The Flat Belly System + 21 Day Fix in 3 Weeks!

“ I am satisfied with my results and I am going to keep going! This program has really helped me to get my life organized. I know what I’m making for dinner every night, I have my days planned! I not only feel stronger, but I feel like a better person! I’m happier, healthier, and motivated to keep bettering myself! I also have a diastasis recti which I’ve had to modify most core exercises. All of it has helped me to close my gap and I have so much more strength in my core now it’s unbelievable! Can’t wait to start the next challenge! Ps: I’m loving my butt!! “

WAY TO GO, Rachel!

Running Tip

Core strength is super important for runners. This is your powerhouse. Whatever ab exercises you choose, make sure you are doing them correctly, or you could end up doing more damage than good. For women who have had a baby, it is very common to damage the recti muscles. A split actually occurs, called the diastasis recti. Before you start doing more advanced ab exercises like the plank, or seated v as in Pilates, test to make sure your transverse muscles are strong enough to actually perform these exercises. A good way to test the transverse is by performing a head lift: Lay on your back with knees bent. Exhale, bringing your belly button to your spine. Slightly tilt your pelvis to flatten your back to the floor. Tuck your chin, lift your head, and bring it back to the floor. If your abs move at all, your transverse is not quite strong enough. To strengthen your transverse, perform seated isometric abs. Simply tighten your abs bringing belly button to spine in a seated position and let it out slowly. These are awesome because you can do them anywhere anytime. Your body will thank you! Run happy!

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