diath piercing

afycso-haven  asked:

HEY BABES !! The best help for migraines sometimes is a diath piercing!! It's a piercing in a specific spot on the ear that works at a pressure point, it often reduces daily migraines to once or twice a month!! That's what it did for my friend, please stay strong and take it real easy you gosh damn warrior goth girl !!

Thank you, I’ve heard of those before!
If my migraines turn into a bigger problem than now I’ll definitely think about it!❤

sapphicrevan replied to your post: “the diath piercing is the migraine one”:

oh also ur tragus is the part of the ear at the front which “covers” ur ear canal, so that is why tragus piercings are called that. maybe that helps u remember :3 (sorry, but i am very invested in anything concerning the ear, seeing as that’s my job and all)

!!!! that will actually probably help me remember more thanks