diary of a stormtrooper

dear diary,

today TN-8711 asked me where baby stormtroopers come from. I wanted to rage throw up in my own mask (I’ve done it and do not suggest it), but instead, I sent them back to Phasma for “reconditioning.” Usually, I would execute a soldier for asking me such an idiotic question or even talking to me, so, I’m doing pretty good this week.

anyways, hux said my ship looks like a seagull. what. the. fuck. I’ll show him a seagull when I carve an entire flock into his stupid control panels


ps- I wish Hux would stop telling everyone that I am afraid of bees I AM NOT FUCKING AFRAID OF BEES!!!! I am going to spread a rumor that Hux squints all the time because he is trying to see my eyes in this mask and he can’t do it because he’s just a loser that squints all the time


The male-earthling kept asking me for meta advice on his new addiction. At first it was annoying…but after a little bit I really started to enjoy it. Looking forward to see how the guilds are going to play out. We’re always looking for new allies. =]

Who would’ve thought that playing a game based on your job would be so fun!!!.