Today we speak about how we have to build an app. I mean the first step of design. :D 

(that suppose that we’re done with the contents)

First of all we have to do a Mock-up (or mockup, or firewall; that’s pretty the same)

Like on the little Gif I’ve done for you <3

Then  we talk about how to present your idea in public. How your mimics and posture influence your talk as well as your clothes do.

Some of tips are : 

  • Writing littles cards like memo-words to dont forget what you would talk about (that can happen to everybody, imagine if you havent any help !)
  • Do not play with a pen or your hair/ jewels/ other thinks. It can disturbs your assistance.
  • Learn to cadence your discour; fast/ slow/ loud/ soft
  • Your diapositiv or media is just here to support your talk…

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Smile <3 you’re view :)