Your favorite extinct reptile may not be a dinosaur
It’s dead, it’s a –saur, it’s a dinosaur. Or is it? An extinct animal’s true identity is not always what it says on the tin. Without understanding the basic relationship between extinct reptiles, it’s easy to fall prey to the false impression their names bring.

When @franzanth​ once again clarifies what is a dinosaur and what #isnotadinosaur, featuring original artwork by @paleoart​.

Rat snakes are mid-sized or larger constrictors that are found primarily in the northern hemisphere. They may occupy top levels of the food chain, seeing as they eat rodents and birds and can grow up to 3 m (10 ft) long. These reptiles have become extremely popular as pets, even though sometimes they tend to be skittish and even aggressive. Their bites are, for the most part, not too serious, and produce no threat to humans. Originally thought to be nonvenomous, scientists have discovered very faint traces of venom in Old World species, but it is not enough to even harm a human. 

Photo credit: WabbyTwaxx