diary of emotion


I’ve been actively trying to be more mindful lately…It suddenly dawned on me that my days were blurring together and I wasn’t really taking anything in. I guess that’s what happens when you get in the groove of a routine. 

But its not really living is it…I find being aware of my surroundings, my own emotions and the people around me makes me feel considerably more fulfilled in life.  


they never really leave us.

In my dreams, you’re here, and it’s like you never left. You’re happy with me and we’re alive.
—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #178

the last episode is gonna be so bittersweet because i hate the show and what they did with it but they are also my precious babies and i`ve invested 8 years in that shitstorm and i just well idk im gonna miss watching the show and being pissed at it

TVD is a shit show

Like yea sure lets RUIN everything their is about the Salvatore Brothers.

Lets make sure that Bonnie suffers every single time.

Lets demote one ship to promote the other.

Lets make Caroline a love interest every single FUCKING time.

Lets randomly kill characters for shock value.

Lets forget all of our previous plot lines

Basically, just swing it.