A él me acerqué en septiembre,
creo que lo conocía del marzo anterior…
Diciembre trajo la soledad y su ausencia,
pero octubre fue lo más bonito a su lado,
No hubo febrero y cartas,
ni julio o marzo de abrazos con hojas…
Pasó noviembre de su sonrisa diaria,
y en enero lo pensaba más que nunca.
Mayo vendrá y la cicatriz alguna vez,
Y yo le pensaré tanto, incluso con la lluvia de agosto,
incluso con su santoral en abril…
Pese a que no llegamos ni a junio ni a nada…
—  Clara Ajc

I decided I wanted to draw my own reveal. Naturally after this point, Marinette acts totally awkward around Chat now that she knows his secret identity.

Unexpected Hero ~ Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine~

Summary: You’re a good girl who had just moved. Being the new girl in Liberty High is hard. When you meet Montgomery De La Cruz, you reject him. When you get harassed by Bryce Walker, Montgomery comes in to save you.

Author’s Note: Montgomery De La Cruz is cute af but Jeff Atkins will always be my number one bae. Also, Hannah and Jeff are alive in this because they deserve better. 

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You were new to Liberty High and you were nervous. You were known as the good girl back in your old school. The girl who was quiet. The girl who was in yearbook because she didn’t like to be in front of the camera.

You walked past a group of jocks who whistled at you. You looked down, not making any eye contact. You walked over to your new and first ever locker. Back where you went to school, they didn’t have lockers. You struggled to open it however since it was all knew to you. 

“Need help?” You hear. You look up to see a tall, very cute looking boy standing next to you. 

“Yes, please,” You say. He helps you open it and you smile up at him.

“Thanks,” You said. 

“I haven’t seen you here before. You new,” He asks.


“I’m Montgomery De La Cruz. But you can call me whatever you like,” He says. 

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N,” You introduce yourself. 

“Y/N? Beautiful name,” He tells you. 

“Thanks,” You thank him.

“Would you like to hang out at Monet’s with me after school? It’s this coffee place nearby,” He asks you.

“I’m afraid I have to decline that offer,” You tell him.

“What? Why?” He asks. 

“I saw you with your group of friends and they’re staring at us right now. Also, you have a letterman jacket so I know you’re a stereotypical jock who’s just trying to get into my pants,” You tell him before closing your locker and walking off. 

“Monty just got rejected,” Bryce said walking over to the boy who stood where she had just rejected him.

“Fuck off Bryce,” Montgomery said. 

“If she’s not interested in you, you think she’ll be interested with me?” Bryce asks.

“Stay away from her,” Montgomery tells him.

“Got a crush on someone, Monty?” Justin teased. 

“Screw you guys,” Montgomery says. 

As the days rolled by, you had joined the yearbook and have become friends with the other photographer, Tyler Down. You both were talking about some spreads until Montgomery came to view.

“Hey, Y/N. Is this guy bothering you?” Montgomery asks. 

“No. He’s just showing me around,” You tell him.

“Okay. Just find me if something happens,” He tells you before walking past you. 

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Montgomery not as an asshole,” Tyler tells you.

“Maybe he’s change,” You suggest. 

“Maybe he likes you,” Tyler points out. 

At the end of the day, you started to walk out of school until you hear someone behind you. You look over to see Bryce Walker. 

“Hey, Y/N. Right?” He asks you.

“Um, yeah?” You said a little uncomfortable. You started to walk back where you could just ask your new friend, Jeff Atkins, for a ride home. He had offered after you told him that you had to leave as soon as possible since you didn’t have a ride home. 

“I’m Bryce Walker. You know, Montgomery likes you,” He tells you.

“He does?” You ask him as you tried to get away from him.

“Yeah. Now, I know we don’t know each other for that long but I just have to see what little Monty is so interested,” Bryce said before pulling you close by your skirt. You slap his face hard before taking a few steps away from him.

“Stay away from me,” You demand. 

“Feisty. The good kind,” Bryce said before pulling you towards him. His lips were placed on your neck while his arms held onto you tightly.

“Let go of me! Montgomery!” You yell. 

“Let go of her!” You hear. 

“Hey, Monty,” Bryce said letting you go a bit. You quickly turned to Montgomery before wrapping your arms around his waist. He wrapped his around you as he glared at Bryce. 

“I told you to stay the hell away from her,” Montgomery said to Bryce. He lets go of you before throwing a punch to Bryce. 

“Monty, no,” You said before pulling him back. Montgomery looks at you for a quick moment before looking back at Bryce. 

“Come on,” Montgomery said before leading you away. 

“Thank you so much,” You tell him.

“No problem.”

“I owe you one,” You tell him.

“Go on a date with me and we’ll call it even,” Montgomery said before giving you a shy smile. 

“Deal,” You said before staying close to him. 

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prompt #5 w/ monty x fem!reader? maybe they're both in class and monty takes her pen so she tries to get it back but accidentally grazes his dick or something and smut would be really great. thank you love🌹

oh man i loved this request. however, i didn’t go full smut, but definitely request a second part if you’d like! this is kinda a tease ;) lmao, enjoy!! x

#5: “Give me my pen back.” “What’s the magic word?” “Now.”

He snatched the pen from your hand, making you whip around to your right in order to face him. “Hey, give it back!” You pouted, holding out your hand expectantly.

He smirked. “Sorry babe, no can do.”

You glowered at him. “Mon, please? I need to write notes.”

He shook his head. “No, you were tapping it annoyingly and so you can earn it back.”

You narrowed your eyes as he moved the hand holding your pen to the other side of him. You looked over to the teacher, seeing her grading a students work at her desk.

“Monty,” You dared. “Give me my pen back.” You tried reaching for his pen but he grabbed that in time, taking it away from your reach.

“What’s the magic word?” He sang, the cockiest smirk lifting his lips.

“Now.” You sassed back, reaching across his lap to his hand beside his leg. You accidentally grazed his pants, eliciting an almost moan, as he caught himself in time from embarrassing you both.

His free hand grasped your arm straight away and you looked up to him, a smug smirk set on your face.

“Stop,” He muttered, eyes meeting yours. “Or else.”

“Or else what?” You whispered, daring him.

His hand went from your arm to your thigh instantly, you almost let out a squeak at the nerves running up your spine. He watched your eyes as he continued to slide his warm hand up, smirking as your eyes change.

“Don’t,” You muttered. “Because you’ll regret it.”

He quirked a brow. “Will I?”

You parted your legs as he trailed his fingers to the left, running along your skin, teasing you. Your stomach was bubbling with excitement, watching Monty’s eyes turn darker. He cupped your heat in his hand. A moan almost erupting from your lips as you closed your eyes, your other hand coming up to cover your mouth.

“M-Monty,” You breathed, eyes opening to meet his. He was already looking at you, moving his hand so his palm was rubbing against you. “M-Mon, we’ll get caught.”

He shrugged. “Not if we’re smart enough,” He whispered. “And you’re pretty smart.”

Your hand came back down, resting on his lap. He only rubbed you harder, daring you to start on him, and so you did. He dropped his head onto your shoulder as your hand moved against his pant clad cock.

“Fuck you.” He muttered into your shoulder.

“Please do.”

lmaoooo im sorry if its shit,, i just wanted to get this out. love ya. x