have any weird habits?

Idk um I shake my legs A LOT!, I braid random pieces of hair out of no where e.e …. idk! >.<

  • What single item would you want right now?

Does Kris count as a single item?? e.O {LOL um a cell phone!! I need one -__-}

  • If you have any friends from tumblr, do you talk to any of them outside of tumblr?

No ;__; no body likes me …. does my Best Friend count?? {I hope she comes over today :D}

  • Favorite leisure activity?

Being home alone?? 

  • Do you prefer pens or pencils?

Depends for what I’m writing for but most of the times I say I prefer pencils.

  • Any movies you want to see?

Yeah I want to go see Magic Mike {Channing Tatum ;DD}

  • Have you gone anywhere this summer? 

Yeah, from my room to the kitchen -__- {only place that was ‘cool’ was when I went to Atlantic City}

  • Dogs or cats? omg i petted a cat for the first time on sunday


  • Favorite K-drama, if you(‘ve) watch(ed) any?

Aww that’s a hard one ;__; I think it would have to 'You’re Beautiful’

  • Which idol’s signature do you like best? 

Hmm the first one that comes to mind that’s I like is Luhan’s ^.^ ~

I’m not tagging anyone I don’t really know what questions to come up with sorry :/ {I’M A LAZY FUCK!!}