Guild Wars Countdown, Week Three: 7 Guild Wars Tumblrs You Should Follow


Diary of an Undercover Monk (formerly Memoirs of a Monk) was one of the first Guild Wars centric Tumblrs ever created. I think the only one to come before it was Fuck Yeah, Guild Wars? But at the time, FYGW was very sporadically updated, so Faith’s Monk blog was basically the sole producer of Guild Wars content in the Guild Wars tags. I think most of the Tumblr users who have been around for over a year will know of Faith’s blog, but just in case for any new people, I decided to feature hers here in my countdown.

I’m going to put this in bold print: if you are a monk, you need to follow Faith’s blog and go back in the archive and read her posts. She literally teaches you EVERYTHING there needs to be known about monking in Guild Wars. She knows so much about the healing world and writes about it in a very educational yet user-friendly manner. Her blog can act as an incredibly helpful guide to monking (way better than whatever crap is on the wiki). And trust me, she is not just all talk and no game. She’s an excellent monk to have behind you in any sort of setting. I’ve seen her be the sole healer in crazy Hard Mode situations, she’s always there to heal me when I put on my Prince Rurik tonic and charge ahead into a group of monsters as a spellcaster…she knows her stuff. So if you are considering dusting off your monk or starting a new one, definitely delve into her archive a bit and see all of the great monk posts available for your educational pleasure.

As we all know, there is no set healer in Guild Wars 2, but if anyone can figure out the new role for ex-GW1 monks who are currently lost, it will be Faith. So stay tuned!

Follow Faith’s blog here

Follow her guild (the Bringers of Aggro) Tumblr here. Or join!