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CS AU: A Seasick Crocodile by @nowforruin 

After one too many bad setups, Emma thinks the best way to get out of another blind date is to tell her sister-in-law she already has a boyfriend. But when her brother makes the assumption she’s dating Killian Jones, Emma just might need a Christmas miracle to pull it off.

They don’t get the attic dibs together.

They were so sure that they would.

Neither of them even batted an eyelid when Lardo gave Ford her dibs, agreeing that having a manager in the Haus was a great idea.

They were both ready to share the attic, had been making more of an effort with each other when they realised it might happen.

And once Nursey and Dex did, they realised they had so much more in common than they expected. Maybe sharing the attic would even be fun.


But they don’t get the attic dibs together.

Nursey gets them from Ransom and Holster, and he stares at them in disbelief.

“So, the Haus will be me, Ford, Bitty, and Chowder?” he clarifies before accepting.

“Yep.” Ransom says “It gets loud, and hectic, but you’ll love it man”

“Its way more fun than dorms. More like family in a way.” Holster says.

“So,” Ransom says, holding out his left hand for Nursey to shake, “Do you accept these dibs?”

Nureey nods and shakes his hand. As he does, he can’t help wondering how Dex is going to take this news, and where he’s going to stay next year.


Dex hears about it an hour later, when he comes back from class. Chowder is excitedly telling Nursey about how great it’ll be being Hausmates. But he shuts up when he sees Dex is there, and he and Nursey look almost guilty.

It takes a moment but he puts two and two together and realises whats happened while he was retaking a class he did last semester.

“So you got dibs?” Dex asks Nursey casually “Nice one man.”

Nursey nods, and Dex goes to see if Bitty had baked any cherry pie.


Nursey finishes moving his stuff into the attic, and looks around. The room is huge, and he can’t imagine having all that space after 2 years sharing a dorm.

He’s glad to be out of the dorms, but he wishes it was with Dex. He’d been looking forward to late night conversations in the attic, waking up for practice together, integrating each other’s morning routines into their own. Sharing a desk, and wardrobe, and the bunk beds for 2 years.

Instead, here he was. In a big empty room. Alone.

Just like at home.


Dex had left the job of looking for a dorm room later than usual, he’d been so sure he would be sharing the attic with Nursey. And now he was in a room far from the centre of campus, living next to some freshmen who spent all their time arguing. Loudly.

He’d been so sure he was going to he sharing the attic with Nursey. He’d started looking forward to seeing him almost all the time, helping him stay organized, while he helped Dex stay calm. Walking to and from practice and classes together, randomly running to the Murder stop n shop at 11pm for a junk food run, chirping each other’s music taste.

But now he was in a small bed, under a cheap blanket, listening to people arguing over everything.

Just like home.


“So, how are you liking the attic?” Dex asked Nursey as they walked to Annies. They were tired after their first practice of the season, and decided coffee would help.

“Good. Its good.” Nursey lied. It was not good at all. It was cold, and quiet, and lonely. “How’s the dorm?”

“Yeah, good” Dex lied. It was too dark, too empty, and too noisy for him to sleep much so far. “Better than expected.” he continued, as they joined the queue for coffee.


“Yeah.” Dex said, not able to look at Nursey as he lied again.

They were silent as they decided on orders, and when they sat down, conversation moved to discussing their summers.

It wasn’t until they were leaving Nursey said what he’d been planning to say all morning:

“You know….you could always sleep over in the attic sometime. If you wanted.”

“I could?” Dex asked in surprise. The idea hadn’t occurred to him

“Well yeah. I mean, there is an extra bed so. You could if you wanted.” Nursey explained.

“Yeah. I think that might be nice.” Dex said, and Nursey smiled at him.

“Cool. But if you are, you have to take the bottom bunk.” Nursey said.

“And let your clumsy ass on the top? You’ll fall off in ten seconds flat!” Dex chirped with a grin.

“My room, my rules!” Nursey laughed, and Dex laughed with him.

Maybe they weren’t living together, but this was a good second best.


Dex ends up sleeping at the attic more than he expected. Not that he or Nursey mind that. They have fun together, and don’t argue about room because most of Dex’s stuff is in his dorm. Dex sleeps over once a week if he can, and they talk about anything and everything, before stealing the last of the pie at 2am, and sharing it quietly.

Its fun, and once they start dating, Dex stays over more, so they can have cheap dates, by watching movies in the attic, getting food delivered, or even working on their own projects in companionable silence.

 the ways i say i love you | simon/jace | 7.4k | ao3 | based on this post 

It’s like a confession, the loudest confession that Jace has ever heard veiled in song lyrics played to a crowd of people who don’t know what he means. Instinctively, Jace feels the sting and rush of fangs and venom in his wrist, a phantom sensation that floors him. It all clicks together like the final puzzle piece, like the whole world has finally been righted for the first time in his life.

In that moment, he does feel invincible.

(A collection of moments, in no particular order.)

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so after throwing rocks at @teenryrobot’s window and holding an iPod blaring 80s power pop, I finally managed to climb a tree and fall into his bedroom as he disappointedly shook my head at me. here are the things I found out

- ryan had 3 cups of coffee and brendon had 1

-brendon wants to impress ryan by doing a backflip

-they finally made out as a couple

- there is now an in-band relationship which is not me and my drum kit

things I have come to the conclusion of on my own:

- I get to plan their wedding because planning things that is not your own disorganised life is fun

- I get dibs on the role of best man, because if I don’t get to be as important as the grooms, I need to be the 2nd most important

-I either get to have my tux have many sponsors on it so I look like a racecar, a white dress and a veil just for the hell of it, or a cape

-pet salamander will be playing at the wedding but since the band members will be too busy getting married, I’ll be singing and playing all the instruments

-pete wentz will be my date to the wedding

- Dottie will be the ring bearer

-penny lane and bogart can just knock over baskets of petals

- at the entrance of the venue there will be a huge, magnificent black and white portrait of me and two Id photos of Ryan and brendon tacked on to the side

- I get to eat the all the cake

ok! you guys can send me asks if you want any more info

Zim and Dib as awkward friends gives me life

Picture this……Zim’s outfit gets made fun of at school, and although he doesn’t care much, Dib tries to fix it anyways by taking him to the mall, but it’s a fashion disaster…until Zim accidentally brings crocs back. Dib is full of regret

“And what is the slingshot effect in relation to Warp travel?”
“Your stupidity astounds me, Dib monkey!”
“Man, you’re a horrible study partner!”

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AU where Dib joins Starfleet to pursue his space travel dreams and his (shady) academy roommate is Zim, dishonorably discharged from the Irken military. The Tallests probably wrote him a shining letter of recommendation just to keep him as far from Irk as possible. They’re both horrible roommates and file a billion complaints every day about each other (the human sleeps?? and snores?? and talks about ghosts?? the Irken has no indoor voice and praises Irk every day and blew up the room twice, also he doesn’t sleep and-). Until exam day- they have to stop arguing to study. 

But they still spectacularly fail the Kobayashi Maru.