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It’s been a week since Dean and I spoke. Last night I was drunk and tried to text him and I have not received a reply. I guess that means that I’ve lost my appeal.

Journal entry from June 28, 2017: 

This drawing came to me in a drunken dream a few nights ago. It’s not exactly the same, but most of it’s there and I just wanted to get the info in in case I want to do another more completed version in the future. My dreams have been acting up again–dreamt about Eric for the first time in a long time last night. It sort of came as a relief, honestly–I’ve been a little afraid that I wouldn’t anymore and it would just be Sean instead, and I’m feeling very much like there’s just pity from him. That imbalance is so humiliating, and I can’t do anything about it–I wish he would actually be honest with me instead of trying to protect me or making it hurt less. He’s so fucking condescending.

Rejected Badge Ideas

By Draco Malfoy, 4th year

I LOVE POTTER Too revealing

FUTURE MR. HARRY POTTER I said too revealing. Pull yourself together, Malfoy. Anyway, Potter will be taking my name.

POTTER IS THE CHAMPION OF MY HEART Clever, but also disgusting

I SUPPORT POTTER Wow, this is boring as fuck

POTTER IS FUCKING HOT True, but I don’t want him to think I only want him for his looks, you know?


SUCK MY COCK POTTER Better, but a touch demanding.

FUCK ME POTTER Also should consider that I will not be the only one wearing these buttons

FUCK YOU POTTER Funny! But actually, let’s leave fucking out of it. Wouldn’t want to deprive the first years of supporting Potter via button due to inappropriate language. Hmm, what else do I like about him…?

POTTER SMELLS LIKE EVERYTHING GOOD A bit of an exaggeration. I don’t want to seem too smitten. 

POTTER SMELLS GOOD True, but does a bland statement like this really deserve to grace a badge?

POTTER SMELLS LIKE QUIDDITCH Okay, now it’s too specific

POTTER SMELLS LIKE SWEAT I might be the only one who likes this smell? Does this make me weird?

(Pansy is looking. GO AWAY, BITCH!)

POTTER STINKS LIKE SWEAT Haha, right, Pansy??? He’s so gross, I hate him. This isn’t very catchy though. What about…

POTTER STINKS Short and sweet (just like Potter!!) (NOT!! lol jk Pansy! Obviously that was a joke. Potter is not sweet). Anywaaaaaay, let’s just go with this, shall we?

(from the universe created in this post)

I saw Wonder Woman on opening night with my mom and sister, and when Hippolyta sends Diana off on the dock, and tells her that she has been her greatest love, and leaving her is her greatest sorrow… my mom held my hand and gave it a squeeze and honestly??? I was tearing up, because it was such a relatable emotion for us as mother and daughter, at this stage in my life where I’m not a kid anymore. And some movies can’t even manage to pass the Bechdel Test. This is the magic of women making films.

Highschool AU. Okay, maybe keeping up a Diary instead of starting a blog and ranting his frustrations and talking about his secret crushes online is a bit old school but then, so what? He likes the simplicity of it. Writing manually just feels more personal, more connecting. And besides, he can doodle on it with glittery gel pens.

But maybe, he should have been more careful about it. Because now, due to fate really hating him that day, it ended up on the hands of the last person he would want to see it’s contents. One Nico di Angelo a.k.a the very topic of literally ninety nine percent of all his Diary entries.

Can soulmates miss out on each other? Can you miss out on ‘the one’? Or are there people that have more than one person that is made for them?
What if you are one of them while all I have is you and I shall spend the rest of my life seeking your eyes in every guy that tries to look into mine.
—  k.m // excerpt from a diary entry 30th of March 2017