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Dear Diary

Request: I dont know if you take requests but maybe would you do a story where Bucky read the reader Diaries “accidentally” and find out that she loves, by the way i love youre blog @learisa

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Something Bucky always noticed about you was that you had a diary with you everywhere you went. You never let it out of your sight. You kept it with you even on missions. Before you’d say a word to anyone after a mission, you’d already started writing away.

It interested Bucky and he wanted to know what exactly you wrote about. Bucky knew it was wrong what he was currently doing, but he couldn’t help it. The itch he had to peek inside of your diary had grown unfathomable.

Bucky had stepped into your room, the sound of your shower running let him know you wouldn’t be out for at least a few minutes. He looked around your room, seeing your diary open and lying on your pillow with the pen uncapped.

Bucky’s heart sped up a little and his flesh hand had gone clammy. Bucky sighed, stepping closer to your bed. He was staring down at your diary and he went to pick it up, but he knew you’d notice if someone had touched it.

So he squinted and bent down a tad, reading the words you had written with your neat and beautiful handwriting.

“Bucky Barnes, the infamous Winter Soldier. The man who had been tortured for so long, couldn’t possibly have a spot in my heart to forever reside in, could he? Could loving him be so possible? Was it wrong to feel this way? Bucky wasn’t ready for someone to feel this strongly about him.

But I couldn’t help it. I want to be by his side every second of the day. I want to hold him and let him cry into me when he’s awakened from the horrible images that spread throughout his brain like a forbidden plague. I want to feel his lips against mine in a fiery passion.

I shouldn’t feel this way about my teammate. But I don’t care. I love Bucky Barnes. Love. Love is a funny thing. Just the mere sound of his voice calms me. His touch makes my skin crawl with electricity, jolting my heart with a shock in my chest. Bucky’s eyes are my favorite thing about him, other than his not so subtle want to keep me protected during missions much like today.

Bucky’s eyes hold so much pain, yet when I look into them, I see a soul so pure, you’d never believe me if I told you that God put Heaven in his eyes. Not after him becoming The Winter Soldier.

I wish I could take every ounce of pain and torture that Bucky had gone through. I’d trade places with him if it were possible. But if I did that, I never would have met him.

I never would’ve fallen in love with James Buchanan Barnes.”

A soft voice had whispered the last sentence as Bucky read it inside of his mind. Bucky gasped, tears falling from his blue eyes, as he turned to face the girl he had fallen in love with just as hard.

“Y/N.” Bucky whispered, his breathing uneven. Bucky was so caught in your words that he hadn’t heard the shower cut off. His cheeks reddened and he quickly wiped his tears away. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to read it. It was just there, I-” Bucky cut himself short, seeing you smile.

You sighed and walked over to Bucky, reaching beside him to pick up your diary. You held it in your arms, the sleeves of your silk robe rising up just a tad from crossing your arms. “I don’t mind.” You whispered, blush tinting your cheeks like Bucky’s.

You stepped away from Bucky, shyly looking down at his boots. “If this makes you feel uncomfortable, I apologize.” You said softly, looking up, gauging his reaction. Bucky stood there, staring down at you. You looked into his eyes and he opened his mouth to say something but closed it immediately after.

You nodded slowly. “I understand.” You said, getting the idea that he doesn’t feel the same way. 

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered before stepping closer to you. Your eyebrows raised just a tad. Bucky closed the distance between you two, holding your cheeks in his hands.

The contrast between cold and warm made your heart race in your chest and goosebumps rose on your soft skin.

You were just about to question his actions, but the next thing you knew, Bucky was leaning in to capture your lips with his in a passionate kiss.

Your eyes closed and you dropped your diary to the floor as your arms raised to hold his muscular forearms. You inhaled deeply after Bucky pulled away, his scent filling your nose in a way that made your head spin.

Bucky rested his forehead on yours and stared into your eyes. “I’m in love with you too, Y/N.” Bucky said quietly, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. You smiled again, pulling Bucky in for another kiss.

Your heart beat wildly in your chest and you swear you could feel Bucky’s pulsing so strongly, it was in his fingertips that were resting against your cheeks.

“Can I

Note: I seriously cried while writing the diary part!! i need Bucky. u g h. thanks for this request! i hope you like it! .c

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No hard feelings, dude. I wouldn’t ever have believed this possible myself, pre-derby.

Fun fact of the day: I really love the German word “Feierabend”. There isn’t really a 1:1 translation for it. It means the end of your working day/shift but literally translates to “Party(ing) Evening”. I think it perfectly describes what I feel when I leave work. (Like, for derby. Or crossfit.) :)