Second trainer for the blog! Her name is Daphne and unlike Madeline, she doesntthinkmuchofherlooksactually enjoys traveling the world and doesn’t mind a littlle dirt on her clothes. Anytime she isn’t battling or perfecting her poffins, she enjoys a bit of sightseeing and collecting anything pink and frilly for her pinsir mamas. 

voted most likely to crash a pokemon battle and fight a pokemon herself if things are looking bad.

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1. A pair of glasses- Not just any pair of glasses,  but a pair of reading glasses for “resting” her eyes whenever she’s not wearing contacts. Very few people know this aand she would rather go blind than be caught dead wearing these.

2. Notebook-  taking quick notes/ making quick observations of the pokemon she encounters. Likes to review them before she goes to bed

3. Ribbons: For styling her hair andanyunwillingpersonshemanagestogetahooldof

4. Bag of caramels - Because trail mix is boring

5. Parasol- selfdefenseTo sheild herself from the sun. Duh!

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