Love my biceps and how much they have grown, so yeah I’m blowing them kisses 😚😗. New PR for me this morning: 15lb #dumbbell curls and 30lb EZ-bar curls. I’m feeling it. About to fuel my muscles with good food and get this day rolling.

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You asked for them here are just a few examples of tummy safe postnatal exercises.

Once you have correct tva activation and pelvis and torso stability these awesome core exercises will help promote recovery and muscle strength.

These 4 exercises are just a few of the many core and strength exercises that are programmed in our Superfitmum no crunch your way to a fitter, stronger you!

Exercises also suitable to prevent #diastasisrecti during pregnancy.

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I’m not trying to be sexist here; let me appeal to trainers and fitness people of both sexes and all cultures;

Women and Men affected by the common core injury called “Diastasis Recti” would like to have your attention.

Let me explain. 

I am one of you. I have been training people for 21 years. After the birth of my first child, over 10 years ago, my body could not get back into shape. 

I tried what I knew: I did my crunches, sit ups, Pilates movements, planks… and it didn’t get better. 

It got WORSE.

The other people in my industry looked at me like I was an alien. I was a freak. There was something wrong with me. They thought “Carrie has fallen off the wagon….she used to be in such great shape.”

I was humiliated, and I couldn’t do ANYTHING for myself.

Years later, I had my Diastasis Recti and severe hernia surgically repaired, and I hid it from my community, though it was a horrific surgery and a long and extremely painful recovery.

And then, I got to hear “oh, yeah, the ONLY help for women with Diastasis Recti is surgery.”

Talk about depressing.

But these things don’t happen to you without a lot of learning happening. And I know NOW (though I was stuck in “why me” mode then) that this happened to me so that I could learn how to help others.

You see, as I recovered from surgery, I felt, first hand, exactly how the core repairs. I felt how every muscle was attached to each other muscle, and how the core is affected in every movement.

It sucked that it hurt, but it was my method of learning.

And out of that came the Flat Belly System.

I started testing my post partum (we’re talking all the way up to 20 years post partum) clients for Diastasis Recti, and I found out that 65% of the women who had ever been pregnant had SOME separation of the recuts abdominus. And after I experimented with those folks, I learned how to help them.

Amazingly, it started working.

Now, I help thousands of women AND MEN (heavy weight lifting and excessive weight gain cause this problem as well) around the world with their Diastasis Recti of varying degree with a system I now call “Flat Belly System.”

What an amazing thing to be a part of a solution!

Here’s my point, Mr and Mrs Trainer (and boot camps, fitness facilities, and mommy-fitness businesses);

Let’s do the math.

65% of all women who have ever been pregnant have some Diastasis Recti. 15% of the rest of the population also has Diastasis Recti. 

Have you counted up your clients to see how many you need to serve?

Now, how are you going to serve them?

It’s easy; I want to be part of the solution, right? So I made the solution as simple and FREE for you as possible.

Go to www.carriefit.com/flat-belly/ and scroll all the way down. There are 2 videos that are a combined webinar on how to train people with Diastasis Recti. Please watch them. Please note things that maybe you haven’t noted before. Please help your clients. And if you’re not sure what to do, please send me a message (Carrie@CarrieFit.com).

I would LOVE for you to help me in specializing in this! I would expect that if your numbers were pretty high in this category that you’ll find it beneficial to your business to specialize. I’m glad to help you do this, glad to walk you through some practices, and glad to come train your trainers. Just let me know that YOU want to be part of the solution!

The worst case scenario is that you don’t serve your client. Did you know that if your Diastasis Recti client does things outside of what is recommended for her injury that she could cause or worsen a hernia? How would that feel? And how will you feel when people start suing for this problem? Believe me, it IS a problem. It is a widespread problem, and I get to hear about it every day. Your clients are not going to accept this anymore. They are not going to forget that you instructed them incorrectly and they ended up on a surgeon’s table.

It’s your responsibility to do better.

When you KNOW better, You DO better.

This week’s #blog I have put together a series of videos for you-
Exercises to heal your #mummytummy AKA #diastasisrecti

Visit the link for tummy safe #postpartum exercises: http://pregnancyexercise.co.nz/diastasis-recti-exercises-exercises-to-heal-your-mummy-tummy/

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5.5 months of exclusive #breastfeeding… A little exercise, but I honestly have not been consistent. I’m still eating a lot and often, but not like while I was pregnant. I also have NOT returned to how I was eating prior to getting pregnant…

Why am I sharing this? So #postpartum bodies and lifestyles can be viewed without shame, disappointment, regret or stress about “getting back.” 💕

Although well aware of the importance of taking care of self, my attention and energy are focused on balancing the needs of my family, (which includes me), and our resources. 💕

Some days are better than others. Nonetheless, I go to bed each night knowing I did my best for that day while enjoying life. 💕

It’s ok to not “go hard in the paint” aaaaall the time. This very small window, where Keegan will be this little, is fleeting. As long as I am healthy, eat moderately, stay hydrated, rest as much as I can, while loving and laughing a lot, I am happy. 💕

The period for me to go “beast mode” will come. Now is not that time, and I refuse to fret or stress over it. However long it takes is however long it takes. For now, I am at peace slowly melting, while being my son’s favorite fluffy pillow. I’ll take that any day over a ripped bod. 💕

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The Flat Belly System + 21 Day Fix in 3 Weeks!

“ I am satisfied with my results and I am going to keep going! This program has really helped me to get my life organized. I know what I’m making for dinner every night, I have my days planned! I not only feel stronger, but I feel like a better person! I’m happier, healthier, and motivated to keep bettering myself! I also have a diastasis recti which I’ve had to modify most core exercises. All of it has helped me to close my gap and I have so much more strength in my core now it’s unbelievable! Can’t wait to start the next challenge! Ps: I’m loving my butt!! “

WAY TO GO, Rachel!

I slept in today but I totally needed it. Happy Friday everyone!

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DIASTASIS RECTI - (Separation of the Tummy Muscles)

AKA - Abdominal MidLine Stretch, Weakness of the

Rectus Abdominis (RA)

Caused by the growing uterus during pregnancy, the RA muscles can be stretched extensively during pregnancy particularly the last trimester. To keep it very simple, in order for the belly to grow to make room for  the baby, the tummy muscles which are usually lined centered in the  body,  can split, causing abdominal separation, which is, yes you have  guessed  it "Diastasis Recti".

The tummy muscles have many functions, including spine and pelvic  stability and spinal movements (flexion / rotation / lateral flexion), and maintaining correct alignment. 

Therefore weakened abdominal muscles can be a huge cause of back pain and incontinence and most commonly known of all "mummy tummy"Before returning to exercise it's important to check for Diastasis Recti as the level of separation will determine what exercises and movements are suitable for ALL post natal clients.  

A "normal" gap typically measures 2 3 cm wide measured from the Centre of the RA  (start above the bellybutton, under the rib cage). A two to three fingers wide gap is considered normal from 6 weeks up to 6 months post natal. The Abdominal area will still be soft and show lack of tension and the client can often experience signs of incontinence and or back pain as a result, in addition to the  physical sign of "mummy tummy“.

In order to reduce the gap the RA muscles need to be shortened and re-strengthened similar to pre pregnancy state.  

So to start exercises to improve lumbopelvic stability are key, these can be overlooked (considered too basic and irrelevant) not in my book! This is vital, work on the smaller inner unit early on to allow for greater  intensity later. 

Inner unit muscles need to be reactivated to regain stability in the lumbo pelvic area ( To be clear the tummy muscles are made up of   both Rectus ab (RA) and Transverse ab (TA), RA been the six pack  and the TA behind these and lower ab area. Running to the lower ab  section around the pelvic floor area.  

Stability is not about strength its about a certain group working together, efficiently. Those deeper muscles do not necessarily need to be strong, but they do need to be active to be stable.

This is why TA activation is key, it's about a lot more than just squeezing muscles down below and hoping for the best.  Squeezing can often be worse as it forces a downward tension when in fact the pelvic floor needs to be lifted back up!  If you think about it when giving birth gravity forces downwards, therefore during post natal period re training needs to be done to reverse those effects. So I teach TA activation rather than "squeezing”.

So you can see where this is going, unfortunately you cannot fix "mummytummy" alone from the outset, you have to go deeper into the layers, starting with the inside and working your way back out:

Exercise Do’s:

1) Improve lumbopelvic stability - look it up if you don't believe me

2) Reactive TA muscles (for ultimate core restore) 

If the inner unit is compromised then its inevitable that movement of     the outer unit will have a poor foundation leading to issues such as back pain, incontinence and weakened muscles "mummy tummy".

In the long term such exercises will assist with shortening the overstretched muscles, and taking them back to pre pregnancy length, and improving core strength, reduced back pain, and reduced incontinence.

Exercise tips:

  1. Focus on postural alignment / 
  2. TA activation, pelvic floor / core restore,

Exercise Dont’s:

No Planking /Curl ups / Crunching in the early days, this can cause doming and additional stretching of tummy muscles

I hope you find the above useful and can follow the content, two things  to take away from this is that Diastasis Recti is the separation of the abdominals that needs to be measured before returning to exercises. Correctional exercise's and techniques are important to help shorten   the tummy muscles for improved functioning and reduced mummy  tummy effect!

If you have any questions please do get in touch - 


Michelle x.

Its the penultimate day in our #WHG 30 day Program. Make sure you repost to be in to win some fantastic prizes from all our sponsors!

Day 29- Three Reasons not to Crunch Pre & Postnatal

1: Crunches wont give you the flat stomach you think they do:

Have you watched a person crunch at the gym, the majority aren’t crunching correctly. Have a look and watch to see if they are pooching out their stomach with every single rep, this is the complete opposite of what should be happening. Push ups actually work the rectus abdominis far more than a crunch! (Lehman 2001 & 2005, Freeman 2006, Bressel 2009)

2: Crunches WILL increase #DIASTASISRECTI during #pregnancy and prevent healing post.
Crunches increase outward pressure on a weakened abdominal wall.

3: Crunches can increase a #PROLAPSE 

When you crunch, the pressure inside the abdominal cavity increases- aka Inter-Abdominal Pressure (IAP).  In a dysfunctional core and one with a diastasis the ability to control the increase in pressure is hindered, this results in the internal organs being pushed down. 

There are many other better suited and more effective exercises that you can do and all our pages have great examples of these in our IG feeds.  

For a chance to win awesome prizes from @klinikkforalle @ericaziel @jessiemundell and @pregnancyexercise repost and tag all hosts @jessiemundell @knockedupfitness @pregnancyexercise @mumafit @osteopathyheartmindhands @thelotusmethod #womenshealthgroup#expertsunite #WHG #pregnancy #birth

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The wonderful Stephanie Bakle with her daughters, Mika (6) and Emi (2.5). Stephanie suffers from Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal muscles postpartum). She has opted out of surgery in favor of exercises that can help her condition and a huge advocate/support for other women. #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #everybodyisbeautiful #diastasisrecti #4thtriindy

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My Fight Against Loose Skin continues… But it looks like the abs are finally tightening up. Muscle separation is closing up & abs are getting hard underneath! Went from a 4 finger separation above the belly button to a 3 finger separation. Still 4 finger below but i can definately see improvement! Just had a Convo with @driven_by_faithj about our loose skin around our mid sections & Im very honest @ open so I must admit the ultimate solution for that saggy, wrinkly skin is definately a surgical #TummyTuck & that’s ok when you’ve worked your butt off to get it as tight as you can! I’m just crazy enough to think I can tighten it a little but more!! 74 pounds down March 2011 –so I truly am grateful but I am determined to close this separation a lil bit more. Flat Abs are cool but I’m greedy..I want them ripped! I work too hard not to get sumthin!! A 2 pack, 4 pack, SUMTHIN! Lol #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #guTTuck© #Abs #Abdominals #weightloss #fitnesstrainerblues

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Breakfast to fuel these muscles. Does anyone else cook without their shirt on? I like to live dangerously. Or…I’m just in a rush to get my protein in.😂

2 eggs w Cholula | half whole wheat bagel and natural pb

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Running Tip

Core strength is super important for runners. This is your powerhouse. Whatever ab exercises you choose, make sure you are doing them correctly, or you could end up doing more damage than good. For women who have had a baby, it is very common to damage the recti muscles. A split actually occurs, called the diastasis recti. Before you start doing more advanced ab exercises like the plank, or seated v as in Pilates, test to make sure your transverse muscles are strong enough to actually perform these exercises. A good way to test the transverse is by performing a head lift: Lay on your back with knees bent. Exhale, bringing your belly button to your spine. Slightly tilt your pelvis to flatten your back to the floor. Tuck your chin, lift your head, and bring it back to the floor. If your abs move at all, your transverse is not quite strong enough. To strengthen your transverse, perform seated isometric abs. Simply tighten your abs bringing belly button to spine in a seated position and let it out slowly. These are awesome because you can do them anywhere anytime. Your body will thank you! Run happy!

D-DAY! #diastasisrecti day :)

You may often read all the exercises you need to avoid that increase abdominal separation.
Here are some great Tummy Safe exercises that you can do pre and post pregnancy. :)

Link here and direct link in IG profile @pregnancyexercise for easy link. ♥


Find out everything you need to know about diastasis and join our No More Mummy Tummy 14 day challenge round 4 which starts 10th November. Join on the website x

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#Repost @hollyjm87
F the dress, give me my cape!

Who else grew up disliking dresses and still to this day only pulls them out for special occasions?!

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This week’s #blog its about time I took a look at Yoga and pilates and if these pre and postnatal exercise sessions are tummy safe!

Read the article first: http://pregnancyexercise.co.nz/poses-and-pilates-are-they-tummy-safe/

It has already had awesome feedback from our members. Repost and tag to share with your friends ♥

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Here’s a fun #ab challenge for you. Get your booty in the group to see more posts like this! Find me on Facebook and friend me. Let’s hang!

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This week’s blog is an exclusive article I have wrote for Canadian website The Birthing Site.

How to really heal your mummy tummy!

There is lots of advice out there on how to heal #diastasisrecti post birth.
In this #blog I discuss the pros and cons of binding, nutrition, exercise and alignment.
Read more

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Good morning! Day 68 over here. Can’t believe how fast time flies!

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