A Piece of Philadelphia Heaven on Houston Street

When it comes to cheesesteaks it is rare to find one that hits the spot. There are many reasons why the cheesesteak is often messed up: 1. Poor meat quality, 2. Meat isn’t cut thin enough and often times tough, 3. Peppers and onions are not cooked to perfection (if we wanted raw vegetables we would have ordered a salad), 4. CHEESE… the most important part of this sandwich, the CHEESE must be melted into the steak, 5. The worst thing of all is when you get a roll that is so large and consuming that it not only takes away from the ingredients inside, but makes it almost impossible to eat.

One cold winter night while snuggled in my bed watching Sunday Night Football I went onto Seamless web to order dinner (something I rarely do). While scrolling down many tempting unhealthy food options I stumbled upon a place called Philly’s Cheesesteak. After an hour and a half wait, my dinner finally arrived. As I unfolded the foil of my delivery meal, I knew I had made the right choice. There was cheese oozing out and the bun was big and soft.

Next I realized that if this cheesesteak had traveled for an hour on the back of a bike though NYC in the freezing cold to get to me and was taking me to cloud 9, what must it be like to enjoy this straight off the griddle? I had to know. I soon took a trip to find out! Located on Houston Street is a little dingy spot called Philly’s Cheesesteak. This joint has about four tables and the décor is less than par, but when your stomach is happy it doesn’t really seem to matter.


191 E Houston

Regram! Tomorrow marks two weeks of being on the whole 30 cleanse. The biggest challenge to this cleanse is the not drinking alcohol part. Being single, in my 20’s, and bartending mean my social life and my job basically revolve around alcohol. However, in spite of how much I may want to drink, the benefits I feel from not drinking are becoming more and more evident every day. I feel super empowered staying sober and I love getting a good night rest. I could go on and on about how great I feel, but I’ll spare you. Ask me questions. Talk to me. I love conversing about the persuit of being healthy in every sense of the word; body health, soul health, mind health! #whole30 #wholelife #diaryofabeersnob #diaryofafoodsnob #365daysofblessings