dibby dibby


in the distant future, a human girl enters a mixed martial arts tournament. her first opponent? the reigning alien champion!

💫 song used: dibby dibby sound (blende remix)
💫 programs: photoshop cs6, imovie
💫 time taken: appx. 1 month

it’s finally here, you guys! this was my final project for my school’s independent study. i decided to study animation, and while i didn’t get the chance to make a fully animated video, i did get to make this! i learned a lot making it, and i hope you enjoy!

Hope Dibby

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1. What got you interested in comics? Any cartoonists that you look up to?

Hope: While I grew up reading my share of both comics and manga, the one I remember first having a huge significant impact on me was Jisatsu Circle by Usamaru Furuya. Middle school Dibby straight up started bawling while reading it! It felt like it spoke to me so directly and powerfully. It made me start to wonder if I could do something like that with the stories I had been making up in my head. Before, I had thought of comics as just another way to tell a narrative, but that was when I realized how deeply you can connect with a reader in ways special to this medium.

2. Can you tell us a little about your comic? How does it speak to the theme of the anthology (uncharted territory/unversed)?

Hope: My comic, R.I.Ploma, details a collection of intrusive thoughts I had been struggling with at the time. I noticed my impending graduation, an uncharted territory in itself, was causing an intense bout of paranoia over all kinds of things for me. I relate the unknowns of post-graduation with the unknown and uncertainty of death, and what comes afterward. The process was also its own uncharted territory in that I had no experience with making comics past 5 pages! 

3. What was the inspiration behind your story?

Hope: In my previous comic work I would often show my childhood paranoia in a comedic light at my expense. However, I noticed it became harder to laugh about when i would think about writing on how it affects me today. Now seemed like a good time to take myself a bit more seriously…I realized other people could relate to what I was going through.

4. What challenges arose during the course of this project? Takeaways?

Hope: This project challenged me to consider every aspect that went into the look and feel of the comic, including areas like text placement, textures, and spot colors. I’d say my experimentation with spot colors was particularly informative as I rarely used them before, but in doing this comic I realized the visual impact they can make.

5. Can we expect more comics beyond this project?where can we find more of your work?

Hope: My recent shift to doing my comic-making process totally digital means I have felt really confident in being able to make comics more often, so I would say yes! You can definitely expect to see more from yours truly. I can be found at @bonnieventure on both Tumblr and Twitter, and at hopedibby on Instagram. I post new work pretty frequently…and aside from art posting I’ve been told my general social media presence is “pretty funny”.

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Fiddler on the Roof 1971
dir.Norman Jewison
Fazlasıyla hoş bir müzikaldi. Ard arda bir sürü duyguyu koklamama neden oldu. Şimdi biraz yorgunum fakat emin olun değecektir.

‘ Bir kuş bir balığı sevebilir. Ama nerede yuva kuracaklar ? ‘ 

Keyifli seyirler.
‘If i were a rich man yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum!’

i guess i’m just that good  ♡  a happy, upbeat mix liam dunbar mix (19 tracks) {listen}

1. hot mess - cobra starship  2. just a little bit - kids of 88  3. everybody loves me - one republic  4. a little less sixteen candles  - fall out boy 5. animal - neon trees  6. i’m not the one  - 3OH!3 7. where did the party go - fall out boy 8. domino - jessie j 9. lying is the most fun - panic! at the disco  10. misery - maroon 5 11. dark in my imagination - of verona  12. flesh - simon curtis  13. jerk it out - caesars  14. latch - disclosure (ft sam smith) 15. talk dirty - jason derulo 16. sweater weather - the neighbourhood 17. dibby dibby sound - dj fresh, ms dynamite 18. bad intentions - digital daggers 19. hall of fame - the script 


i downloaded mmd to make this horrible monstrosity because nobody else would