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My little LBD anniversary tribute is here! Watch as @theashleyclements, Laura, Daniel and I play the Pride & Prejudice themed card game, Marrying Mr. Darcy! Hope you enjoy–we had a blast reuniting for this!

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hello I was wondering if you had advice on picking a tarot deck, I'm going looking soon and I heard you're supposed to pick what kinda calls to you but if you have any advice I'd love to hear it ^_^ thanks and have a great day

Of course you should check books and online for all the information you can get, but you should always be attentive as the Tarot will reveal itself over time °˖✧˖° 

THE NIGHT - Guidance that comes at night, our nocturnal or primal selves wrapped in darkness/mystery, on a quest for inner knowing. Singular but expansive, confusion with clarity, part of the whole but in solitude, intuitive but uncertain.
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Cognitive function aesthetics

Si: polaroid pictures, black-and-white films, oak trees, distant laughter, fifty-song playlists

Ni: leather-bound books, constellations, messy handwriting, footprints, playing cards

Se: the sun breaking through clouds, braided bracelets, forgotten cups of tea, sudden smiles, globes

Ne: noughts-and-crosses scratched on desks, lightbulbs, flower arrangements, blacked-out windows, sheet music

Fe: piles of blankets, protest banners, patterned watering cans, envelopes, squeals of excitement

Te: file dividers, glasses on heads, hedges on mazes, hand gestures, pianos 

Fi: smudged eye make-up, the ends of films, puddles after rain, green armchairs, signatures

Ti: laptop screensavers, glazed eyes, paths through forests, locks on diaries, coloured card

Hulu's 'Harlots' challenges the typical TV depiction of prostitutes as nameless sidekicks or props
From the new Hulu series 'Harlots' to 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Knick,' 'Emerald City' and more, brothels have always been a TV staple
By Lorraine Ali

Faceless as they are, television’s ladies for hire have certainly multiplied. If you were to judge the female population based off their representation in the last decade’s programming alone, it would appear more like 4 out of 5 women sell sex for money, and they all happen to look like swimsuit models — just without the swimsuit.

You’ll find them in, to name just a few, “The Girlfriend Experience,” “Emerald City,” “Billions,” “Anger Management,” “Goliath,” “The Knick,” “Taboo,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Ripper Street,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “True Detective,” “Training Day,” “Ray Donovan,” “House of Cards,” “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” “Hawaii Five-0” and the various flavors of “Law & Order,” “CSI” and “NCIS.” Remember the HBO drinking game — take a shot every time they show a scene in the whorehouse or strip club? Audiences are still drunk.

And viewed through the male gaze of the hero, as they almost always are, the working women of TV are a fail-safe plot device. They’re the hooker with a heart of gold that he hopelessly falls for, the imperiled hooker he saves, the hooker he brazenly uses, the dead hooker who’s a clue in the case he must solve. They’re the perfect backdrop to help define his dilemma, and require almost no setup when it comes to staging those ubiquitous, hot sex scenes in unlikely places. And that’s when they are afforded the dignity of being a plot device as opposed to mere titillating window dressing.

But with “Harlots,” television’s favorite wallpaper now has its own show.

The Hulu series, which premieres Wednesday, doesn’t just visit the brothel, it lives there among the women of London’s 18th century sex trade. It’s their perspective that drives the narrative and, it turns out, prostitution looks a lot different through the eyes of a woman in the business. (A British co-production, the show airs two days earlier on ITV.)

“Harlots” is a frank depiction of women forced into the profession by poverty, class or birth, but not an entirely desperate one. The sex scenes here are neither titillating nor horrifying, gratuitously explicit or unnecessarily judgmental. They are simply a function of the job.

Bodices aren’t ripped in passion, but rather skirts lifted for the sake of practicality and time. The quickies in an alley are just that, quickies, and it’s onto the next John … or maybe a lunch break.

The women’s lives beyond these paid transactions is where the real story is.

The Wells family is building a small empire off their hard work. Margaret (Samantha Morton) owns and runs a brothel in a hardscrabble section of the city. She was born into this life: Her own mother sold her at age 10 for a pair of shoes. But she’s made the best of the hand she was dealt, and unlike most of the women in 1700s London, she is a small business owner. Now Margaret is pimping out her own daughters, Lucy (Eloise Smyth) and Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay).

Her appalling choice is not without guilt, but whatever maternal instincts she has are countered by her goal to raise enough money to buy a home in the upscale neighborhood of Soho.

“Money is a woman’s only power in this world,” says Margaret. “This city’s made of our flesh, every beam, every brick. We’ll have our piece of it.”

There is competition, however. Formidable madam Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), who runs a classier crosstown bordello in a more respectable part of London, is intent on destroying Margaret’s business. Their brilliant and ruthless tactics to undermine each other rival that of the competing agencies of “Mad Men.”

The eight-part series was influenced by “Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies,” a directory to London whoring written by patrons and pimps in the 1700s. The guide, published for nearly 40 years, was like a Yelp for sex trade customers that listed the specialties, talents and physical attributes of prostitutes in the highly trafficked area.

Created by Moira Buffini and Alison Newman, the show’s team of producers, directors and writers is largely female, which partially explains why “Harlots” is a fresh look at an age-old profession — and television trope.

The casting of Brown Findlay (formerly the feisty Lady Sybil of “Downton Abbey”) as the steely-eyed, calculating survivor Charlotte is a statement in itself. She moves among the powdered-wig upper crust with the confidence of a professional woman, which in contrast to the limited roles for ladies of that era, is empowering.

But “Harlots” is not a feminist proclamation that recasts the sex trade as something noble. It’s a series in which the prostitutes are treated by the show’s writers with the same levels of humanity and importance as the men who’ve historically used and defined them. Here, the Johns play a supporting role to the show’s real stars: complex, shrewd and conflicted women who, just like their customers, have ambitions and goals.

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heyyyy what are your favourite TV series if you watch some? :)

Ok so I have a few. 

The OA 
Greys Anatomy 
Vampire Diaries 
House of Cards 
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Teen Wolf
Pretty Little Liars 
How To Get Away with Murder
How I Met Your Mother
The 100
Gilmore Girls
Frozen Planet, all of them.  
Sons of Anarchy 

I need a life. 

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Hey! Just saw your DBT spread and I was wandering if you'd have some more and would be willing to show them? I've been thinking about good ways to incorporate DBT in my bullet journal but am not sure how. Yours look lovely! I hope you have a good day!!

(i’m gonna post this if that’s okay???)

hey! thank you so much!!! <33 that was actually the very first DBT spread i’d done, as the ones before were printed sheets that my therapist gave me (which imo were so ugly LOL sorry @ my therapist)

i’ve still been using the same layout for my mood/action entries, just more neat so if u want a better/closer look this is a better pic

(this isn’t even as neat as it should be rip)

those are all just moods/actions that i personally struggle with most. at my clinic, everyone’s DBT entries are customized to keep track of their personal struggles, so if you do plan on making DBT entries (if u don’t have one/made one already) then i highly suggest asking ur therapist to help u customize one or making one for urself even. 

this was the original layout for my diary card in case u were wondering what the hell any of that means LOL

in addition to this though i wanted to have some personal things i wanted to keep track of, like sleep, medication, hygiene, and whether i’d actually filled out the diary card LOL so this is the tracker page that i use

believe it or not, i actually used a ruler while drawing those lines smh i have such shaky hands LOL

so yeah, this is kind of basically what i do to make it a little less boring to fill out my dbt entries. 

i hope this helped!!!!


18th May 2017
Happy Home Designer- Day 127

Customer/Villager: Lopez

~ A beautiful hideout beach ~


Happy Home Designer- Tag 127

Kunde/Bewohner: Eckart

~ Ein wunderschönes Strandversteck ~

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How do you guys deal with the lack of object constancy? It's been hitting me hard this month.

Oh boy. I’ve been thinking about this so much recently. I have the object permanence of a 2 month old child.

So for those that don’t know, object permanence/constancy is the understanding that objects or people exist even when you can’t see them. It’s an important stage in child development. Some weird version of it manifests in borderline people and others in that we struggle to remember that we have loved ones or friends or support when they are not around. 

(At least that’s how it manifests for me- shoot me a message if you experience something else!)

I’ve been struggling with it lately after I went home from school over winter break. I was gone for about a month. I texted a few of my friends from school during that time but that’s all. I came back to school in January and honestly assumed that my friends would have forgotten I exist. So when I came back, I was really shifty bc I assumed they wouldn’t recognize me or want to start back up where we left off. I thought I’d have to start over. Long story short they still wanted to be friends and hadn’t forgotten about me. Weird.

I’m not sure this is the standard object permanence issue people face. I’ve never had a problem remembering people literally exist, which I think may not be the issue for others? I have a problem remembering that the people I know exist CARE. I accidentally destroy friendships because I start believing that the other person doesn’t like me anymore when literally nothing happened (happening literally as I speak). All that happened was that we didn’t talk for like a week. 

Ok so how do I fight this? Like most #justmentallyillthings it involves beating back my natural problematic reactions and thoughts.

First off, I honest to god have a list of people who care about me. It’s in my Very Important Happy List Notebook. I wrote down the names of people who I know care about me and can be there for me when I need someone. It’s great bc it’s a physical reminder I can turn to when needed. What’s not great is that I occasionally have to cross off a name when I lose a friend (to the natural ebb and flow of friendship, to death, to my own fuck ups). But this really helps if your problem is forgetting who cares or that anyone cares.

Now if you’re like me, your brain probably still screams at you that the list is a lie. When this happens, or when I’m working without a list and forget anyone cares, I have to take out The Big Borderline Feelings Bat. This is what I beat my unhealthy automatic thoughts back with. There are a few things you can do with it. First, you can beat that shit all the way down into oblivion. Clamp down until you’re not thinking it at all anymore. I’ve become really good at stopping automatic and intrusive thoughts in their tracks, but that is a skill developed over time. It sounds unhealthy, right, but when you have a brain that screams at you to kill yourself 24/7 it becomes a pretty decent coping mechanism. There’s a difference between bottling up emotions that need to be expressed and shutting out your brain’s excess static. 

Anyway, so you can block the thought using distraction, if this is something that pops up so often that you know it’s a false belief and you can shut it up and move on.

But if you’re new to working on this particular issue, I’d recommend working on ways to convince yourself that your belief that people either don’t care or don’t exist is your brain’s lie. Because to be able to shut it up, you need to believe it’s wrong. This list will help. So will looking at pictures of good times you had with these people or nice things they’ve done for you, or whatever proof you have that they exist and do care. 

You can also talk back to your brain. Like actually get into a mental fight with yourself. “No that’s not true. What about that time x did y for me. That only happened yesterday.” What’s important about talking back is that you must be validating. So no “god you’re so dumb you can’t even remember these people exist no wonder you’re so alone.” YOUR INNER VOICE OF REASON MUST BE COMPASSIONATE. If it’s not, this will be harmful instead of helpful. I’m sure you’ve seen the posts out there that say you should talk to yourself like you would a little sibling or even a very cute dog. The point is that you are challenging the nasty automatic thoughts with reality and love. (check yourself before you wreck yourself amirite).

Now if you’re sitting there thinking ‘well how do I even know when I’m having object permanence issues in the first place’ I’d recommend journaling. It takes a long time and a certain amount of distance to be able to recognize your own behavior and the traps you regularly fall into. Diary cards or journaling can help you see patterns which you can then learn to anticipate and counteract. An actual record of emotions and thoughts is helpful when we can barely remember what we ate for breakfast bc there was a rollercoaster of emotion since then and what even day is it I’m so tired of this life etc. It’s something you can look back on.

If this was not at all the issue you are having, I’m sorry for writing an entire novel and please slap me with another ask. I have a tendency to - I don’t even know what this is, ramble? get lost? wax poetic? navel-gaze? (no one can roast me if I roast myself first lmao pls be nicer to yourself than me rn). 

Anyway best of luck to everyone who isn’t sure if their friends are real or imaginary. I find personally the truth is a bit of both.

I’m here for y’all as always,
xx Kat