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i changed my flights again so now i’m home a week earlier (so as i originally planned) and i’m happy with that because it means saving like 200-300 bucks and while new zealand is beautiful i’m slowly getting a tiny bit bored of it, i mean you can only look at the mountain ranges and lakes and beaches and forests so often without getting used to it a bit. and i’ve been traveling for so long now and after all, the country is not that big and in spite of moving around a lot it’s always the same kind of people in hostels and the same kind of shops etc. (this is peak first world problems i know) i still saved up some of the most beautiful spots so that i have something to look forward to while here but i feel like when i go it will be time and i’m very excited for thailand in 9 weeks because it’s something new.
and i’m also looking forward to being home, it’s going to be nice to get some grounding for a bit. but for now the focus is all on enjoying the rest of my time here, it’s been so liberating and formative to be here. :–))