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No hard feelings, dude. I wouldn’t ever have believed this possible myself, pre-derby.

Fun fact of the day: I really love the German word “Feierabend”. There isn’t really a 1:1 translation for it. It means the end of your working day/shift but literally translates to “Party(ing) Evening”. I think it perfectly describes what I feel when I leave work. (Like, for derby. Or crossfit.) :)

10 Life Lessons We Learned From Our Favorite Fandoms
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Has someone judged you for being a fangirl or a fanboy? Ever been called a geek just because you openly express your love for your fandoms? Well, the next time someone raises an eyebrow at you for having a “geeky moment,” you can line these things up for your defense.

1.  Our choices defines us better than our skills. 

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To quote Professor Dumbledore from HP and the Chamber of Secrets,  “It is our choices that tell us who we really are, far more than our abilities.” Almost all of our beloved fandom heroes went through rough decisions and that they worked hard to stand by their choices. 

2.  If you’re lost and you feel small, stand up and try hard and you will become stronger.

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Hey,  if you ever feel down, just remember how Daenerys from GOT started out as a helpless girl  who was sold by his own brother or Harry not knowing he’s a wizard or Tris being a confused Abnegation girl and… well, you get the idea. All of our heroes started out as people who didn’t know that they were going to be great and yet, it wasn’t a matter of luck that made them stronger and wiser, it was their decision to become so.

3. No matter how hard we tell ourselves that we are better off alone, there would always be people who would never leave our side and stand by us.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re all smart and individualistic that we shut the world out. Remember when Harry wanted to run off and face Voldy alone or when Sherlock said, “Alone is what protects me, alone is what I have”? Or again, when Harry was being called a liar by everyone when he said that Voldemort has been brought back to life and Ron said that if anyone questions Harry they would have to go through him and when Sherlock told John that he was a fake and John was 110% sure that he wasn’t… Well, in reality, there are people like that to us. People who don’t expect anything in return. Our parents are one example… Our siblings for another and friends. True friends. 

4. “Family is all we have in the end.” -Mrs. Hudson, A Scandal in Belgravia 

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In every sense of the word, family is all we have. It may not be a family related to us by blood but it is family indeed. Every character we came across grew stronger and became better due to the support of their respective “families” and again, in relation to #3, they are the ones who will never let us fall… alone.

5. Simple words can mean so much. 

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Whether it be Hazel and Gus saying “okay” or Snape confessing “always” or Katniss admitting that it’s “real,” our heroes made us see that sometimes, we don’t need epic speeches to let someone know that we care about them. Action speaks louder than words as the saying goes and our favorite characters set out to be perfect examples.

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