diary of flight

it’s nighttime i am standing on a hotel balcony in my pajamas eating rose flavored candy and watching the city below me and the wind is so warm and gentle it feels like silk against my skin and i’m supposed to be sleeping and the air smells like dust and something warm there are small bits of sugar in my hair and i feel so lighthearted and calm and carefree


if i made a youcaring (or my mom did) would anyone donate?

our water is about to be shut off, our wifi is off, my phone is about to be shut off. our rent is due and we dont have any of it.

im a triplet, my brother and i have cerebral palsy, and he just fractured his skull. my mom is also disabled so she is out of work. shes been out of work for years. my dad is borderline abusive and he doesnt live with us so he wont help. i have many chronic issues and we dont have money to get to the 3+ doctors appointments a week that are potentially saving my life.

we’ve been homeless before and i cant do that again, if that happens i will probably end up killing myself. my mental heath is not good right now.

we need all the help we can get please if you would donate, let me know, anything would help. i dont want to be homeless again. i cant do that again

Dear Diary

Stories and excerpts from the diaries of Zoey Proasheck and Rythian Enderborn. Or, in other words, a diagram of Zoeycast - from the beginning, to the end.

Credit for Rythian’s artwork goes to aurawolfiewind. Zoey’s artwork by both krys411 and firehopesandwishfulthinking.

My everlasting thanks to you all.

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